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The illusion of
of freedom,
of choice—
the patronizing
call of the
his insidious
hiss through
the cold steel
“Your time
is your own,
you may do
as you wish.”
thispanman May 1
This space
with four walls
one window
and many bars
left alone
to thoughts
in this jail
called a heart
It's hard to let people in, but harder to let people out.
Andrew Layman Apr 21
Let the rusted shackles remain
all the tread-marks and the bruises
to remind me in this life,
that I was once a prisoner
of my own habits.

Show the bars were fashioned
from the idleness
of my own two hands,
which bestowed upon me the title
of lecherous warden.
LET THIS BE A LESSON, Copyright © 2020 Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
I often think of you, the one that got away.
The nights staying up until 4am
I regret nothing.
I wish you would let me stay
I thought to you my humor would mean something
But alas.
It is you after all, Mark zuckerburg.
I got banned from Facebook for 30 days. ******* Zuckerburg 😂😂😂
Lexa Apr 7
dressed in black,
late at night,
wearing a mask,
I will steal
the guard keys
from the wall,
opening the cells
one by one,
letting out all
the hidden,
forgotten, and
wasted talent--
the painters,
the poets,
the rappers,
the cartoonists.
Together as an
unlikely union,
a mismatched clan,
we will show
the world
just how much
potential has
been unjustly
locked away.
Archer Feb 28
Why cant I behold what others do
Hold up a mirror, let me see
What was he before you
Who's this man stood before me

Let me crawl into your skin
Would I shudder when I find
Inside you I found my twin
Let me climb into your mind

Look through your glassy eyes
See me as you wanted to
An animal in cheap disguise
Behind a cage, locked in a zoo

Slip between the iron bars
Bounding down the dusty trail
Skin is full of jagged scars
Past attempts result in fail

Now I'm free gone from your body
My old home left for good
But still full of melancholy
Not quite far from understood

As I look for a place to dwell
These mundane people so loose fitting
I suppose it's better than the hell
I left behind for 'twas unwitting
Betty Feb 13
In the slammer

Doing stir

Eating porridge

Do your time

Does the punishment

Fit the crime

Is this the act of a civilised nation?

Revenge or rehabilitation

If we send someone away

On a governmental holiday

Slamming shut that big grey door

Should we question a little more

What the hell are we doing it for?
Marco Feb 12
my hands are *****
as is my mind
as is my record
my hands are covered in earth

he tripped
not once, not twice
promised the wrong
he slipped
stayed down

they made sure he'd stay down
taken from his son
his life, his place
his right
to watch the forsythias bloom
when they spring with yellow and hope

your boy is coming for you
coming to get you out
take you home
tuck you in
throw away your bottles
as they scream for you from the south

They grant him one wish
facing his fate in a cell
and he wants to see the forsythias bloom
and one blossom
blinks her eyes
with freedom
Amanda Jan 17
Stuck behind steel bars
Glimpses of stars
Just concrete stone
Cage is home
Nothing justified or fair
Total corruption there
Time will pass and eventually
The day will come when you are free
What I imagine jail is like
Many days and many nights I couldn’t reach catharsis.
Narcissistic dialogue and lust was how it started.
Lust for power,
Lust for ***,
I balanced on the wire.
Built my tower,
Learned to flex,
Never thought I’d tire.
While looking for a diamond crown I made my way to glory:
Carved a track through youthful bliss all while writing my own story.
From troubled teen
To filled with dreams,
I formed the squad into a team.
I wouldn’t scream when things got tough;
I’d always keep composure.
Intelligent with malevolence
Was how I’d learned to soldier.
No disclosure,
Never trust,
Looking to manipulate.
Made it known
It was a must
For opponents to capitulate.
Things were moving well enough
When dear old lust in whom we trust…
Reappeared back on the scene,
And of my feathers
Began to preen.


Doubled down,
Went for the crown.
Changed the crew,
Time it flew.
Golden status
Seemed so near,
But red and blue
Were in the mirror
News had spread;
My walls were breached.
Of loss I had no knowledge.
Prison bread;
Amongst the freaks.
Twenty-five for living lawless.
For God had turned and dealt a blow
For all of those bad seeds I’d sewed.
And blow for blow
In social woe
I’ve lived my life in shackles.
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