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دema flutter Sep 2020
if you think
that you really
know who you are,
it most likely means
that you don't,
your body isnt
the only thing
that ages,
your experiences
grow bigger,
you're like sand
on a beach,
waiting for the wind
to pick your next
and it's all
too random.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Love’s Extreme Unction
by Michael R. Burch

Lines composed during my son Jeremy’s first high school football game (he played tuba), while I watched my wife Beth watch him.

Within the intimate chapels of her eyes—
devotions, meditations, reverence.
I find in them Love’s very residence
and hearing the ardent rapture of her sighs
I prophesy beatitudes to come,
when Love like hers commands us, “All be One!”

Keywords/Tags: mother, son, love, extreme unction, devotions, meditation, reverence, love’s residence, beatitude, beatitudes, heaven, unity, solidarity, togetherness, oneness, one
Gary Brocks Aug 2018
We marched to the words of "We Shall Overcome"
courting justice to walk by our side,
seared into memory with the heat of sun

brothers and sisters, arms linked one to one
beneath that day star's unblinking eye,
we marched to the words, "We Shall Overcome."

We swore an oath to forego the gun,
to carry only freedom's cry
beneath the impassive afternoon sun,

through bludgeon and cudgel one by one,
each truncheon summoning others to rise,
to join in the words "We Shall Overcome."

As we embraced, the marching done,
a crosshairs trained a ******’s eye
to wrench malice from the indifferent sun

to hew a path in blood and bone,
to rend flesh
                     and a rasping
                                              fatal sigh . . .
in the fading caress of the afternoon sun.

Beneath the eternal arc of the sun,
again we will muster side by side,
a sanctified chorus, whose song will be sung,
let our marching echo "We Shall Overcome.”

Copyright © 2018 Gary Brocks

Site of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Thursday, 4 April 1968.

"We Shall Overcome”, an anthem, title and refrain, of the American Civil Rights Movement of the mid 20th century.
thepoeticwit Jul 2017
”Home is where the heart is”
Yes, but home is not confined to these four walls
in which we reside.

is more than just a house
made by


It is in the heart,
     that pumps the very blood that runs thicker
than water.
But water is needed for blood to keep running
       what. is. home?

   is who we are
   is where we belong

is how we have become,
how we have come
a long way from,
and where we return to.

Like nomads,
it is where we are found.

      is where we are...
Theme: Home
(100 words)
If only temporarily,
the Milky Way
took up residence
along my spine today.

I can still feel, and even
see it, softly glowing there
although I know, rationally,
it chooses to live elsewhere.
Jai Guru Dev
©Elisa Maria Argiro

— The End —