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Ashwin Kumar Aug 2023
When I met you
I developed an instant liking
Though it was not in a romantic sense
You seemed to be a bit shy
But at the same time, quite friendly
Not to mention, down-to-earth
We got along nicely
And when I met your family
I was impressed
Not due to wealth, class or social status
But because of the fact that they were all very good human beings
With no attitude or airs whatsoever
And they were already okay to accept me as one of their own
Well, we soon started speaking over the phone
On a daily basis
And since we had developed a good understanding
I agreed to marry you
The engagement was a simple affair
But I got the feeling
That we were a cute couple
Especially when we took you on a trip
Right after the engagement
As I mentioned earlier
Though I didn't have any romantic feelings
When I first met you
They soon started to develop
During the period between the engagement and the marriage
I even funded your marriage expenses
Because I trusted you
Never did I imagine
That you would eventually betray my trust
Especially after the date we had in Pondicherry
Of course, COVID19 struck
And our marriage had to be postponed indefinitely
Naturally, you were very upset
I myself was quite depressed
But I thought we could at least talk it out
Instead, you started avoiding me
As well as my family
I let it slide
Since I truly loved you
Eventually, after a week or so, we started talking again
However, things were definitely not the same as earlier
I could sense a lack of enthusiasm from your side
Moreover, you were free to talk only around 9 PM
Though ideally you should have been free throughout the day
Considering you lost your job due to COVID
Something for which you were duly compensated
By my father, who kept sending you money every month without fail
Anyway, I let it slide again
Because I loved you
On the eve of our wedding, I wrote a heart-touching poem
Which was appreciated by almost everybody
Except the person for whom it was written
That is, you
Anyway, I thought things would change
Once the wedding finally happened
However , they didn't
I made many attempts to strike a conversation
But you were only interested in watching your precious serials
I too began to watch them, for your sake
Mind you, I am no fan of serials
But I thought I should make an exception
For my dear wife
However, was I ever dear to you?
You never talked to me on your own
And when I tried to talk to you
You kept repeating the same thing
That we would eventually talk at some stage
I kept wondering and wondering
As to when that "stage" would eventually arrive
Then came the ultrasound pregnancy test
With its shocking results
From then on, you were a changed person
You kept clinging to me
And refused to let me out of your sight
You even forced me
To stop talking to my best friend
And your own best friend did her best
To make me feel as guilty as possible
Blinded by love, as I was
I refused to listen to reason
Believing that you were being discriminated against
Because of your class and caste
When you finally confessed
That you had slept with another guy
You couldn't even look me in the eye
Because of your betrayal, I went through depression
For more than a month
I am not going to waste my time
Discussing the tedious and protracted divorce process
But you took advantage of me
And my frigging autism
You lied to me and cheated me
And I loved you
Yes, it sounds difficult to believe
But I genuinely loved you
And was thus made to suffer
It's time all feminazis take note of this
Rather than jumping into conclusions
And blaming the male whenever there is a divorce
Or even an estrangement
That's all I have to say
Poem dedicated to my ex-wife.
spacewtchhh Aug 2022
Ironic as it seems:
I know someone unfaithful
longing for real love.
You called me something different today

When I never changed my name

You called me something different

Such a difference someone else's name can make

You called me something different

You called me by her name

The last mistake you ever made
the last mistake you ever made was calling me by her name
Winnalynn Wood Mar 2021
She never informed him, just moved out
He still sits and remembers the doubt

Lingering in her cascading eyes
The time comes for the many lies

To unfold like a tarnished wildflower in the limelight
He cried in disbelief, not believing the plight

Another was loved more, without a hint known
Her undying loyalty, one which he never owned

The two vanished, not one trace left behind
And the raging sorrow cryptically arrived

No more trusting in anyone’s heart
The benevolent kindness was to part
Owen Aug 2020
I'm sorry,
I'm drunk, I know.
But how can you text me
a smile,
when you just threw
every promise
out the window.
When you let him in
and up to your room.
When you laid down
and let intimacy ensue.
If you wanted him,
just tell me
so I know where I stand,
so I don't have to be
your man.
How do I deal with reality.
If it's easy like breathing,
I'd let it out of my chest,
I'd hold my breath, get rid of you,
Until there's nothing left, I'm dead.

Remember the first time you killed me?
You left, came back said sorry,
I was a fool to forgive my murderer,
Who cares? I love you anyway.

I'm broken by you,
And it's you who can fix me,
But I know you can't now,
You don't glue things up,
When you find them useless.

I feel so useless, cheated on,
To think you're with her,
When I still want you with me.
Isn't it unfair?
Remember I was your everything
Before you loved hurting me,
And I still love you.

Is it a sin to love a sinful person?
Is it wrong to love someone who does wrong?

What's the point of fixing things and breaking them again?
I'd rather be broken,
I'd rather be played than feel nothing at all.
This was a poem I wrote exactly 6 years ago. I actually don’t remember the inspiration for this piece, and the idea’s a bit messy but I was really intrigued- whatever it was I was going through when I wrote this must’ve been very painful.
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