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I wake up from a drugged sleep just at sunset.
It allowed me the luxury not to suppose
That I felt our love dying in the bright sun,
Your need fading with the oncoming dusk,
But could see myself resurrected in the rose:

That transient swath beneath the glow,
Just above the horizon.
It reminds me of times that were,
When I was myself and didn’t know you.
It is harder to remember than you know.

What a blessing to imagine I don’t care at all.
I’d forgotten how warming.
To breeze through the day in a comfortable way;
No more skating on glass, but letting them pass,
All the things that once were alarming.

Perhaps I’ll awake on some fresh morning,
Done now skirting the old and new
And you’ll come striding through the rising sun.
I’ll be myself again and you will be you
And we’ll go strolling as we once did, into the blue.

August 9, 2016
Renhui Sep 14
i tremble with remembrances of you
your lips gently against mine
your eyes unlocking my soul
awoke in me an eternal love
like a rain drop falling into the ocean wave
oh i love you so

i tremble with remembrances of you
your life mingled with mine
in my dreams you move
protecting me against ills and hails
like an invisible coat that covers me whole
oh i love you so
Saroj Basnet Sep 14
In ur eyes...In ur mind,
Love is being drawn
Even if we're far apart
Even if we're hidden
U filled my eyes..
U filled my hearts,
becz I keep thinking of u...

Close ur eyes...
Open up ur heart,
N feel the Love..
Even if I can't catch u,
Even if I can't hug u...
Still my love is u,
becz I keep thinking of u...

U beat in my heart...
U sleep  in my nights,
Even if we fight,
Even if we cry...
Ur smile is all,I needed
becz I keep thinking of u...
I wanna dedicate this work piece to someone very special whom I lost with the span of time.
I did not find her
In the crowd of
My varying dreams
I did not remember
Her face
And her voice
I had caught sight of her
In a crowd
There were many faces
And voices
She did seem familiar
As though I had known her
For a long time
I still remember her
But strangely
I did not recollect her face
In my dreams
I shall go to bed
Early this night
Heera Sep 11
Do you ever smile for me?
Or thinking about how i would have cynically responded to one of your comments and taunted you back, smirking at my victory?
Or do you ever feel sad or atleast almost teary that i gave you everything i had and you threw it away?
Do you ever say something bad and realise if i had been there i would have gotten mad at it?
Do you miss me being angry and you persuading me?
Do you miss being mad at me and me saying sorry over and over, finally to laughing at the fact that 'maybe these fights are who we are'?
Do you ever look at the moon, watch the rain, or sunset, and miss the pictures, voice clips and video i would have sent?
Do you remember the first time you noticed the moon is visible from your room, was with me?
Or that the first time you watched the moon with someone, was with me?
Do you remember you once told me you do miss me when we don't talk? And that if you made me smile, it was worth it?
Do you remember we decided we would talk forever?
Or how you said i'm someone who is irreplaceable?
Do you remember you called even my smile beautiful? And that i look cool in glasses, using a meme?
Do you remember you told me you don't hate me as much as you hate others?And its hard to put me in categories of if you like, dislike or hate?
Do you remember i asked you to leave? But you always stayed.
Do you remember both of us being equally scared but still opening to each other bit by bit?
Do you ever try to find me in someone else's words?
Or phrases and metaphors of 'You see what you wanna see'?
Do you ever come across a joke and your first instincts ask you to send it to me?
Or perhaps you read or write something and you would have wanted to tell a tale about it to me?
Or atleast want to hear me talk?
Do you miss the stories and songs i used to write?
Or the seen zoned tags that would have rained in your facebook, which lays as silent as our relation?
Do you miss the time we used to spend together?
And if so, do you ever read our old texts and wonder how love can tear people apart without the intention?
Do you ever randomly stumble upon the songs i used to send, if by God's grace, its still there and wonder wouldn't it hurt for it to be the last?
Do you ever feel the need to talk to me anymore?
Do you ever wonder how i might be, or did you ever?
Did you ever mean all you did..
you did because you had nothing else to do?
Do you feel bad when someone shows off their best friend and you don't reach out to the one you called 'Bestie' once?
Do you ever want to be with me, or did you ever want to be with me, atleast for an hour?
Do you ever come across a corny joke
Or some sad text and think
'oh she would understand'?
Do they ever hurt you so bad that you go silent and wonder 'if she had been here, she would know'?
Do you ever remember anything you promised or said to me?
And know that you left someone broken because she wanted to be with you?
Do you recognise this poem? And how it is mended?
Do you ever look at me and think
'i'm sorry'?
Or better
'thank you'?
'Please don't leave me'
Do you remember i always told you
'you would get tired of me'
'you would leave'? Or
the first time i told you 'I will be there for you' is always better than 'i love you'?
Do you remember being hurt and running to me and me, despite being mad at you, offering the ear you needed?
I don't know about you because you wouldn't answer.
Or worst, maybe i know,
I just won't accept.
But all of this
I do.
This is just edited version of someone else's poem
If someone, other than the person recognise this. Kindly don't 'pc' me things. Thank you.

Its a poem on how i feel.
yne Sep 6
remember me not by name
but in memory

Saroj Basnet Aug 31
Do u remember
There was a Night,
That had You,Me and
The Dazzling Star
And a whole Twilight to fall.

Do u remember
There was a Dream,
That had You,Me and
The Colorful Brushes
Which adds beauty to the Story.

Do u remember
There was a Trip,
That had You, Me and
The Lonely Walk while
we talk bout the life we lived.

Do u remember
There was an Argument,
That had You,Me and
The decision as to
Who is the Ideal Idiot.

Do u remember
There was a home,
That had You,Me and
The memories we cherished
Holding the hard hands together.

Tell me now...
Do u remember
There was a Morning,
That had You,Me and
the Unknown Us.
Allesha Eman Aug 23
When did grey skies become more welcoming?
When did cold breeze wrap the city in warmth?
When did gloomy nights turn into endless laughter?
When we came together again without a reason or excuse,
Every rainy day was more beautiful than blue skies
As we all sat inside telling stories and remembering old times.
And I watched from the staircase
As I was too young to understand,
And to me it was nothing, that we were all together again.
But now that I sit here older, with life lessons under my hat
I yearn for those days when the rain had kept us in.
For a drought has taken over our history and every excuse is like the scorching sun
And now I sit on the staircase thinking of those times once again,
When it was nothing to me that we were laughing
And now it was worth more than any prize.
sushii Aug 11
I think of the pure indulgence,
The joy of mirth,
The feeling of freedom.

I think of how I saw it in her eyes,
In her expression.

All of these things came together and formed what we call a smile.

I think of the dimples in her cheeks,
The soft skin I loved to kiss.

I think of her full lips,
And the hair she had that was never stiff.

I think of how
When she enjoyed chocolate,
There would always be some left
On the corners of that beautiful smile.

I reminisce
Upon the beautiful times we spent together.

The feeling of her fingers intertwined in mine,
Her tired head being rested on my shoulder,
And a smile—
A rare smile.

This smile was like no other.
It was not the one she gave to people when they complimented her,
Or the smile she gave when she received a gift.

This smile
Was the smile she wore
When she was with me.

A special smile,
One only for me.

Oh, how I miss her lips,
And her quick, determined smile—
It was slightly crooked, but that made it all the more beautiful.

Oh, how I miss her confidence,
The perfect posture and easiness.

Oh, how I miss her hair,
Because even when thrown up without a care,
It landed perfectly—
Every hair.

And oh—
Oh how I miss her other side.

The one she hides,
But not with lies.

This is the side
She shows to me
When we are both
Very lonely.

She tried and tried with all her might,
But she could not do so on that lonely night.

That night,

She decided to give up the fight.

Oh, how I miss her,

Naked and vulnerable

On that December night.
sushii Aug 11
The snow falls
On my naked body,
White covering
My open wounds.

The light leaving my eyes,
This is a blessed demise.
My blood running cold,
I no longer feel old.

My skin,
Pale with cold.
My hands,
Numb and old.

My wrinkles
Fade to nothing
As I begin my descent
Into mourning.

I suddenly feel saddened
That it must end so soon—

But then I remember
I am not the youthful girl I used to be
That December.

My moment of recall begins to fall,
Like a fragile ember.
I do not feel like I did
That December.

I was able to accomplish so much
So little
In my wide-span life.

So much—
Because I met my first love,
Had my first kiss,
And was someone to miss.

But so little—
Because everyone can do those things.

No, so much—
Because all those little things
Make great things for me.

I realize that life is a fragile hourglass.
Some clumps in the sand might slow it down,
But the result is still the same.
I solemnly find out
That this is the end of my game.

And after all this time—
After all these years—

I remember.

The best thing,
The most beautiful thing,

Was that one day.
That one day,
When I fell in love with you.

The moment in my life most worthy to remember—

Was that day,

That December.
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