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Nica A Aug 2018
hope your good at clues.
'cause whenever i see you,
my action tries to scream the news.
if only... it was that simple.
I then, would be brave and
nothing would hold me down.
but my feet, they're buried as if they're stuck on the ground.
so many times, i thought about
my lips meeting yours.
or if you're lips wanted to meet mine.
for the first time, i wanted you to try.
But at the same time, what if i face rejection,
only then will my heart, feel my past and cry.
This last year, i was marked with fear.
I hope you understand.
i want to hold your hand,
and if i do, there's no need to feel any shame.
if i tell you though, would you think of me the same?
with you, i can't make the first move.
i'm not like the others, i got respect
i don't like to invade.
i'm not sure how'd you feel and that's why i'm afraid.
since now you know,
i'll leave that up to you,
listen to me closely            
I have a lot to say            
please do not talk              
for I am already so distraught    
please give these words some thought
I think that you're crazy                                                            ­      
you drive me insane                                                           ­                 
talking about how I leave you alone                                                          
t­o stand on your own                                                              ­        
do you forget you were the one to leave                                                            ­
you text me at night      
telling me you are not alright
do you forget that neither am I
you hang around the out crowd                                                            ­
but you still don't fit in                                                               ­   
the life that you live in
does not pique my interest
I want to live optimistic
you think you can outlive the oblivion
yet I still love you
you are my best friend
i hate that i cant leave you
leo arden Aug 30
what is love

but nonsense,

without the

J J Aug 28
Including the hangover,
                                       that's two wasted days.
Ikigai Poet Aug 11
Every night
I stare at those bed sheets
Where you once lay,
I don't know what went wrong.
Why are we going through this?

Why you did to me is unforgettable  
But what I did is unforgivable,
I fell for you.  
Those nights,
When we used to stay up the whole night
Just to enjoy each other's company
Now have become memories,
Hardened at the back of my throat  
And drops from my eyelid.

I guess I'll blame myself,
For I wished a love so deep,
That I didn't even think of consequences.  
-Ikigai Poet
Love; a consequence
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
My Destiny
only happens with me in it
because all my actions have consequences
which affect my joy and happiness.
So I can make my own luck
by choosing wise actions
which produce consequences
which bring me joy and happiness.
I don't understand how the victim is the one to be blamed, as the predator goes off easily. The sensitive ones blamed for how they feel as their reaction are blown out of proportion while the predator gaslights and walk off with no responsibility or consequence for their action. Why is that salt is added to wound, trigger pulled on a trigger while the perpetuators, manipulators walk off free. I don't understand why the victims suffer, while the predators are glorified. I don't understand, and maybe by breathing naivety never will.

- To the many things, I fail to understand about this world
Kanishka May 12
There's always more to it than meets the eye.
Two flowers behind the fence house a million stories,
Insurmountable for all to tell by.
For some it's just two unnoticible flowers,
For some it's the cradle of spring,
For some it's imagery of prison,
For some it's lovers in their haven,
For some it's forbidden opportunities,
For some it's consequence of a strife,
For some it's an offering to a loved one,
For some it's just the cycle of life.
Tony Tweedy Mar 18
If I could live my life just to repair my mistakes...
To turn left when I went right or right when I should have gone left...
To unhurt those I have hurt...
I think I would be one hundred and eighty nine when I was done.
How can so many lifetimes bear the knowing of me?
Even but briefly.
Cause and effect, choice and consequence.... the physics of human non physicality.
I was going to call this "If I could turn back time".... visions of Cher sitting on a naval gun scared me off. Choice and consequence multiplied by 7 billion... no wonder **** happens.
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