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Sarah Jul 2018
As you guzzle down your emotions,
forcibly silencing yourself,
You’re actually drowning an addiction;
Rather than your sorrows.
the liquid that easily slides down your throat,
is engulfing you in its depressively, thick brew.
Your eyes are noticeably bloodshot,
while mine are hidden behind hands and muffled tears.
Written 07/14/2018
Sarah Apr 2017
The radiant sun beating down on your porcelain skin cannot warm the coldness of your heart.

You're a dream, your face is a masterpiece and your eyes hold unlimited universes but the words that grace your blossom lips are venom.

They sink into my flesh like fangs and I'm wounded. Your presence is captivating and I'm haunted when you're not around but it's a heavy feeling.

You're unkind, spiteful and deceptive, a thesaurus cannot fully label the horrid personality you created for yourself. You were blessed with an angels face but you sinned my life with a devilish grin and the words that lured me in.
Written 4/18/17
Sarah Apr 2017
What can only be described as the sound of velcro being ripped away from felt, was similar to the way I ached when you walked away.

Quick  almost painless but a slow burn as the feeling settled.
Then, nothingness.

But as I try to peel the bandaid away like my protective shield being dropped. The wound you left isn't as visible.

If I press hard enough, my faded memories come back.

pain that I know all too well.

Then I realize no matter how hard I try to heal, the sensation will always be prominent. The scar may be gone but your dark memory lingers.
Written 5/15/16
Sarah Mar 2018
screaming to nothingness is painful.
my throat is raw,
begging to be felt
tears masking my strength;
blinding my vision.
I cannot be heard but I yell louder.
I’m trying so hard for you.
The nothingness is your deaf ears,
my words falling onto them,
Ignoring my pleas.
Hear me.
Why won’t you listen?
Written 3/9/18
Sarah Apr 2018
Your candy land was amazing at first,
a sickly sweet that gradually made me feel worse.
You eventually turned bitter and ****,
right around the time you were ready to rip out my heart.
Written 04/11/2018
Sarah Jun 2018
I can’t remember every detail but within the darker memories-
I see happiness.
Each gray, childhood faded image brightens when I recall the love that swarmed that house.
It was a time before I feared,
Before we grieved,
Before life overtook each conversation.
Instead, every face held a welcoming smile,
Laughter was sung with each breath,
Life was nothing but the one I shared with those four people within those walls.
Those four people made those four walls, wrapping around us like an embrace,
a home.
Written 06/27/2018
Sarah Mar 2018
Twisted thoughts escape his dry, cherry red lips; cracked, koolaid stained skin that admit to traumatic events unfolded.

I can’t peel my eyes away from his pale figure; a contrast to his orange get up.

The words smoothly falling out of his mouth, send shivers down my spine.
No one would consider his brain is rattling off recounts of that night while his inner friends help him remember the picture of her body that is burned into his brain- a contorted mind exposed.

Cooked flesh is the aroma he gives off and I gag, he stole my love and her smell still lingers; taunting me of an instance where I couldn’t be a hero.

The gavel pounds down and the cloaked man declares his fate.
As the newly added cold metal traps him into a life of isolation, he looks at me.
His ****** lips curl into a sneer as he is hauled back to hell.
Written 1/7/18
Sarah Jun 2018
My smile masks a thousand lies

one thousand lies hidden behind my bellowing laugh

A laugh that fades when your eyes cast away

Your eyes fail to notice my darkness leaking out

My darkness is translucent but swallows me whole like tar

I’m drowning but I continue to live

Living while suffering while pretending is a battle

A battle I can’t confess because I fear to disappoint you

You’re disappointed I didn’t speak up

I can’t speak up or out or talk about my demons

My demons are choking me while my brain betrays me

You feel betrayed while staring at my corpse

I stare back blankly with a smile on my face.
Written 06/08/2018
Sarah Jun 2018
I fell in love with a demonic woman.
I knew her claws would scar me,
her touch would burn,
her eyes would betray the words spit from her lips.
She sold her soul to the devil,
and I gave up my heart for her.
Written 06/02/2018
Sarah Nov 2017
you have taken a strainer
to our melting *** of a nation.
you have divided us with cruel words
and just a sprinkle of hate.
Written 11/16/17
Sarah Oct 2017
I have tasted fear,
Bubbling up my throat,
Wearing away the linings of my insides like a plea that I just can't manage to get out.
Something blocks it,
It prevents me from yelling out,
Rather I push on,
I accept the awful taste in my mouth.

I have witnessed fear,
A sudden metallic feel,
Red slowly dropping onto the plush carpet,
Jagged breathing exposing the dark saturated mouth,
Clean the mess,
Cracked bloodstained lips wiped at like a messy chalkboard,
Erasing the anxiety away from the tip of my tongue.

I have heard fear,
Loud, languished cries,
Shrill screams like a school fire alarm reverberating down an empty corridor.
Shields rise up,
Connected to my clammy hands,
Sounds no longer penetrate my ears,
My internal drum stops beating to take a moments rest,
My heart beat is a loud mumble that is the only sound inside me.

I have felt fear,
Body tingling,
All over like a chilling gust of air rushing into a room.
It envelops me,
I can't move,
But my body shaking violently ,
Live in fear.
Written 10/5/2017
Sarah Apr 2018
some of your words may unwilt my image,
but it is my mind that plants seeds in my core,
my heart sprouts buds,
and my soul creates blooming bouquets.
Written 4/12/2018
Sarah Apr 2017
I'm standing here,
My limbs are shaking,
I can hear my teeth rattling like the sound of a plastic Halloween skeleton blowing in the night air.
Speaking of, the wind is crisp,
It sends a message of ice down my spine.
It dances it's way into my lungs,
I'm breathing it in like cigarette smoke on an early morning.
My insides are slowly working like churning of thickened ice cream ,
And when I look at you it feels like the sudden drop of a bowling ball that has soon to land on a wooden floor in an empty room.
My eyes have leaked but the sprig is now frozen to my cheeks. My skin tingling with each crumpled movement of my face, slight sounds of my dried tears cracking is like the stepping on of thin frost on dewy grass.
I am cold but I will stand here.
My body is cold but your memory keeps me warm,
you're worth it,
I will stand in this cemetery if it means I can share some more moments with you.
Written on 4/12/17
Sarah Mar 2017
Along with the ever growing trees,
numerous people,
thriving agriculture,
hate has cultivated our land and bodies.

It is no longer considered an emotion
but a catalyst to destruction.
Written 6/19/16
Sarah Dec 2017
kiss your fist and punch me
hurt me harshly
make me bleed
rip my hair
shame me publicly
**** me shamelessly
bruise my skin so you cover up your lingering, gentle touch.
for i have loved you,
and heartbreak,
has been the worst pain of them all.
written 12/22/17
Sarah Oct 2018
hope aches
it’s a feeling that yearns for positivity
while ripping at emotions from the inside.
it’s a spell that needs just enough pain to create a final happiness.
hope craves,
starving yourself to get just a bite.
Written 10/18/2018
Sarah Oct 2017
the term monster is jaded by experience.
a man in a torn mask,
wielding a knife is no longer a stereotype.
movies no longer scare you,
not when your own killer is down the hall;
stabbing away at your innocence,
stealing your purity,
hurting your very being because he can.
Written 10/5/17
Sarah Dec 2017
Your life is permanently etched onto your skin,
as faded colors melting like heated wax.

You're not who you are because of the markings,
the ink represents what you believe in.

The blank,
flesh canvas was provided to show off your art,
your story,
the life you have lived.
Written 12/22/2017
Sarah May 2017
I write stories on my sleeve
Silent novels carved into my arm
Sometimes d r a g g e d out
All melancholy with the hope for happiness.
The different variety of length is on me.

I am a library,
My words are written for the public to see,
Shelves upon shelves,
displaying biographies of my tragedies.
But my stories result in cliffhangers
when I roll down my sleeve.
Written 5/2/17
Sarah Mar 2017
What makes an animals  life more inferior to a humans?

Are the killings forgiven because the bond we share is broken from the missing link of communication?
Do we do it because their screams are silenced and the only way to hear horror is by looking into their eyes?

We **** before we understand. Humans themselves are still learning. There are things we don't understand, there are times we ***** up. Does that mean we're eligible for death?
No because we have a larger "meaning" in this life. We have jobs, pay bills and use our opposable thumbs for senseless tasks.
Does that make us superior?

Elephants can paint
Monkeys play chess
Birds can sing
Animals can feel.

Tragedy is, ignorant people will only see the common bond they have with others is simply the soil we tread on.
Written 5/29/16
Sarah Apr 2017
Your love was suffocating.

Your hands would contort my body,
Making my flesh pulsate and spine tingle with each grasp.

Your fingers left marks on my skin like blotches of blush on a flushed face. Colors hidden under dull sweaters, my fingertips found them throughout the day to remind me of those secrets you've harshly whispered in the dark.

Your voice was sharp,
for even when you were quiet I could hear its power in your eyes. One look in my direction and I felt frozen. Your eyes were a warm brown but they turned my blood cold.

Your love was so suffocating,
it killed me.
Written 4/9/16
Sarah Mar 2017
When you broke your nose, I remembered the sound so vividly.

The bones cracking reminded me of my old walks through the forest on a late autumn evening, making sure to crush the freshly fallen twigs on the ground.

Your pain became my reminisce of a childhood I thought I lost. You knew me too well without even trying and that actually scared me
You were my human diary, you unknowingly held my secrets and brought them out of me. You made me happy when I didn't want to be.

I felt innocent but aged when with you.
Your idiocy made me mature with sensibility but reminded me of a younger self.

I can't forget who I was when you're near and I'm starting to think that's not all that bad.
Written 3/7/17
Sarah Mar 2017
her spirit was so powerful,
I believed she controlled the weather.

her smile caused her eyes to crinkle and the smallest sliver of light shone through to brighten the sky.

her mouth created the most beautiful sounds while laughing and singing. It felt like the calm before a storm because for a short moment,
everything seemed perfect.

her tears in her dark hours caused monsoons and tsunamis. So much pent up emotion in one fragile person created the idea of a dam breaking when her world does too.

her rage that forms with the realization that no one can change the inevitable life brings, causes her to shake with fury. The dark sky breaks open with a momentary light. She makes lightning with her quick, angry ideas that are bursting out of her collapsing body.

her shaking hands are the slowing down of rough seas. The drying of puddles after a spring shower. She's sorry for the mess she has made but doesn't realize it's only natural.

it's in her nature, so that's why it happened in a cycle.
I stood in the eye of her hurricane and watched her fall in a downward spiral.
Written 6/14/15
Sarah Sep 2018
Growing up there was chaos reshaping the love;
it was the cycle that gave us our dynamic.
A single thing acted like a looming shadow as it circled our warm home.
It would **** them one by one into its cold smog.
I grew used to its presence;
making me numb to its touch.
I had to settle the rest of their souls by ridding them of the darkness.
I was young but I understood pain;
I saw it in their eyes,
heard it behind a smile,
and felt it with the lingering touch -
longing to be comforted.
Eventually, the shadow turns to light.
The pain dissolved,
but I still remember every situation I made right -
the memories of the darkness still live inside me.
Written 08/16/2018
Sarah May 2017
Your heart was weak but the strength your love brought kept it big.
Your body deteriorated slowly but your soul kept you animated.
Your personality was knitted together with love and affection.
Cleared away hate.
Stopped fears.

You were incredible,

You were too good for the cruelties of the world and yet you still welcomed it with open arms.
What should have been considered ugly you found the art in it to make beauty.
You deserved everything but you gave away anything to better people.
Your love was unbearable but forever craved.
You were what was right in the existence that is man.

Who you were was greatly admired.
The person you made yourself,
that left a mark on the small world I call my own,
inspired me to be like you.
Written 3/27/17
Sarah Feb 2018
Forever with you seemed infinite.
Until your eyes threatened our tomorrow,
and your hands whispered promises to a plane of skin that wasn’t mine.
Written 1/26/2018
Sarah Mar 2017
Once you left me,
my life turned into a downward spiral.

I kept tumbling down.

Once you came back to me,
i couldn't regain my balance.

So I dragged you down with me.
Written 4/25/16
Sarah Sep 2017
an unwilted rose is permanent,
the blossomed monochrome fades due time
but the importance remains,
just like yours.

this marks eternity.
Written 9/25/17
Sarah Mar 2017
make your voice heard.

yell until the walls are vibrating.
chant until your ears are ringing.
shout until your head is red and pounding.
scream until they know your story.

for your voice is loud but silent in their ears.
your ideas are sharp but become dull when touched to each closed mind.
you are individually intelligent compared to the conforming unit.

yell harshly but listen humbly.
scream loudly but silently understand.
chant your message but be prepared for retaliation.

your truth is there and your case may be fair,
but no message is received when the deliverer is not competent enough to send it.
Written 12/7/16
Sarah Jul 2018
the only way I could ever love myself is if I can look with rose colored glasses
but my vision is clear; lenses untinted and I can see all that I bare.
Written 07/26/2018
Sarah Feb 2018
The cotton fluff from your sweater,
is stuck between my bitten down nails.
A symbol left behind from a night,
where my integrity was questioned.

Most of the marks you left are permanently scarred in my brain,
I bet your skin is tingling thinking of my touch;
scratching away at your flesh hastily.
The only reason you had to pull away,
was not because of my mantra that sounded so pleasant in your ears,
It was the pain that you couldn’t take;
though I was suffering a lot more.

You called me names because I was fighting for my safety,
the cruel reminders you hissed flooded my ears,
no one would believe me;
I’ll stay silent.
Written 2/1/18
Sarah Mar 2017
Your golden hair is tinted purple because of the way you're standing in the hue of the blinding lights.

    I don't know if that's my heart or the drum beat that's shaking my rib cage, stealing the air from my cigarette stained lungs, making me tear up either from pride or fear because of your alluring looks.

I may know this song like the back of my hand because ****,
I wrote it, but you're making me forget the words by just your one stare. My heart is bursting out of my chest, my fingers fumbling on the guitar strings but I play it off like an unexpected riff that gives a rise to the crowd like you're making the hair on my arms do.

you're so ******* beautiful.

To make this flow into your ears like a melody or translated flawlessly like a song, let me profess:
You take my  breath away.
Written 3/12/17
Sarah Apr 2017
how sad is it to think you may never find your soulmate?

they are too poor to afford a plane ticket to travel to that place they have longed to go.
Unable to experience a new adventure or even you.

maybe they are too caught up in their current relationship and blindlessly marry someone. They are comfortable with them but uncomfortable to admit they just settled.

your soulmate could have been too weak. Unable to deal with the worlds pressures and ended their life with a shot or swipe.

how sad is it to realize not everyone makes it to their soulmate?

the other half will be searching for their missing link until the end of their time.
Written 6/26/15
Sarah Nov 2018
you are important beyond your thoughts,
you have come so far in such a small amount of time,
your efforts are not ignored.
three hundred and sixty-five days have passed twenty times,
and you are still breathing.
i have loved you for three hundred and sixty-five days times,
the days you have suffered,
the moments you failed,
the hours in which you felt alone;
you were locked in but you wanted someone to pry the door down to let your demons out.
i have not stopped loving you and i may have stopped showing it but
that showed your determination.
you pushed on in your personal dark hours just to make it to the light.
the glow of hope that now radiates onto your skin,
you are living proof that strength lies within.
love brought it out,
but your courage kept it constant.
Written 9/25/2017
Sarah Sep 2018
Fairy tales have always had an antagonist;
an evil witch or vengeful pirate,
plotting against the beloved hero,
but not all stories are realistic.
There are villains out to get you,
but they can be a lot closer than a broom ride away.
The ones glaring with glowing eyes from the shadows emerge
and you recognize that reflection.

Sometimes the one preventing you from completing a task,
celebrating a victory,
or capturing the damsel.
Is because the distress is yours
and the hand locking it away can be your own twisting the key.
Written 09/10/2018
Sarah Sep 2017
your grip was always cold and harsh,
it left bruises with colors of autumn leaves,
they were beautiful on my pale skin,
your eyes were enchanting,
a piercing blue that sparked like a faulty wire,
your ideas were wild,
as wild as your hair in the early morning,
as wild as your personality,
as wild as the look in your eyes when i mess up,
i know i have done something wrong,
but your love is warmth after you make me feel cold,
you tell me you love me,
your lips whisper promises i know you cant keep,
but you love me you say,
you say you mean it,
maybe that's why i stayed,
but your love was a lot to handle,
if the love you promised me was this damaging i wouldn't have stayed,
the pale technicolor bruises have spread,
my silence makes you happy,
that faulty wire that lit up with your passion is tied tight around my neck,
the blue color of your eyes has spread onto my skin,
i cant breathe,
untie the wire,
your wild ideas have gone too far this time,
i cant.
Written 9/18/17
Sarah Sep 2017
On cold, October evenings, you can hear the rustling of leaves being blown by the wind.
Your neighbor's dog barking with an echo down the street.
The giggling of children as they play games under the glow of dim street lights.
You are not alone.

And then there's the sunset,
Colors grazing what is left of the autumn leaves on the trees,
it is time for you to situate yourself back into your home.
There's a quietness to your house; bodies lingering nearby but don't present themselves.
You scale the stairs that creak with each step like an eerie tune that brings brief life into the home.
Bristly fur of a cat brushes against your goose bumped skin.
You are not alone.

The stillness of your bedroom,
The hall light peeking through from under your closed door creating shadows in the darkness.
The light representing someone is still awake in the quiet house as you're trying to close your eyes and shut off your thoughts.
Quiet sobbing turned into hyperventilating as the blanket you're clutching, crumples as your grip tightens.
You feel cold and helpless fighting internally with the dark shadows making their way into your mind.
Your gasping breaths are abruptly stopped by the beat of rushed footsteps.

The swinging open of your door creates a wave of light that masks out the nothingness in your room.
Their arms wrapping tightly around your shaking body,
as you gurgle your fears out of your throat,
is that warmth you craved.
"You are not alone."
Written 9/2/2017

— The End —