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Sarah Apr 2017
The radiant sun beating down on your porcelain skin cannot warm the coldness of your heart.

You're a dream, your face is a masterpiece and your eyes hold unlimited universes but the words that grace your blossom lips are venom.

They sink into my flesh like fangs and I'm wounded. Your presence is captivating and I'm haunted when you're not around but it's a heavy feeling.

You're unkind, spiteful and deceptive, a thesaurus cannot fully label the horrid personality you created for yourself. You were blessed with an angels face but you sinned my life with a devilish grin and the words that lured me in.
Written 4/18/17
Lisa Lesetedi Jul 2016
What is to come? 

From a world where our children are given guns to play with, 

It’s not the squirting of water,or release of plastic bullets, it’s the message we shoot into their heads .

Triggering violence from adolescence.
Planting seeds of hate,
And watering them with spilled blood .

Waiting for the fruit to ripen, but it never does,

Now we have the taste of bitterness lingering on our mouths.

That bitterness stays on our tongues ,
So that when we speak, that’s all that comes out.

You see Somehow the fruit is never as sweet as when it’s forbidden.

Sugared by sin,

Borrowed from thy neighbor, because when it’s sin there’s always enough to go around.

What is to come?

From a world where we are told to express ourselves , but within the guidelines.

Told that the world is your canvas , but restricted to only the color white.

It isn’t as pure as it seems.

Underneath the white paint lies splashes of read , gushing from a black body.

There is no canvas, all we are given is a painted picture, of what perfect looks like.

So that we Erase anything that doesn’t fit the image. 

The slightest difference is reason for war.

Be it the quantity of melanin

Be it religion

Be it Gender.

What is to come?

Of a world that is only tolerable through the shade of intoxication .
Where pills serve as capsules of happiness 

We are our biggest enemy,

Our pain is self inflected.
If this is what it is ,to be human 

What is the cure?
Lisa Lesetedi Jun 2016
2am juices,

I’m pouring myself onto this canvas 

Let’s have a glass..

Off myself uncensored…

My canvas black and white

Like stars in the night

Can you hear them shooting?

Splashes of red, gushing out the wounds

Ancestors rising out the tombs…

What are you willing to sacrifice?
They say life is a gamble, except somebody already threw the dice..

We are slaves to the forces …

Married to a chosen fate ,without room for divorces…

You see The canvas …has been painted

All that’s left, 

Is for you to open the doors that frame it..
Lisa Lesetedi May 2016
I met a Prince
He taught me that princes don't alway charm
No fairytales...he was as real as the sound of my alarm
I woke up
Realized that sometimes a Kiss from a Princess isn't enough
To break the walls of insecurity the world built so tough

I met a Prince...
He taught me that princes don't always charm ...
He ,like the rest of us had the world do him harm...
Crowned by thorns
Monsters are made
Not born ...

I met a prince
He taught me that princes don't always charm
The world isn't conducive for charm to bloom in...
He wore a crown of imperfections but that made him human.
He proved that fairytales don't exist
But I learned to see beauty in the beast.
Lisa Lesetedi Apr 2016
What if the constant smoking and drinking aren't just a temporary  escape ?
Rather a quicker means to reach the true escape ...
Who drank my beer?
When I had death so near.
Now I have to face the rejection of society like I'm a soldier
Constantly at war with myself...trying to figure out who I should be today.
Battling my demons and sometimes yours too
Building up walls to defend myself from myself
But I keep falling and bruising my ego
Who drank my beer?
When I had death so near
Pleasure filled poison on my lips
The only life support I need in my drips.
Three cheers to making it this far...
Let the beer take one more sip of life from me.
Another challenge
Lisa Lesetedi Apr 2016
I made a wish upon a falling star
I fell too
And as you descended from the sky I prepared to catch you
Weak knees ,I seem to have caught
****** love nothing but a taboo
That's until I met you
Rumored intimacy you made true.
I'm under your spell,I'm devoured.
By your corroding touch,consumed by the fairytale in you eyes I'm enamored.
As far as hearts go ,you are the winner
Of mine
Like I lost you in a different lifetime
My glass slipper
A perfect fit, perfect pair
Emotions invested, I make you my heir
All of me is yours for the taking
My heart, yours for the breaking

But Don't .
I was challenged to write a poem about love ...
Lisa Lesetedi Apr 2016
I passed by your old house today,
A sudden rush came over me as memories filled my head.
Memories of a simpler time.
And how we would play our childish games to enjoy the fruits of our youth. Then an angel would call from inside and ask if we wanted to eat or if she should get us something. Im suger coating because she wouldn't ask ,she would insist.
I remembered a time when pain ...I mean real pain ...was a stranger .
Now pain keeps us company...
I remembered a time when you where just a little girl with dreams just like I ...
I watched this girl get thrown into womanhood ...
Pent up aggression ...but how could I possibly resent the one that created me.
For taking a piece of you...
As an angel ascended, your spirits descended ...
Waking up became a nightmare...not the kind that involve screams , but silent mornings instead ...
I passed by your old house today and I thought to myself
God I didn't have a choice or say in the first passing ...
But I won't let the little that lived inside this house die too...
And as the smell of the kindness and pure heartedness that once lived starts to escape her clothes...
Let the memory live on

I passed your old house today
And made new the memories.
It's not done ...but I wrote this for my bestfriend ...she lost her single mother and changed so many things...A wave of thoughts hit me when I was driving past her old house the other day...
Lisa Lesetedi Mar 2016
The taste of sin on your lips, you've got me begging to sip more.
Of the forbidden fruit
Be free, but save me the last dance
To tango with the devil is something I adore.
If it's evil you are the root
Route, I do not know any other.
Two steps forward , you seem to take me farther
I let darkness attack
Even stars need the darkness to shine
Sweet nothings Devine
Hearts heavy
You raise the levy, to break my spine
I bleed love the color of cherries
You have my spill as wine
As you dine , on my bruised ego and shredded spirit.
It was all a game , and you were in it to win it .
Princess and the ***
My feelings ****** upon
Monsters are not born
Like the one you made me
Past loves beauty I could not see
The beast that lives within
I was in ,thick and thin
Loving you was the true sin.
To think I could change you was wrong
But since I'm not dead, I guess you made me strong.
The world is a cold place without you descending hells heat upon me
But it's a perfect fit for a heart you turned to ice
It was a huge sacrifice
But my curse a blessing for my failure to feel has set me free.
Let the tail be told, of you and me.
It's still a sketch
Something to do with battling your own demons...I use the term demon loosely because it could mean anything.
Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
Let's tap into someone's mind

Young you understood that life was fine if you obeyed the rules your parents/guardian had set...Your goal was to do this...until you were old enough to understand what the television shows you were watching were saying...then your goal was to become rich ,find the love of your life and travel the world unraveling secrets that don't really exist. You tell yourself your life will not be complete if you do not achieve this...because this is the definition of success gain a few more years and start to experiment with other things that could fill your hollow...start of with a little puff from a cigarette...**** perhaps...alcohol... Soon enough you like the world you see through the shade of intoxication better than your reality... But the real drug is wanting people's acceptance ...change your style around a couple times, until you find the one that gets you the most compliments...your biggest desire now, is to be value your worth by the amount of ****** in your dm ,the amount of girls you can get with,or your ability to land the prettiest or most difficult, the amount of likes...your ego begins to grow and so does your hunger to feed it. You tell yourself that you do not need the validation of anyone, but that's all you crave because deep down in your heart of hearts, your biggest fear is to be forgotten .
I like to observe people, how they work , why they do what they do...and I never fail to be amazed, no amount of statistics can measure the variety in humans...lets tap into someone's mind
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