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spacewtchhh Aug 31
Ironic as it seems:
I know someone unfaithful
longing for real love.
You called me something different today

When I never changed my name

You called me something different

Such a difference someone else's name can make

You called me something different

You called me by her name

The last mistake you ever made
the last mistake you ever made was calling me by her name
Owen Aug 2020
I'm sorry,
I'm drunk, I know.
But how can you text me
a smile,
when you just threw
every promise
out the window.
When you let him in
and up to your room.
When you laid down
and let intimacy ensue.
If you wanted him,
just tell me
so I know where I stand,
so I don't have to be
your man.
How do I deal with reality.
If it's easy like breathing,
I'd let it out of my chest,
I'd hold my breath, get rid of you,
Until there's nothing left, I'm dead.

Remember the first time you killed me?
You left, came back said sorry,
I was a fool to forgive my murderer,
Who cares? I love you anyway.

I'm broken by you,
And it's you who can fix me,
But I know you can't now,
You don't glue things up,
When you find them useless.

I feel so useless, cheated on,
To think you're with her,
When I still want you with me.
Isn't it unfair?
Remember I was your everything
Before you loved hurting me,
And I still love you.

Is it a sin to love a sinful person?
Is it wrong to love someone who does wrong?

What's the point of fixing things and breaking them again?
I'd rather be broken,
I'd rather be played than feel nothing at all.
This was a poem I wrote exactly 6 years ago. I actually don’t remember the inspiration for this piece, and the idea’s a bit messy but I was really intrigued- whatever it was I was going through when I wrote this must’ve been very painful.
She is gone again
Gone living him all alone
Alone with his thoughts and pain

She gave convincing reasons to leave
But he has convincing doubts
Doubts many enough not to believe

But he cannot keep her
He cannot
Because be has not enough to feed her

On a cold breezy night
With misses of her warmth
He has nothing else but his bottle of liquor to hold on tight

Thoughts of her kills him inside
He can only have her in his mind
But not by his side

Who is she with this time
That is the question seesawing on his mind
And he wonders if loving her is a crime

Why can't he leave her for another
Another one maybe better
But only he knows how hard it was to find him a lover
Poverty! Hmmm
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