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thepoeticwit Apr 13
we are wanderers in a foreign land, exiles in search of home.
nomads who shift through dirt and sand.

Is this where we belong?
A desert, a wilderness.
A path made through promise of a kingdom paradise,
so close and yet so far away.

40 days and 40 years
are but a lifetime
our lives are but a wilderness
though we fast and pray
trials and temptations come our way

Be not fooled by Devil's sweet whispers
But continue past these 40 days
and though you fail in one way

There is One who fasted and prayed
overcame, and calls to you

"Behold, the Kingdom is near"

mindlessly passed through to the end of Lent, and I didn't really fast and pray, what more succumbing to my sins. But a firm reminder of Jesus who succeeded in His fast and prayer, right through His passion, death and ressurection. Though I fail, He succeeds on my behalf, and has mercy on me.
thepoeticwit Aug 2021
My eyes have encompassed all the world
Surveying its glory and splendour
Civilisations advance
Society cultivating cultures
Technology, created and innovated
By human beings being knowledgeable
Expanding capacity, capital, and territory
In terror of losing identity
Working, moving, breathing
They cry

But is this worthy?

My eyes have encompassed all the earth
Surveying her beauty and majesty
Mountains, hills, and forests of lush green
Beasts and creatures of all shapes and sizes
Oceans, seas, rivers, and clear blue sky
They all seem to cry

Is there more to this?

My eyes gaze into the heavens
Surveying all their mysteries
Planets, systems, and billions of stars
Galaxies upon galaxies lightyears away

And I hear in the distance
Echoes of angels and heavenly beings
Thrones, dominions, powers, rulers
Saints and elders around a radiant throne

They all cry

I bow my head in awe
And in silence pondered
What the measure of a man is worth
In the grand scheme of things
Where one exists amid seven billion others
Working tirelessly to no end
Amid a vast and glorious creation
Which will all draw to an end

Am I worthy?

And I hear in the distance
The one called Worthy and seated on the throne
Calls out to me saying

“From the dust have I fashioned you
Formed you into My image
From the lowliest estate have I given you
Heavenly heritage
My child
Once an outsider, even an enemy
have I bought you with my shed blood.

You are made worthy
For I am Worthy
As with all who are Mine.

So define not your worth on futile things
Or others who lack the clarity to see
You are worthy
As I am Worthy

Worry not your worth
As it is found only in Me”.
On the worth we place on the world, and on ourselves.
thepoeticwit Mar 2021
I write my songs
in the echo chambers
of my heart
a deep dark dungeon
of hellfire and unclean secrets
only ever have my eyes seen
my ears heard
and my heart keep
my demons
tremble in awe
of the songs I sing in the night
Like a lamp in the corner of a dark house
I wait for next morning
I wait for a new sun to arise
and resurrect me from this decaying carcass
So that my soul can echo the song of twelve thousand elders and saints singing
Glory, Hallelujah
I've been set free
But until that day comes
I shall echo in the chambers
and echo in the airwaves
and wave my hands in
Here I am on my knees
Almost giving up
Almost giving in
Almost giving
of a desperate dying heart
hoping and waiting
for such a day to come
thepoeticwit Feb 2021
"I'm sorry"
The echo
that fills the cracks
in the spaces in between
pieces of a broken heart
of damages dealt and received
regrets and areas of lack
of missing the mark and
not measuring up to par
or not being good enough
for the other

"Thank you"
The simple whisper of
a soul found and mended
a stomach well fed
lungs filled with breath to sing
of gifts given and received
of lovingkindness graciously bestowed
of embracing the other

"I love you"
The tender glance of eyes
beholding beauty
the cries of joy
of a revived heart beating pompously
The strength renewed to a fallen warrior
restored to eternal glory
redeems every "sorry"
overflows every "thank you"
and always lavishing

"Beloved, I live for you."

thepoeticwit Nov 2020
we have eyes to see
things in front of us
present tangible reality
worldly ideas and substances
superficial fear, worries, cares
what do we eat, drink, wear?
where do we go, what do we do next
where shall we see ourselves in five to ten years
so we make our schemes and plans
and we grasp for control
In trying to be king, we end up tyrants
enslaved to our own tyranny
Influenced by darkness

Lord, have mercy
give us eyes to see
beyond ourselves
ever-present eternal realities
divine providence, contentment
In abundance or lack, we have everything we need
And that we are worth more
Than any temporal worry or care
Lord, give us eyes to see
our lives not as mere earthly things
but to build ourselves heavenward upon the steadfast Rock
that we may be humble, as a speck of dust in the grovel
under the sovereign kingship of a good and Holy God
that we may not waver at the tossings and turnings of this world
Lord, give us eyes to see Your light
That we may live with faith, hope, and love - that we may live with vision.
Matthew 5:26-34
thepoeticwit Oct 2020
When I receive flowers from someone
it makes me feel...

I've never received flowers before.

Only ever reserved for special occasions,
Weddings, vacations...

In life or death
symbolise a certain affection for life
and cherishes a life that has perished

In a sense,
We are all flowers in a vast garden
Hidden among grass
Only seen by those closest to us
And reserved for special occasions.

If I were to receive a flower from you,
give then yourself to me,
and may we each other feel only
Would be nice to get flowers on my birthday hehe
thepoeticwit Aug 2020
If love is what saves a life
I will love you ever so passionately
hug your bones so tight
It squeezes the hell out of you
the hell you're suffering from
madness, loneliness, sub-existence,
feelings of worthlessness, feelings of lovelessness
I will tell you how much I love you
To make sure you know you are loved
Envelope your mind in light
Set life into the course of your veins
flowing through you
Fill you with gifts of joy and peace,
clothe you in goodness and mercy
when you fall, I will use all the strength in these arms to lift you up
my shoulders to prop your head while you rest and weep,
my ears to pay attention to the echo of your heart beat through your words and expressions
my eyes to look after you and out for you, to watch over you, to adore and admire you
I will spend my time with you
be present, be there for you
just to see you smile
just to see you live
just to see you grow
just to see you alive and beautiful
If love is what saves a life, no,
if love is what gives life
then let me fight
for your right
to live.
If love is what saves a life, then let me fight for your right to live.
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