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sainche micano Oct 2015
reload your arms..
fighter of trend..
and the fields of blood
you could save at loss
or call at the hiss of attack would have been kind
that heart of yours is fragile
woven in glass and tired reed
spoken to a careless life
...that would cease like the last note
played at the piano concert..
swift yet so sweet
stealing the sweat of emotion
and the gasp of a soul...
feeling all the oxygen flee
as life comes from embrace
..the soldiers glide
reckless writing to feelings of war
sainche micano Oct 2015
we speak of thought
and carry the night
but inside our hearts
we bury the life
oh dear ego,
you run away so easy
i can't rely on you anymore
you deserve no place in chest
cause you lift me so high
then flee when i'm destroyed
.but at the end of the day
we'll fight to keep sane
in this colored world
i'm humbled
sainche micano Oct 2015
this is ******
not plastic anymore
when we washed the pretense down the sink
silence arose behind closed curtains
for guilt was a guest
serving our thirsty egos
we shouldn't have lost faith
the one season we had all year
unbelievable how we still know
we are not movie-stars
it's how we could have had it all
rolling in the deep
scribbled like the main script
with our smiles saved for the end
despite the flaming battle...
we shouldn't have lost faith
this is unfaithful
our hearts desire to stick even amidst the guilt
sainche micano Oct 2015
my belly is crowned
..i am satisfied
with all this honey you giving me
i'll flourish with sweetness and ease
with the comfort of your love
baby, with your love
sainche micano Oct 2015
i learnt how to burst when i lost my trust in you
i was a rose of Eden's nights
beneath a dome of dawn's star
little could i secure...
but fairly, i was pure enough to endure
till my breath became a betrayed justice
and your warmth began to heat up
became hot..a furnace of drowning relations
for all i could be is burnt if i survived
there is nothing we could save but ourselves
cause no matter how good..
it all became a severe overdose
and the poisons embraced the reactions my companion is with me
they say cold  ...
but this is one who stayed by me
wrapped my heart..woke me up at night
and said hello in the morning
after impatient sailing of goodnight kisses
i learnt how to burst when i lost my trust in you
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