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Zywa Dec 2021
You know the feeling

of not belonging, being --

different, a guest.
"Twee vrouwen" ("Twice a Woman", 1975, Harry Mulisch)

Collection "Thinkles Lusionless"
John McCafferty Dec 2020
Creative minds shine through silent shadows
Freer thoughts run along the edges
Of boundary lines untied
Distracted less distressed
Confinement now a guest
In a safer space to play
Separate states arrange personal traits
To trust the chance of expectations
Enforce the plight of set objectives
Opportunities arise to compliment
Though every aim cannot be met
We suit our direction and intent
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Amy Nov 2020
,,Do not cry“
But what if I want to?

But what if I don´t want to?

I always tried to hold back my tears
My mind full of voices
Which tried to blame me
My feelings always drowned
In the fear of displeasing others

It might be my last challenge
I am worthy
Worthy to feel
Worthy to show

I will cry, scream and weep
In their faces

Sadness will be my guest

For a moment
For a day
For a week
As long as it takes

I won´t swallow any more
I will spit it all out
No matter if you like it or not

So take my tears
Take my smile

It will be different tomorrow
Nothing stays the same

I refuse to hide my change
I refuse to hide my emotions

You may leave if you dislike it
Because I won´t give up on my path

I won´t give up on my choices
Zywa Jul 2020
A guest: carefully

she settles into a chair –

she does not know yet.
“Binnenkomst” (“Entering”, 2016, Joke van Leeuwen)

Collection "Actively Passive"
Poetic T Apr 2020
An attitude of purrfect proportions.
              But those,
                              come to stroke me

Yo­u smile until there guest scampers
              over your feet "surprise,
Oasis May 2019
I crawled quietly off the day's activity
My head was still banging hard like the hit of a starved lover boy
Coupled with the blessing of downpour upon the earth some hours before

Retiring to my spacious room with nothing but the beauty of a carpet
Upon the supposed protection of my duvet

A merrying sound of some uninvited guests dancing towards my crib
They all beamed so well with a sweet smile on their face

Their chants wasn't victorious as it supposed to be
But a beautiful chants of conspiracy and rebellion
I cannot be a target I murmured under my large cover


I'm hurt

They all drag my flesh among each other
This is unfair
My heart cry for help but my mouth has been muted
It was suppose to be a celebration of whatever
But here they are feasting on my already tiring body

How come you all want to feast but forget your meal at home
I asked one thousand and one times
I hope I will find something within me when the sunrise

Upon this sadness
I laid myself totally for their evil party

© Wale **** 2019
Zywa Mar 2019
The green banks where I played
I'm back, on my guard
The streets of my youth

I cry and hug
amma and my sisters
I won't leave here again

even if I have to fight for it
It's not in mý hand
to **** or to die

No longer can I be an exile
a polite guest conforming
like a slave

I'm back on my guard
in my own house, and you, brother

the oldest, you must be wiser
no king
can crown himself

at best he can be a servant
600 BC – Seven against Thebes (Aeschylus, 467 BC); Polynices sieges the city of Thebes
1200 BC – Mahabharata
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