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Pooja Jajoo Sep 29
Writing saved me from Overthinking.

Breathed in the breath of the saviour,
To enrichen a soul that is poor.
I puffed out a portal to the cloud kingdom,
Clinging to the scales of a dragon.
I reached a height as high as heaven,
Given the chance to look past the cloud,
As I put my head through to look,
I was dropped down to the ground.

I met an angel with a kick,
Wanted by the government.
Made my eyes as wide as a rabbit's hole,
As bright as a solar moon.
Black stars in between white spaces.
Generating a reluctant mould.
There are golden flakes in its hair,
When I swallow, they choke my throat.
Thought it was my angel,
Turns out it was fool’s gold.

Who am I,
I don’t know anymore,
I lost myself,
So long ago.
I lost pieces of myself,
In those inner landscapes.
I’m struggling to find the pieces,
I can’t remember their names.

I forgot how I got here.
I can’t feel anything here.

Are you out there!
Shine a light on my face!
Oh, I want to die,
In a beautiful place!

I am so tired,
Of keeping these ghosts inside of me!
My eyes are ****,
Take them away from me!
My thoughts are ****,
Take them away from me!
Everything around me is ****,
Take it all away from me!
When I die,
Will my god die with me?!

I think I, may have found my god.
I’m melting in his eternal sunshine.
Breathing in, a crumbled image of his face,
It turned my tears into wine.
The earth’s my grave,
And the sky’s my cradle.
Unearthing my new low,
To find the highest place one can go.
Dying In A Beautiful Place
Rain drops to the sound of my tears
thoughts storm clouded,
I wish I could turn back the years
Erase every mistake, every irrational fear
Lose myself in hope
Instead of seeing the darkness transparent, so clear
It resonates, tainting my soul daily
It stains everything I hold dear
The grim reaper my shadow,
I indulge him with conversation,
Even if I'm completely lost,
He'll as promised. ..
...... always be near.
Sometimes I draw from the dark, this is who I am, all the pain I enconterd,
Left its mark, so I write to not embark....on my last jeorney
He is a saviour;
A reason to live and a reason to die.
It’s a raging sea in a rain drop
Warmer than sun, but colder than ice.
She is madness, sanity
She is hell, paradise.
Breathing the galaxy,
releasing the stars.
She releases her phoenix wings, burning the ashes,
Leaving her with a scared soul,
But shining with courage.
Lucy Sep 2
She did not want to be saved
- she aspired to be the saviour.
She did not need to be craved
- she sought respectful behaviour.

She didn't use swords nor knives,
she could **** by being nice.
Faizel Farzee Aug 29
Emotions, a started chainsaw
For this life
There is no exit door
This shadowed darkness
I still feel deeply raw
They all think that I’m flawed
Aren’t we all
Down to our perfect core
Going to war
Fighting with loved ones
To settle a score
It makes me really sore
For what,
Maybe it’s because we are bored..

With our lives
This life’s not divine
My pen leaks the tears of the world
I see it cry
The tears flowing from this pen
Is me releasing my frustration
So I learn to stop hating
Poetry is an's the tears the joy the experience of artists inked thoughts
imtooawake May 6
Somebody will finally save me
I don't really know who
But it will be somebody special

All my dreams are about somebody saving me
More colourful than ever before

And I fantasise about the dream to become a reality
But it has not been the time for it yet
William Troup May 15
Unwilling me ... temptations tree,
   with avoidance glee; now raptures, free!
   Benevolent he, accuser free,
      strengthens me with imploring pleas!
      Under velvet skies, my hearts away,
         with prices paid ... on morrows ways!

Unwilling me ... serpent tease,
   with faithful knees; now carrying me!
   Omnipotent he, bedevilled me,
      captured free on sorrows tree!
Sabika H Apr 20
I’m beginning to think my cries do not have a sound.
When I raise my head above the ground
I see weeds feasting on souls,
The red sky is filled with holes
And blood pours out of its pores
And the screams are like ongoing thunder
As my attention is split asunder-

Whom do I help?
As I am?
Should I reach the starving infant
Or cradle the abandoned child?
Should I attack the invading enemy
Or love those whose thoughts have gone wild?

Even if I had an army,
I am alone as I am.
I lead my men under a common goal
And abandon any extra plans.

I am alone
As I am,
And my limbs only reach so far.
Every wrong step
Inflicts a scar
And while you’re kind enough to
Lend me your shoulder
I am alone as I am
And to cope I grow colder.

I am alone as I am
And when a link is cut I hang from my neck,
I hang from the hands of others
Who’ve chosen to save me!
Me from amongst the dead!
Why me?
As I am?
I 've being compressing my feelings though
An unexpressed feeling that's never allowed to show;
It grows and glows till it explode out like a capping-snow
Coz now I only see your face everywhere I go
My only pair;
The one who got my soul repaired
She breaths life back to my heart
She cleanse setbacks on my path
She’s the God-agent(angel) that guides me when I go astray
And where there’s darkness all around' she’s my guarding-ray
My darling; the one with which my heart engage
The one who ‘d cuddle me in warm embrace
And no one would ever separate
Not even when our allies hate
You gat me go lyrical
our heartbeat beats so rhythmical
So rhyming' perfect syllable
She’s my attacheth from the sky; a blessing + a miracle
We 're two arteries; so inseparable;
No aliens invited; to be apart is unacceptable
Like a modshit; she breaths life back-to-me
Being apart will make me go blasphemy
The only precious treasure that I could have
The one with the breath that melted my cold heart
Two loving heart that beats together; breaths together
Let's whine; our smile shines like the sunrise up the north
I feel a new relief; when my eyes divert to yours
the only one who cares about me.
She’s always there to help' when I need.
The one I can rely on, when no one is around to care
No matter how far we are; I still feel you around me near
A star so out of reach; She fell into my life and heal my weakest bone
I would spend every moment of my life with her alone.

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