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Emma 1d
If I told you about my November would you tell me about yours?
You always said these things get easier with time, but I’m still waiting.
I’ll mark today down in all my calendars and I’ll get back to you.
3 years wasn’t long enough to forget.
As much as I want to love you, I can’t stand your pity,
And I can’t stand my own fear.
All of my heroes become my villains,
And I’m desperate for something to believe in
Now that I can’t believe in you.
I learned the hard way that I can’t rely too heavily on anyone,
Because once I do they get scared and they leave.
The things that scar me are the things that will scare you
And you will leave too.
Watching her
Fake her
Imprisonment to
Her pain has
No gain
She is going insane
The world is in pain
She isn’t to blame
Her world is pain
But she won’t break
Her love is
Her mind is unsaid
Impossibly long times in bed
She is waiting for the
I wish she would feel less bled

(Feel better dream when you awake.)
For a friend.
They trained hard for this,
Sacrificing themselves for others.
Something that strong is tough to dismiss,
Becoming each other’s sisters and brothers.

They fight so we can live free,
Wearing different colors of camouflage.
Yet, we disgrace them by taking a knee.
That, to me, is the ultimate sabotage.

They are our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,
Even our friends and neighbors.
So let’s remember them, as we do others.
As we rest from all our labors.

Remember those that have and continue to serve,
On this eleventh of November, it's the least they deserve.
A tribute to those who have served/are serving.
The middle of nowhere reminds me of you
a place with no commotion
with a soft, grey hue
And when it grows brighter
that is your cue
to sneak up on me
reminding me that it was you
Quick write as I pass an abundance of nothingness, overwhelming feelings and overwrought thoughts swirling in my head
Ah! Men

              Aargh! Men

Armed men
  Harmed men
   Jarred men
     Marred men
      Scarred men

Scared men

****** men

Their men
Your men
Our men

©pofacedpoetry – Billy Reynard-Bowness (2018) – all right’s reserved
In remembrance of ALL who died in conflict
i see honour in

a salute.
hands on hearts.
the fragrance of fresh flowers in a shrine.
five people running to help a stranger in the street.
genuine laughter.

three bowed heads.

a delicate frame carrying a child.
hundreds of backs, straight and standing.
a gaze that holds no harm.

a thousand souls who turn away from fear, or a substance,
and reach for ***.
In remembrance.
The weekends are definitely the worst
The weekends are definitely the worst
Having got thru the last five lonely days
Experiencing the life of a single man

Well baby it’s not fun. I so miss you.
Even though I have a free reign in everything
Everyday the freedom to explore new things
Kind people tell me each n every day heals
Even though the weekends are definitely worst
Notwithstanding , it’s only 8 weeks since you
Died in my arms on that Saturday morning.
Saturday’s have become a dark day for me

As I miss you babe, reciting my poetry to you
Reciting the entreaties I wrote of togetherness
Every day I spent with you were happy days

Days filled with mutual and unconditional love
Even as we gave each other everlasting love
Failing to ever take death into consideration
I think the weekends are definitely the worst
No as I lay here in my very lonely apartment
And watching happy people enjoying life
They act as if they think nought has happened
Even if they do know and display condolences
Like it’s a band-aid over to mend my sad heart
You know Baby that I will never get over you.

The weekends are definitely the worst
Having made recompense to your children
Experiencing the slow ostracism death brings

Weekdays can be filled with many things to do
Only reaching Saturday...I crash land burnt out
Remembering that tragic day of all days.
So my Darling I sit and write my poetry.
The weekends are definitely the worst

Written by Philip.
November 10th 2018.
Remembering a tragic event. The death of my wife
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