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“Take it easy” you said, with a smile of bountiful love.
Nothing affirms me more than the placid tap on my shoulder.
A tap that promised me the world is always full of wonder
If I dare to ponder.
Dandelions remind me of you.
Nothing on Earth could cease you from running towards to sunbeams.
You loved chasing for the sun with my small hands clasped in your secure promise.
And you were the sun to me,
For you have a spirit so bright that radiates,
I long to orbit around you.
We could roam free to Budapest!
With Blue Danube echoing through my head as we glory in a cup of beer.
So take in any forms as you like.
I never want to lose track of you,
Out of my sight, out of my mind.
Let the clouds caress you in a gentle whisper.
Let the morning dew smoothen your path.
Let the breeze carry you to nirvana.
Let the stars convoy you Home.
Let the snow reveal your footprints,
For nostalgia will trace yours.
Be free from
The monstrous thunder they stir,
The poisonous blabber they spit,
The ferocious terror they root.
Now rest on the soft soil.
Escalate as you go,
But please endure in my heart.
Lapping water
Airplane noises
Dancing bugs
Singing bird
Shiny sun
Peanut butter and honey pancake
Hearing music
Dripping towels hanging from the porch
Mowing trails
Fixing bikes
Tractor ride
Fireworks late into the night
Catching fireflies
Missing Gramma and Grampa
Stephen Moore Jul 17
Mothers pride loaf carved by hands lost in days of spam teas and stewed fruit puddings,
Hands so tired they now rest idly.

Patterns for grand pullovers poured over as children grow and set off for school,
Discarded under word search puzzles.

Heels tapped on bus steps as she climbed aboard the Bath bus and children’s hands held tight,
Grown now they drive to her side.

At her window she waves watching family leave for cars and journeys home,
One last goodbye and sleep comes.
Max Jun 23
The last time i saw you was February sometime
I dont remember what i said
But i know i was bored enough to leave early

I regret everything in my past.
I wish i spent more time with you
When i had the chance

Now you were taken away
By the hands of death themself
And ill have to deal with the guilt

Instead of spending time with you
I chose to watch tv and pretend it was okay
I loved you so much.

I never showed it because i was stupid.
I know that now.
I wish i spent more time with you.

Now she spends her days sitting alone
Wishing you were by her side
But you were taken away.

She prays to have you back
To hug you one last time
But no one is listening

I blame myself for her pain for it was my fault
I didnt do anything, and thats why its my fault
I couldve done more

I couldve came over more often.
I couldve talked with you over the phone
You raised me for half my childhood

I wish i spent more time with you
For ill never see you again.
Youre gone for sure now.

Seeing you in the bed made me cry
I shouldnt hugged you everytime
But i avoided it because i was stupid

Now ill never hug you again.
My mom cries for your death at night.
My dad says youre with the angels.

I cry every night over you.
I cry for your life being taken away too early
Grandmother cries for you but doesnt let it show.

Last time she talked to me
She reminded me of the past
And she cried and hugged me tighter.

Sometimes i feel your presence.
I try to hold on to that
But soon the guilt overtakes

I miss you so much.
Im sorry i didnt try harder
Its all my fault.

I wish you hadnt passed away, grandfather.

Its all my fault. I regret not hugging him more. 4-22-19
Corey Jun 13
Grandma was sitting in front of the TV again.
Watching her favorite ball players and
answering puzzles correctly
until she felt too tired to continue.
Always looking for a playful fight
with her favorite grandsons.

Grandpa was reading the newspaper again.
Always gathering information about
politics and world affairs,
and then telling others what he could.
Informing his family of what’s happened
in Washington that weekend.

Grandma was hunched over outside again.
Dirt collecting under her nails and
caked to her palms as she planted
new flowers in front of the house.
A calm Thursday afternoon,
not too chilly for April,
full of birds chirping around her.

Grandpa was working downstairs again.
Always tasked with some new project and
asking my help when he didn’t really need it.
Showing me how to use tools and
measure things correctly,
and telling stories of things he’s made in the past.
neha yamba May 24
Old lady cradling a baby
make it home
"where did you get this baby " granny
"nursery " the old lady note
Solicitous for baby
she hassle alot .
Her senility got her sick
She was frail as lamp for epoch
Through the window , solos tot
watched her fade away
Fine morning she laid lifeless ,
leaving a note which elucidate
"Care and water this little tree , it will bear my blessings for gen z "
Talia Francis May 21
Pictures symbolize several subjects-
Love painstakingly, perfectly photographed,
Emotions lost in light,
Almost sickly saccharine in their ability to slough sincerity,
Seemingly poised, precisely timed,
Even when we were truly walking on air.

Few truly recognize that love
Organically stems from care,
Rarely does one never have to try.
Grateful is he who goes with those he loves beside him.
I felt too much, felt too hurt because my efforts to try were in
Vain, you didn’t truly want to get better. I couldn’t help,
Even when I wanted to scream my love off of rooftops.

My mistake, I should have known that when
Emotion runs too deep, pulling away is the last thing to do.

I can’t believe I walked away,
Let myself be so selfish as to withdraw,
Let myself leave you there and let others help.

And still I wonder why I did not let myself continue to hold you close,
Leaving you wondering what happened,
Wondering why did I constantly withdraw, further
And further from you
Yet now you’re in a hospital, a care center, a hospital again
Still after five months.

Look at that photograph
Of you on that wall, arm around my grandmother.
Vibrant, full of life, look at how happy you were!
Even though I had to ask her who you were.

You’re in a photograph on the wall. You’re happy then.
Oh, but you don’t seem so now. Did I do this? Is it me that
Usurped that jubilancy? I shouldn’t have let myself let you go.

Please forgive me, I’ll always love you.
Yeah, I should diversify my poem styles.
Walk into a room filled with wisdom and pride,
The love you projected never lied,
Always there to give me a guide,
Making sure my heads on right.
Being in your presence was pure joy
Filled with laughter and chuckles,
But you were as stubborn as brass knuckles.
You found god and for that I'm thankful
Because now he has the most perfect angel.
To my paps
Julia Apr 13
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