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Eric Babsy Oct 9
Learning to fly is irrational.
Logic is trying to be something your not.

We spread lies everyday.
Just to be a shroud the illusion is ***.

How can we act?
On what is at fault, that is fact.

Can we all just use the right time.
To bring forth our sharing; our love so divine.

Can we act without prejudice?
Someone hooked on hot bliss.

Help me survive.
I call out, because the shadow has no name.

To divide and conquer.
To sacrifice blame.

Where are the answers.
As we as people keep spreading the cancer.
Eric Babsy Oct 4
Is the moon not hung right tonight?
Can you not just help make me the world bright.
Oh no it is not bright.
Too much not to take a life.

The victim is not right.
After all heat of day.
All the others went away.
You were the one who stayed.

Help me in this fight.
Because the odds are not in my favor.
Is this alright.
The kind that cures wild behavior.

I need to have a little time to get adjusted.
Because the doors open.
Then the bolts are busted.
At risk, for a heart I am hoping.

Just give me time.
Time to not waste and throw away.
In myself just what I find.
Now on the ground I lay.

The victim of another day.
Can not throw it all away.
Soon maybe I will see.
Forever a victim I cannot be.
Anya Oct 4
I binge WAYYYYYY too much

During my obsession with strawberries
I ate a couple boxes a week
For a solid
Or few

During by obsession with reading
Every ounce of my
Free time was
At least several
A week

During my obsession with drawing
The number of printer paper
Packages I ran through
Cannot be counted
And this lasted
Several years
Mind you

During by obsession with Chinese cuisine
I constantly pestered my family
To go there
On our weekly
For a solid
Couple years

During my obsession with vanilla covered chocolate popsicles
I ate one
Every day
At least
A month

During my obsession with pogo stick jumping

During my obsession with chocolate chip cookies

During my obsession with Asian light novels

During my obsession with strawberry black forest cake from that specific bakery

During my-

During my-




It’s confirmed.

Anya Sep 27
When a person is
Caught off guard
Is their natural
Or flight
Or freeze?

One can play it innocent
Backing off

Other times
One could play it cool
There’s nothing
Wrong with what I’m doing
And I ain’t moving gurl

Then, there’s the freeze
Just stop
Or don’t even speak
Um’s and
The other
To come to their
Own conclusion
So, which one do you do
Or fight
Or freeze?
Derrick Jones Sep 14
I am Hansel
eating breadcrumbs I should leave alone
I am Gretel
unaware of the danger in the candy home
I am the witch
inviting danger in with my dinner
I am a human
a fool, an arrogant sinner

Yet I am also Prometheus
Stealing knowledge from the realm of the divine
Sharing it with every person I can find
Exploring farther into the human mind
Than ever before in the history of humankind
For more poetry and essays, follow my blog on Medium at https://medium.com/words-ideas-thoughts
Thanks for reading!
Breeze-Mist Aug 9
Am I
The target
Of your ire

I was
Not part of
Events transpir'd

Do I
Find myself
Doing the same

If I
Didn't know
About such pain
(cira December 22nd, 1996)

Abby tested positive, (sans colonized)
with clusters of Group B streptococcus
(GBS, a type of bacterial infection found
within ****** and/or ******) undergoing
routine prenatal examinations during third
trimester of pregnancy with (Eden),

which intent toward natural childbirth delivery
preparations came to screeching halt, cuz said
harmful naturally existing toxic secretions
(detected within about 25% of all healthy,
adult women), thus midwives at Bryn Mawr

Birthing Center could no longer countenance
(against good interdenominational faithful con
science and any impending lawsuits) assist with
timely delivery starkly aware of serious adverse
risks via incumbent natural birth.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Hence sea change
     immediately adopted
     pitting mum blame
ming discombobulation
     as she scuttled
     linkedin with intravenous tubes game
lee crossing Township Line Road
     (all the while,

     her body shored up lame
basted with necessary intravenous sustaining
     nutriment fluids none
     of which I could name
awaiting to be wheeled into sterile
     antiseptic hospital prenatal
     ward, where shame
     enveloped descended,

     where questions addressed
     to fly by night doctor
brushed away unlike
     storybook television medics,
     where real life hectic frenzy all hustle
     and abustle becalm temporarily tame
when cameo appearance
     of Doctor Do Little rushed into fray
(hastening onset of cervical dilation to grow

     so he could, return as an ordinary Joe
     to his interrupted round golf
     with Trump at Mar-a-Lago)
when labor pains
     did not start less or mo
(at the convenience
     of obstetrician), a no

name generic brand hailed
     from "doc" side of the moon oh
most without consensus,
     hestarted "mother"
     on an IV infusion poe
shun of oxytocin
     (brand name Pitocin),
     which agitation provoked

     roil (royal) row
her disposition to
     high blood pressure
     quieted by attendant
     mid wives beaming
     at "starry eyed student,"
     who uttered whoa
Already daughter wasted

     no time lambasting us
     newly minted parents for intervening,
     sans natural status quo
     versus surrendering "scheduled birth"
before launching into
     the peroration slow

wing enunciation (something
     about Dorothy and
     the wizard of Id) in toto
of a lengthy excoriating speech, she rehearsed
     while she bobbed around in utero
     like ma's yoyo.

The departure from maternity ward
back to Pennfield Manor Apartments
     of Hatfield, Pennsylvania
appeared (hyperbole understated)
     as a double edged sword,
an ill fitting car seat
     generating highest decibels
screaming (do nut under estimate
     the lungs of a newborn)
whom this papa being hard
of hearing now, thereafter
     hitherto known as
     the pantomiming bard.
Anya Jul 3
Your helping her helping him
It’s for your own gain
Either it benefits you
It makes you feel good or better about yourself
It’s someone you love or like
All of these are for yourself
There is no “selfless”


Neither is it selfish
People connotate
With bad
It doesn’t have to be
Why should we
Do something if we have no motivation?

Comes from
Us having some stake
Some benefit
Something to gain
Some reason to act
To speak
To behave

So it’s not selfish
I the cynic would say,
Nor is it selfless
There is no such thing
It’s simply the cogs and mechanics
That turn
And enable us to act

Because why would we do anything without a reason
even if that reason happens to be boredom
or curiosity?
trf Jun 30
the shade below your rib cage
inhales gusts of wind
as blue rain
wets your hips
breakfast beckons

your Tulips talk too much
and aren't fed enough
rest the words
eat your whole
darker hallows
bless your soul
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