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Ash Jul 8
"Hey sorry I'm late"                                                            ­                             
                                   ­                                                            "Are you okay?"
"Huh? Yeah I just got stuck at work."                                                          
­                                                                 ­                          "I was so worried"
"I'm okay"                                                            ­                                             
                 "I’m sorry I-- You didn’t show up and I-- I started to panic--"
"Okay well I’m here now… I'm okay. Are you?"                                        
                                                      "So what-- Do you think I’m not okay?"
"I-- I didn’t mean it like--"                                                          ­                    
                                                     "You think I’m not okay… I-- I’m okay!"
"Okay"                                                    ­                                                           
     ­                                                                 ­                                  "I’m okay."
"O-Okay."                                                 ­                                                         

"Let’s sit dow--"                                                           ­                                    

They slaps him across the face.
Their rings cut into his skin.
Blood trickles down his cheek.

                                   "I-- I’m so sorry-- I don’t know what got into me."
"It’s… It’s okay…"                                                           ­                               
                                                                ­                                        "I’m sorry."
"It’s okay."                                                           ­                                              
                                                                ­                                        "I’m sorry."
"It’s okay. It was an accident."                                                       ­                

It was an accident.

It's always an accident.

They claw his back until he bleeds.

It was an accident.

They push him against a wall.

It was an accident.

He goes to work with a black eye.

"It was an accident."
When I first crushed into this boy,
it was like walking in the breeze
a beam of sunshine on my desk
a hope of seeing something more
When I first crushed into this man,
There was no pain, but much of fear
I saw him wild and saw him tamed,
And thought I knew what was his core.
I didn't.

Much to his surprise,
I stood relentless by his side.
He pushed away, I didn't halt,
And now I'm broke,
And it's my fault.
When I first crushed into this man,
I had a thousand miles to go.
I'm walking still without a plan.
Above me cries ****** of crows.
It's killing me and I don't care,
I've promised not to turn away.
My soul's beginning to decay.
I'm scared as hell and it's not fair.
Right now, I write and realise.
It's not like walking in the breeze -
A storm that upside-downs my desk.
A pain, and fear that makes me freeze.
Right now, I write and realise -
Despite all this, I still don't care.
It's downright mad and it's unwise,
But to see you, I'll pay this fare.
Nola Leech Feb 26
He punched me last week
And told me that he was joking and that's between me and him
My friends saw and helped me break it off yesterday
Today is my eighteenth birthday
And I am nothing like my mother
RC Feb 13
I wore necklaces of bruises when you felt so prompted to gift them
slipped me into sleeves of black and blue
watched my skin turn every hue of human
I remember one night I got brave
and painted you too

There were times you'd say you loved my eyes
so much so
you could never look at the stains your anger left behind
Who knew familiar hands would create the very reasons
I had to hide

There were entire days you spent trying to wash away the colors
attempting to convince me of the superficiality of my wounds
as secrets added up between the four walls of your room
Mornings were for recovery
but you'd see red if I couldn't forget by afternoon
Alice Jan 28
there was always a darkness in him.
the light that she so easily shone,
disappeared in the black hole cut in the
middle of his chest.

he never gave it back
Traveler Jan 8
Fight it!
If you can beat it
You will be whole!

Face the tyrannical
With promiscuous
Grit and grin
With crooked teeth
Win the the final match
Take it to your wits end

There is where the hero will begin
Such a lovely wonderful liberation!
Traveler Tim
and when you complain
about the bite you receive
do not forget
who sharpened these teeth.

— you taught this dog to bite
this is mostly unfinished, i cant figure out a way to begin this poem. perhaps it is poetic in its own right that i only know how to end it.
levi eden r Jan 7
i think i just wanted my innocence back.

i can't get my first kiss back.
i've been touched and approached and pursued in ways i didn't want.

i just wanted my first times to Anything to be special.
i wanted my first, real lover to stroke my cheek with their hand and i wanted to kiss them for the first time under the stars,
i want butterflies and no doubt.
no doubt, no fear,
just butterflies.

i can't unfeel his hand on my leg.
i wanted the first person to touch me in Any way to be someone who i love, who i trust.
not a ball and chain, not a push and pull.

growing up in a shaking, rumbling home,
i've seen people come and go.
i've heard the cries through closed doors and the yelling on the lawn.
this was love.

i prayed when i was young that maybe i could get something different.
tw // relationship trauma

instagram : @orb.collective
Samara Nov 2020
You're my September sun
I see you're there
You show up every day
but still I'm cold
Shivering in your light

the universe is a hall of mirrors
reflecting my anxieties
refracting my good intentions
indifferent to it all

tumbling around in the density
over and over again
trying to see it through
but only seeing through you
be gentle when you're chipping away
i want to hold it together

propagating eternally
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