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I can be an enemy
Your friend
A lover
Or destroyer and
Many more
I am what you drag out.
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
A million white balloons
cover the clouds
they hide the sunrise
away from her eyes
we’ve breathed nine hundred thousand
and ninety-nine lies
one among the many
hides in the cries
one as pure as any
among the heavy on high
for one day they'll turn
flip like an urn full of tears
and pour down
like a crying sky
You call them white lies
Tony Tweedy Oct 2021
What choices would I change if I started from anew?
What lessons from my life to change to see another view?

Would I make the same mistakes or choose another way?
Would I speak out just as loud at the times I had my say?

How would I react to the things I've seen men do?
Could I hope to be braver and help those it was done to?

Would I choose to stand when I saw the need to fight?
Would I still see the same things I do now as being right?

Would I still choose to hurt those I caused pain to?
Knowing that the choice once made is impossible to undo.

I know I cannot go back and do it all over from the start,
but if I did it all again, I would live it with a bigger heart.
Some lessons have to be learned.... life makes us who we are and who we become. Our epitaph is always written by those who survived the choices we made.
i once watched someone lie
it looked exactly like telling the truth
it was only years later
that i saw the consequence
emerging from who they had turned into
it was only years later
Simon Mar 2021
Truth is in the pleasure...that is consequence.
Testing the limits of your very actions, will give you a literal mind blur!
Your eyes twinkle differently.
They don’t reflect the yellow from the sunflowers nearby
but they seem to adore the tumultuous grey storm on the other side
who knew one so mellow could suddenly harden
maybe it hardened so it didn’t crumble -

but you didn’t realise the nature that surrounded you
a fresh breeze blew over the calm lake
green trees swung beside to provide you with shade
flowers grew alongside, and handed you their delicate seeds
they knew you would care for them even after they grew to become trees -

But you fell in love with the storm.

You became the ocean - almighty powerful, vast and destructive
yet so alone
no one ever saw you
except for bare, faceless rocks
or people who died taking their last hop
you comforted life in your darkest depths
but it never saw the sky above you
and only ever mastered hiding in the comfort of the blue

you didn’t protect the seeds of the flower anymore
those trees were too far away to shade you
the calm breeze was replaced by a violent gale
one that was too quick to move you

you may have progressed into the calm sea that is enjoyed
or you may remain the storm
but the salty sea will never be able to bring back
the sweetness that is gone.
Exploring the multitude of consequences when the lake decides to metamorphose into the sea.
Jason Mar 2021
In Soviet Russia,

Consequence face YOU.
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