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Words may be trite
And they are overused
But, we take them to heart
We put them to good use
We put our best foot forward
And we give it our best
We never give up hope
We strive for excellence
Let the chance that you get
Bring out the best in you
Apply yourself accordingly
And guide your way through
Every road has a path
Some present different levels of difficulty
Have your head on straight
Continue to rise up and reach for your victory
I am not a morning person
Not naturally at least
When one would try to wake me early
I’d be likened to a beast

Times have thus since changed
And I’ve been savoring the morning dew
Just get the ol’ gears turning  
That’s all you ought to do

One foot out of the covers
Followed by the other
Swiftly rise upon both
And like that you’re your own mother

It’s a triumph to be horizontal
Out of those sweet sheets
And unless you’re completely mental
Don’t look back or skip a beat

But do not fret I tell myself
There you will return
For a siesta or a slumber
It soon will be your turn
You will never know
If you do not take a chance
Something valuable might come to you
It may occur by happenstance
Keep moving forward
And enjoy the ride
Put your heart into everything
Let no one push you to the side
"Just keep your love about you."
said the kettle to the ***.
"What you have, you have to give
and charity is all you've got."
"And keep yourself together."
said the kettle to the cup.
"Someday soon you'll meet a spoon
that stirs your spirit up."
Needless to say, a metaphor
Just continue on
And better your health
It is all in your mind
Take care of yourself
Enlighten your day
Put yourself in a better frame of mind
It is simply all up to you
Make your entire outlook on life shine
It is all there
Build up your confidence
Just get after it
And find your strength
Success is yours
Be the one to believe
Put your mind to everything
So you can achieve
Conquer your fears
And go with the flow
Never stop learning
Always continue to grow
Take advantage of every opportunity
And enhance your mind
Be willing to lift your spirit
Keep everything in line
You can find your way
Rise up through those clouds
Find the inner light
In order to make your life sound
Continue on through the grind
In order to make your case
Ambiguity will eventually disappear
And you will get to your place
It can not rain forever
The sun will eventually shine once again
Just go through the storm
And find your inner strength my friend
Life has its challenges
Let them build you thoroughly
Rise up through the potential pitfalls
Be that beacon of light for all to see
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