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Phoenix 3d
I'm not a book,
yet you always judge me.
I'm not your footpath,
yet you walk all over me.
I'm not a card game,
yet you continue to play me.
I'm not a sand bag,
yet you insist on punching me.

I don't care.
Do what ever it takes until you realize

I'm nothing


Sometimes I feel that everyone is doing better than me in some way. I know it's not right to compare my own life to others', but it's a bad habit of mine.
i hold myself steady
under your frown
not allowing even a twitch
of how your disapproval chews away at me
to show on features so painfully bland
i've been dealing with thorns
for so long
that i no longer need gloves.

Esther L. Krenzin
Aidan Jun 20
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.
That's the saying isn't it?
To not let the words of someone else get the better of you?
But how can you not let them get the best of you when they haunt you daily?
How can you ignore them when they are lurking right around the corner?

We want to believe that the cushion to our wound will always be there for us no matter what.
We want to believe that there will be someone by our side through it all.
But it's the words that we use that can do the exact opposite of what we want.
Words make people leave
Words can make people stay
Words define how we live and who is involved in it.

Nothing is said without an intention,
It may not be direct but it will do damage.
Damage that could either be fix with more words or damage that will stay forever wounded.
Words cause the hurt that surrounds us today
Words cause the joy that we are all addicted to

So the next time you use the words you have been blessed with,
Just think long and hard
And then, just then may you say what could very well dictate your future.
This poem is about the words that are used in everyday life and how they hold much more power than people like to think. Words are the key to the set backs and the advantages in life, it is just a matter of how you put them together.
I hiss and withdraw
to the core
retreating behind my thicket
of thorns
fangs bared against
beleaguered attempts
to shred the serendipity
I've fought relentlessly
to nurture.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Beleaguer: to exhaust with attacks
Serendipity: finding something good without looking for it
With just a few words
you crush me to smithereens
taking and taking without giving
anything in return
Even as something in my chest
Even as I feel my walls crumble
nothing can halt the sting of hurt
that follows you
You handle words like a double-edged
a prodigy in the art of inflicting
Spitting acid into the air between
it collects beneath my flesh and
eats away at me from within
So I summon shields of wintery smiles
and icy eyes
in the futile hope it will ensconce
bandaged bruises
I make myself stand tall before you
and unexpecting.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Dad, you can be so hurtful.
Evie Mar 29
everything i do is to please them
i follow their rules
i do as they ask
im home before curfew
i turn off my phone
i work for my grades

but its never enough
im still
a *****
a liar
a disappointment

the unconditional "love" of a parent

im sorry im not enough
im doing my best
DancingEnt Nov 2018
I dont want to be
Your verbal punching bag. So
Please just set me free
kathryn anne Oct 2018
w h y  d o  i  m e s s  u p
e v e r y t h i n g  i  t o u c h
w o r d s  t h a t  i  d o n 't  m e a n
h u r l e d a t  p e o p l e  t h a t  i  l o v e
l i k e  v o m i t  f r o m  m y  l i p s,
p o i s o n  i n  m y  v e i n s
w i l l  e v e r y  w o r d  i  u t t e r
o n l y  c a u s e  m e  p a i n  ?
Cydney Something Oct 2018
Hours of sub-conscious-ness

Between the fight and now

These days, I always wake

Before the sun

Before you

And remember the fight-

"Well, MAYBE

I look over


When you wake, you won't remember

It always takes a while

The sun will make you squint

And you will smile

Because, really-

"Good morning, love!

The dog whines at the door

As you try to close your eyes

Feed me, walk me, pet me

I will let him whine

It's the only revenge I have

You finally sigh

"I'll get it, love"

You stand out of bed

And I notice

You have morning wood
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