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Go through the struggles
And find your mark
Enlighten and elevate yourself
Be the one to provide the spark
Nothing is ever easy
You may tumble before you rise
Maintain your composure
And keep your eyes on the prize
Be the person to never quit
Just give it your all
Always have a can-do attitude
Learn to stand up tall
As you climb that ladder
Visualize doing your best
Maintain a positive demeanor
And be a cut above the rest
It is another morning
We rise up once again
More challenges to face
Another chance to better oneself my friend
Find the courage and strength
To make great usage of opportunity
Rise above those troubled waters
In order to manifest your destiny
We face battles each day
We learn from them and grow
The lessons are always there
They are there for one to show
We learn and build character
Use them as a guide to get better
We enhance our vision
In order to get brighter
Julie Oct 11
I know your ego self is trying to wrap you into thought,

convincing you of lies that you are not who you’ve always been —a god in human form.

You are a sunflower in autumn. Always. Remember not to drown, riding on the waves of your emotions where your spirit will find you.

I love you, and I celebrate every part of you. Candles and birthday cake.

—friendship between women
Choose your words wisely
Let those words encourage
Be uplifting and inspiring
As one crosses the bridge
Let those words teach them
Help to build and motivate
Give the youth wisdom and knowledge
In order for them to elevate
With such alacrity
Eager to get the job done
Willing and able to learn
Always on the run
Forging ahead in the distance
Taking things one day at a time
Managing the time wisely
In order to keep things in line
Always have faith
With an upbeat attitude
Think positive thoughts
And show your gratitude
Brighten your world
Be your own source of sunshine
Rise up through the air
Remember to be gentle and kind
There may be times that may seem cloudy
But, you have to keep pace
One just can not give up hope
And if you do, you would sadly fall out of place
Have the strength and courage
To push yourself even harder
The battle will test you intensely
Let it make you wiser and sharper
Learn and grow
Just go with the flow
There is so much more in store
And that is for sure
With each day that passes
We uplift and inspire
Utilize that motivating force
To reach even higher
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