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Joy in your life
Does not follow wealth
Or fame
Or even ambition

Joy in your life
Follows purpose and meaning
Friends and family
Incremental progress

When you feel disconnected
From Joy in your life
Reach out to another
And connect again

Connect with laughter
Connect with play
Connect with gratitude
Connect with focus
Connect with service
Connect with forgiveness

These will light the fire
For joy in your life
And joy will remain
Your constant companion
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my Mom has a website, and I help her keep it up and create and link new content.  I was working on her "Joy" page and pondering about what creates joy in our life.

Check it out and see if you agree.  This poem is actually prose, since it's one of the very few that doesn't rhyme at all.  

For me, the things that bring joy into my life are so simple, and you can choose to act today to bring more joy into your life.  Amazingly, these choices and actions will also bring joy to others.  So share this poem freely and let's impact the world for good!
Let me disappear
In a chapter of a book,
In a movie scene,
In the background of paintings.
Let me fall in love
Without the flowers or dates,
Without the seaside,
Without the spur of madness.
Let me serve in truth
In the quiet of real death,
Without attention,
With the taste of fresh water.
Let me be human
Without the splendor of stars,
Without the need to cheat death.
how can i help you?
sure i can do that,
do you have an account with us?
i'm not sure Sir,
did she leave a hint?
well, i would but
i'm not your wife.
it means i have no way of knowing
what her favorite book is,
can we try another form of info?
that's not listed here either Sir,
aren't you a grown adult
or do you get a kick out of
lewd prank calls?
you won't have to,
i don't need this stress.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
Dolly Balou Jan 13
It started with a kiss
Hand in sand
He swept me into the mist
That wasn't the plan

The music rang through both our ears

Playing & playing
Delaying, delaying.

What was this
Not dominance
But a mutual self-inflicted full oneness
Acting out not a doubt
Gain some control
While the body suffices & one feels whole.

Wholeness or numbness one will never know

Whilst playing & playing
Delaying, delaying

The inevitable
Josh Overson Nov 2020
Notes I found
Surrounded in sound
On a chair on the ground.
Created for purpose
Doubled its service
When I went to observe it.
Not only truth did it speak,
But heart and pain seeped,
Then later an aroma creeped.
Holding close what tickled my nose
I moaned and tried to close
What came from the notes...
I really hope you one day see this,
But one day when heartstrings play in ordinance.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
When I am not
You can find me
Lost in words

Being me
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: What do you do for a living?
Chad Young Oct 2020
I sought visions;
I sought unific feelings;
I sought insights.
I got visions that churn imagination,
  history, and Gods.
I got unific feelings that made
  my whole body pulse together
  with the world and universe.
I got insights into origins, essentials,
  and outer limits.
All this through silence, and
  I ached.

Then I stared at the light,
  and remembered the darkness.
None of these seemed important
  any more.
The only thing that mattered
  was deed, good deeds.

Call it detachment from senses
  as the Buddha would say.
Call it an impulse to help others.

But all I can really say,
  is that I stared at the light,
  and it was so commonplace now,
  it was even as dust.
And all this inner travel
  and work meant nothing anymore.
How can I serve?
Ibekwe ifeanyi c Oct 2020
Today mama am signing off
In this suite and am ever gorgeous
Am emotional that I made you proud and ever pompous
You raised me with value and to never show off
But rather to strive and always grow up
I wish father was here to gaze at his face ever joyous
I am through but yet I  forever move forth
I love you mama though I've never spoke thus
Just graduated from the university officially and making my mama proud
Now I have yo move on to the next stage
Ibekwe ifeanyi c Oct 2020
I had to leave you behind
Hoping you understand my plight
I had to move on knowing am just but leaving your sight
This page is the end of the old chapter of my life
Now am leaving the city that I love
But it wasn't about the city or you
Rather doing what am expected to do
So I urge you to seek salvation in a way that's true
I will always cherish this memory of two
I will miss everyone and I hope the same too
I have gotten to the end of my service year and I will miss everyone, but I have to move on. I hope they miss me
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