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They're voices hit me
like hardened citrus
Thrown at my curled body on the floor

their laughter is hurting me
their smiles are my scars

Band-aids and mocking
inside I'm breaking
everyone else loves me the way I am
so why can't they?
when school is bad you go home when home is bad where do you go?
The first Apple seed
I planted
inside hu(wo)man's (h)earth

There is just one of me,
I'm not like t(w)oo many farmers
Whom after the first
Plants every second

Let's say,
I have been grooming
the same t(h)ree ye(ar)s!
And I'm like
Still here (air)
In the third base hot spo(r)t;
Well, my last!

Let's make the quality
of my muse quantitative
and my verbal

Decode this mirror mirage
not seeing from a mirage mirror

If A P P L E
is a four letter code
Starting with the fourth

And ended with the fifth.
Complicated right?

You know what, just take five
And start again from "the first"

Musing on the muse and how long we've been musing
I set you up with the fire
And as well give the *******
Can you decode? Let Me know
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
I reflect upon your words
I reflect upon the absence of mine

I hear the hurt between the verbs
The cruelty layered upon the consonants

All I see is hate created from pain
All I see is toxic anger submerged in *******

I reflect upon your words
I reflect upon the absence of mine

I was going to bear witness
To your torturous sickness

But my faith is my deliverance and
My God taught me forgiveness.
she forgave her abuser.
Lane O Aug 2020
Words can strike like swords,
leaving wounds that time can't heal;
They scar the heart and soul,
more so than iron or steel.
IMCQ Apr 2020
My skin contains your every utterance.
Your malcontent,
Your affronts.
My failures.

It's a love so bitter.
I'm weak to it.
The scent,
It lingers.

I bleed through the bandages.
My hands,
Impossible to grasp.
You let me fall.

We hurt together.
Harmonious are the cries and whimpers.
While you tear yourself apart,
I pour myself into you.
Love is the problem and solution.  The journey and the reward.  Never give up.
Amanda Pringle Apr 2020
Putting effort into every word that moves your lips
Is something to be rejoiced.
By your will, they were created
And pushed into reality.


To make sense of nonsense spewing
Is a task deemed rare and true.
To tiptoe the line makes others try
To define the space for you.

What are you saying?
What are you trying to say?
Grey Mar 2020
I remember sitting on the floor,
Arms wrapped around me.
Bawling my eyes out
Wondering why I'm crying,
Thinking what's wrong with me?
This isn't reality.
Now I look back and realize,
It was real.
It was abuse.
Nothing was wrong with me,
Except for being used.

A telltale sign,
I now see.
The problem wasn't even me.
Angry with what has happened
But elated because...
Now I'm free,
Drifting on a breeze,
Of such sweet release.
I have to say
God bless me
And everything that tried to break me
That in itself amazes me


by me...

Traveler Dec 2019
....all you ever do is watch politics,
play guitar and write poetry....

...what did you use the Charge Card for this ti'me...,,,....,,,,...
....we just can't afford to take care of everybody....

Really!...another bottle...
                                 ......ya I expected such from you...

Isn't love great?
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