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Thomas David Dec 2019
I turn to red at beauty’s peak
With warmth, my leaves wear wanton streak
Of golden, gloried, armor ‘splayed
Adorned by flame’s immortal blade.
But fire is weak to water’s burn
So though I glow ‘gainst grass and fern
Reflecting rays of Thursday light
On loftened winds, a raisėd kite
A single splash of freshened sigh
Will swiftly cast my leaves awry.

O gloried, many-colored coat!
That Father through incarnate note
Composes of the deadened leaves
That up a hill my Saviour heaves;
You hid my shame at garden’s end!
Why can’t you mend this twisted bend?
Why can you not, accessory,
Re-tailor tailor’s imagery?
Or pound these hands so deeply pricked
Before the wrongful fruits be picked?

Remember Friday’s curtain ripped
The gambled robe the soldiers stripped;
No cov’ring, cloak, imputed cloud
Can blur or bow a beast unbowed.
A garment’s graze may sickness stave,
But it was left inside the grave!
Instead I see His ruptured side
Ascend with Him to be His Bride.
If crowned into that image lanced
One climbs to where no cloak advanced.

The tree’s no trick: not cheaply tried
It is man’s fate indemnified.
T’was Adam’s fate to **** his God—
Beyond which nought can e’er be awed—
His choice fulfilled in depths of hell
Where tortured, godless Adams dwell.
But choice fulfilled in parallel
By tortured, godless, Christ as well.
My soul will with the former fade
Or will be nailed to latter’s clade.

So shed my reddened leaves, O Lord!
And make me face the snows unmoored
From comforts, calm, conveying no
Dependence on the ground below.
My feet no longer need be shod:
They’ll hang with His, pierced with their God
Below the tortured martyr’s cry
Where Perfect Blood will sanctify.
I praise, I’ll praise you for the night:
Though I sin more, my sin I fight.
We are justified through Christ's suffering by our own.
Dylan McFadden Jul 2019
I remember...

The night my Daddy gave me his t-shirt,
And I wore it to bed

It smelled like him,
It felt like him,
It clothed me totally,
And made me feel so small

And now, it was mine!
And I loved it so...

And Daddy said to me:
"One day, you'll grow up into Daddy's t-shirt..."

But the years came and went,
And Daddy's t-shirt still didn't fit...

...More and more so,
But never perfect

And even today,
As I've become a Daddy myself,
My Daddy's t-shirt wears quite large

But it's still mine.

And it still covers me.

And I remember what Daddy said,
And this I know with all my heart:

One day, it shall fit perfectly.

ashw Jun 2019
the omittance of a standard
the justification of an action
the realness of pain

and still I laugh
You light me up like a Christmas tree
And I feel so juvenile
Because I'm too chicken to say how I feel
Because I'm still in denial

Because there's so many words you've said
And I've wondered if they were for me
Because with so many words that I've said
You were always listening

Because I remember my words
And it appears you did too
Because you're a very good listener
For someone I've rarely spoken to

Because I'm running towards you
But is this the right way to go
Because I'm chasing after a man
Who I don't even know

Because we're flirting with the line
Because I'm on the edge
Are you going to cross
Or stay true to your pledge
Train of Thought Nov 2018
Alas, see one is
become unworthy
to question the mysteries of
salvation and sanctification.

When the believer,
the saint
falls into sin,
he is rendered silent
before the throne of God.

The awkward tension
between friend and foe
is felt.

he asks,
"What does it mean
to be saved?"

And though try as he might,
his jaw is sealed shut;
he dares not make a sound to speak.

Silent as silent accusations
pile upon himself.

In his mind, screaming
Yet dares not draw near
to pray.
Little was it known that lustful sins arise at the peak of 3am in the morning.
Ocean fires Aug 2017
The oppressor is not just the enslaver
The oppressor is the enslaved
They're the righteous majority that welcome chains
for consistency
Welcome the loss of privacy
for a false sense of safety
Welcome oppression
To support aggression against communities that don't understand why the loss of their lives is justified.

How do you justify the taking of any life?
How will you justify the taking of mine?
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
do hail
                  -:- inhalation -:-      
-:- annihilation -:-                
                      -:- overlook -:-
                         stony heights
    o’er waters
    ­                                                and where
                                                    do i
                                 -:- undoubtedly -:-
shorn shy of     
-:- serendipity -:-           
 do i
           among thy
-:- laminate -:-                  
-:- mahogany -:-                                          
-:- pastel -:-                                                     
stain amidst                                      
the tainted                                          
once a                              
daunting lee        
-:- airy -:-  
shook the limb            
sap all            
on the sea              
           and then
                       love’s leaf the
                              -:- adumbral -:-

-:- see -:-
-:- tumble -:-
-:- t’ward -:-
-:- the -:-
-:-      -:-          ***’bling          -:-      -:-
-:-    ­                  -:- one  ,  the -:-                           -:-
-:-      -:-      -:- mummer -:-      -:-      -:-
-:- the -:-
-:- bumble -:-
-:- bee -:-
-:-       -:-

∘ ⊱‧⌍  ⌈✞⌋  ⌌‧⊰ ∞
sayona May 2015
i don't believe that someone's sadness should be justified. in fact, i don't think that a lot of people's feelings/emotions should always be justified for that matter. feelings are just that, feelings. and sometimes, our feelings don't always have to manifest from a case scenario, incident, or situation. sometimes, they just pop up. plain and simple. we are people, and things like this happen to all of us. sometimes, i get sad. and i feel like an ocean composed of disappointment and heartache is filling up my lungs, and that's okay. and if i don't know why i'm feeling that way, it's okay. i don't have to always give you an explanation, and that's okay too. the mere idea that we always need to disclose the reasoning behind our sadness, or our anger, or our happiness, is absurd. yes, i totally agree with the fact that bottling in feelings all the time is nowhere near okay and that you should find some way to cope with them and help you deal with them in a non destructive way, but what i don't agree with is the fact that when you spill your insides out to a person, it's assumed that you need to justify yourself. you don't always have to. and that's just where the truth lies.
i know this isn't a poem, but i was asked the question, "do you believe that sadness must always be justified? why or why not?"
i may or may have not went off on a little tangent.
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