Alan Smithee Sep 9

When I don't have anything
I make things to exist beyond
All the beautiful things
That make you weep
I keep them close
What we loved over

I call it winterberry
What I keep for ever
What you cannot take away
Not from me
No not never

When I don't have any reason
not to wait for you
I think of Winterberry
and it's always there

trinity Sep 7

For days flooded with sun and days shining with rain
For suffocating joy and blinding pain
For hallways left empty, for rooms full of laughter
For dark raging storms and the light that comes after
For the pounding music that leaves pounding aches
For frustration and accidents and every mistake
For walls that tell stories and the stories not told
For jokes between friends that never grow old
For bright blues of the day and dark blacks of the night
For little things, big things, and in-between things alike
For those brought together and those torn apart
For stars in our eyes and love in our hearts.

a revised version of requiem for the living, which i posted sometime in july and mentioned i might redo. i think i like this version better, but the ending still isn't quite right ( it doesn't really feel like an effective ending) might have to post a further revised version soon!
Alan Smithee Sep 5

i do carry you with me
even after the fire
i kept your ashes within me
as i miss you so dearly
i will always carry you with me
next to my mind's heart
i will never forget you
in trinkets and precious memory
you will always be part of me
wherever you are
however you cope
i hope you're never alone
with or without me
through the dark or the light
i will carry you with me
my love

suze suze Sep 2

Now years later,
Walking down those rubble and dirt,
Which creak in agony,
I am reminded of that innocent face,
Which once washed cold ashore,
On a bloody dreadful day,
When the world stood still.

in memory of Alan Kurdi
Anon Aug 30

"do you even know
how many you've had,"
said the bartender.
who the fuck
drinks to remember


pache paredes Aug 17

i was in love with a dancer
all i had was by two left feet

know, every time he'd call me
i'd think 1 and 1 is 2
2 and 2 is three

didn't make sense at all
but hell, i was i
he was he

i wasn't fire
i was ash

no explosion, it just died down
like the music come 3am
still awake but it's time to go

he would fly too high
and i'd take a fall
by the end i knew
we can't have it all

Ashish Pandey Aug 14

I met with your body but created you within me
An imagination a dream or a thought don't know
But She is better than you
As She is you but not yours
The shadow of yours which neither hurts nor loves
But always stands supports and a sense of joy it soaks
One which is most close to fill the emptiness of mine
But She haunts me when I see you
Since She looks afraid of you for her's existence
As lie can't be the truth and truth can't lie
The outmost clarity within me is yours doubt
And yours doubt is my clarity of living
As my sense is pervert and consciousness absurd
This is how, A shadow  makes me complete

Inhumed in deep heart , the city of mine in captivity

I speak your name
on certain special days
To remember the way
you then once were

There in the perfect
bloom of your life
Beautiful brilliant
beloved and bright

I whisper your name
on that day
you were born
and the day
that We first met

On that day
We first made love
and on that precious day
We wed

And then upon
that tragic day
You were forever
gone to stay

I hear myself
speak your name
through all the years
that have come and gone

I will speak your name
on certain special days
as long as I should live

You will know
I shall and did
love you
forever all along.




My Beloved Dove
and Dearest Darling
Oh where have you gone
Together We always
in the light of the dawn

We whispered Our promise
and sang of Our love
My Dearest Darling
wherever you are

Our soul together
true and complete
God is Our witness
Our salvation
sure and indeed

Wife of my youth
Strength of Our truth
My hope and my faith
was immeasurable in you

My Dearest Darling
where might you be
My search is now over
for my dearest love true

Lost to the World
Forever lost unto me.


Santa Fe


loveless Aug 12

Do you ever smile like a fool thinking about me and my stupidity?
Or do you ever cry as if there's no tomorrow when you miss me?
Do you ever try to find my initials inside the words?
Do you miss the time we used to spend together?
Do you ever read our old texts and wonder why it's not the same anymore?
Do you ever hear my voice messages that must be saved on your phone and feel like bliss?
Do you ever feel the need to talk to me?
Do you still get jealous and possessive over me?
Do you ever want to be with me, the same way we used to be?
I don't know about you because you rarely answer
But all these things
I do!

I really do
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