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Vaampyrae Aug 2020
There was once a preacher named John
Who'd preach the holiest gospels to anyone
   Using a holy face
   He'd condemn the gays
      All the while praising the Father and the Son.
Experimenting with poem structures.

A limerick is meant to be humorous. This is not meant to harm anyone, nor any religion.

We ought to accept each other for our sameness, rather than hurt each other for our differing beliefs.

May be I should have,
Never come to this town.
With all my accent and tradition,I made myself a clown.
When I first entered, I wish you would be around,
To teach,to preach, to save me, when I drown.
We are no match and I think I let you down.
A dilemma, of a girl who just came to a different place after marriage and facing differences in culture
Gabriel SWeah Jun 2020
Naked I came here
Empty I shall returned home
Death has no respect
This is to encouraged all brothers and sisters far and near to lived for God
Death has no respect,no matter who you are and what you have.
Le Beau May 2020
lay bare its deepest secrets,
change its fundamental structures, somehow burst through the bounds of human limitations,
build for themselves enduring monuments,
control their destiny,
achieve a state of secure and lasting happiness
Therefore wisdom counsels:

Accept the human state as it is shaped by God's appointments and enjoy the life you have been given as fully as you can.
Don't trouble yourself with unrealistic goals -- know the measure of human capabilities.
Be prudent in all your ways -- follow wisdom's leading.
"Fear God and keep his commandments" (12:13), beginning already in your youth before the fleeting days of life's enjoyments are gone and "the days of trouble" (12:1) come when the infirmities of advanced age vex you and hinder you from tasting, seeing and feeling the good things of life.
Dave Robertson Apr 2020
Can you see how much
we need each other?!

All this “I am a rock
I am an island”
solipsistic claptrap
cos we need Joan and John
at the supermarket
and the folks at A&E
and the techies
streaming lifelines
while we figure how to be

Now, behind our keyboards
we might not be warriors,
but worriers who realise
how close we are to crashing

and yeah, some **** cash in
but let’s not forget
so when the panic lifts
we figure novel penance
and say our goodbyes

So hugs are currently virtual,
but our care for once
is real

Maybe that’s the virus deal

Maybe we’re done with
u ok ***?
so when we re-emerge
we can see clearly
**** sapiens
are one species
and switch on to each other,
sisters and brothers alike

Being nice is for life
Gods1son Mar 2020
Unwanted things that we buy
Just to fill a void that we feel inside
Unnecessary battles that we fight
Because we rely on our own might
God is saying, let Me fill you up
Till your cup overflows
I will bring peace to your soul.
If you would open up your heart to Me
I'll show you what tranquility means
I turn broken pieces into a masterpiece
If you don't let Me, I don't overstep boundaries
I am here for you, whenever you're ready.
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