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I left my whole life behind
To be your companion
Your words are often hurtful & unkind
I’m slowly slipping into a bottomless canyon

My life is not my own
Since you make all the decisions
This marriage makes me feel so alone
I’m drowning under the weight of these impositions

Walk a mile in my shoes
Maybe then you’ll understand the gravity of my situation
7 billion people but it’s you I choose
And yet there’s not the slightest bit of reciprocation

I long for you to embrace & liberate my thoughts, my wants
Or to a certain degree engage in discussion
But the ambiguity of your response
Holds me back from communication
m lang Mar 31
it’s confusing to me
and maybe this is where
the grooming,
psychological abusing
comes from.
i’m used and discarded,
tossed into the recycling bin
until i’m reused again.
and again.
every time making me
a little weaker
than the time before.
a little less able to refuse.
a little easier to bend,
to break.
the lack of permanency
in the place i long for,
the place in which
i never got to stay for long,
only to be hauled away and
returned upon further notice.
Skyler M Feb 21
Blinded by a setting sun,
8pm on a summer night,
You say to me,
"My, my, look into those eyes."
Looking back at you is the sun,
His eyes are deep down brown.

Why won't you leave?
I'm begging, please.
Blinded by a marital dream,
Don't see the harm we receive.

Spend the midnight hours,
Rummaging through the old,
You say now,
"I could be free. Maybe one day I will be."
Looking down upon you is...

Wretched hands that don't believe,
Who am I to speak,
Except I'm the one who felt it,
Searing. Burning. Cutting flesh.
To the bone. Through the marrow.
Screaming till the throat is ******,
I know who I am but I'm not real,
An imaginary character to the sun.
Did I wrap the moon around my..
broken and bruised finger?

Why won't you leave?
I'm begging, please.
Blinded by a marital dream,
Don't see the harm you receive.
I'm sorry I'm not a degenerate like you
But that's not my fault
But in your own warped minds

F Minus
Nala Alfira Nov 2021
am i a trophy
am i a crown
am i a flower
in your bouquet
do i shine
like a gold
in your eyes
you make me feel like a lifeless object
Parker Oct 2021
I view the world through the lens of my parents
All men as power hungry, ***** animals that I'll never be enough for
All women as not wanting me, rejecting my very being without knowing who I am
Nik Bland Sep 2021
Hand keys
To my heart
What a start
To another fatal
The utter shatter
And the picking up again
Love’s abusive
Sadist archer
With fiery arrows
And a gate I can’t defend
Keys missing
This may be my
Before I’m even beginning
Key tucked safely
In your hands
And my stupid mind
Thinks I’m winning
Final inning
And I’m coming
No retort
Here I am again
The ubb
And dubb
Of a key
Made of me
I’m in love
I’m lacking
I pierce
Smattering together
The same chorus
In offering of lovers
Like livers
That keep growing
Back to the rock
And in offering
I lack
Maybe it’s me
But in order
To be free
I must offer my key

Heartbreaking and entering
Nala Alfira Sep 2021
you build me a castle
but you give me no room
to be myself
to feel myself
Hope Sep 2021
i laid on the bed completely defeated
with tears in my eyes and a handprint that left my skin heated.
i said no, and i meant it.
but you begged, you just couldn't accept it.
after you ****** me and used me at your disposal
you turned away from me and the phone screen lit up your face
so i turned my back on you and cried into stained sheets.
i never looked at my body the same
after you branded my body with your all-too-common name.
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