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IncholPoem Jan 11
This  time  no  single bird
  can  not  sing
the  dawn  song.

  A  mental    gun shooter
said     in  a
primary  school.

This  time  no  flower
    can be  thrown
to  dustbin
in  this  globalisation  era.

A  mental  ­gun  shooter

said  in  a  high  school.

This  time  no
  excus­e  will  be
for  last  time  to
support  the  word

A  mad  gun
shooter in  govt  run
paying  guest.
Azulverde Dec 2018
Nice to meet you.
- No, nice to meet you.
- Who invited you?
- The Crow.
- And you?
- My boss.
- Hmmm...
- Why?
- I was just wondering if,
by any chance,
you knew how to hunt rabbits.
- No, but I know how to follow orders
and shut up.
- Well, good for you!
I'll rather be black and fear the light,
then blue and having nothing to do.
- What?
- I was just talking about colors.
What is your favorite color?
- Grey.
- I thought so...
- Why?
- Because you're wearing pants.
- !?
You are not making any sense!
- I  know.

Goodnight said the bird of pray
before disappearing behind the shiny yellow curtain.
Jon Thenes Nov 2018
Under the curse
There is a loss of humour :
Childlike excitement is friction in memory
and become
a tinnitus of love
upon your compressed exhaustion

It takes a persistence
the insistence of the stubborn
a guesting
to transverse the yawn within
to make you a new spell

This could bring about your
day-to-day skills and willingness
Regain the hum
Observe the silliness and the tune of your make
Recognise the scope
and think a smile.
Written after reading 'When the world lost a smile' by Poetic T.
Dogslinwriter Aug 2018
It does not matter what build these walls.
And it does not matter how to break them.
Do not offer help.
Ask me what would I give to see a silver lining?

The doors are closed from the inside.
And I have forgotten how to unlock them.
Oh, dear guest,
to see you standing out there is so gratifying.
These doors won’t open.

Outcomes of visiting a bad host!

Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Xenia stands for
Guest and stranger, why did we
Separate kindness
Jon Thenes Jul 2018
Suiside upon instruction
Through institution
By relation to another
And being bared upon
By your own misfiring soul

A shaky exit ;
Or lonely, with company
Approach The Pig Empty
With a mind and not a rattle
; a pressure of Taughts

  in loving nothing
  glove oblivion
  a pardon from suffering ?
  a finite mime

       Signed   - a guest
hepirain Jun 2018
knock knock
there is someone who want to come in
but the fact is
i don't want it
because the guest is not you
i still want you. but you don't
usagi May 2018
my muse is my sorrow,
but if it did not exist i would not find beauty in the rain
and solace in pain.
it finds different ways to manifest,
but it is safe to say
it is no longer an unwelcome guest.
japheth Apr 2018
you’re the guest
that knocked on my door
and i willingly let you in.

you trashed the place,
we had fun —
most guests do anyways —
and after the party we
usually clean up.

but you,
you left my house trashed.
you left marks all over the place.

i was so used to people
helping me clean up

that i forgot
there were people
like you:

who crashes a house
and leaves without
any remorse.

did it ever
cross your mind
that at the end of the day,
at the end of what we had,

i’ll be
the only one
cleaning this?
Psychorange Mar 2018
Blur, a blur
it came in like a blur
I was drunk and I was blurred

Touch, a touch
me and her lips would touch
like a kicking I was touched

I feel my palms and they're all cut
I see my face and it's all cut
and so were the cornea of my eyes
a birthday party, a big surprise

A lucky guest, am I?

Sirens and the ambulance
gravel and my legs would stand
angry noises, angry colors
loving sisters, angry brothers
Funny thing, still have her number
Real story, got attacked by a gang because I was with one of their girls
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