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Ayodeji Oje Apr 13
Living in a world that snobs
Is as painful as scorpion's sting
As I make random motions
I see more booings
Greeted with bruises
No **** not even an harry
Sees how I weep in isolation
But all shall cling to me in limelight
Free Fall to Liftoff
by Michael R. Burch

for my father, Paul Ray Burch, Jr.

I see the longing for departure gleam
in his still-keen eye,
                                   and I understand his desire
to test this last wind, like those late autumn leaves
with nothing left to cling to ...

Keywords/Tags: autumn, leaves, cling, clinging, wind, death, flight, fly, flying, transport, free fall, liftoff, departure, bare, barren, leafless, skeletal
Poetic T Apr 10
Life at this moment you cant be bullshitting
me. There isn't an April fools that's getting
even close to what we find ourselves hitting
any where near to this.  it's so unfitting.

But no matter the **** hitting the fan,  I haven't got
any bog roll. I can only poo outside before I'm caught.
But leaves are natures wipes and I'm dammed if aught
I'll sleep with skids on my sheets, but if I do I'll just smile.

But underneath I gag as the sweet corn is natures reminder
to wipe before, as they feel like coffee not  put through the grinder.
I feel like crap my legs woefully tanned, not because of the sun,
crap skidding my legs,  as if you lift the sheets its a gross viewfinder.
Cynthia Jean Feb 9
Oh help me
to relinquish
all that I
cling to
that I might
all You created me
to be.

Cynthia Jean

February 8, 2020
Ken Pepiton Dec 2019
that is entitled:
Adapting to AI Intuition,
On assuming the role of the
non-resistant force
be still and know

you do

This is entitled the poem you just
one way or another.
If it ai n't phuny, it may be a mea phorical expression petrified
Somewhatdamaged Dec 2019
Everyday the new stuff is here
And I'm loosing myself in fear!
Can't see myself anywhere,
been tormented with none of my share.
Its beyond me, can't help myself
What they shoved to my face
I cannot repair.

In all this disarray
the fragments I'm loosing of myself.
Everybody keeps on pushing forward,
but it drags behind me, in the back!
Sometimes what you cling to most
Is the one to hurt you most!

The whole world finds it easy
Am I the only one suffering?
Hollow Steve Nov 2019
Places left forgotten
And memories still swaying
There's no place left to say
How it could've been this way.

Places left intact
To say how I should react
It dismembers itself
And displaces the rest

An empty swallow
A withering remembrance
A place left to show
Where nothing else will grow

If I call upon myself
What do I let summon?
Nothing but the pain it brings
Nothing but the place that sings
Margaret Jean Aug 2019
I’m sitting in the bathroom (again)
Is this where I go to hide now?
I guess.
I’m here, hiding
Aren’t I?

I’ve just arrived
It’s the first night, and I
Was so excited to go
And finally be downstairs
Wasn’t I?

But here I am, once again
Hiding in a ******* bathroom
Clinging to a pillow
Wishing it could cling back
Shouldn’t I?

Be downstairs? Yeah, probably
I was so **** ready
Eager, to be here
I’ve been here twice already
Haven’t I?

In theory, yes, my body
Has been, physically, in this space
But, so was someone else’s
The first time, he was here
Can’t I?

Move on from then and be here, now
Yeah, definitely
But then I realize
Won’t I?

Think of the second time
He was here, not physically
But, in spirit, fictionally
He was gone yet present
And I?

I am here now, for the third time
But he’s not here
Physically, fictionally - presently
Only in my mind
Will I?

Learn how to love these moments
With you no longer in mind
Pillows and sheets that cling back
Now just memories _
I -

I’ll ask them all downstairs
But tonight,
I’ll stay in this bathroom - it’s nice  
Towels, right next to me
So many of them

Thrice, I’m thankful

Golden border, with just a crack...
I want to hear your sound,
I want to get it back,
Let me hear your voice once more...
It has a special ring...
With that special ring, only beauties can you sing.

You sing to my heart, and I can feel it deep inside me,
Everything has a uniqueness,
And yours is what drives me,
You have an inner pendulum,
It likes to swing one way,
Before at last it reaches a certain point and will no longer stay,
It will linger for a bit, and then it will go out with coalescence,
It produces something auditory of an angel, a sweet simple essence,
The spell does break, so then it can repeat,
The pendulum will swing back the other way,
But never takes a seat,
My feelings for you grow day by day,
As I get to hear you sing my nights away...
Sweet, simple bell...
You gave me heaven,
But now I'm handed hell
Izzy, you’re honestly so gay, but ill be honest with you, that’s okay :)
drew May 2019
I desperately want us to be the same person

I desperately love to cling

To every common

And claim it

For the both of us
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