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My Dear Poet Apr 2022
I poured out my bitterness
one night over dinner
and it dripped all over my dessert
The conversation went
from sweet and sour
but I lapped it up with a burp
It turned lame and it became
all about me
and out fell a foul smell
for all to see
But happily they all sipped
with a straw dipped
in my ***** like a slurpee
I hate it when people talk trash about an other. You know there’s always someone saying the same things about you.
Valya Mar 2022
They sit
Two feet away from me
Spewing sh*t about friends
I don't turn
Staring at my computer
In a slight fit of fear
That my turn will be next
I know plenty about them
And they know me too
But who's to say
That even if I don't turn
I won't be next
They love to talk
Vouching on that their word
Won't be spread
It will
idkkkk ranty time ovo
Anais Vionet Aug 2021
No treaty is negotiable with the eager viral assassin.

Doubt the truth of gossip. What's sadder than the unreasonable sucker?

Tribal outcries and worldly conceits are not impenetrable refuges.

May you all be sheltered and safe and may modern alchemy protect you.

May you have what you need and be happy.

We will rise or fall together.
yeah, I said it
Blossom Aug 2021
Trickling words
Drip drop
Flickering words
Burn hot
Whispering words
Never forgot
JDL May 2021
Like a kindled fire it smokes

Upon the wood it grows

With no ventilation it chokes

Turning thy friends to foes

From thy tongue in thy cheek the flames doth crack

With the empty words we billow

Tears of sap seep with each fiery snap

As we burn the weeping willow

Withdraw the wood from thy furnace

And if the charred remains ever smolder

Then inward thy glare must turneth

For these flames shall make thee ever colder
Rob Apr 2021
they were talking about me in school today
like i wasn’t there.
they were talking about my sexuality
as if it were a debate topic.
they discuss my sexuality like i don’t cry myself to sleep thinking about it.
i hate myself for who i am,
and i hate myself even more for the way i hate myself
for the things i can’t control.
the gossip will continue.
my sexuality will be a discussion for years to come.
from myself and from people who don’t even know me
who think they know me
the kids that talked about me today did.
they knew my sexuality even before i did.
neth jones Apr 2021
Leaking Words                                                            ­                                    
                                                                ­         Absent Amongst Company ;
       Goming Tongues                                                          ­                        
                                                    Social Immediate
Holding & Lacing A Formation

Meeking & Shrinking
A Being Checks Out

Caught !

               Grabbed vice by the wrist
                            a swift clap to the cheek
then some laughs                    
                                      ­                          its all in sweat jest
but it is clear                                                  
         ­                                                                 ­                you should choose

not to cleave the loop
do you even know me?
think again.
just because you heard some **** about me doesn't mean it's true
but thank you for telling me what you heard
now that's my definition of you
your revenge is not the healthy kind
if i were you, i'd stay the **** away from those manipulative minds
i know i have my own issues, some i won't admit to
but hearing all that
like garbage being dumped
like the ocean being polluted
like the ozone filled with substances to dilute it

just breaks my heart.
please stop.
you gossip around
be sure to see what’s truthful
no pain and sorrow.
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