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Oct 13
thepoeticwit Oct 13
and in that long embrace
did I sense
depths of longing
abundant yearning
cries of desperation
enclosed in that tiny frame
cleaved unto my chest

my heart hears
and aches with her
breaks, and cries with her
longing for
her pains to resolve
for peace to set in at ease
for my warmth to grant
blessed reassurance

but alas
I am no saviour
barely a lover
just a friend
only shall I ever be
there by her side
in earnest prayer
in hope that
breakthrough arrives
and salvation draws near.
for Nina.
thepoeticwit Apr 13
we are wanderers in a foreign land, exiles in search of home.
nomads who shift through dirt and sand.

Is this where we belong?
A desert, a wilderness.
A path made through promise of a kingdom paradise,
so close and yet so far away.

40 days and 40 years
are but a lifetime
our lives are but a wilderness
though we fast and pray
trials and temptations come our way

Be not fooled by Devil's sweet whispers
But continue past these 40 days
and though you fail in one way

There is One who fasted and prayed
overcame, and calls to you

"Behold, the Kingdom is near"

mindlessly passed through to the end of Lent, and I didn't really fast and pray, what more succumbing to my sins. But a firm reminder of Jesus who succeeded in His fast and prayer, right through His passion, death and ressurection. Though I fail, He succeeds on my behalf, and has mercy on me.
Aug 2021 · 549
thepoeticwit Aug 2021
My eyes have encompassed all the world
Surveying its glory and splendour
Civilisations advance
Society cultivating cultures
Technology, created and innovated
By human beings being knowledgeable
Expanding capacity, capital, and territory
In terror of losing identity
Working, moving, breathing
They cry

But is this worthy?

My eyes have encompassed all the earth
Surveying her beauty and majesty
Mountains, hills, and forests of lush green
Beasts and creatures of all shapes and sizes
Oceans, seas, rivers, and clear blue sky
They all seem to cry

Is there more to this?

My eyes gaze into the heavens
Surveying all their mysteries
Planets, systems, and billions of stars
Galaxies upon galaxies lightyears away

And I hear in the distance
Echoes of angels and heavenly beings
Thrones, dominions, powers, rulers
Saints and elders around a radiant throne

They all cry

I bow my head in awe
And in silence pondered
What the measure of a man is worth
In the grand scheme of things
Where one exists amid seven billion others
Working tirelessly to no end
Amid a vast and glorious creation
Which will all draw to an end

Am I worthy?

And I hear in the distance
The one called Worthy and seated on the throne
Calls out to me saying

“From the dust have I fashioned you
Formed you into My image
From the lowliest estate have I given you
Heavenly heritage
My child
Once an outsider, even an enemy
have I bought you with my shed blood.

You are made worthy
For I am Worthy
As with all who are Mine.

So define not your worth on futile things
Or others who lack the clarity to see
You are worthy
As I am Worthy

Worry not your worth
As it is found only in Me”.
On the worth we place on the world, and on ourselves.
Mar 2021 · 574
thepoeticwit Mar 2021
I write my songs
in the echo chambers
of my heart
a deep dark dungeon
of hellfire and unclean secrets
only ever have my eyes seen
my ears heard
and my heart keep
my demons
tremble in awe
of the songs I sing in the night
Like a lamp in the corner of a dark house
I wait for next morning
I wait for a new sun to arise
and resurrect me from this decaying carcass
So that my soul can echo the song of twelve thousand elders and saints singing
Glory, Hallelujah
I've been set free
But until that day comes
I shall echo in the chambers
and echo in the airwaves
and wave my hands in
Here I am on my knees
Almost giving up
Almost giving in
Almost giving
of a desperate dying heart
hoping and waiting
for such a day to come
Feb 2021 · 448
Three Phrases
thepoeticwit Feb 2021
"I'm sorry"
The echo
that fills the cracks
in the spaces in between
pieces of a broken heart
of damages dealt and received
regrets and areas of lack
of missing the mark and
not measuring up to par
or not being good enough
for the other

"Thank you"
The simple whisper of
a soul found and mended
a stomach well fed
lungs filled with breath to sing
of gifts given and received
of lovingkindness graciously bestowed
of embracing the other

"I love you"
The tender glance of eyes
beholding beauty
the cries of joy
of a revived heart beating pompously
The strength renewed to a fallen warrior
restored to eternal glory
redeems every "sorry"
overflows every "thank you"
and always lavishing

"Beloved, I live for you."

Nov 2020 · 571
thepoeticwit Nov 2020
we have eyes to see
things in front of us
present tangible reality
worldly ideas and substances
superficial fear, worries, cares
what do we eat, drink, wear?
where do we go, what do we do next
where shall we see ourselves in five to ten years
so we make our schemes and plans
and we grasp for control
In trying to be king, we end up tyrants
enslaved to our own tyranny
Influenced by darkness

Lord, have mercy
give us eyes to see
beyond ourselves
ever-present eternal realities
divine providence, contentment
In abundance or lack, we have everything we need
And that we are worth more
Than any temporal worry or care
Lord, give us eyes to see
our lives not as mere earthly things
but to build ourselves heavenward upon the steadfast Rock
that we may be humble, as a speck of dust in the grovel
under the sovereign kingship of a good and Holy God
that we may not waver at the tossings and turnings of this world
Lord, give us eyes to see Your light
That we may live with faith, hope, and love - that we may live with vision.
Matthew 5:26-34
Oct 2020 · 261
thepoeticwit Oct 2020
When I receive flowers from someone
it makes me feel...

I've never received flowers before.

Only ever reserved for special occasions,
Weddings, vacations...

In life or death
symbolise a certain affection for life
and cherishes a life that has perished

In a sense,
We are all flowers in a vast garden
Hidden among grass
Only seen by those closest to us
And reserved for special occasions.

If I were to receive a flower from you,
give then yourself to me,
and may we each other feel only
Would be nice to get flowers on my birthday hehe
Aug 2020 · 290
To Save a Life
thepoeticwit Aug 2020
If love is what saves a life
I will love you ever so passionately
hug your bones so tight
It squeezes the hell out of you
the hell you're suffering from
madness, loneliness, sub-existence,
feelings of worthlessness, feelings of lovelessness
I will tell you how much I love you
To make sure you know you are loved
Envelope your mind in light
Set life into the course of your veins
flowing through you
Fill you with gifts of joy and peace,
clothe you in goodness and mercy
when you fall, I will use all the strength in these arms to lift you up
my shoulders to prop your head while you rest and weep,
my ears to pay attention to the echo of your heart beat through your words and expressions
my eyes to look after you and out for you, to watch over you, to adore and admire you
I will spend my time with you
be present, be there for you
just to see you smile
just to see you live
just to see you grow
just to see you alive and beautiful
If love is what saves a life, no,
if love is what gives life
then let me fight
for your right
to live.
If love is what saves a life, then let me fight for your right to live.
Jan 2020 · 245
Brother Bear
thepoeticwit Jan 2020
Big brother
He wanders on his own
In the jungle
No one to call his own

But he has a heart full of love to give
"Is there anyone for me to love?"
He wonders
So he sets out on an adventure

He climbed hills and
marched through valleys
Gentle as he can be
He picks up the little squirrels
fallen from the tree

He stops for a while
and lets birds rest on his back
from all their flying and tweeting.

He looks out for the cubs
and stands guard for their protection
And graces with his presence
those in need of affection

And still this grizzly bear
moves forward on his own
Eats alone, sleeps alone.
Sometimes he's lonely.

But he looks up to see the Sun
smiling down on him
and gives him warmth and
a bright shine on his
glorious brown coat

And though a hunter's spear
may strike through his heart
already broken
these words of love pours out
onto the ground
for nobody to call his own
and yet still to love

"Brother bear cares"
A story of unrequited love.
Nov 2019 · 332
thepoeticwit Nov 2019
Hold not my sins against me,
For I am only human:
Scarred, broken, fallen.

Give me grace, and you'll have my faith;
I forgive and love you all the same.

Til next we meet, I pray instead of enmity,
It'll be in a sweet embrace.

But for all the tension I've caused--
I'm sorry for my mistakes.
Nov 2019 · 313
thepoeticwit Nov 2019
You did what you can;
You did what you had to.

Lay back, close your eyes.
Rest your arms, your legs,
your head.
Rest your mind,
and your weary heart.

Say a prayer,
and take heart.
What's done is done,
the rest is in God's care
as He's always been from the start.
Rest well, take heart-- He is in control.
Aug 2019 · 225
From Depths to Depths
thepoeticwit Aug 2019
My heart yearns, it thirsts
longing to see the reality
not our reality

My heart, it hurts
it breaks
it longs for
People in need, hungry, broken, lacking
longing for
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
longing for

My eyes
they burst into tears
pour out a liquid offering
on the altar of deep cries
My body given in to relentless toil
a sacrifice on the altar of selflessness
My soul burst into flames
a passion reignited
to seek
to love
to know.

My God,
lest I forget
that with all these things I have and give
that the One thing I only need is You.
For apart from You,
It is all for naught.
Jun 2019 · 277
Child's Haiku
thepoeticwit Jun 2019
Little child dancing
freely in the public square,
may you live boldly.

Little boy singing
lovely within her midst,
grace your sister's ears.

Little kid running
through life's maze without a care-
Please be free, be free.

Little child growing
up through all life's burdens be
always sweet and true.
Remain childlike.
May 2019 · 253
Mortal Instrument.
thepoeticwit May 2019
The only days Death has ever drawn close to me were when he left his shadow grazing over this frail body.
Sleep deprived, feverish, weak heck of a boy.
A soul so agonised over the war within, a mind so twisted and perverse. A heart, that still beats however crooked.
A body, weak; a human, depraved.

I remember those days.
Sickness pays his visits over the seasons.
Fevers, influenza, intense food poisoning, coughs so bad I end up praying "Lord, have mercy" each time.

Yet, I see others like me
Suffer disease like they've gone through hell
Got into accidents that'll take them a while or never to get back from.
See the news and see people close to me been closer to Death than I've had before.

I laid back and watched the sky as the clouds flew by
It just hit me that
one day, it'll be me.

God help me, I'm no different.
I'm barely even a saint
Just as evil as everyone else
To think that in my youth, I'm some sort of a god
an invincible immortal that could ascend the heights and become the greatest of them all.

But then I look at the sky, and wonder
"What is man, that You think of him? And the son of man, that You visit him?"
I am reduced to nothing, my passions, dreams and ambitions are all but folly-- vanity of vanities like chasing the wind.

I am losing my edge. I no longer write these poems the way I used to. I take longer to write essays. It gets more difficult to stay faithful in the faith that I have. The "amazing" parts of me are fading, bleeding, dying. It gets just as difficult socialising when you are not the extrovert you used to be.

Death has already been part of the default nature I so have, though I do not yet taste it.

Still I crave for Life, clinging on to Hope.
Still I live, for Love's good name's sake.
Still I live and wage war against Death, aspiring to be a vessel to preach the Good News of Eternal Life.  

Indeed I am unworthy, day by day I am undone.
Yet even more so, though I may die
For now, I shall live.
I'm tired, lamenting, yet hopeful
Nov 2018 · 254
thepoeticwit Nov 2018
Alas, see one is
become unworthy
to question the mysteries of
salvation and sanctification.

When the believer,
the saint
falls into sin,
he is rendered silent
before the throne of God.

The awkward tension
between friend and foe
is felt.

he asks,
"What does it mean
to be saved?"

And though try as he might,
his jaw is sealed shut;
he dares not make a sound to speak.

Silent as silent accusations
pile upon himself.

In his mind, screaming
Yet dares not draw near
to pray.
Little was it known that lustful sins arise at the peak of 3am in the morning.
Oct 2018 · 689
thepoeticwit Oct 2018
Words stir the mind;
Songs touch the soul;
Truth pierces the heart.
Another mini-work.
Sep 2018 · 332
Heaven's History
thepoeticwit Sep 2018
It was my past
That held me back
From achieving eternal destiny

But when I looked back
Into the past
I see a heavenly assignment

That on my behalf
A price was paid
So that I may enter
The pearly gates

The streets of gold
The walls of diamond
The choir of heaven's
angels roar

It was that past
when I looked back
that I'm now able
to venture forward.
Aug 2018 · 356
thepoeticwit Aug 2018
What is worth a writer's many words
When the ink holds your meaning like something
at the tip of your tongue?

When your eyes finally perceive
what your soul feels
and your ears hear
what your spirit receives

When you dwell
be it in high ground
or on low valley
When you look to the sky
or cast your face down to the ground.

You look longingly into eternity
awaiting something all worth more
that this.
Longing for meaning,
a reason to live
a reason why you breathe and do the things you do.

Longing for
Longing for

It is in the journey of a lifetime
that we realise
the hidden things

When the deep cries out to deeper waters;
When we look longingly
into the mysteries.

Thus it is in those
that our restlessness yields,
and we find peace despite calamity.

When we shall see even the face of God
who once dwelt with us.

What is worth a writer's many words
when the ink holds your meaning like something
at the tip of your tongue?
It is worth more than this,
that meaning be even found in this life
and moves beyond to something much greater
than this.
Dig deeper and look beyond.
Jul 2018 · 295
Of Love and Romance
thepoeticwit Jul 2018
I admire the way two lovers kiss
It seems like they are
in heaven's bliss

When two shall love
in one accord;
and they shall be

I admire the way
two lovers love
It's like a blessing sent
from above.
Another old love  poem I wrote about almost a year ago that I've recently recovered...
Jul 2018 · 417
thepoeticwit Jul 2018
We sealed our fate
when our eyes met each other's;
When I saw you
I envisioned every possible future
about to materialise into reality's present.

We sealed our acquaintance
with the firm shake of a hand,
looking forward to working with you
was all the pleasure I anticipated.

We sealed our friendship
with a hug;
We shared many thoughts,
we valued each little insight we had.
We shared some laughs,
exchanged smiles.

See, relationships prove to be
the bedrock of civilisation
and the connections between us
felt like kingdoms of galaxies
under our command

I envisioned every single possibility with you.
Yet, I cannot see through the next step
When we shall seal our fate with a kiss,
and journey through the storms of life

With you by my side.
Hopeless romantic.
Jun 2018 · 342
Mercy Cometh
thepoeticwit Jun 2018
Mercy came to me
like the answer to my prayer
As I live every day
on borrowed time.

Do you know of such value,
O fellow mere mortals?
Judgment postponed
Death delayed
Life blessed
Grace given
Forgiveness bestowed.

Mercy came to me
by the means of a friend
the answer to my prayer
who prayed for me

As I stirred on
to seek
the deep wonders
of God.

I whispered and sighed,
"How can this be?"
I screamed and cried out
in the wilderness
beholding in awe
glory, majesty

Still, mercy came to me
like the sweet answer
to my prayer
consoling and attending
to all my dreaded fears.

Mercy came to me
in the likes of a Person
who loved me and
gave Himself for me.

And now I live
on borrowed time
making the most of every
opportunity while my
judgement is postponed,
death is delayed,
life blessed,
grace given,
forgiveness bestowed.

In time, mercy comes to me
and now I freely give
as I have been given.
Pondering upon the great mercy of God!
May 2018 · 384
True Colours
thepoeticwit May 2018
Blue was the winning streak that lasted decades.
The colour that held our sadness and sighs
our frustrations and cries
in silence.

Blue was the night sky
that beheld the moon and the stars
who gave their light
promising the warmth of a new day.
Even they knew that God
was watching.

Yellow was our rallying cry!
For justice to be restored,
so that righteousness
would rule once again,
as it always has reigned
in our hearts.

Red, the hope flowing through
our veins as we anticipate
the rise of a new day.
Red, the sacrifices we were
willing to make.
Red, the blood shed for this land.

Red, our new victory!
our new clarity,
our new vision,
our new hope.

Now, white for all the
unfilled spaces in between
the empty gaps like
the potholes in the road
that had collapsed long ago

For all the possibilities
that are yet to be

White, a reminder:
we still have a long way to go.
Malaysia has just done away with their 14th General Elections and for the first time in history, the opposition won! I wrote a poem according to the colours of our national flag, the Jalur Gemilang in commemoration of this historic event!
Apr 2018 · 11.2k
Blessed are the damned.
thepoeticwit Apr 2018
"**** it"
I refuted

I said,
"Bless it"

The world is enough a hell to be ******
Why curse it further?
a mini-work
Apr 2018 · 567
A Discourse of Values
thepoeticwit Apr 2018
Pride says, "look at who you'll become!"
Greed says, "look at all that you'll get"
Lust says, "look at who you can use"

The temptations of this unholy trinity
seep in to ****** such a soul as this
stubbornly wanting to give in

Humility exhorts, "this is not about you"
Moderation teaches, "you do not need all this"
and Love preaches

"Give yourself away
Deny yourself
Crucify this flesh
Pick up your cross"

Love says
"Look at the lives you can save with your very own"

Love says
"What can I do for you?"
I almost got scammed. I feel like a fool for giving in.
Apr 2018 · 475
Beautiful Stranger
thepoeticwit Apr 2018
She dyed her hair
violet and blonde;
a shade of maroon waves through
her lips
with her head bent low

how can this be?
And her eyes batter
with their lashes, they flatter

She looks on longingly
Waiting for the day
she returns home.

She picks up the phone
her only source of company
searching through her sea of friends
and she sees their faces

She sighs and wonders
How can this be?

She awaits the day she returns home
sitting there
like the beauty
she is created to be

What a sight to behold
though I have yet to know
her name

I look on, patiently
still waiting
for my train to arrive at my stop
waiting for when I can
go home.
So I was on the commuter train on the way home and there was this gorgeous lady sitting right across me. I didn't have the guts to say anything to her, so out of admiration I wrote this.
thepoeticwit Apr 2018
To the lover I've never met
I can't imagine
how beautiful you are

Because to put you
within the limits of my mind
would be to dishonour you

Yet I imagine you
as glorious as the sun
as graceful as the skies by day
as precious as the air I breathe
as peaceful as streams of living water

Dear darling
If only you knew
How I yearn to behold your light
to see the warmth of your countenance
to see the only curve I'd ever need
which is your smile

To look upon you
and say
You are beautiful
Just the way you are

Yet I can't imagine
How beautiful you really are;
I can only dream so much
and I, not wanting to do you disservice.

For the lover I've never met:
when we do meet
we shall share in the warmth
of an embrace

And I shall realise
such a beauty I have yet
to behold.
Another love poem
Mar 2018 · 306
Priceless, Not Timeless
thepoeticwit Mar 2018
I've savoured the sweetness
of your embrace
and cherished
every moment
with you, though fading.

I guess
that's why we love
temporal things
knowing how nothing
lasts forever

We will know
what it's like
when we lose something;
I guess that
how valuable something is.

For once we were found
and yet sooner

And now we aren't what
we once were.

And yet I still savoured
the sweetness
of your embrace
only lasting for a time

Still it runs
afresh in my mind

that's how much you meant to me.
Remembering what we once had.
Mar 2018 · 320
thepoeticwit Mar 2018
Temptation knocks at my door
Wanting to come in.
to make a fool
out of me.

She flirts so audaciously
willing to fornicate,
To please her
To please me

But this isn't right.

Sin crouches at my door
Waiting to strike.
To barge in,
To attack,
Hold nothing back.

Temptation thus leads
my downfall
and Sin,
the cause of my death.

What hope shall there be
of a ressurection?
For the sorrow of my sin.
Feb 2018 · 871
Ash and Love
thepoeticwit Feb 2018
The cross made of ash
on the forehead:
a reminder of the love
given to us
for eternity.

Of all days,
It is this day that
we celebrate love.
But why not everyday?

Seeing how
we were from dust
and to dust
we shall return.

Before we are burnt to ashes
and return to dust,
may Love burn
brighter than any star we can find.

May we know
Love's true value
before throwing it
to the flames.
When Valentine's and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day
Feb 2018 · 426
Cry As We Wait
thepoeticwit Feb 2018
What does it mean
to be human
to know
to learn

To love?
How do we define
something once so divine
when the depths of our depravity
is what made its demise?

So we let out
a deep sigh,
wave our hopes and dreams
and cry as we wait

For our love to be found.
Another love poem.
Feb 2018 · 243
The Empty Poet
thepoeticwit Feb 2018
This is a poem about
how I can no longer
write poems
like I used to.

The colours are all
The pen is left
with no ink.
The paper, empty

What's the meaning of life?
To breathe, to love,
to write?
Why is there this emptiness;
why the lack?

When will my inspiration
come back

to me?
Dec 2017 · 284
thepoeticwit Dec 2017
I fell in love
with Love.
Ever since our eyes met
when my eyes opened
for the first time.

Love was my childhood love.
She was always there
whispering wonders and cares.
She serenades me with sweet songs
and lullabies that make my heart
give a deep sigh

I want to cry for Love;
I yearn for her.

As I grew up,
I got to know Love.
I grew to understand her deeper
and knew what she really meant.

She taught me how to love
She taught me
that to love others is more important
than to be loved myself.
She taught me to love others
above myself.

She was harsh with her words:
Love taught me
that life is not for me
that love is to be given
and not to be expected in return.

Love loved me
and I did her.
But she was not mine.

Yet she knew it was for the best,
so that I may know her joy
the same joy that is
to give

And still be full.

To love and be loved
is everything;
Yet to love and just be,
is what's worth.
Prom last night gave me the feels.
Dec 2017 · 265
A Prayer (Of What's Worth)
thepoeticwit Dec 2017
O Lord
Let me weep
Let me be sorrowful
For the things of this world
do not satisfy.

O Lord
Make me weep
Make me sorrowful
For I know
the great weight of my sin.

O Lord
Blot out my iniquities,
my sin, my shame
oh how I wish
to be clean again!

But let me be, dear Lord.
Don't come close
For I am a sinful man.
What have I done to deserve
Your mercy? O Lord
The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

O Lord
Make me weep
Let me be sorrowful
Like Peter after his denial
Like Judas after his betrayal
After he handed you over
to the darkness.

O Lord
Let me weep
Let me be sorrowful
For are You not worth more
than 30 pieces of silver?
A poem I wrote out of conviction last year.
Nov 2017 · 471
thepoeticwit Nov 2017
I wonder where true love went
before the world plunged into chaos
selling itself to counterfeits
giving away pieces of its soul
for temporal, physical pleasure.

Life is more than just "fun and games"
often times, it is sacred.
Love is deemed to be
"just a game"
and who can be the best at it.

We search for the best players,
worthy playmates for a good time
or ******* opponents.
The only value you have
is your "gear"
and how you make the most of it.

After that,
it's a job well done.
A "game over" after
"good luck; have fun"

After that,
you're sick and done.
These players don't play fair,
and in games like these,
there is no honour.

Where has true love gone to?
No, not your kind of "love"
I'm talking about the one that
is honest, and truthful.

The love that grows when in hurt
the authentic affection that stays
even when it's harder to stay
the one that
is the most patient

What happened to
REAL love?

Where has it gone?
Why have we traded it with some


and instead of loving with our souls
we lust after




**** kills love, promotes **** culture, and brings death to the soul.
Oct 2017 · 307
Lost for Words
thepoeticwit Oct 2017
My pen is poised
and ready
to strike
words into meaning
lyrics into song

my thoughts
where they belong
on paper,
exiled from my heart
like an exodus
into the ink
that spills over

Run away to
a safe place,
O my soul;
Search for the Promise Land
and behold
the memories immortalised

they become forgotten,
it's futile.
Lost, am I
in the forests
of thought
and care.

As I stare
into the open sky
I think
I try
though God knows

My pen is poised,
ready to write,
yet not knowing
how I'd
Writer's *block*
Oct 2017 · 182
So what?
thepoeticwit Oct 2017
are just mere feelings ,
and words
are just words.

What do they mean;
What significance do they bear?
It doesn't matter, does it?
Sep 2017 · 890
Love Me (Eulogy)
thepoeticwit Sep 2017
Love me for who I am.
But when the time comes
for me to end,
Let me be among the dead;
Leave me in the grave.

Keep me in your memory;
don't speak wealth
to my name.
Know that I'm gone forever
Forever, far away.

Love me for who I am;
Leave me for who
I will be.

But when I no longer am,
leave me be
within the grave.

If you love me for who I am,
Let praise be spoken
where praise is due;
Know this however:
I am no perfect man.

Don't try to bring life
to these dead bones.
Don't bring me back to life;
don't speak of my name.

I did not ask to seek fame.

If you love me,
keep this commandment
I give thee:

Don't worship me
nor pay tribute
merely in word or song.
But keep me in your memory
and if you want to honour me,
live honourably, not in vain.

Don't lie to yourself.
Don't think I dwell
in the heavenly heights
even though I may be.
Only God determines my fate;
He alone seals my destiny.

Don't weep for me
but for yourselves
and for your children.

And if you love me,
repent and live!
See the Glory
I've shown to you,
though not of my own.

If you love me,
love me for who I am,
and be thankful
when I am gone.
For my funeral.
Aug 2017 · 611
thepoeticwit Aug 2017
You scream
You cry
You curse
at the wind

You let it all out
not wanting to hold it

Let it all out
On Twitter;
Like a bird
in the lonely air
yet full of other
winged creatures
full of care

Like a bird
in lonely skies
you twitter;
you know,
it's either they
hear you or they

You tweet,
knowing followers
don't pay much

You tweet,
your sadness and frustrations
Wanting help
to pull you from hell.

You're lost,
just waiting to be found.
But you know
while you need that
You don't want the pity,
You don't want the reactions
You don't want the pressures
You don't want to be looked down upon
You don't want the pain

You don't want the
You don't want to
You don't want
You don't

not knowing
someone is watching from the distance
not knowing that person cares for you
while he, not knowing how to tell you:

I want to help you.
I can find you and I can save you.

I just don't know how to,
since you tweet like live birds
sing in the sky

Talking to you
May very well be
shooting you down.
To the friend I want to seek and save.
Aug 2017 · 868
thepoeticwit Aug 2017
All I'd like
right now
are some earphones

Just so I could
kick back,
hear the music
slow dance in my ears

the beat
and every rhythm

Look up
watch the stars
as they sing
sweet Hallelujah's

As I drive past
the night sky,
I lay back in my seat
and pretend to be
in some fantasy

A music video
could almost portray

But my reality
no more
than the music
in my head

The songs not said

The lyrics
I dare breathe
if not written
much less sung aloud

No more
the moment
of having earphones
in my ears.
In the car, on my way home; lost my earphones
Jul 2017 · 675
Soul Promise
thepoeticwit Jul 2017
My soul grieves
for a soul;
a life lost,
to the world,

The world,
this life
full of pressure
she cannot keep.

So she frees
her soul,
for her soul
to cling to a

He tries
to stand on
the soles of
his feet

O how
he stumbles
and falls.

But how he bears,
for a life to be
shared with
a soul that
clings to his soul.

This spirit
from memory,
calls to his
bitter aid.

And as if
not even God can save him,
he is bound, chained
to the promise
he made.

O how my soul
grieves for
his soul!
And as he grieves
and weeps for
his own

It is far too late now.

between two dimensions
a chain.
'Til he fulfills
the promise made
to her.

A promise
for a dead soul.
Tribute to a friend of a friend
Jul 2017 · 435
thepoeticwit Jul 2017
”Home is where the heart is”
Yes, but home is not confined to these four walls
in which we reside.

is more than just a house
made by


It is in the heart,
     that pumps the very blood that runs thicker
than water.
But water is needed for blood to keep running
       what. is. home?

   is who we are
   is where we belong

is how we have become,
how we have come
a long way from,
and where we return to.

Like nomads,
it is where we are found.

      is where we are...
Theme: Home
(100 words)
Jul 2017 · 443
thepoeticwit Jul 2017
Why do we glory
in the death of
a Saviour?

Did He die
so we could live in vain?
Did He die
for our gain?

Why give Your life
for theirs
When they still
live in the transgressions
that You payed for,
the very same sins
that killed You?

Why glory upon
the death of
the Saviour?
Was His sacrifice
for nothing?

Why do we slave over
the image of
a dead Man on
that tree?

Why do we have to
offer sacrifices
at the altar,
when One sacrifice is
all it needs?

Why do we glory
upon the death
of the Saviour?

Shouldn't it remind us
of the glory
of dying to ourselves
so we could live?

Hasn't He resurrected?
If He still lives
why treat Him
like a dead man?

Remember then
when He comes again
and when we
tremble upon
not the death but
the life
of a righteous

Do not glory
in your sins.
Don't be complacent
just because a price was paid;
there is more you need to sacrifice
for the sake of your soul.

Why glory
in the death of
the Saviour?
No, instead
watch the glory
of the living God.
Pondering upon the image of Christ in His crucifixion...
Jun 2017 · 703
thepoeticwit Jun 2017
A sweet smile,
A cheerful laugh
full of glee.

O, how she shines
with the sun!

A friend,
if she may
be today
what tomorrow is
to Spring

And as Springtime
you'll be glad to see,
the cheer
you'll hear

As she dances
with the daffodils

And Fall may come
Autumn, it may be
She mellows at the beauty
of yellow from the green.

Winter, with its blizzards
and cold nights,
But a friend she may be;
to a snowman, company.

Her sweet smile
therefore, be Summer;
She melts the ice and snow
as the sun arises.

And when the day
comes to pass:
O, what happy day!
Let this be for me

That I'll be
as ever amiable
as thee.
For Charmain.
Jun 2017 · 850
thepoeticwit Jun 2017
There's a silence between us
unspoken of
a void,
if I dare say.

There are times
we may be close
but we are more unknown
to each other
than we really think.

why are you so distant?
I understand
that you understand
that people come and go

why push me away?
I want to say
that it's okay
for longer
I want to stay.

I understand
that you're use to losing people
and you're no longer afraid
should I leave you.

I do not know what goes on
in the depths of your mind
in the abyss of this great sea.

I do not know
the battles you've faced
the demons you have fought
the nightmares that choke
the reality out of you.

I may not know
what it feels like
to have severe anxiety,
to have panic attacks every once in a while,
to have social problems,
the list will go on...

I may not know everything about you
But I know this:
you are the most honest person
I have ever met.
And this honesty,
honestly, I must say,
It is bittersweet.

Truth be told,
I may not like everything you say
But I accept it.

What is truth if it doesn't hurt?

I don't know
why you are silent.
Maybe you figured,
without me
or anybody for that matter
that you'll be strong.

Don't get me wrong,
I know you are strong.
But you are also wrong
about one thing.

You may think I will leave you
Maybe, but still
not immediately
not yet.

I will keep waiting
right here, if you need a friend.
If time should separate us,
or you push me away and grow cold,
I'll still be here.

I'll still be
your friend.
I'm still here.
Jun 2017 · 366
thepoeticwit Jun 2017
Roses are red
Violets are blue
My heart pumps red
Yours, I'll pursue.

Roses are roses
and violets,

Red are the roses
and blue is
my soul

    as it longs for you
    for a warmth it may never

the flowers
as they bloom

But wither
they may
through the



Roses are...
Jun 2017 · 797
Woe to The Fallen
thepoeticwit Jun 2017
Woe to humanity
who has severely fallen
who “in the image and likeness
of God” they say
are disfigured, like the devil.

Woe to humanity!
They really do have fallen.
They go all out to war
to exploit and condemn all flaw
and all that’s different between them.

Woe to humanity…
They have yet to preserve life
There is no peace
For they have yet to cease
the fire that has burnt us down.

Woe to humanity,
their prayers are in vain.
Salvation is but
the things of this world
and all they have yet to gain.

Woe to humanity
who has so much to offer.
And yet we have failed
and all the more,
(Another one of my older works)
Jun 2017 · 412
thepoeticwit Jun 2017
Pull the strings,
then release.
Feel the vibrations;
face the music.

Pull the trigger,
then release.
Feel the vibrations;
face the music.

Press the button,
then release.
Feel the vibrations;
face the music.

Press on in prayer,
then release.
Feel the vibrations;
face the music.

For with every move
there is vibration;
a sound that
makes music.

For with every action
comes consequence.
Pull the strings,
face the music.
For with every action comes consequence
Jun 2017 · 269
thepoeticwit Jun 2017
When Death's angel
knocks at the door
and the time

All we could do
is grieve
and weep.

at last,
the time has come
just has to

And when it comes
behold one

Nothing to do
but grieve
and weep.

When the night
and darkness reigns
the hour,
grief strikes the heart
closest to the fallen.

All we could do
is sit and watch them
mesmerised, frightened
paralysed with terror,
fearing Death and its dark angel
as we sympathise with the grieving.

Death awaits us all;
It is a sure reminder,
the millions of souls
captured and stolen,
the lives it murdered,
the bodies left behind...

Never to be forgotten.

What to do
but sit in silence
nothing more than

to grieve and weep.
Another day, another funeral...
Jun 2017 · 368
thepoeticwit Jun 2017
I have time.

But I wanna do this first.
And then I'll get back to work.

Oh wait,
look at the time!
I should probably get to it now.

Oh man,
I don't have much time
God, please
give me time...

I have no time
I need to do this now

it's all over.

Maybe next time.
Jun 2017 · 233
thepoeticwit Jun 2017
More often than not,
I have no idea

what the hell am I doing.
Send help.
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