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Man Jul 7
Promies, never to,
The premise of us to part.
Should I ever leave you,
Let being be dashed-
Against black canvas.
Let blood be
A medium of art.

These shackled hands,
Consequence of circumstance
And everything I have entailed.
Perchance, happenstance-
That which we have lived
And all that was not availed.
The fog of brokenness, and ache of loneliness.

Against reality, we rail.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 16
Setting out in the leaf boat.
What can possibly remain?
Fruit of the wild rose?
These little fictions:
petal and stem
—maintenance drugs,
turning strangers into friends
and friends into customers.
The only unforgivable thing:
snow catches on her eyelashes
and bliss is unaware.

Carlo C Gomez Sep 2022
Round the bend
Broken steeple
For a broken people
Bleed blood bleed
The wound won't mend

Picture postcard
It was a school house
A ***** house
The soot too heavy
The lessons too hard

Made up of new words
Becoming new things
But death is all
It will ever bring
The banquet now set
And this one's for the birds
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
A million white balloons
cover the clouds
they hide the sunrise
away from her eyes
we’ve breathed nine hundred thousand
and ninety-nine lies
one among the many
hides in the cries
one as pure as any
among the heavy on high
for one day they'll turn
flip like an urn full of tears
and pour down
like a crying sky
You call them white lies
Tony Tweedy Oct 2021
What choices would I change if I started from anew?
What lessons from my life to change to see another view?

Would I make the same mistakes or choose another way?
Would I speak out just as loud at the times I had my say?

How would I react to the things I've seen men do?
Could I hope to be braver and help those it was done to?

Would I choose to stand when I saw the need to fight?
Would I still see the same things I do now as being right?

Would I still choose to hurt those I caused pain to?
Knowing that the choice once made is impossible to undo.

I know I cannot go back and do it all over from the start,
but if I did it all again, I would live it with a bigger heart.
Some lessons have to be learned.... life makes us who we are and who we become. Our epitaph is always written by those who survived the choices we made.
Sabika Sep 2021
What makes you
Conscious of your conscience
Is the consequence.
i once watched someone lie
it looked exactly like telling the truth
it was only years later
that i saw the consequence
emerging from who they had turned into
it was only years later
Simon Mar 2021
Truth is in the pleasure...that is consequence.
Testing the limits of your very actions, will give you a literal mind blur!
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