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They don't do it regularly
They do it occasionally
It's a different matter
Occasion comes regularly
They aren't habitual technically
They live life practically
Define terms, define laws
There always remain
Technical flaws
On technicalities
Law fails
They escape going to jail
Ken Pepiton Apr 18
The simple blessedness meme-complex, I bet,
what is the state of blessed, as in:
a blesst

Voltaire, he right there, he say define y'toims t'
convoice wit me we share some air, y'know.

Peacemaker, is the primary integral role of the
being process I formed in.

Childhood drama at 2020 Common Sensed Media Low
sense making in terms of words designated,
subconsciously through designer sneezers,

say, did you hear? Does that banner still wave, o'er
the land of the free and the brave?
Are there homes for unwanted children in your town,
or do you have a town because you have a prison now,
good jobs, kids graduate highschool,
easy, union, we *** 'em guard jobs,
all kinds of jobs, prisons, boy,

a big one, can revive the real estate market in a town.
Lots of prisons in dried up little towns in the desert, but you can't see most from the freeway.
Babaji you are great
You meditate
I meditate
My mind
Still agitates
Life is an art of living
You're on high pedestal of wisdom
Peerless is your stardom
Online lessons and videos
Life transformation of humans
Everyone should spend five days of their life
Before they die
One day in jail
One day in school
One day with farmer
One day in hospital
One day in mental hospital
Wonderful way to transform their life
Compassion and compassion
No more prejudice
No more tendency of condemnation
I take you very seriously
I want to transform my life
To begin with
A day in jail
Talk to criminals
Transformation to avail
Who would allow me entry
I would be stopped by the sentry
Illegal and underhand methods
I refrain
I believe in right to equality
Everyone should get equal opportunity
Government should make
a policy decision
Transformation is in the interest of the nation
A day in jail be made compulsory
For making some suggestions
I reviewed the current statistics
There are 1350 jails in my country
With a capacity for 405000 inmates
Average capacity 300 inmates
Population is 1350 millions
Per jail transformation candidates one million
It's a gigantic task
My breath in isn't out
Pranayama save my life
In all probability
Government won't make such a decision
Babaji start some agitation
Staunch follower I am
Transformation is birth right of everyone!
Inspired by a video of a holy master. Best transformation would come spending one day in jail with innocent criminal like Mukhtar Ansari and talking to him! Equally good would be spend a day with rapists and talk to them. You would develop compassion to know how no woman offered voluntarily to satisfy their lust and they had to commit it of necessity! Even meeting those who took lives of their daughters and sons for honour wouldn't be bad! You would be amazingly transformed by listening to these poor criminals! Compassion and compassion! No more prejudice! No more tendency to condemn!
Lily Anne Jan 31
Steel Bars; Iron Door; White Wall; Wooden Floor
   Every     Action    onDi     splay     Look          ing
   OutT      heWin    dowW   ishin      gICo          uld  
    Lea       ve;Dre     aming   ofEs      cape;        Ste
    elBa      rs;Iron      Lock     Whi       teWa         lls;
    I’veH     adEno      ugh;      INe       eedT         o
    Get        OutTh      isCa      ge;       ****      his
    Pris        onIsM      yHo       me;      andIf        ILea
    ve I have nowhere else that I could run to or to go
Nimrod kiptoo Jan 26
Jail is more than just a word, it's a sentence.
Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
They say they savor my poetic rhymes
They say "bars!"
But plenty people 've got more bars than mine

My innocent cousin's upstate doing time
My neighbor's niece, pobrecita sleeps
In a cage for kids; She's only nine
My great grandma's in the hood, first floor
Bars blanketing her windows and her doors
Peep! plenty people've got more bars than mine
Meanwhile our nation's on its ninth bottle
Building more bars, so we will ALL drown our sorrows
'Cause of colorful communities countrywide, whispering:

"Hush Baby, don't you cry;
Say 'yes, Sir,' and comply."
"I have a dream-if-I
Simply show 'em how we sing-ify,
Sacrifice, and speechify,
Maybe they'll realize..."

We can't break the bars trapping our cries
In these cells alive
Until they break the bigoted bars trapping their minds
In those braincells of lies!

Hold it! Wait while I rewind
Erase and
My rhyme's third line:
I say plenty people've got more bars than minds!
Plus many "*****" minds mastermind more bars than mine!

Which is why...
My innocent cousin's upstate doing time
My neighbor's niece, pobrecita sleeps
In a cage for kids, she's only nine
My great grandma's in the hood, first floor
Bars blanketing her windows and her doors


Francie Lynch Nov 2020
Many of the world's greatest Leaders throughout our tumultuous history have;
Many of  the insightful Revolutionaries in stink hole and glory hole countries have;
Many of the oppressed, disenfranchised and cheated also have.
Look to Lenin, Mandela, Gandi, Nehru, Havel, Bhutto, Ceausescu, Charles I, Papadopoulos, Lady Jane Grey, Louis XVI, Marcos, Milosevic, a pile of Mohameds, Mussolini, Nicholas II, Pinochet, Saddam, Marie Antoinette, Pope Clement V, Selassie, Baghdadi, Duvalier, and, let's not forget the author of Mien Kampf, Adolph the Tenderizer.
And what do they all have in common?
Some, before they became boldly notorious, and others, after they became criminally notorious.
Some, looked out their window and saw platforms being erected.
Others witnessed gallows, guillotines. posts and walls.
They all got some time in:
You get the idea.
His time will come.
dims Oct 2020
let’s both play a game of truth, you can tell me lies
and i won’t know because i can’t look you in the eyes

suicide is dangerous
because i will die alone
so please just shoot me in the head and hold my hand before i go

and i hope i rot in hell
and i hope i rot in jail
and i hope my death is celebrated
and let’s go back to the hotel

i can crumble in the bathroom
drink wine that’s mixed with ****
and i wanna hear you in the bedroom
so i can remind myself that nobody will miss me.

i hope i rot in hell
i hope i rot in jail

these thoughts that i have are enough
to excuse my ****** in the court
please just say it was self defense
please make it make sense.
yes this was based off a movie character i have a emotional connection with. no i will not say who
Tizzop Aug 2020
I scratched lyrics into the walls of this dump they call joint
finally became a tree with branches, wrote new raps every night
working out like crazy, punched my hands into walls
just like oldboy, then i became steel, endlessly tough

as my lucky number, this eight
tizzops became more popular, but never an other
sticking out my chest, ******* away all stress
albanians against serbs, greeks against turks

everything broken, everything in shards
but then comes Marissa, and she's calming me
i'm getting calm, getting calm, become
the old tizzop again, a ******* and thief

but everybody likes me, I remain --
tizzops, spreading fistfights like the Klitschko's
and I'm the most faithful, when I really feel love
not just talking about females, all my brothers

get nuttin but respect, their souls are wit me
most peeps live rushing lives, in our rushing times
they talk briefly, cause they don't know their inner
i'm not ridiculing them, cause they simply lack the words

they are lost and questions are flowing out of their ears
since they have no brothers or sisters to lean on
lifestyle like a frantic slalom, but I'm not wit 'em
putting stickers on the franchise, just to get by

I dominate every day; like the magic of the night
my raps are mania for me, me, and for me
cause I love and I have *** with my lyrics
forever being a chaser: where is Jason, baby?

without him, I won't make it through the night
life is infinity like eight, I feed you a knuckle sandwich
can you hear my c**k whistling? dem are *******-songz
straight out of my *****, suddenly millions of fanz
See this poem being rapped: tizzops tizzight
Yang Yan Aug 2020
homeless, no
metropolis without a home
blaring and clinking and laughing
lights sharp like daggers
me and strange men—and

red, yellow, purple, neon
all blurs together
then, music, like iceland, like
a flooded jungle, drowning
I let go,
take me away

you are my key,


gun in hand
orchestra in other
and bach and beethoven in between
I'm sure we heard the same organs that day
but you, other hand on bible

why hadn't I?

my actions will have consequences


my only chance

test after test
failure after failure
suffocating desperation
grab on and
let go

**** you, and

furi ost
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