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Crow Jan 12
I have a desperate need
to be away from here
but if I cannot be with you
there is nowhere to go
Viktoria Dec 2018
I am not gonna write how it is
to lose. A friend. Again
It's the physical closeness
That we miss
I miss to hold your hand.

I am not gonna write how sad
I felt, when I said goodbye.
Because these thoughts and feelings are able
to make me emotional and cry.

I am not gonna describe
How I lost something together with you
As if I was separated in two
And you took one part of myself with you.

... and still I do.
Had to say goodbye to a friend who moved into another country.
Marya123 Nov 2018
At the very beginning of time
The Sky and Sea were bound together
In a sweet embrace that graced their prime
Days were peaceful, with pleasant weather.
But they were wrenched apart, as Earth grew
Asserting his might in the trinity
With a chasm he split them clean in two
Dividing them for eternity.
So the Sky weeps storms in her sorrow
Weaving her anguish within the rain
In the winter, her tears turn to snow
Punishing land as they mask her pain.
It's the only way she remains brave
The one way that she can reach her love
So he stretches up with surf and wave
Telling her he knows what she feels above.
Micah Gerdes Nov 2018
Two branches alike
Of the same wood, but they will
Never touch despite this
Crow Oct 2018
It is not being without you, which I can never be
It is being apart from you, that always empties me
Jason Drury Jul 2018
You should know,
that I no longer follow my compass.
Where the wind pushes,
I lead with squinted eyes.
The horizon is far,
cradled with opportunity.

I’ve taken the step for once,
without you and your map.
I’ve held my hand out,
gave you coordinates.
Yet, you hesitate.

You should know,
I’ve tried.
We no longer scramble,
the sharp edges of “what if?”.
Instead, the question is,
“what now?”

How did it come to this?
I thought with the sun.
Tying the string,
on brush and broken branches.
Will you follow?
The hints, arrows, and signs.

Our maps are different,
one south and one north.
Still, I tried,
circling landmarks left and right.
You will not go north,
but south.
We depart in full gate,
away from our point.

You should know,
its time to say goodbye.

I love you.
Manda Jun 2018
This heart should be, already,
Or one side love-proof
'*** I've learned it that way

That back you thrown at me
Walked off to the departing gate
Should have known it would be the end of this
It supposed to be die right there

But the feeling seemed lurking
They ghosted on the small side of my chest
Waited patiently there
'Till the shine of your light blasted through the flesh

I wonder what to call this feel
Should it be love or passion
Or an amusement, instead of possesion
To recall your embrace 'till my tears are all reckless

Supposed to hate you
Supposed to summoned you away
But these beats after beats,
They told me I'm dying without you

Boy, I'm dying without you
Do not ruffle my hair anymore
Do not smile at my joke anymore
Just do not, do not you dare at all

This time, do not you dare to love me anymore.
ts May 2018
lonely and sad
past the softer skys and milky drinks and you
grab for wavelengths of happiness playing through the radio
and youre struck with disappointment and humility and shame, somehow
and jealousy and anger and a longing because yes, a good time
is a good time and wouldn’t you rather feel helpless and beside yourself?
Alicia Allen Feb 2018
To you my thoughts do fly,
To carry these words in
The blink of an eye.

What words and thoughts you may ask.
Well I hadn't thought of that when I began this task.

I only wished for you to know,
My feelings will remain the same
For it matters not how many times you go.
A charming little spell to let him know that ill always be thinking of him and despite the distance, I will keep on loving him. :)
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