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A weary world, a muted cry
uncertain plans and pleas denied

But then a star, unearthly bright
a glimpse of dawn, a new-found light

The thrill of hope, a hope of promise
Behold the birth of joy and solace

The birth of love, the gift of life
Behold a child, a born delight.

The world in need calls out once more
prayers for relief, pleas for a cure

And then he comes, the world rejoices
Emmanuel, we raise our voices

His people stand, as one we sing
to our Messiah, our Saviour King.
For Christmas
Between the lines
Fall into the cracks

Forget one self
Slip away into the unknown
Out of sight
Out of f*cking mind

Recklessness almost ended it all.
The world was the enemy
Frozen in fear

Death was the solution
Death was within grasp

One last kiss to end it all
One last kiss, all on black

Life became rebirth
Life became the Savior
Matt Aug 6
She said,
“I wish I had done something special,”
“Like saving somebody’s life.”
I looked in her eyes,
And simply replied,
“Oh but my dear,”
“You did.”
in daydreams of a knight & a mare
on a dazed night of utter despair
I dreamt that I saved you...
Nigdaw May 3
my body is a temple
that has crumbled to the ground
my hands are not too delicate
and neither are my thoughts
my religion has been flawed
believing I am right
the only path to follow
into the darkest night
but there are embers in the ruins
that still burn even now
a fire I can't extinguish
it just won't go away
if you save one of God's creatures
you become one of his kind
so let me save your soul
so I can save my mind
Emmah Mar 9
I’m helplessly adrift at sea
The sinking ship abandoned me
The sky is dark, that water’s cold
I can’t find any breath to hold

Sinking beneath an icy wave
Where I find the death I crave
I try to fight against the gloom
But in the water I’m surely doomed

I close my eyes, accept my fate
A saviour comes, but it’s too late.
I fear you,
Always have,
Yet I love you,
How is that?,

you violated me,
I was young,
You remember?
What you've done?,

Saw you lately,
Felt the same,
But I'll always,
Know your name,

Winter, dark days,
Many names,
Doesn't matter,
They're all the same,

I have solace,
Take a note,
Someone loves me,
He's my coat,

He's my blanket,
Keeps me safe,
You can do one,
See my face?....

(C) 13/01/2020
Horrid memories of extreme weather, but I have a lovely focus now.
Maunas Mehta Jan 10
Many have spent all their lives
Looking for The One that thrives
But then it is you that arrives
You supprise us with the way can
Empathise and,
deprive us of the burden
of life.
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