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White Shadow Sep 10
Time is a powerful thing,
It tells who we're gonna meet.
But it's our behavior that defines,
How long they're gonna stay.
We must not forget,
The path which here lead,
All the thorne on the bed,
And all the wishes which are dead.

We must not forget the suffering on the way,
Or to encourage you what people used to say
Also not to forget people on the way, who betray.

We must not forget all the learning and experience.
With all the success some of the failure.
That made a big change to our behavior.
I'm trying to learn that it's alright for people to find me

So often I am met with remarks of:

"I wish I could be as confident as you."
"I can't believe you're not scared to wear that."
"You didn't really say that to him...right?"

I don't feel confident.
I am scared.
I did say it.

I've regretted it since.

Oddities are a novelty until they surpass an acceptable monthly quota.


I've found that habitual marijuana usage and
pretty white lines
can be a valid excuse for
strange behavior.

Each joint shared
Each liquor bottle opened
Increases the monthly quota by one.

You're allowed to be:


If you're a substance abuser.

It's actually
at times.

If I act too normal, I'll get
such as:

"Wow, I forgot you do drugs."
"Do you not need your meds anymore?"
"Have you thought your mania is just from all the ***?"

I didn't forget.
I do need them. I often don't take them.
And, sometimes.

But then I'll soberly proclaim to be the next Van Gogh and that my **** are nicer than
Mia Khalifa's.

(They're not.)

you can write off absurd behavior
if it occurs while

I learned that younger
than I

It's harder to refute the confused glances
whispered jokes
when your head is
but your
is foggy.

"Let us know if [  ] scares you in the group chat;
you'll get used to her eventually."

"I hope we don't have to have this conversation again."

"She's hot, but she's kind of

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
DM me so I can get the powerful thrill of top-dog dominance from ignoring you.
Carlo C Gomez May 28
I see waves
and candy-filled holidays
I see beach *****
and florescent seafoam
I see barely clad soccer moms
playing in the surf
with their children
I see Humbert
eyeing the teenage girls
I see the beauty
of an Asian sun
I see bikini ties come undone
I see predilection
and his friend, ignorance
I see the same social distancing
by the color of one's skin
I see newfound paranoia
I see the old pleasure
and pain
I see a broken whole
in a mere afternoon walk
on the shore

Welcome to
the empirical sand

What you see
is what you get
BLT's continued challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, empirical.
Xilef Oilla May 4
We bled earth's arm

Here's her vein shriveled up

And her wrinkles dried out

Fountains of Rome are now empty

Its eternal springs ran dry

Thirsty, we drank all the water

But couldn't get drunk enough

And for those who refuse ****

Tears are left to drink

Or salted sea, for the reckless
Carlo C Gomez Feb 22
It's said
Behavior is learned
Especially thru close association

This explains why
My cellphone is also depressed
Outgoing closet
With a shy hanger
Covering private parts
From open exposure
Sometimes a family
Shares the same space
But not the same views
Ksh Nov 2019
I like to believe that I am a sunflower.
Blooming beautifully and shining with all the grace and poise of a dainty little winged fairy, flitting from petal to petal,
sun rays in my hair and tinkling laughter falling from my pointed shoes;
On these days, I am happy.
I am myself, and I feel on top of my game.

Of course, there are some days
when the sun doesn't look like it's shining;
it doesn't even feel warm.
Where, then, does the sunflower turn
on the days of clouds and rain?
Does it wilt, or close up,
spin around in circles maybe?

I like to believe that I am a sunflower.
In my imagination, sunflowers on rainy days
go on a little hike.
They pull up their roots from the earth,
and start walking in any direction they feel is right.
Sometimes they walk with friends.
Sometimes they feel better alone.
Sometimes, when the sun starts shining again,
they're not in the same field as they once were.
Sometimes they find a familiar, empty flowerbed,
and sometimes they grow in a newly tilled one.
Sometimes they're admired at by people passing by,
and sometimes they're tossed over like a sad, limp vegetable.

And that's okay.
That's okay.
People say that it's okay.
Even when it's not.
Maybe, if I think about it enough times -
it will come true.

That that's okay.
It's okay.
You're okay.
I'm okay.
Aleena Sep 2019
They come. They go.
But sometimes you do not know why

Mostly you do understand them
But capriciously you just can not explain
why a ray of  melancholy
hit you in the brain
Matt Shao Jun 2019
A man enters a lonely room, we’ll call him Mr. Bad
Another joins the other, Mr. Goodman, his comrade
They act and play and do the things that all the people do
And every time that Goodman wins folks’ love, Bad smiles too

“Sure it’s great, I do not hate, for Goodman is the best!”
But on the inside, Mr. Bad is beating on his chest
He writhes around until he’s found someone who hates Good too
And plots with them behind the scenes ‘cause that’s what people do

“Come here my dear, now tell me clear, why is it Good you hate?”
Bad asks the girl he found when he pretends they’re on a date
“He’s about him, he’s arrogant, it rubs me the wrong way!”
The words this little lady said what bothered her that day

“I know!” Said Bad, “The facts are had!
To tell you the whole truth
I hate him too, here’s what we’ll do,
we’ll end it in the booth”
And so it went, although Good meant, to only lend a hand
He died that day, I’m sad to say, on this election stand

And so it goes, as we all know, that’s how these things play out
When jealousy, toxicity, takes hold and causes doubt
So if I may, let me please say, if you’re a Mr. Bad
Take my advice: change your life, or you will wish you had.
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