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Klita Sep 18
The four walls that surround me
Once freeing now trap me
Nowhere to go
Nothing to do
In this jail that I outgrew

Im banging on the walls
Smashing chairs and dreams
Tearing them at the seams
Trying to see a crack of light
Behind the walls
In this jail that I outgrew

Alas I give in
No matter what I cannot win
My knuckles are bloodied
My chest heaving
I've given it all I've got
And I'm trapped again
In this jail that I outgrew
I like to think that




Mitch Prax Jul 1
I want to be me
but I don't want to be me-
what prison is this?

11:02 PM
Peter B Jun 21
If you say bad things,
you can go to jail.
If you say good things,
no one really cares.
Dream Fisher May 8
A child robs from a store,
A thousand dollars
Some pieces of paper so plain,
Losing his future and little to gain,
A thousand dollars.
He goes to jail for pulling a gun
He goes to jail at 18 and his life is done.

The boy hardens into a man
Gets out of the cage, tries to do what he can
But they put him up on a stage.
"So tell me, son, you've got no skills.
You're 28 with a record to ****."
Every other candidate comes first,
One ***** up, now you're the worst.
You chose a fate before you knew your fate
They'll call you back so you sit and wait.
So you sit and wait.

Can't even be trusted to take out the trash
So you punch out the mirrors
Looking back at you, only seeing trash.
He's not thinking clearly,
Writes up a quick note and signs it sincerely.
Shaky hands tie a knot,
The only thing he saw as a blessing,
I wonder if the system taught him his lesson.
s Willow Apr 22
Writing when sober is a thing of the past.
My family’s gone and friends going fast.
Brothers turned his back, filled with shame, when looking down.
Sister sits at home wearing her new born crown.
Spent months in the decrepit jailhouse.
Rehab is my only house.
Another druggie behind bars.
I have no retreats for my life in need of repair.
Six more months with good behavior.
This wont make my life any better.
Ive been in and out since I was a teenager.
I’ve brought this onto myself again.
Pen Can Write
Pen Can Draw
It Can Even Paint

Pen can fill Colours
In Shapes and Drawings
And in peoples Life too

Pen has Sympathy
Pen has Empathy
Pen has Emotions too

Pen can Heal
Make you feel
Calm and cool

Pen can save
It can control
The way we behave

Pen Can Fight
For your rights
And for others too

Pen can **** colours
From peoples life
And make it pretty hell

Pen can help you
****** poor's property
And make you very rich

Pen can throw
Culprit in Jail
Or can even grant him bail

Pen could be Cruel
Only needs some fuel
Then it could easily burn

Pen is Sharp
It can Cut and Wound
And Make you Bleed

But is it really the Pen
Or the Hand and Mind
Of one who uses the Pen

Pen is a Weapon
Pen is Lethal
So handle with care
Pen has immense capabilities and immense power.  So how it should be handled
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