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Badshah Khan Feb 11
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 47

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Faithfully serving likely;
Others isn’t a social service.
Its mandatory towards yourselves,
To properly serve other.
As you represent equally as being,
As others who breathe equally.
As the divine creator, He;
Naturally Create every dear soul as equally.
To fondly cherish each other,
And faithfully serve each others.

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
I know through my dreams and memories I know can't relive life, but at least to me through memory It's not an

And with her memory, I can stay strong In my believes to survive this world now alone just to think of her gives me the strength to

Then to carry my fight through the strength of my wife's Inspiration drives me on In the struggles of my now life

But a woman who gave me a chance where others not even glance and I was blessed with all Helen's love

For I had won her trust and gained the key
to her heart a key that opened

A treasure trove
of pure pleasure ecstasy
radiating from her very
Memory I know Is not reliving but It really Is a way for me to survive
Chris Feb 5
I suffered, so I don't let others suffer,
I was ***** so I don't ****,
I was abandoned, so I don't abandon,
I wasn't loved, so I love you,whoever you are.
I was betrayed, I don't betray.
I wasn't killed, so I **** the filth instead.
What an interesting turn of events.
when ****
day afternoon
was really
something to
behold in
Nashville with
catastrophic notes
that mother
backs another
day and
timbre her
fortune with
a dainty
song and
hence wake
in market
of blues
Austin Draper Dec 2018
An old man with a watch waits
For his end. A rich man walks and says
“Today, I wish to help you” A letter out of the pocket
Not today old man, you're disgusting because
You were banished for a reason.
The old man knew, every day when someone
Would come out those doors, a letter which said
“Of help we already give enough.”
Basically a prose tale about how people think about Service.
Myrrdin Dec 2018
Am I trying to help you
Because your pain
Is too much for you to bear
Or because seeing you like this
Is too much for me to bear
They trained hard for this,
Sacrificing themselves for others.
Something that strong is tough to dismiss,
Becoming each other’s sisters and brothers.

They fight so we can live free,
Wearing different colors of camouflage.
Yet, we disgrace them by taking a knee.
That, to me, is the ultimate sabotage.

They are our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,
Even our friends and neighbors.
So let’s remember them, as we do others.
As we rest from all our labors.

Remember those that have and continue to serve,
On this eleventh of November, it's the least they deserve.
A tribute to those who have served/are serving.
Patrick Austin Oct 2018
Please take a quick a moment to write a review.
If you were not satisfied, what could I do?
Customer care is always my goal,
to all future guests who visit my soul.
Closure’s essential to us moving on,
It matters to me why now you are gone.
Fearful my future will repeat mistakes,
I need to know first I might have what it takes.
Did I love too strongly at first when we met,
then settle for stable as needs being met?
Was it the fact that we need to work harder?
disappointments too much for you, so why bother?
With your help, my program can surely improve,
for now I am ready to make my next move.
Patrons of my heart may have different needs,
beyond conversation and sowing of seeds.
They may not discover the flaws that you see,
because they love past them, unlike you, with me.
Having a long term relationship end suddenly with no explanation is devastating. Please consider talking about things face to face and explaining your actions, choices and feelings. Anyone who does less, is not worthy of being in relationships. Wouldn't it be nice if people had reviews on Yelp after dates and relationships. I think better behavior when dating could result from this. What do you think?
Glenn Currier Oct 2018
I hoist the old scarred oaken chair
onto the workbench.
I think about how this nick
and that scratch
and that unglued cross bar
and how many years it has withstood
the heavy weight of the humanity
who have found it and laid their burdens upon it.

And I give thanks that it is still repairable
still of use and available
for the brief respites
of those it serves.  

I give thanks that I too
am still on the workbench.
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