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let’s stop propagating the darkness,
and preach the light.
inspired by Petal’s ‘What the F***?’
i’ve wrote so much angst i think i’ve been desensitized by it lol. ty Petal for showing me that poetry is more than a domain for the depressed and hurting.
b Jan 18
the guilt
the sin
the hatred within

thinking if we disguise our hair
in an obscure form of veil
they will conceal our madness

thinking if our skin prevails
after years of stacking knitwear
they will shred our sadness

then asking us why are we so vain?
why do we masquerade our emotions to keep us sane?
when all your attempts strives to conceal what’s underneath
underneath that cloth you call a veil
underneath that skin you use for sale

the morals
the virtues
the lies you preach

It is just another mask you wish to keep
she remains anon Nov 2018
I don’t remember
building a church here
yet you preach and preach
words that never reach my ears.
Henry Brooke Oct 2018
I'm writing to make you smile

hoping you, reading, understands
Im really eager to give out an open hand and hug you

Hello Poetry Reader its nice to meet you!
Weve never met yet, but give me the shape or form you want, Im your mother and you father, your kin and friend. And Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

I sense unlimited talent in you,
did you know we are all quite like gods ?

Yet we are so small
were tall.

Im a young person from Europe irl,
wishing to make you happy.

Im not religious, this is my prayer for you.

Ive never done this, but it feels so good wishing you the best.

You should try it too.

I wanted to write a poem,
but was in one of those moods where
you have the title out before the body.
A Head-only beast.

At least here it is.

I wish you happyness!

See you around,


wanted to try somthing new.

Zombie Aug 2018
U being my inspiration,
me narrating u in a paper
& letting the world read "The tale of a peach".
Brandon Conway Aug 2018

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