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Jeremy Betts Aug 2020
I have no idea what I'm doin', I put my foot in the race but definitely not a shoe in to win
I've heard gettin' to the end and then dyin' is now, somehow, considered a win
But I guess only if you pick and stick with the correct doctrine of religion and only abide by their sin
Who's got it right then? We'll probably never know, not because the truth is hidden or missin' but because there's far to many cooks in the kitchen
And yes, that's pretty bleak but if true you're gonna have to explain it better then cause I can't seem to comprehend
What it seems to me to be is I'm in way over my head so it's gone over my head, I followed a liaison when I should have led
You said this is the land of the free but how can that be when most our time breathin' is contractually given'
Sometimes it's even been forcibly taken by some giant corporation backing a corrupt politician
You find yourself, either figuratively or physically, buildin' your very own coffin
And unbeknownst to you it's a Trojan horse disguised as detailed preparation to ***** out precaution
There will be a moment when they move on and you're no longer a part of the equation
We never really were starting from way back when, born into a lifetime ban from their utopian creation
We have never been given adequate time for livin'. Why is this acceptable and deemed okay to begin with even?
Why are more of you not seethin' mad? This would most definitely be a justifiable reason.
But we're just keepin' it goin' like this day after day, season after season
Just a cog in the machine till the day our vital signs begin to weaken and your heart stops beatin
Can't feel the pulse we're seekin', no animated heart blinkin' in the corner of the screen, that's when reality sets in
When the life line on the heart monitor stops peekin', and triggers the flat line death siren
Then through all the cryin' you hear someone attemptin' to comfort someone else by sayin'
"Who could have possibly predicted this mess we're in?"
Uhhhhh, me, I can.
I could have told you what's about to happen, where it's comin' from and when
Matter of fact I did put out a warnin' but you said I was just a mad man ramblin' on 'bout nothin'
But I know it to be truth so I'll bet it all, my life's a risky buy in but I'm all in
In a moment of heated confrontation always beware the calm man smilin', tryin' to ignore the situation around him while thinkin'
"What's one more murderous sin?" A question type justification got you askin' while knowin' you're in to deep to ever come out again as the same person
The devil in my eyes got 'em peralized with fear, stone cold frozen
Got others quakin' in their boots, Michael J Fox type shakin', twitchin' like pan fried bacon
Got you sweatin' and fidgetin' so go get your spinner to hold your attention or at the very least be a distraction
Grown-ups are takin' so get to walkin', take your childish ways elsewhere before it's a problem

Okay, where was I?
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SpiritHeart67 Jul 2023
If we are to take
full responsibility
for all of our
and actions
then that means
that the things
that we do
stand alone,
in and of

It doesn't matter who did what
what was happening
around us,
in the moment.
When we are
truly responsible
and accountable,
we do not look
to others actions
or choices
as an excuse
to justify our own.

To accept
is to take
for our own Choices,
first and foremost.

Don't expect
your neighbor
to pick his
dogs **** up
off your lawn
when you
are knee deep
in the horse
you just dumped
in his front yard.
As true as the Trinity
And Christ's divinity,
And as heavy as gravity,
My total depravity
Is undeniable.
But God created me justifiable,—
Me, who's more of a Don Knotts
Than an Isaac Watts.
Jenny Bllr Dec 2021
I am vegan.
But you eat pizza with cheese sometimes.
But you shouldn't eat mock meat.
You have to justify why.

I am a feminist.
But I am a good white guy.
But then you hate men.
You have to justify why.

I am sick.
Of having to explain myself.
Of having to behave perfectly.
As soon as they label me.

I am tired.
Of saying the same thing
Over and over again.

And I wonder in silence
Why we can't all be
vegan and feminist.
I find myself in discussions with lots of ppl about feminism and veganism and while I enjoy their curiosity, I also dread saying the same things over and over again.

River running..

That rushing sound in these parts
spell out the words, crystal-clear..
Tree-lined banks, giving way
to the Dark Hills,  upslope

Giving way,  to
granite-rocked outcroppings
giving way to  elk-hidden quakeys
Surrendering their holy-huddle's
pristine stances
to tall  prairie-grass, waving
wild raspberries  and tall pines

    And I,  myself.. 
    am surrendering also
She is watching the water, believing
That as it flows,
she will not lose herself in it
That it will not steal,  but heal

That I will not  rage again
within my fear

I am watching her,
watch the water
I am watching the water--  believing
That as I give  of myself
further  into the flow

that I will not become  diffused
by humanity
By the love  of man
and all  of its dishonesty

and all  of its  diabolical treachery

Of its  lack of concern,
or understanding
Or ability to break through
its own,  self-centeredness

Or its need  to swallow me up
    into the mundane.
Her hands are in the air now,

the true nature  of the flow,
that I will let all of this, go
And as she  wades in
I ease, back--

up the Dark Hills, *****
Clutching tightly..
To granite-rocked outcroppings,

Hiding in the quakeys,
among the majestic elk
Begging for the tallgrass, cover
among the wild raspberries.
   Now, fully concealed
   in  tall pines.

Her hands
are stretched out,  now..
as if hovering  over the waters,

While I hide  from it all

While I hide,  from humanity;
From the fallen,  love of man

    She is wading in,
As I am leaving;

    As the cloud-hidden sky,
    starts raining--

playing the most incredible, of tunes.

Now Muriel plays piano
every Friday at the Hollywood
And they brought me down to see her
and they asked me if I would

do a little number
And I sang with all my might
She said,

"Tell me are you a Christian,  child?"
and I said,  

"Ma'am, I am tonight.."

even the strongest,  at times
become afraid

Ylzm Sep 2020
Belief however justified is still a belief
For any justification needs justification
It's belief too, turtles all the way down
And reason is a snake eating snake

Unless founded on the rock of truth
There's no justification even for reason
That which is always tentative and falsifiable
Is not knowledge but literally shifting sands

But we know truth like the blind on level ground
We fear but walk, not falling nor stumbling
Or as a babe touching and tasting all things
But always watched over, lest harm befall us

The rain falls on both good and evil
The earth bring forth food for man and beasts
For one good man the earth shall be spared
Good shall be good, and evil shall be evil
Harmony justifies…
The onward march of time
The warblers and dragonflies
The ants and twinspots

We are not just forgetful
We write poetry about
The forgotten…
Harmony justifies!

And so sullen
I was at daybreak
And so enchanted
I was at dusk
A lesson in logic, and a good day
Robert Watson Mar 2020
lying there undecided
pick a side and be divided.
Satan’s surgeons, masked death
robbing baby of first breath.

Wake up!
Surrogate murderers.

The 1% cannot justify
the thousands of voiceless screaming cries.
Awake us from our lullabies.
History awaits your alibi.

Another convenience ****,
accepting societies numbing pill.
Will you concede to Evil’s will?
Or trade convenience for goodwill.
Voicing what I believe regardless of other's opinions. Hopefully, this will provoke you from lethargy. “We need not to be let alone.
"We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered?" -Ray Bradbury
Nicholas Feb 2020
Your view
is skewed
and my view
is true

**** all that oppose
the spoken word.
This is the way
to our purity
and their salvation.
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