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Shiny 7d
Love, so colourful and magical yet blind at first
changes just as swiftly as the seasons change,
love perspires ever slowly and inapparently,
till it is lacklustre and lost in the air forever,
Replaced with pretence for the sake of old times,
masking uninterestedness with a fake curiosity.
Lies come freely as one tries not to be obnoxious.
But seemingly, both are trying not to be insolent,
with both professing about love in the air tonight,
even when neither feel even a pinch of it in heart.
Hush little one
Cry freely upon my shoulder
Let roam, the pain you hide
Search not,. for comfort
For I am here
Hush little one
Be not what you seek never in dreams
But triumphantly what you feel in your mind
Oh little one
Come to thee when seasons have forgotten its way
Come to thee when homes are still not built
Come to thee when life treats you like an unworthy
So hush little one
And seek never death
For it shall come in its own time.
Steve Page Feb 10
getting what they think you deserve
settling for less than what's due
becoming the person you're pretending to be
rather than just being you.

making the same mistakes as me
not stopping to figure it out
not considering who you could truely be
living with much too much doubt

perhaps these words seem familiar
do you get most of my meaning?
maybe it's time to take a fresh look
and live the life you've been dreaming
A call to live and not just dream.
Emm Jan 16
Give me all your pretences,
'cause i have no defences

Hide away your prejudices,
i've thrown all my dices

Put me on a pedestal,
'cause i like being the fake royal

All the time,...
... all the time...
That's how i'm fine,
all these times...

Let me know again how it feels to fly...
for i don't care if it's just your lie...
Steve Page Dec 2018
Let me see beneath your perfection,
and look behind your Sunday best.
I want to see if you're super human
or if you're more like the rest of us.

I want to test your holier than thou,
your upfront semblance of flawless.
I want to check that you're all that we see
or if there's less beneath the surface.

If you think you have no cracks or dents,
if you have no room for improvement,
I'd really like you to meet my friends -
as we need a new source of amusement.
Nobody's perfect.
B Sonia K Dec 2018
There is a difference between pretence and adaptation
Your mind constantly in motion
Rising up to the occasions
Depending on different sitiations.
To the British I speak English
To the Polish, I speak Polish
To the rich, I am rich
And not just in manner of speech
It's not pretence
It just makes sense
Adapting to every situation
A constant change with diverse emotions
Not just an illusion
There are established illustrations
To everything there are two sides
Upsides and downsides
What I call adaptation
Some call pretence
When I give an illustration
Some come to my defence
My aspiration to be better than I am
My conviction to change who I am
Has turned into deception
Leaving behind frustration.
The constant changes has its effect
Some might call it a defect
Just like trying to learn 10 languages at the same time
In the end all you have is half-baked knowledge not worth a dime.
This is my current situation
To which I can't find a solution
Because I adapt?  
Or a pretend?
You decide if this is a upside,
Or a down side.
In the end, a position I must take,
I am Half-baked.
Lizzy Sharples Oct 2018
What we think we know
Will only go to show - we don’t
We shrink every time we think we’ve grown
We’re simple and slow
Submit to an illusion and in the confusion feel taller
True growth is an intrusion and only makes you feel smaller
Can’t expand nor extend
To infinity’s end
But we stand and pretend
To understand and comprehend
But all that’s discovered
Reveals even more uncovered
The abundance proposed
Makes us redundant, exposed
We like things enclosed
So our minds stay closed
We’re merely superimposed
Into small worlds we’ve composed
We want to believe we’ve understood
Never conceiving all we should
Can’t see the trees - for the wood
We imagine we’re building something good
Loose our childhood
Pursuing a livelihood
Our blood is only coded with part of us
Our life force is loaded with more than this.
Line after line is written in rhyme
Lyrical magicians have tried to define
In rhythmic patterns sublime
We try, we try
An immense power moves through our essence
Ever reduced and cleverly condensed
I feel incensed by the pretence
We abuse without recompense
Virtue is compressed
True beauty suppressed
We feel less, and less!
So self absorbed. We want to be adored
We cut the cord and can’t be cured
We fail to ever really be whole
We impale, even sever our dreary souls
Needlessly faking what’s ours for free
Forsaking true power
We cower and flee
We think our humanity weak
We don’t even want what’s real
Can’t afford to feel
Don’t see the price of ‘care-free’
We simply can’t bare
To truly care
So we stare into space
And don’t know how to face
The sheer vastness that we effortlessly fail to embrace
As a Teen
My path programed as a watchword
Lonely Monitored to be guided
Less worrisome
Maybe, because
I got experienced guardian

As a teenager
My path shared not to whole
Briefly monitored and barely guided
Bit worrisome to strive
Maybe, because
I seize to prove independent

As a youth
My path interweave with my career
Total responsibility to guide
Though worrisome when unplanned
Maybe, because
I penned my progress on it

As an Adult
My path for a companion
An illusion not to be guided by pretense
A worrisome challenge
Maybe, because
Love fades away as life progresses
Life is a progress,  a progress of actualization although if you are lucky, your path will be less stressful. Guardian love fades as we show confident.
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