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Ray Dunn Aug 28
facts don’t change
peoples minds.

stories do,
i love writing random poetry fragments during class ****
what are thoughts and prayers without exertion
give me a guideline on how to hide from a stranger
shooting up a grocery store
but ignore the warning signs of a mass shooter
buy me a bulletproof vest to send my child to school in
because we care more about the right to own a gun than the right to protect innocents
this is not about what the rights are for, but for what they are being utilized
we cannot have compassion for the wounded without outrage for the wound itself
we cannot be okay with avoidable tragedies for the sake of pride
Invisible May 12
Happiness dies
        Excitement dies
Love dies
              People die.
                        ­               .
                                   And we get over it,
But our hearts don't.
                  ­                            souls
Just a thought I played around with.
SelinaSharday May 2018
EX'd Out!
Or Ex'iting
No matter what the who is or the they are.
And Why!
Finding ourselves in the
Ex'd out zone.
Balancing the tender spaces and delictae places.
We must be Ex'iting to fill our hands with better things.
Ex-employee..facing situations where your No longer..
in a top ranking position.
Coping, handling managing emotions.
Being in these tender places will make you stronger.
Failing to will cause you danger.
Being Ex'd Out can bring
Anger, fear feelings of rejection loss of hope..
Despair..pain within, anguish, turmoil, feeling like you can't cope.
Springing up emotions of hatred and bitterness.
Sowered things like unforgiveness..
rage and defeat.
Roots of loneliness and cravings so strong to regain
back again the place you were before all this began.
Soured..Its Time to move forward.
You have to be Ex'd out to move into new beginnings.
You have to Ex'it to seek the things much more perfect.
You don't have to see it as losing.
View it as Time to move to achieve your dreams.
If you needed to be Ex'd out for being corruptive.
Let the just live.
Allow em to live peacefully free from fear.
Free from any retaliation We have no right to rebel.
When someone wants our Ex'its from their situations.
Put your peaceful shoes on.. and move along.
Some Ex's have become harmfully dangerous.
It gives them no right to destroy any of us.
Cry to be delivered from evil..If being Ex'ed causes you pain.
Know the heart needs healing and is in critical condition.
Enter the spiritual ER emergency.
Until you can make a successful recovery.
Ex out all the negative..You have more life to live..
When you Ex'it successfully
Life has much more to give!
Writer SelinaSharday
S.A.M 2018
Constantly seeing more and more Ex's On the rampage. Making it a danger for innocent others. tragedies becoming commonplace. Its times to takes extra measures to doctor up the hearts and minds and prepare the souls for coping with being Ex'd out and or  Exiting the places you need to be removed from.
SelinaSharday Apr 2018
Today I worry even mo so..
Son I worry even more when you go out that door.
Mistaken identity.
Victim of false accused identity.
The Armed  who carry behaving like assasions.
with Armed badges.. Ganged up armed trained men with fear.
Claiming fear makes them killers of our unarmed souls.
Be it against petty theives.. or mistaken innocent individuals.
Community left to weep uncosolable tears and fears.
God bring my son/daughter home safe today.
I fear letting my children out to play.
I fear being in my home  where even cops bullets fly astray.
God is it gonna be a safe day.
I protested in the streets today.
I wept in my neighborhood.
I wept.. I weep. I wail.
The burden goes beyond my inner soul.
I'm not unbreakable till you console.
I fear who will be next to be tragically slain.
Only a moment a day in time fearing the pain.
Will I see my sister, my brother, my mother my loved one again.
Even though today I'm able to hold their hand.
Lord bring them home safe again.
I just don't knew when.
Mercilous killings will strike again.
By seriel killers..murderers, or armed men with badges.
We march we pray we protest we bury our youngs  ashes.
Let us anoit our heads with oil we have much to bear.
No matter our race, creed or culture.
We have to unite against these tragic things.
Be tired of hearing our community screams.
S..T..O..P. with the
slaying- tragedies -oppressive- power
stop slaying us by tragedies of oppresive power.
S-suffocating, Slaying, slandering.
T-tyranny-cruel and oppressive government or rule.
tragic events cause for tormoil.
O-Oppressive-unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint.
especially on a minority or other subordinate groups.
oppressive laws.
P-people under abuse of authority. Of unfair punishments.
The people are perishing. The people are being punished
with persecution and unjust prison terms.
this madness.
we are
Protesting Over Tragic Slaying.
Of all forms.
Son on Today!
We Must Pray!
Even the more So..
Lets go!
by selinaSharday S.A.M 2018
When our sons and daughters are oppressed..when almost every branch of office and home of safety is threatened turned upside down. our communities..our homes our lives.. our country
Jake Griffith Feb 2018
Tragedy ruins
And dams
Thought to be
And restrained
Clean beds,
Closed doors,
Far from
The confines
Of comfort

Tragedy is
Of people
Or things
That never
Never could

Tragedy is
Steeping in
Notes of
Burning oak
And oxides
the lungs
Of innocents
The uneducated,
Never to
That both
And privilege
Are nurtured by
The arms
Of tragedy
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
The world is crying!!

poets where are you, we all need you God has gifted you!

To help hearts of this world make it through..

Where are you?..

The World around us is falling..

Parts of it feeling tragedy feeling disastrous.

feeling help us Lord stand with us.

Poet, Leaders, Teachers, Ministers, come through,

Motivators where are you!

Rain is pouring..

Don't sleep on us hope your not snoring.

We are standing we are fighting, we are protesting.

We don't know what to do, our world is troubling.

Days appearing cloudy, whats our world coming to.

Is the world being punished for its iniquities,

Is this meant to bring us to our knees.

It's hard for many to see eye to eye,

We see a grey cloudy dark sky.

As the world is crying.

Some parts of it are laughing and mocking.

Most are denying, That things are coming apart by its seams.

As the Minority are bleeding. Our World is crying.

Many are denying,,. its the quiet before the storm.

It's the beginning of a tragic alarm.

It's history in the making!

It's very alarming..

The storms are rolling..
Poets speak your volumes..
Speak your views.. Speak in colorful hues.
On the things of today.
Help wipe some tears away.

SelinaSharday aka
heavensRosepoet 1-22-2017 S.A.M ©
In today stressful times with President Trump.. many are protesting.. tragedy the world is digesting.. many different political views..Speakers can help us deal, we need the comedy relief the poetic defense/offense. Poets/Motivators. SPEAK your truths..
IrieSide Feb 2018
Movement of time collides
with tear drop melody
darkened angel
to final day symphony:

gun blasts in homeland
enter familiar flesh-
different tongues conceal
common threads that makes us

wounded souls call for God
in bomb dimpled lands-
far from American eyed reach
and inside

amidst spiritual sands

Treading with foot print patterns
around rock’s pure holiness
meditating in temples
laden in gold tributes

seeking truth’s distant comfort

guns blast in homelands
families wonder why-

pain embraces consciousness
dripping hints of salvation
into thick Iron pools
of Christ’s calling

red horse not so distant
seven seals awakening
run back to one
it’s time to find love
The tragic happenings of todays time.
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
****** **** such a tragedy.
Between kin bloodlines abominations of unrighteous unity.
Speak loud and spare not, victims stop keeping it hidden.
A sin so scandalous so forbidden.
This secret is the reason for some insane things.
Punishment on our Nation it brings.
Stop the transgress it’s time to progress
to detest the ugliness of ******.
The sin of ****** put out from us such wickedness
Crimes within the family.
Outcry why oh God why.
Emotions cry spirits die.
Survival with scars somehow.
Child kept secrets at least for now.
Innocent sweet nectar just taken.
Abused shattered then forsaken.
Inwardly hating the humiliation.
Lingering curse.   Bound to be rehearsed.
A bloodline search, unthought-of   curse our generation.
How can we cleanse this crime  from our nation.
Child **** such outrage of wickedness.
Such a corruptible trespass.
Men lusting after little boys. Using them as ****** toys.
Outcry iniquity.  Loss of innocent purity.
Killers of purity, thieves,
bandits doings malicious things in secrecy.
Abused children in mind body and spirit.
Hear their voices silently cry who’s close enough to hear it.
Legal laws. Often with flaws
Putting children in harms way.
Hard to prove it allowing perpetrators often to stay.
Courts judicial systems poor outcome.
Criminals getting counseling with their worst still to be done
It’s a unhealed spiritual condition.
Warriors do our best to rid ourselves of this affliction.
Wrongful unthinkable vexation.
Impure affections of ****** connection.
Between the bloodlines.
Children with Children sexually learned crimes.
Scares of a lifetime.
People wake up let us not be blind.
I beg you I pray.
Let’s do more to protect our children in any way.
Outcry, need to protect our innocent ones. Prayers uplifted, rebuking the hidden crimes.
gbye Feb 2018
You're stronger than I ever thought a person could be
When your world broke, when god left you
You singlehandedly rebuilt your own empire
Chased after god and made him kneel before you

But when you were lost for just moment
My world fell to pieces

You are not invincible
Your walls may look like marble but shatter like glass
And your love can disappear from my life with a single gust of wind

From the moment that I lost you
I've grown an unshakeable fear that I will lose you again

I hold you like a delicate bubble of air in the palm of my hand
Regard you like the Mona Lisa, an invaluable piece of my heart safeguarded by every precaution
I lay down clouds before you feet so your goodness may never touch the treacherous ground
I pray to a god I don't believe in to keep you safe

Every moment you're away I imagine the tragedies that may befall you
And how I could never rebuild an empire like you, find faith again
I can't do this alone
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