In the name and ways of God there is so much hidden treasure,
Who by the loving remembrance of, is bestowed at His pleasure.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
ejb Jan 7

i roll out of bed
it's the 18th again
another months gone by
and i still cry
i still miss you
my feed tells me other do too
i listen to that song and then
it cuts me open again

so i go for a drive
just to feel alive
i drive past your home
so i don't feel alone
i drive down to the park
and stay till it's dark
and i think about you
oh if you only knew

why'd you choose that day
why did you give it all away
i wonder if you had stayed
could things have changed
could you have seen that we loved you so much
or was your mind made up
do you know how hard that was
why'd you do that to us

G Rog Rogers Dec 2017

The Wild Horses in my heart
rampage in Remembrance
of what you once then were

There's running
wild horses
in my spirit
and my soul
Stampeding on
Running still

So I'll get a ranch
in California
Run Wild Horses
free on the range
Tame them each
and all by Summer
by December rain

So God please
Bless all the
Wild Horses
That We together
once did ride

Even still I bless
You Baby
All the days
of my life.




As my spirit soared over
the golden, green landscape
the clouds tumbled and parted
revealing the sun's illuminating rays
onto the earth below,
shining into the windows of the dying
and their will to live,
I admired the peaceful beauty of
the flowing, pale, blue river
gave my blessings to the fisherman
gazing up towards the calm skies
in rocky waters,
rained sweet, soft candy
on the village children running barefoot
alongside the river bank,
the sun became an evening filled with
shades of cool purple
and midnight blue,
and the first of many stars
began to twinkle and glow
as the villagers began heading towards
the heart of the golden landscape,
each treading lightly among
the same ground their ancestors
once walked upon,
one by one,
golden, orange, and red lanterns
filled up the diamond, night sky
each set a glow with the memory
of a loved one's touch and smile
and made unique by
the messages written across
the slip of paper placed inside,
I brushed by and bestowed my blessings
and love,
for the journey of the souls,
once frightening and lonely,
now resonates with the warmth
of humanity's remembrances and love,
during the night of the
Midsummer's eve Lantern Festival for the Souls.

Maria Imran Nov 2017

I don't think I like you. But you are still number one
On my browser history.
And number one whenever I want to share about something close to me
But you are not
Close to me.

Steve Page Nov 2017

Don't push to take off the poppies
Don't rush to remove the wreaths
I know you long for Christmas cheer
But take time to give thanks and to grieve.

November.  Each year we seem to herald Christmas that much sooner. Much to our detriment.
Brian Densham Nov 2017

Draw strength, draw strength from those who died
Make peace with those who lived
For in our memories all survive
Their deeds, their times outlive

For peace they went, for peace they fought
Though some would not return
Yet with courageous deeds they taught
That freedom must be earned

Now we in peace and freedom dwell
This heaven they bequeath
To those who challenged death and fell
We dedicate our wreath

And though with passing years it seems
Their legacy might fail
Yet in our blood, and in our dreams
Their souls are marching still

Copyright 2006 B. Densham
Lawrence Hall Nov 2017

The Library of Alexandria in Our Seabags

…in the army…(e)very few days one seemed to meet a scholar, an original, a poet, a cheery buffoon, a raconteur, or at the very least a man of good will.”

-C. S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy

The barracks was our university
So too the march, the camp, the line for chow
McKuen shared our ham and lima beans
John Steinbeck helped with cleaning guns and gear

(You’re not supposed to call your rifle a gun)

The Muses Nine were usually given a miss
But not Max Brand or Herman Wouk
Cowboys and hobbits and hippie poets
And a suspicious Russian or two

Tattered paperbacks jammed into our pockets:
All the world was our university

Those of a certain age will remember those tins / cans of ham and lima beans.

Best wishes for a thoughtful Remembrance Day / Veterans' Day.
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