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Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
The emptiness
In peace
Is not silence
One needs

Stay raw
Genre: Observational
Theme: Truth Of Life
Author's Note:
Needs spirituality
As much as
Needs science
I wear my skirt backwards simply to make a statement

You do not see the skirt because you don't find them attractive

She thinks we're so absorbed in what is not important

I made a statement but I was using the wrong language
what language will make the most impacting statement ?
cypress Nov 2020
my work sprouts from the simplest indeterminate sense

                                               depicting more than verge death organisms

         freshly ground expectations are composted alongside considered
                                                                ­                                          traditions

          ­                       allowing our vigorous grip of normalcy to disperse

    changing infancy energy into visceral landscapes of amplified color

                                                       ­                                       a falling into rest

where we can blossom into our own embodied environments
An artist statement
Anais Vionet Jul 2020
I am unkissable
I am unreachable
I am semi-innocent
I am under pressure
I have an impassioned mind
I need to be taken in hand
I need to love soberly
a state a distinct form in which one can exist
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
The Poem of Poems

for Beth

This is my Poem of Poems, for you.
Every word ineluctably true:
I love you.

Keywords/Tags: love, poem, poems, poetry, true, words, word, affirmation, final, statement, true, truth
Trefild Mar 2020
to all who feel like doing truly
rude things, letting loose your fury
have an itch to shoot some bullets
all the imprudent bullies
putting yoofs & adults into the blues &
pushing them to that very solution
will do as ones to get ruined
and if you are one
of them, a few words regarding your funeral
[if there will be one]
hope it will be at odds with the usual
it should be full of fun
whether or not that is suitable
although it has nothing to do with me, I think those vultures deserve to suffer
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2020
Where the weight
Of the shadow
Proportionate to
The depth of the pain

And when
Less is more
Where's less?
When the light
In the soul
The pure happiness

Let's where
Rather be
Genre: Abstract Minimalist
Theme:  Measurements || Statements
Rick Clewett Dec 2019
the Cardinal in full plumage
is a handsome bird
both male and female

but the adolescent Cardinal
not so much

it looks a splotchy ragged mess
its act not yet together

adult plumage will come of course
but acts don’t stay together

adulthood isn’t a plateau
of competence and handsome looks
that last until the breakdowns of old age

every year the grownups molt
have to change their feathers
rebuilt their looks and means of flight

people are like that too
without the features

and more staggered periods of change
less assurance that the new
attitudes friends and habits
will work that they’ll feel comfortable
within their skin
with or without features we
are all subject to the weather
poisoning of water the local pecking order

and then death

we all seem to flit around more than is needed
we all sing our joys and needs and warnings

we all proclaim our right to be here
no matter what our plumage
no matter how we sing
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