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amme Jun 17
My dream was to ship my relation to the mark on the map.
Unimaginable when my treasure; Cleo, marked our love as Anthony.

A relationship of lush, love and power.
Heavy drinkers just for fun, we called ourselves "livers".

Your liver collapsed by the poison caused by our lavish lifestyle.

Our power together was unbeatable but failed miserable when you made my heart stopped beating.

But our love was forever so you decided to meet me in the life hereon after.
Cleopatra - Marc Anthony
Hi, my name is Anthony and I'm actually in agony
that isn't true, that is just pure fantasy
just like our lives, I know I'm real
are you sure the only you is you?
that's blasphemy, says the ones who can't see
but don't they know this isn't the only reality?
there are people out there trying to hide many truths
everyone's heard their name, the Illuminati
they are not a fantasy, they run this galaxy
they don't care for humanity
and they are the reason for many tragedies
my name is Anthony, I speak truth
and there is nobody who can stop me.
Created by me on November 20th, 2019
I wrote this after seeing how many things rhyme with Anthony. it's quite amazing..
I have no clue on what to write
I wish I was something bright.

Maybe I'll write about my life's story
or about an imaginary friend named Cory
that seems kinda dumb actually
I'm sure he's a good fit for a story.

Cory, a man with one eye and 33 fingers
who happens to like cheese-burgers
better not laugh at him
you might just end up murdered.

yeah, no, I don't know
it seemed great at first
but what do I know
I'm a highschool dropout who never came first
guess I'll just keep writing and babbling
because that's what this is, pure nonsense
a bunch of words that mean nothing
ok, that was kinda harsh on myself
this really does make me feel something.

there was once a boy named Anthony
and he was the epitome of blasphemy
wow, so edgy, so scary
spaghetti is tasty
I bet you weren't expecting me saying that
spaghetti is pretty great though
not as great as a Kit-Kat.

I'm getting bored now, farewell
see you in hell.
Created by me on November 16th, 2019
A long one but definitely one of my favorite ones. I remember not knowing what to write at all. I wrote the first 2 lines then everything started to come through, and then BAM.. it clicked.
Aniq Ahmad Aug 2018
In the middle of the Roman empire
And under the Cesar's throne
No one thought of a story bein overblown

As Pompeii lost his wife and hated Cesar
Cesar got betrayed, killed Pompeii
That was common tragic teaser

But what unfolded the truth?
As the words came out of Cleopatra
Cesar ****** and hooked

But that was too mainstream no?
She was just bound to love him
Cuz she had no support for her own

Cesar, killed by politics and forgotten
Anthony his commander
Took the survey and went Egypt often

The women that he ****** had no honor
A devil in form of a *****
Just some good clothes and venal

Anthony put on the Egyptian antimony
Found love in Cleopatra
Left that *****, filled with insanity

Then as he was hated for loving foreign
Octavian lost faith
And headed for killing the fallen

Anthony didn't wanna die as a traitor
Stabbed himself
Wore the king's robe as  dictator

Cleopatra saw that and cried
She bit herself by snake
And later died

Chaperones picked both up
Sat them on their thrones
Romans came and were blown
Sarah Jun 2018
My smile masks a thousand lies

one thousand lies hidden behind my bellowing laugh

A laugh that fades when your eyes cast away

Your eyes fail to notice my darkness leaking out

My darkness is translucent but swallows me whole like tar

I’m drowning but I continue to live

Living while suffering while pretending is a battle

A battle I can’t confess because I fear to disappoint you

You’re disappointed I didn’t speak up

I can’t speak up or out or talk about my demons

My demons are choking me while my brain betrays me

You feel betrayed while staring at my corpse

I stare back blankly with a smile on my face.
Written 06/08/2018
How do you describe
I'm not sure that you can
Truly find the words for
A Renaissance Man

I woke up this morning
Saw the paper, he was dead
Renaissance Man
Popped into my head

Rebel against the standard
Rage not causing pain
Live a life worth living
Like Anthony Bourdain

Teacher, writer, critic
Chef, student and man
Philosopher and cleric
A grown up Peter Pan

Question those around you
Learn, and share the wealth
Be a Renaissance Man to others
Don't keep your knowledge on the shelf

Demons, we all have them
Don't feed them, for they breed
Doubt into existence
Dark demons need to feed

Live life, avoid the shadows
Share and then go share again
Don't end up on a headline
Fight the urge, count to ten

Today, I read a headline
A Renaissance Man out of pain
I guess we never really knew him
Rest gentle Sir Boudain
Caia Halmas Jun 2018
When looking for people,
you'll always find food.
So look for food,
and you'll find friends.
Cause that's how it always ends :
with good food on their hands,
a table surrounded by friends.
I hope you're enjoying a nice juicy whole roasted pig wherever you are mister Anthony Bourdain. You will be missed. This little ridiculous poem I just improvised obviously doesn't convey the amazing legacy you left behind, nor the incredible person you were. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the rest of the world : they've always been truly inspiring.
foot fat Mar 2016
you are the Austin to my Uniqua
you meet me in the backyard
Pablo watches from inside the house
Tasha cries in the corner
and your still here
but Anthony's not
To the backyardigans...
Emily Budrow Jun 2015
the sun swallows me whole
i dance around inside her mouth
i realize her rays only shine upon you
everywhere else is cloudy
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