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xavier thomas Apr 26
Is it peace
or a piece
that you desire from me?
Peace- loving grace from me
Piece- taking my light from me
A lot of people had  come and gone. Even those we confined on. Regardless betrayal.

It's absolutely true that, even a family can never be together forever,

we must spread, the Earth is so wide. As the space of heaven free and wide.

Sometime now we little have to worry about who stay or leave the vehicle of sages. What travels around return back about same place.

Wide and free space under sky, hoping God save us a place in paradise.

Either remain true. Needa stay real. - C9fm
It's inspired of a social media group, by the exit of people, one after the other. And there this work derived from.
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2022
Dear sweet filthy world,

Photographs can lie,
so put away forbidden playthings,
that's how you got killed before.

Why, oh why,
can't an ordinary stand up
with the nefarious gods
on the second floor?

For the other end of the telescope
is leaning toward science fiction,
and this love from a cold land,
this sad burlesque,
is a bottle of smoke
on the deep dead blue,
one watt above darkness.
Mrs Timetable Apr 2022
Accidental events

Unconsciously drawn
To a peril
You can control

Engendering loss

Unresolved grief

Is data
Created equally
Coping with any loss isn't the same for everyone. Trying to understand.
Do you consider not being able to have something you desire a loss? Is the loss itself worse than the coping?
Zack Ripley Dec 2021
I'm sorry; I don't mean to pry.
But could someone please tell me why
it's so embarrassing to cry?
How many times have we said "I'm sorry"
only to say "babe, don't worry"
when it's the other way around?
Why do we have empathy for the wolves
when we cry for the same reasons?
Why are we so afraid to show our feelings
that we make up lies, like,
"it's the changing of the seasons"?
The behavior of a generation
won't change overnight.
But we need to start working
on being comfortable with expressing ourselves when something's not right.
Marisela Veludo Aug 2021
Looking for a corner, a place to hide
He aint weak, his reaction aint mild
Through him I see instability, I see red
A burning anger, takes control, unstoppable spread
A monster he becomes, it's growing within
Should not be heard, should not be seen

Looking for a corner, a place to hide.
Feeling lost and fragile ,get out of my site
An evil voice, a look that fears
I will not crumble,  will show no tears
Words that crush, confusing and absurd
Extreme behavior..... lunatic... its confirmed
Alexa Genesis Jun 2021
decision makes action decide what fate we will belong
behavior makes people judge who we are
reason makes us decide what choice we have
personality is who we are
Andy Chunn Mar 2021
I got a dog likes to wander around
You might see him anywhere in town
In my neighbor’s yard or in his trash

Today, I don’t know where he’s been
He just came a-staggerin’ in
I think that my old dog has found a stash.

I got a doped up dog
Don’t know what to do
He’s layin’ in the yard, howling at the moon
He won’t feel so good
In the light of day
I don’t know what makes him act that way.

Friday night and I’m on the town
You can see me all around
Any place where I can get a belt

Made it in a half past three
My old dog just looked at me
I think he knew exactly how I felt.

Like a doped up dog
Don’t know what to do
I’m  layin’ in the yard, howling at the moon
I won’t feel so good
In the light of day
I don’t know what makes me act that way.

Well, Jake just looked me in the eye
And I said “Yea Boy, we can try
To straighten up and get on the right track

Then we won’t feel so rough
Messin’ ‘round with all that stuff
And you and me won’t ever have to act….

Like a doped up dog
Don’t know what to do
We’re  layin’ in the yard, howling at the moon
We won’t feel so good
In the light of day
I don’t know what makes us act that way. know !!
Jessica Jan 2021
Behavior is a Response
Your Actions receives a Reaction
Attention to You
You learn how to get what you want
You learn
You repeat

The things you want command your behavior
Your Actions
Your Mind

What do you want?
Love, Attention, Fear, Distain or Admiration

Do you wish for family?
Do you desire Success or Fame?
Do you want people to feel afraid?  
Worship, Submission, Control.

Who are you
What do you want
What will your behavior be

Can you control yourself
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