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Hadiy Syakir Apr 12
I am fixing the racetrack
where all the thoughts there
have turned black,

reclaiming my isolated dignity
retraining every part of thoughts
connecting every incomplete dots

which will lead me to the adjacent poles
that are satisfied with its own nature
science taught me nothing but
selective decision and sense of entrapment
whisper to your pillow before
every intentional breath

“am I just a vehicle to every unidentifiable selfishness or am I just living up to my own means?”
Hadiy Syakir Apr 12
the love

is for us to hold in high affinity,
and protect like it like our sanity.
December Mar 31
The last time you made contact with a living thing was over two weeks ago. An earthworm was splayed out, almost dried out of life on the ash-covered ground, wiggling once—its last.

Kuala Lumpur is now stripped down to being exactly that, mud. Earth drowned in what's left of the dark grey thunderstorm that hit the night before.

You're walking int the middle of the open road, littered left and right with burnt metal and oil. Ahead of you, nothing but yellow dust.

Just when your knees were about to give out from days of walking, running, limping, chasing the remnants of the city, you see from amidst the fog, a movement. Coming perfectly into view, a truck drags its limp tyres and tangles its loose bits.

A familiar tune suddenly fills the bare and flat atmosphere,
'mat kool, mat kool, kawanku
mari kita ikut, mat kool,
main, main, selalu
syoknya, syoknya ada mat kool'
Hadiy Syakir May 2019
when you asked me
for the only direction
to the campsite of holy Aurora
I fed you with the temptation
and when you laid the blanket
I made you the bed instead.

I was already underneath the lake,
and I extended my hand to you,
waiting for you to realise
that there is nothing at stake,
and there is no wrong in being true.

when you talked to me
about the fiery, empty sunset
there were devils who linger and smile
I painted clouds and rainbows
for you to be sheltered from
partook in a deep sigh and grows.

you are awakened
by the smell of the brewed coffee
filled with our joy and contentment
you are no longer in a daze
forever buried in the strong aftertaste.

stay within my sight,
and touch me with all your might.
Hadiy Syakir Mar 2019
You burn the box
and set the ring of fire
you tame the fox
and set up the wings of desire.

How can I walk away?

Let me in.
Joie Yin Feb 2019
Sometimes in life
We jump into rivers
To figure out
Whether we are
Good swimmers.

Blame not the current
If we struggle
It shows how
We deal with scars
And trouble.

It is not giving up
If we turn away
It is life saving
Fret the stream may
Carry us away.

It is alright if
We do not swim well
As long we live
To continue the story
Only we could tell.
Hadiy Syakir Jan 2019
tempestuous moments
a prognosis of the
stupendous temperament
a desire to believe
a desire to achieve
and I have never
looked away,
from the shallowest river
that I have sunk my foot into.
milkweedangel Jan 2019
Indah the princess
blows kisses at the moon
in the city of cats she reigns
and protects the harimau
A poem about my friend
Hadiy Syakir Dec 2018
What kind of world it is,
if the other half is satisfied in isolating the rest of it,
happy at letting it to be in
the dark over the whole idea, situation, and vision.

Even looking at the rest of it
invokes the other half of distrust and disgust.

Corrupting the idea
of a united world is the biggest treason committed towards the creation of mankind.
Hadiy Syakir Dec 2018
If life
is a collection
of chain reactions
I wonder
who started
the chaos
who are at
the bottom of
the receiving end
because if it
falls short at
being fair
then nothing here
is valid.
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