Darren Wall Apr 12
Trembling hands grasping bow
Flowers laid on ground below
Candles burnt and tears flow
Balloons in hand, we let them go

Glass remains amongst the tree
Bark stripped back, in memory
Stories shared for all to see
High emotion, running free

The sun descends in golden sky
I feel your presence walking by
Fading son caught my eye
Waving back, he said Good bye

By Darren Wall
Earth tumbles sideways, and
I lay in heavy snow.
I swallow deep breaths of cold night air.
It is painful to breathe as
I face blue-black sky.
Stars, brightest before dawn,
cluster above me, and
dance like a whirligig.
I wheeze.
I think I am breathing deeply.
I am not.
My ribs feel to bend and crack
and I clutch at my chest, move my arms.
The small exertion does not lift me up,
it does not ease the pain.
Oh, fuck.
I understand, and I try to call out.
I can make no words,
only a puff of vapor that
dissipates into exposed brick.
What time is it?
I cannot make much sound,
and it is difficult to move.
I wonder when someone will see me.
The arc of the streetlight,
blocked by the maple tree.
I should have cut it down last fall.
Lost to a shade tree?
Marguerite will not wake for an hour.
She will be alright, so will the kids,
families of their own now.
What was that poem?
Third grade, no fourth.
I read it in class.
Billy Herschel hit me with an eraser
when I finished.
The wet snow was too heavy.
I see the plastic shovel
upright in the drift.
Uncle Nick went like this.
Dumb bastard, I knew better.
I hear car tires rolling noisily down the street.
I lift a black glove and move my hand.
My ribs stab at me. It is too dark.
I cannot see her. She cannot see me.
I let my hand fall deeply into the snow.
The crystals make their way under my collar.
It is cold, very cold, and it feels good,
keeps me awake, as I feel very tired,
pushed mightily, deeper into the earth.
My watch. I am not wearing a watch.
I will not know what time I will die.
I think to blow puffs of air into the sky,
and I hope that someone
will see the tiny smoke signals.
I smile at the thought.
I hate to dance.
Embarrassed to dance,
embarrassed all my years,
and there is now little time.
I hope there is time.
I am sleepy.
I think of my dog, gone some twenty years.
I see his paws, his gray muzzle, and
his last three breaths.
A single sparrow finds the telephone wire.
It is dawn,
my eyes are closing,
and the dark is warm.
Umaynah R Apr 1
It's our anniversary
But there will be no flowers
No forever you notes stuck to my mirror
No staying up all night
Watching the video from our first year together
Just myself
A photo album of how our lives would have turned out
And a glass of sad wine
Mollie Mar 28
Those who fell at  Gallipoli

For those who arrived at Gallipoli, for those who fell at dawn
For those who fell at Gallipoli,
together we shall mourn.

Strong in heart and mind those soldiers had to be,
But they kept our country free,
those who fell at Gallipoli.

Now poppies grow among their graves, those who fell at Gallipoli, those who fell at dawn,

Their memory shall not die, for they shall live on in our hearts,
We will remember them you and I.

By Mollie Spencer
The work of my nine year old self though
Poonam Mar 28
In the wake of twilight, When memories stir you
Unwrap the book of a soul, A sketch have been carved
Unravel a chronicle of its painter, Hidden in the canvas

Moments of lonely summer days, tumultuous rainy evenings
Craving for someone to hold, in freezing winter nights
Etched in the canvas, She painted it with words

Distance would be crossed, separated by life and death
Caress the words, You will feel her pounding heart
Smell the pages, Breathe in her feelings

Lifetime she has woven, It’s her mirror image
You will understand her, Love her more than you did
She sketched it for you, It had always been only for you

If smile brightens your eyes, It’s her smile for you
If it saddens, remember it would be only her sadness
Tears smudged in words, The ones she couldn’t hold

Her soul thrives in her memorabilia, Kept hidden in her lifetime
If you see her spirit between the lines, She will rest in peace
Wrap the chronicle as the twilight sleeps, Rest embracing her memories
Cory Williams Mar 24
It's been 14 days since we last kissed
I turned into ashes, my body is missed
The poisons inside we fought for years
Transfusions of blood while holding back tears

In my last hour, no memories evade
I remembered with you laying hot in the shade
A mid-summer's night as the sun starts to fade
We're falling asleep, our eyes a cascade

Awakened at two with droplets of dew
Eyelashes in bloom, pale light of the moon
You looked into mine and mine into yours
Two souls intertwined as the rain falls - it pours

Our lips, they collide with the fury of wars
The beaches of Normandy kneel down at our shores
A tear stains my tongue, I've felt this before
Two weeks I've been gone, yet still I want more

I wrote you a letter to last your lifetime
One every day - long as you are still mine
Delivered in essence to prove beyond death
That I'll wait here in Heaven with bated breath
Quinn Evans Mar 20
Starry sky that is so bright,
Give me one wish and I'll wish it tonight.
My wish might be,
to see you once more.
Tonight in my life,
Always more.
When I was 4 or 5, my momma committed suicide. I wrote this poem when I was 11. I miss her. So, this is dedicated to my mom.
04-19-1961 to 02-02-2007
Lunatica Mar 10
Blessed are those who forget

Remembrance, is a curse bestowed on me

Or shall say true haunting

I wish i forgot everything like them
But i believe if it matters we remember
“Tell me not
What I know
Well –
I hear it every day”

“You don’t need
Repeat yourself –
I knew it yesterday.”
A young and foolish
Man I was –
So sure and prideful

I hated being told
Those things
That I
Already knew…

But now I look
Back on my life,
And tell you
What is true:

We never will
Outgrow our need
To hear Those Words
“O, tell me
What I know
So well –
I need it every day!”

“O, please will
Repeat yourself –
I need it for today…”
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