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Phenomenal, Phenomenal, Phenomenal!
Brain superstition.
I broke it.
I had my own imagination!
Nova May 10
I’ve been tied to a stereotype
With a rope I can’t break.
They think I’m the girl
That will never take a break.

But that’s not me
I don’t fit that list
But they tell me I do
Do I like it? They wish.
alexa Apr 16
when you see me, a girl with tan skin but her parents are black and white, what do you think?

do you instantly assume that my dad wasn't there? if you do, you'd be correct. do you think about whether or not i've witnessed violence? in and outside of the home? if you do, you'd be correct. do you think that i had to help with the bills because my single mother couldn't scavenge enough money to pay them by herself and no one would help her? if you do, you'd be correct.

truth is, i've never even considered being the definition of a stereotype. ever. people have always called me a "half-breed", a "*******", and infamously a "******" even though the hard r wasn't always pronounced. i've never been offended by their words though, my mom has taught me to have tougher skin than that.

i've always been a stereotype, though. i guess in some people's eyes that's all i am. a young girl living up to her background.

but the thing is, i know that i'm worth more than their insults, assumptions, thoughts, and doubts. i'm going to be more than a stereotype one day. mark my words.
Toxic yeti Mar 24
As a kid jumps
In the rainy
Having a jolly good time
She is faced
With a friendly
Don’t judge a book by its
Don’t judge a dog
By its breed.
Stuck in a straight jacket
That detaches from humanities
That disables civilized thinking
It strangles your insides
And steals compassion
And your breath of life
Withers inside this chasten

In this rubber room
Who’s pads make up your apathetical existence
You rot here like the ***** you take
You die here
Unless you bleed yourself of disrespect
Unless you bleed yourself of disinterest
Unless you bleed yourself of narcissism

Who cares
Your worthless in this state anyway
Find purpose in empathy

Or die here
Exist out of the minds of others
Others who have collective respect
Collective understanding
Collective empathy
And open mindedness

You’re locked here cause you prejudge
Guarded by your own stubbornness
You don’t accept
That you don’t know everyone’s story
You can’t know
You judge anyway

That hippie over there
He’s not a ***** loser
He has a family he loves
Worked hard in construction
And overcame a destructive alcohol and drug abuse
He’s better than you
He’s empathetic
And embraces everyone
Got caught up in my disgusting mind. How ***** I am. Judging people I know nothing about. I hate it. Pathetic.
Sylph Sep 2018
Society is the eating fire
It starts with a Spark of words
The spark starts going through
And thats whats starts the Eating fire
Burning inside you
and society will keep eating at you and the rest
Creating a unstoppable forest fire


                  Theres someone there who can put the fire out and save whats almost ruined...
Can you be that person?
Shubham Solanki Dec 2018
I sit by the window
Staring out with hope
Gloomy face eyes low
Captive in this castle
A solitary dreamer
Waiting for the one
Riding with her sword
My dauntless damsel
To rescue me away
far-far away from
this deranged world

I wonder though
What amuses you more
Am I less of a man
Or do you doubt
A woman's valour
Capable of Creating
Life in her womb
Open your petty mind
Break thy stereotypes
Crush the misogyny
Prove to the feminine soul
Chivalry isn't dead anymore
Deep Sangani Oct 2018
"Your body is ruined" he says,
"because it has been touched by another man's hands"
before his.
Ask him how many woman's bodies have
his hands ruined,
what is wrong,
in his mind,
with a man's hands that only know
how to ruin a woman's body,
rather than
love it.
Thorns and petals make a woman

UA Aug 2018
Why do people care when I fall down on air,
It's a root, first of all, I don't know why they dare,
I don't die, must I fall, I may cry and may crawl,
Let this be something learned for the next one who saw,

I know I'm the one that will die in the movies,
However I go I know It won't be soothing,
I run after day when it's worse for the sight,
Of course, I would trip when i'm running in the night,

For the better or worse, I'm the first one to go,
It is good that I know I'm the start of the flow,
At the end of the day, It all goes out to show,
I am falling on roots, not the air you a*sholes!
**** inspired by a dream.
MysticRiddleton Aug 2018
Even if statistics
would find ballistics
Beneath the bed
Of all colored head

A lovely red
would show no mercy
Beyond the thread
Of seamless heresy.
How I hate the concept of stereotyping especially when it degrades kind individuals.
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