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Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Headphones in eardrums blocking out life's sound
In rhythm to music I hear heartbeat pound
White cord visibly sways to then fro
Mouth silently each lyric I know
Do not speak and interrupt paradise
In comparison to world this reprieve is nice
Temporary peace found inside of me
Lose myself in the melody
Lose yourself in the music
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Sock lost forever.

Having no words.
Laying down.
In absurdness.
The best way.
Leaning over.
Sleep after.
Canadian jade.
With everything else to say.

Garrett Johnson.
Well....It's gone now.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2019
Granite mistakes.

Toasting in a rubber slumber.
Quick to act the marrier.
Sliding to creak upon the sullen trips.
Of all the trips that you’ve seen from.
They care not for you.
Only for the oils in your wrist.
& you say nothing.
& stand barren.
Alone with no one to guide you.
With nowhere to go.
& Nothing to see.

Garrett Johnson.
Empire Jun 2019
Music so loud it hurts
Passion pouring from the speakers
Inside my ears
2:00 AM
And I danced
And I smiled
And I enjoyed
The only thing missing
Would have been a partner
But until I find one
I dance alone
And absolutely love it
Empire Mar 2019
Bluetooth: Connected
Volume: LOUD
Genre: Rock
Press Play.

Passion, anger, rage, yearning
All of which I thought were wrong
Now within my mind they're swirling
The simple cause being only a song

What I hide in my depths
Somehow they share
Artists who feel my breaths
Who sing what I cannot bear

It's like they've plugged into my brain
Providing comfort, understanding
A release valve for my tank of pain
And my adrenaline commanding

Others call it stressful noise
They don't feel it like I do
All I hear is a familiar voice
Which it my soul breaks through
Frances Taylor Dec 2018
I pull them from my pocket
I'm sure this is not how they were left
In the short time since breakfast,
their wires have become a mess

I tug and tug,
which just makes matters worse
only with logic, patience and care
can these wires be coerced

At first a ball of irrationality,
a blemish on your day
Just a little bit of love
can help it go away
Julie Mullins Nov 2018
I am two
That can merge
Into one.
I can be as loud
Or as quiet as
You please.
I can also become
A mess you get tired
Of dealing with.

One thing I cannot do
Is speak for myself.
If I could,
I'd scream in disgust
Because of the horrors
Of this goopy, sticky
Yellow stuff that
Attaches itself to me
Every time I'm used.

I'd sue if I could!
But I'm just
A pair of
Crystal Freda Nov 2018
through the strings
up to her ears,
the sweet sound of music
is all that she hears.

she reminds me of me,
I enjoy the sweet melodies,
how they bring such emotion,
they put you at ease.

she is art in me
with her headphones.
writing poetry
feels like home.
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
this jumbled mess
skyrockets my stress

i see this chaos of tangled lines
i feel anxiety welling up inside

how's it possible to go in just a day
from neatly arranged to disordered this way

laws of entropy can go to hell
universal disorder makes me feel unwell

don't have the patience, the panic roars
trying to untangle these **** headphone cords
Melo Sep 2018
These students are walking
There headphones are blaring
Disattached from the world
Blankly they are staring

I glance at the clock
Not wanting to talk
My headphones are broken
So silent i walk

Forced to find
Something that will blind
A kind of distraction
To keep from the demons in the back of my mind

Away from the fears
The wandering ears
So evil are the demons
That bring me to tears

The looming of dept
The fear of regret
Without any distraction
I cannot forget

My headphones are broken
The demons have awoken
This silence it scares me
As do the fears i have spoken

This walk is taking forever
This heat a blistering fever
Forced to be grounded
With nothing to be a deceiver

My headphones are broken
My dark thoughts have risen
The evil I try to tuck away
Anger, pain, and fear I am stricken

Finally back in my room
Protection from the lurking doom
I blast the music as loud as i can
And the demons return to their tomb
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