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Fears created by years and years of trauma and abuse and manipulation. Triggered by the smallest thing.
I’m sorry.
Osiria Melody Aug 16
Are we love or lust?
Has our romance turned to rust

You were once my answer, I knew
Now, just a mysterious clue

I once could trust you with all my heart
Now you auction my loyalty like stolen art

Not sure if it's me or you
But now know our love ain't true

I got inspired from a drama that I watched last night, which involved heartbreak.
Aa Harvey Jul 29
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is unfaithful.
Love lies.
I have never had true love,
So all my love’s I despise.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
S Bharat Apr 12
Your Love

Your love was very quaint
Like the dew upon leaves.
That in the jiffy vaporised
As though streaks of rays
Incident upon them burnt.

S. Bharat
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I can never understand how people have affairs
you find the one you
and getting to know them taking  time you discover
all their Intimacy
How can you then do all that with someone who most probably will
a stranger you'll never get the love like you do from your partner
maybe Im a
nieve but I can't see why people would risk all for a fling It's beyond
Can never understand why people have affairs risk all for a fling you'll' never get from affairs that what you get from real love given by the one you truly love
Ammar Younas Nov 2018
I can play with words but not with heart, like you...
Everyone prefer to stay away from the people, smart like you...

You deserve to be painted in a masterpiece on my heart...
So no one should dare to touch an art like you...

I hope someday, you will come this way...
I did not burn the bridge when depart, like you...

My heart and mind seem to be in love...
I am learning to keep them apart, like you...

You will win the competition among disloyals...
Since i am not taking in it a part like you...
Written in Ghazal format.
Elysia Veildorn Nov 2018
The weather chills and my blood is the only thing keeping me warm,
I have left the comforting cave of your embrace—looking for something different
Something exciting and thrilling enough to make me realize why I was alive.
I didn’t recognize that comfort was enough and the safety it implied.
When I left, I risked heartache
I risked the health of my most vital *****,
All because I craved danger.
What a fool I was.
I watched as you let another wolf into your den, one snowy night
And I—I was left out in the cold.
But who can blame you?
I said I was a fool.
Rose Oct 2018
Humming to this crack of mine
Knowing my fate before it begins
I am simply no care
No matter at all

I am second best
Always last
Never quick
With no wit

I am a single wrapper
lost in the trash
Just a blanket
For cold souls

Like you
again and again, i am hurt by lose i let near, i know what i do is wrong but i can't seem to stop for my heart wants to love each person even if they do not deserve my love.
Lakin Sep 2018
silver spoons
singe privilege
hungry, wolves

steal copper
for the thief's
wife and their sons

24k gold in her
eyes, attracting
common men--

all fools.
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