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Landon Keys Jul 8
I'm going to miss you
Your singing
Your dancing
You pretended to be happy
To make me happy
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
Your laugh
Your way of copying my speech
You would come on Wednesdays
Even though you were sad
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
Your brownies
And cookies
Things made in love
Trinkets from the store
That were just you thinking of me
I'll never be able to look at my wallet
Or wear my sandals
Without missing you
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
Victoria Dec 2020
I saw your shadowed twin last night
Under the open moon
And as I walked I heard your voice
So hushed with an echoed tune
Your scent dragged along the wind
All things I’ve missed the most
Your gentlest touch on my sleeping skin
My dear, my love, my ghost
Janna B Nov 2020
The thing that hurt most
was no touch,
no talk, no intimacy.
Or acknowledgement of my pain.
That coloured my everything grey,
and made my efforts feel futile.
Made our life seem fake.
You settled into a life
of grey subsistence.
When I wanted
all the colours.
Brooke Olthouse Sep 2020
The last few nights
You've been in my dreams
You were my protector
Or so it seemed
In real life and all reality
Me you did demean
Your love is a tragity
The truth has hit like gravity
You are the man of many dreams
Unfortunately you and me can not be
It is written in the stars
This is not our destiny
DBE Jul 2020
i've lived 10,000 lifetimes to cross your path again
yet in this life we do not belong together
and so i'll wait 10,000 more
MSunspoken Apr 2020
Balance, once forthcoming
Now heavy feet wobble
in the wake of fleeting certainty

Leafy determination
crunched and battered-
Sifting about, once a wonder
dried, victim of Winter

Cracked, withered concrete
foundation chipped away-
Paint rolled over in submission
having past years to pay

Stone left to shame
smothered by the vandals-
Cruelty primped and perfected
pitying eyes serving no justice

Free fall, bound by distrust
unprecedented in the past-
Loosely sleeved history repeats
snuffing this connection all at once
My family has never been a close one. Slowly, we disappear from each other's lives.
Gone- forgetting us, along with our past.
Tony Tweedy Apr 2020
Hear the call of a lonely heart that knows that love is blind.
Seek for me as I seek for you and perhaps some day we'll find.
Every day you are a world away and are hidden from my sight.
Yet still my heart does cry to you for some comfort day and night.

A world made much more sad and lonely than it even was before.
Lost by distance of uncertain times, greater than some far off shore.
The sound of two hearts calling as they share a dreamers beat.
Never really knowing, yet but hoping, that they will one day meet.
Michael A Duff Feb 2020
Tears are words that my heart can not speak
The pain felt are the cracks of my heartbreak not seen
Years later and everyday they feel fresh to me as a sunrise not shared
2 years and 4 months ago after three years she told me to pick my things up never to be seen again, I loved her girls like I love my own boys 2 each we have. I shared parts of my life none knows about she shared her secrets too. we read, laughed, cried, and grew together I shared some her toughest moments, when her dog died on mothers day. Made special things for Grace so she could be the coolest preteen on Halloween. Then just like that and suddenly its was done.
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