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Save the rose water
falling from your lips
like redemption
before hitting the earth
and taking root
selfishly swallowing you
for the same reason
To my Myliu.
I come from far away,
I am here to save and to protect your vulnerability,
the unknown nature of your mind,
as you grow wise your life will have the meaning you are searching for.
Eloise Rose Feb 15
It’s hard to imagine that by being yourself
You could save someone’s life
You don’t have to imagine
Because you’ve done it so many times
I know now you can’t understand
But when your older I will take your hand
Look you in the eyes
And tell you because of you
I am alive
Prince eduard Jan 14
Realize that the end is near
Realize that time is at hand
The place is here
Act! Come to your band
And say that there is no time
there is no time and place for sin
Cause the King will come
Like a thief in the Night
Look! Can't you see the world is in dark!

There's nothing that can bend
Or shorten and even lengthen
The time that we have been given
but the Father, all-knowin'

He alone knows
And says: Behold I come
For time is at hand
oh, it's repeated
because yes, it's of a great importance

Repent! He says!
Know my word
Heed my face, He says
Mark my words!
I love it
I love God
He cares and warns us
He waits for everyone to know
He gives you chances to repent and change and He waits for you
The question is.. are you waiting?
Prince eduard Jan 14
My lord
Oh, my God my landlord
you are my life
you are my everything
I'm nothing without you
Now I offer my life, my soul
from you to me and to you
You made me
I'm just giving it all back to where it's worthy
To where it belong
And to where it for so long have longed

I love you, oh Father
you are my family
and your children are my sisters and brothers
I am yours, let it be

I will sing praises to thee
Wherever, whenever
I will always thank thee
Wherever, whenever
and i will always love and worship thee
Wherever, forever

Nothing I can say but Hallelujah
I believe and declare you are Yeshua
Jesus Christ, my God, my Saviour, my Lord
To where my life is dedicated for ever
oh Hallelujah
Nothing I can say but Hallelujah!
Just.. Hallelujah
Look! A new star up above
A new wave is come upon us

Just as prophesy foretold
A child is born
Beneath Bethlehem's night sky
Wrapped up in swaddling cloth

O what a beautiful babe we have here
On a mission he has come

How do we welcome Him
Who did not just come but
Has always been in the beginning
With God

And is God
The Creator

The One who created the heavens and the earth
Said let there be light and there was light
The One who is King,  commands chariots of fire
With warrior angels at His disposal

His throne he leaves and now
He cries in a lowly manger filled with hay

JESUS is His name
O Sweet Baby Jesus
Vulnerable like the ones he came to save
O King Baby Jesus

The only one of his kind
Was, is or ever will be

For love is often given to babes when they are born
But love He brought with life's first cry
Love He taught,  Love He showed,  Love He gives
To all even though....

He comes so all can have life
Life in abundance

Yet He chooses to start life with an adventure
On a donkey,  across country
On the run from King Herod
Who was threatened by a little baby

O Great little one
Born with a destiny so grand

HE has chosen to live by example
For to save us,  HE becomes us to show us
Obstacles,  temptations, naysayers surround us
But our eyes we fix on the price

Just as HE did on the cross
For He lives so he would die

Die that we may live not only this life,
But the one eternal with the Father
His Father - God
For He has come to do His Father's work

This is His Son in whom HE is well pleased
Follow Him the new star

Like the wise men from the east did
With their gold, acknowledge his Kingship on earth
Adore His Priesthood,  Reverence His Sacrifice
Everyday for they are frankincense and myrrh

Treasures fit for the new born baby
The second person of the Trinity


©Belema .S.  Ekine
Merry Christmas everyone
H E L E N A Dec 2018
Where do I even begin?
An attraction like sin,
Further into this web, I spin.

Clawing out of the dark,
From the hollows of my heart,
Reaching out for your spark.

These words are not untold,
Born from smears of gold,
Right there for you to unfold.

Perhaps they were too opaque;
Just another one of my mistakes,
Letting the sun's rays pave my way.
Live for yourself before others.
H E L E N A Dec 2018
In a cold passion,
I picture your face -
A ring of yellow carnations
Like the sun, so desirable
In its vicious brilliance,
Took all sight from my eyes.
You've blinded me so your darkness I pray to unknow.
I'm so sorry you're hurting like this
I never knew it was so bad
that you could feel
the ache in your chest
from where you're heart had been
before you gave it
so selflessly
to that girl
who lost it on her way into another's.

I'm sorry I'm not her
because i know I could give you what you want,
and fill that empty void from where your heart once was
because I know your worth.

It pains me
that you are losing your head
over someone
who doesn't deserve you
and will never see how special you truly are.

I see you crumbling over a girl
that wouldn't even know something was wrong
if you wept on the floor
desperatley cradling
your own bleeding heart.

I have tried to show you the reality
but it's too late,
you're already
far too blinded by the good
to ever see the **** truth.

And the sad thing is,
you are going to die loving this girl,
but you are aware,
and have accepted the challenge.
So I can no longer help you,
as I am already killing myself,
by trying to save you.
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