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Jon Thenes Jan 5
All this having spanned
since a borning
is the activity of Sleeper Agent

This Agent has grown Impy
of this lively drumming of clingings

It is recognised and marked as ;
an entertainment
an irreverent viewing

A clearer work must commence
an underlying detached being

Operations within the drama life
are now operations in a training ground

All these efforts are toward Project Awake
and projected life is now secondary
though useful.
XyL0S Jan 1
What is the one thing
that happened in your yesterday
You can't live without?
No one really judges
A Presidential pardon for all inmates and the expulsion of every American's arrest and incarceration record. Change the lives of forty million people and see the economy roar the Lion's head.

What could be more,  Christian?
America never understood the message of Jesus and still does not get it.
You can be anything, but not everything,
So why do we keep making people our everything’s when we are struggling to find that one thing that makes us, us ?

Why do we bend over backwards for love but don’t take the time to invest in ourselves ?

Instead of seeking validation from other people we should should be validating our own worth,

But of course we can’t seem to shake the addiction of gathering likes on social media so we show a little more skin and clamp our mouths shut since society doesn’t value opinions anymore.

We are sheep in a sea of vanity and political correctness. All clamoring over each other trying to come out on top.

No one wants to be unique anymore because you can’t trend individuality on Twitter. We are so dependent on instant gratification that we sleep with our phones Incase someone likes our posts at 3 am.

When’s the last time you saw a kid playing outside? These phone screens are like prison glass.

We are sheep in a sea of vanity and political correctness.
"It is equally as important to know useless things as those deemed useful. . .for the ability to skip learning the futile, to show to others how, is as insightful and beneficial as knowledge is to be gained."
Oliver Philip Nov 2018
There but for the grace of God go I.
There but for the grace of God go I.
Having reached the age of six n seventy
Eagles of the sea have taught me to fly
Rich rewards await if you reach a land o plenty
Expectations under wraps but you have to try

By loving and giving the passport to nobility
Unless you keep a faith you’ll never know why
There but for the grace of God go I

Fortune favours t’ brave my Daddy w’ so wise.
On those winter nights he reads to my delight
Rubicon of literary giants was my prize.

The works o’ Rudyard Kipling kept a boy alive
Hidden hero’s mentoring a child with a desire
Every Sunday church attend all were s’advised

Granted there but for the grace of God go I
Running clear of all the gangs Im traumatised
Atheists n sinners ridiculed looking in my eyes
Call yourself a Christian ?Well we are amazed
Even with such provocative faith held for years

On life threatening occasions it never wavered
Faith holds the key as friends fail to survive

Gladly ,there but for the grace of God go I
Oh grant me that grace to be of your PA
Diligence and devotion t’ serve you all my days

God channeled me my words for love of man
Only wish to perpetuate the joy of poetry.

In an age.When fake news is everywhere .
Written by Philip.
November 10th 2018.
I know this to be true
Matthew Sep 2018
The piece before this entry, I know it's full of things that needed rewritten. It was hard to write and I think you get the jist, ya? I'll edit it one day maybe
Brent Kincaid Sep 2018
My world today is upside down
When truth is lies and cheating;
When the country is run by a clown
Who wants to be beyond defeating.
When robbing the poor is fun
For those who don’t need money.
When taking sick people’s insurance
To the wealthy is something funny.

The world is thinking with it’s ****
If looking back to Nazis is correct.
We have the burden to protest this,
We have a society we must protect.
Some are badly uneducated now
Because we have lowered the bar
On what we teach our children today.
Yes, we have sunk down that far.

As a people, we don’t seem to care
About who is making our laws now.
The law is full of massive restrictions
But most of us have no idea just how.
How did they get there, these rules
That support the rich and corporations?
When did we become this leviathan
Of criminals running our fine nation?

So, what can we do, short of revolution?
Do we all march in the streets and strike?
Do we stop buying cars and houses
And go to work every day on a bike?
Do we boycott spending money at all
Until the crooks are cleared away?
And how do we tell good from bad
In the way things are slanted today?

We all must speak and write and demand
Of the current representatives elected
To look to the precedents we have had
Upon which our great country was erected.
We founded this country on equality
And promised freedom for us all.
We have the burden to see to it
That our government answers that call.
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