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Am I selling my soul to the corporate world
in a vain pursuit of future financial stability?
Should I have bought my future with what little I had
and spent it growing my skills in music and writing
so that I could know they were not wasted?
Should I give up on this new work-from-home desk job
where I'm paid commission and weekly bonuses
and won't see the residual income from renewals for thirteen months?
Can't I have something stable that doesn't bore me to death,
and something exciting that doesn't turn my anxiety to an 11?
I've never had a balance--every job has been one or the other.
And yet, as I yearn for a career in music, I recall my past
where I majored in songwriting and couldn't handle college
and I sigh and realize that jumping to a music job wouldn't "fix" me.
No matter what I'm doing, I will need to have perseverance,
and patience, yes, but also motivation and drive to improve myself.
These struggles that I face now at this job are the same ones
that I've always struggled with--they're part of me still.
And I've always blamed the job for not being a good fit--
and some of them weren't, true--but that wasn't the root of it.

A job that is worth doing
will take effort and drive
and no worthy income
comes by barely getting by
and doing the bare minimum
in order to escape a scolding.
I need to change my mindset
in order to grow above this--
this swamp of complacency,
this mire of despondent weakness,
this misty swath of ambiguous feelings
that have dictated my actions
for far too long. No.
I'll sit and get to work
knowing that I am securing a future
for myself, my husband, and family
and that one day, I will have time
to create art in any way I want
but right now, I have a lesson to learn
about working hard
and rising to the challenge.
Don't let me forget.
I can't look back now.
Up I go, to new heights
where the fearful me
thought the risks were too great.
Up I go, to climb my mountain
and win this battle, and the next,
until I'm out of the doldrums
and onto the path that advances before me.

Here goes.
I am born from the ash

Every time I die.

I fall from the way

Again I try.
Failure is inevitable in the earthly life. But the one who can overcome the failure and again stand up is the successful.
Nilia Loh Jan 13
Do you know your eyes glow like sunflowers?
Golden under the sunlight,
A reflection of your heart of gold.
Do you know your smile is as warm as sunsets?
Marigold hues,
Chased away the blues.

Oh dear marigold girl,
Don't be disheartened.
Your warmth that is neverending,
Melts the ice in this world.
So dear marigold girl.
Don't stop loving,
because this world needs it most.
Zee Jan 7
Somewhere in the dark gloom
Is a place where the flowers bloom
We shall meet again perhaps
In the blue light of the moon's presume
I may not know where it roots
It has already gone through it's doom
The flowers blossom, it's vital slay
Now and here my words shall loom
It will not ache, it may not yearn
Whatever the case, it shall not fume
Invite it again but as a friend this time
Thus, here I stay as of it's boom
Fear stays forever with us til our last breath. It is because of fear we want to give out our best. Fear will always come to us but it is to us if we invite it as a friend or foe.

is clearly
to live in you,

but you must
leave room in
your heart
and head for
it to bring you
what it must
bring you.

Happiness is
free seed sow
and reap it.

Happiness alone
doesn't make
living good life
we need a  
dose of some unconditional love.

Nobody has
chance of
got to
learn to
learn ahead
of trials,
order to
make hay
mine word.
comes by
time, while
Cherish time If
you really
to succeed.

Jack Dec 2020
there is no such thing as perfect,
try and try anyhow.
live selfishly by doing things that make you smile.
successful is something you make up along the way.
walk your own path, day by day.

the world is dark and frightening,
that's what music is for.
the Earth is made of the same dust you are, (stardust!)
      so you can't disappoint her.

there is no such thing as time,
we've got what we've got.
      say, "good morning" to everything.
      how amazing,
                to be.

dance, cry, hurt, make, –––  free.
sometimes i can't remember anything about my Pop and it breaks my heart, other times i can hear the things he'd say, clear as day.
Joe Workman Oct 2020
rusted child, please move again
burn old bridges, eat the wind
find the stolen, take it back
live and learn, love and lack

uncork the time and let it fly
young and old will always die
blisters open, raw and hot
be the blister, be the rot

be, too, the balm, cool and soft
be the one who's held aloft
stroke no egos, but own your shame
say "I'm coming" and not "I came"

ride on high, you rusted one
find your talent, unload your gun
life is canvas, future blank
past is past, pleasant or rank

feel the empty, fill the fools
take your turn and spurn the rules
eeny, meeny, miney, moe
keep your heart or let it go?

grab a beer and oil your wings
aim for the sun and the life it brings
Roy-Jax Nov 2020
We all have goals we want to achieve
But we're not willing to put the work required
It may have to do with how we perceive
the road should be to reach our desires

When reality's different from expectation
The fire in you begins to decrease
It also goes down with your motivation
Then your strength to continue completely cease

What that means is your outlook just needs to change
Nothing good in life is never ever easy
When challenges come, don't think it's something strange
Because that's how life goes, things never go smoothly

Put God first and you surely will make it through
And along with that you need some discipline
If you're passionate, work harder to prove it's true
With time and consistency you'll certainly win

You can do it, so push yourself to the limit
It's with great dedication the legends did it
Focus on your goals and ignore the critics
Keep it up long enough you will surely make it
Beckie Davies Nov 2020
Today I decide to believe
I believe in my undying beauty
Today I choose to be self encouraging
This epic beauty is undying
I am a source of epic undying beauty
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