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Opportunity is there
Just get at it
The world is in your hands
Work at boosting your spirit
Put your best foot forward
For the time is at hand
Continue to spread good cheer
That is the master plan
Marsha 10h
your beauty
all kingdoms

and you'll have
entire world
at your feet
Believe me when I say you are beautiful.
Trust me when I say you are.
Believe me when I say the entire world will be at your feet.
Trust me when I say they will.
As you travel along the road
Potential terrains will try to deter you
Rise above those hazardous fires
Just guide your way through
The journey is never easy
Darkness may rear its ugly head
Strike with a tender force
And go with the flow instead
Do not suffer in silence
Let your voice be heard
Speak your message
Just be the one to spread the word
When a person is alone
Ambiguity may appear
Rise above the mountainside
In order to make your words clear
Yea! Ok uh-huh
I know the roads hard
You lost and trying to find yourself
Wanna grab the shard
Seems like the lights so far away
Every day it's a struggle
Can't find a reason to breathe
Eyes gone and you can't see
Wanna take the pills, wanna OD
Gonna set yourself free
Let it all go
Cause your broke inside (cause you're broke inside)
Looking for a reason to stay
But everything looks gray
The stress is getting to me
and I will admit, I am not ready
Not ready to face the demons of society
That's too much anxiety
Thoughts overwhelming and I just wanna sleep
But I sit here, letting the tears flow as I weep
Shits scary and I don't wanna take a peep
but to find your light in the dark you gotta dig deep
Deeper than the ocean, deeper than the sea
Deeper than anything you wanna be
But life can be a scary thing
Lock the doors
I'm staying inside of my room
Feeling full of gloom
and my faith is doom
My happiness is consumed
I feel the hand of despair
Man this life just isn't fair
Struggling to breathe I need more air
But I don't wanna pay the fare
To go somewhere,
where I don't need to be aware
Reach this peace I find it there
You know that magic has a cost
But for me, it's lost
So help me find the reason
'Cause right now my mind screams treason

Tonight we win
Tonight we sing
Cause you and me
We'll defeat the enemy
Hold my hand you'll see
We'll make it be alright

Tonight we win
Tonight we sing
Of a placid nature
Soothing and peaceful
Serenity personified
The ability to think quietly is helpful
Have a viable plan
Be about your business and take action
Accentuate the positive
Rise up and make it happen
Life is hard for us all
Everyone goes through a struggle
Keep fighting your way through
And move on the double
Darkness may appear
But, we must reach towards the light
Remove from those clouds
And make your world bright
AS 5d
Disprove your foundations,
Prove your strengths.

Show them how you can grow,
Even all through the unbalance you've known.

Show them how far you can go,
Opportunities all earnt.

Show the power from the inside,
Claiming it with pride.

Proving after doing everything to survive.

That you're more than living,
Just to stay alive.

Achievement in growing from the tradgey and pain.

Achieving reaching the middle of the maze.

Make the past a haze,
Move forward,
To shock and amaze.

Remember the hardships were a phase,
Preparing strength for better days.

© 2018

Abigail Sheard
Let your imagination captivate you
Let it build your spirit
You have that fire
Be the one who inspires
Fill your heart with positivity
As you walk across that bridge
Continue to reach higher
There is a lot of knowledge for you to acquire
AS 7d
Moments in life are just a taste, these times are not to waste.

To pursue and further embrace, many choices to be faced.

As life is laced with roadblocks, not moving without effort.

Do not let these moment's rot, do not be continued to be stopped.

Work with everything you've got, do not let these moment's be lost.

With time, all opportunities will align and the opportunities will shine.

So don't be shy, go on and try.

© 2018

Abigail Sheard
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