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I'd still like to be open
Like an open book.
I'll always want
to be where you are.
But I know you are never
really that far off

Love is more than just wishing or
occupying your space
its been gratitude acceptance
caring about your space
in the human race
Becoming best friends with someone I have been in love with has been the greatest gift in my adult life. Being held with the delicacy of affection of someone in love, while approached playfully casually and familliarly... its all I have wanted for years. I'm so grateful that it finally clicked. Nothing more powerful to me than the empathy and joy in our quirky, affectionate, considering  BI-POC queer lov. 😭I actually believe now that Love Wins
You smoked your first cigarette
Not because the fridge broke
In the morning.

It’s the mourning,
The sacrifice you make
Not to make mistakes

That need to be made.

It’s the broken elevator
On the tenth floor. You are more
Than you think.

A lot more.
Mansi Oct 1
You deserve the best in life
Regardless of how much
You have
Failed or disappointed

You have an impact on this world
Even if you do not see it
Someone somewhere
Is happy knowing
You're on this planet

Keep taking it one day
At a time

I initially wrote this for a friend but I hope it helps you.
What Is Strength?
It is not something you are born with
Rather something you see
A skill that is trained
Understanding that falling off the bike does not mean give up
Seeing your father lose his job only to return to searching
Life ain't easy
Never was and it shouldn't be
Surround yourself with strong people
I want you to succeed
I want you to be happy
I love you for you
Let's be strong
I am really attempting to bring a new form of encouragement and love to my poetry. I hope that whoever reads this feels the warmth and care that I am putting into this.
As I walk I stumble
But stumbling never hurt anybody
I don't fall
I don't waver
But sometimes I stumble like everyone else
Keep walking
Keep stumbling
And eventually balance will be found
Marla Jun 9
Darling, let me tell you
That those dreams you had were nothing,
And when you thought that you were nothing
you were seen.

My love, now listen closely:
All the noise your mind is making
Is just noise it is not speaking
For the world.

Remember when last summer
Your far away friend told you
That they had not been smiling
Since that day,

But seeing you had healed them;
And the way your arms had felt then
Had been all that they had needed
To be again.

You are still stuck in that winter
When you thought that you could wither
On the spot and you did not
Want to be found.

Yet to me and many others -
To your cousins, friends, and lovers -
You alone are in possession
of that brush that paints the earth.
Marisa May 27
coming back to you like the rain revisits time and time again
washing over your valleys and mountaintops

little by little your layers disappear
you are left a clean surface
your forgotten shimmering through

and every layer you’ve ever had is shed, a second skin
everything you’ve ever feared spills out from your ears
and every summit you’ve climbed peeks out at your belly
every wound you’ve suffered shimmers from underneath the surface
oceans of tears like puddles filling up your collarbones to the brim

you’re a landscape full of forgotten things
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