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Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Sultry and steamy,
Building in my mind,
Internal moans of passion,
Light me up from inside,

Indecisive chains,
Tear me apart,
As I yearn,
To be in your heart.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Television static,
Echoing loud and clear,
Pulse accelerating,
As I feel my fear,

The pain point emerges,
It stings and throbs,
The physical manifestation,
Of my selfish flaw,

I’m hurdling through hoops,
A million miles a second,
My insides a rorschach test,
Contorting as you beckon,

Fighting inner turmoil,
Digging deep through the soil,
Trying to plan my seeds,
To stay true and loyal,

My heart aches for fantasy,
My heart yearns with envy,

For passion,
For your touch...
To drown in your love.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
All continues on,
Life just is,
In my self-made abyss,

Empty space that vibrates,
Fuzzy with feeling dust,
And lack of trust,

The humid warmth from the coals,

In my groin,
In my brain,

Disrupts my sane judgement,
As I succumb with no shame,
To the lustful *****,
Itching to scream your name.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Agonizing existence,
Overwhelmed and annoyed,
By the ridiculous amount of choices,
And how little I grow,

Everything and anything,
That is how I feel,
Nothing reigns more joyously,
Than my fear.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Engulfs my mind,

Heavier with time,

Desire burning,
Aching to bust,

Wet and creamy,
The residue of lust,

Dripping from inside me,
Quivering from your touch,

Traveling through my body,
Reverberating in such,

Take me,
Use me,
Fill me up,

Love me daddy,
I’m your little ****.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Melting into the surreal warmth,
Lulling me to sleep,
Cozy like a blanket,
Soft as a sheep,

My eyes grow heavy,
They trip and fumble,
I must collect my bearings before I take a tumble,

My body is ready,
Take me to sleep,
C’mon sandman,
Give me that dream.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Floating on air,
Without a care,
The universe engulfs me,

Feeling so light,
Ready to take flight,
Escape this plight,
Be free!,
With all my might,

To awaken my emotions,
And amuse my senses,
To get lost in time,
A private oasis,

With its sea of people,
And rainbow landscape,
Of colors, textures, smells, and sounds,

No long faces,
No races, class, or spaces,
For hate,
Just love and kindness to re hydrate,
My soul and heart,
From this massive heartache.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Bring me to new elevations,
Satiate my temptations,
Openly penetrate them,
Fulfill me until elation,

Pilot my *****,
Fill up my ******,
Let’s ride out the turbulence,
On your lap,

If I’m not quiet,
You can give me a slap,
Hush me daddy,
Feed me a snack.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Feeling the rhyme build up in my chest,
Ready to erupt and take the next step,
To blow you all away with my phaser-like cannons of joy,
That will infect your very being and shake you to the core,

Where logic and emotion crossover in time,
To wrap you in a positive state of mind,
Caress your cheek and mend your heart,
Tender loving care,
A secret art.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020

Tears of la llorona,
Her tears never stop,
Like her ambition and persona,

She feels her feels,
Full body and heart,
So much at times,
It rips her apart,

But she don’t need no seamstress,
She’s proud of her tears,
They represent life, love, and what’s real,

Where’s the pause button?,
To divvy up the pain,
Of being alive,
And feeling insane,

Why does every moment feel like she’s wired?,

Electric, hectic, full of fire,
Emotion as dense as the ocean,
Drowning in free-flow motion,
Fighting the odds, current, and notion,

When will it stop?,
She asks as she drops,

Pleading for that secret potion,
To calm her soul,
And prevent mental explosion,

Llorona, llorona,
She quietly smiles,
Though but intense,
She knows that’s why life’s worthwhile.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Virus times,
Corona sans the limes,
Isolating the world,
1 day at a time,

The world comes together,
Making changes for the better,
Uniting resources,
To change the odds,
And make it level,

Mother nature,
Heals from the hurt,
Her humans gave her,
And rejoices as we unite in solidarity,
Yet remain apart,

Social distancing becoming an art,
As we learn to have heart,

We as a people,
Are strong and worthy,
Let’s show this virus wrong,
And that we’re tough and sturdy,

Be honest,
But don’t be a ****,
Take at face value,
Trust without judgement,

In times that test us,
Please wash your hands,
Stay home,
Be safe holds up ******,

The future is ours!
Let’s bring it together,
It’s time to build a new world,
Stronger than ever.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Ascending from below,
Bursting like a facehugger,
Erupting from my soul,

It’s a slow release,
Moistening lips and fingertips,
This new found euphoria,
State of bliss,

My insides glow
and I feel it show,
Illuminating from within,
Swimming with endorphins,

From the unlocked chest,
Of joyness,
Wriggling and ogling,
All within my body.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Feel what you feel,
Be proud and bold,
You’re alive today,
Your story is ready to unfold,

Choose your adventure,
Friendships and foes,
It’s your choice,
To do the best with what you’ve got,
Whether accompanied or alone,

Trust your instinct,
Trust yourself,
You know better than anyone else,
Who you are within,

If you feel lost,
Look inside (yourself),
You have all the answers,
Even if they hide,

In the darkest forests of your mind,
And deepest chambers of your heart,
You have magic within,
You are a piece of art.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Silence so loud,
It taunts my brain,
Eerie emptiness,
Calling my name,

Sinking into horror,
I lose my breathe,
Uneasy darkness,
Seeping through my chest,

Unending hurry,
Morph and transition,
From scene to scene,
In my private movie,

Staggering emotions,
Yet absolute,
Physical manifestations,
Coursing through,

Creepy creations,
My unconscious enchants,
Oppress reality,
And rationalness,

Pulse accelerating,
Sobbing for air,
Let me go from this madness,
Feed me fresh air.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
My heart screams at the injustice,
Thrashes and burns,
The doors to my mind to the ground,
To break the wall,

Ignorance engulf me,
Take me back to the unknown,
Before knowledge became pain,
And the world felt whole,

Beam me up into the night,
Into the nothingness of space,
To drift along the constellations,
That revolve around your face,

My insides heave and spasm,
As I pine in the vacuum of space,
To know of such wonder,
And live without it every day.
You can here it recited by myself here:

Thanks a bunch for your time ♡
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Today I am filled with rage,
Flame on high,
Censored ******* to the sky,

Primal takeover,
Words cease to exist,
As I release the flame from my fist,

Uneasy noise,
No easy choice,
As I strangle the beast with kindness and love.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Who am I?
What am I?
Why am I here?
To grace this earth,

My existence feels useless,
Hang my head in the noose,

I am everything and nothing,
All at once yet not at all,
I teeter on the brink of madness,
Waiting to witness my fall,

I am a waterfall of sorrow,
Endlessly flowing,
Through my blood,
and *****,

Recycling emotions,
In this vessel,
Hollow with feeling,

Feeling alone,
Yet alone I am not,

Universe embrace me,
Place me in your thoughts.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Burn me alive,
End it all now,

I’m tired of the world,
I want to crawl back into my shell,

Of ignorance and bliss,
Before feeling overcame everything,
And my mind could manage and stall,

The unending dread,
The unending pain,
That recycles through my body,
And mental membrane,

Temporary relief,
Doesn’t last long,
Seeping into my bones,
Polluting my core,

Lack of presence,
Take me away,
Bury me down low,

Erase me from existence,
Free from my soul.
Those moments where everything is just a bit too much to take.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Tie my laces,
Anchor me now,
Release the tide of emotion,
It’s ready for the crowd,

Electricity pulses in my chest,
Jolts through my limbs,
And sparks at my finger tips,

Connected to the earth,
I’m grounded,
I’m strong,

My stride will leave lightning,
Powerful and long,

My decisions quick,
Agile, steady,

Ready to dip, dive,
Juke, swerve,
Hop & leap,
Through that hole,
I'm ready,

Ready to be a brace,
For my family,
Jam or be a ****,
To achieve our goal,

Together as one we skate,
Into the unknown future we go.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
A sparkle,
A pump,
A few more sparkles in tow,

Spark the movement,
Of feeling, power, and hope,

The current powers up,
With courage and perseverance,

Her soul lights up,
Hot ****, she’s beaming,

She opens up to her demons,
Sits tight,
Starts breathing,

Embraces the universe,
Her world,

The pain and the hurt,
Good fortune, pure love, and your worth,

Pay attention to the universe,
It’s listening to you,

Melt into its warmth,
While it whispers,

You matter,
It’s true.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
I’m thinking in paintings & graphic novels,
Ink flowing through my veins,
Brimming to the top with genres,

Spitting words,
With devilish curves,

As I twirl,
My wrists through arcs,
And sagas,
Open the pages with,
Full of romance and science,

Weave you through webs of emotion,
That make you feel, see, and hear,
Reality erosion,
As you weep, grieve, and cheer,

Then lull you to sleep,
In my cradle of feeling,
Secure and heard,

Feel my magic,
Through my art,
Warm your insides,
With my heart.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Sappy and happy,
My insides glow with emotion,

No flames on hold,
Roaring, soaring,
With the Texas heat,

Temperatures rise,
Hearts accelerate,
Start to pound,

Palms sweat,
Pants wet,
Mouth dry,

Animal instinct,
As we collide,

In another dimension,
Of passion,
And prose,

That satiate our senses,
Down to our toes.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
My tongue trips when you’re near,
My chest tightens when you sigh,
You hold my heart in your hands,
As we tip toe this fine line,

Of passion and friendship,
Venturing through life,
Close and afar,
Separate but one,

I long to tangle my fingers in your hair,
As we coexist with time,
At our most relaxed point,
Sense of self left outside,

To caress your face,
With a kiss,
Full of care,

To entwine our fingers,
Through our arts,
Lift up,

Spread our wings,
Through the pain and the hurt,

Feel confident,
One is blessed,
And not cursed,

For you are so,
Full of love,
Full of worth.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
I’m a hopeless romantic,
Destined for pain,
My mind wanders,
And soul searches every plane,

For a love so true,
So pure,
And whole,

That engulfs my body,
And soul.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
I want to start a new movement,
With feeling,
That fills you with purpose,
While you read it,

I want to roll through through the world,
Confident I make a difference,
Not afraid to take a fall,

To take a stand for justice,
Speak my heart freely,
Give my soul reason,
Manifest freedom,

To ***** my words on a page,
That’ll leave you in a daze,
Of complex emotions,
An emotional maze,

To make you feel,
Displace the hurt,
Give you comfort,
Prove your worth.
Jammit Janet Aug 2020
Knowledge is power,
Knowledge is pain,
That seeps through the heart,
And taints the brain,

Why do I want to be in pain?
Why do I crave what is insane?
A love, a feeling,
A touch, meaning,

That lights me on fire,
Passion with depth,
That melds with my mind,
Longs to connect,

With my soul,
In a way so real,
Our bodies let go,

Of the stress and the tension,
Pain in suspension,
Knowledge intervention.
Jammit Janet Aug 2020
Feeling the embrace of denial,
Coursing through my veins,
Worse than poison,
Choking out my pain,

Growing grotesquely,
Losing control,
These powerful palpitations,
Are starting to consume me whole,

Zapped into the darkness,
My limbs feel the tug,
As my intoxicated emotions,
Tear them off one by one,

As I burst,
I am transported in a blink,
Back to the waiting cell,
My mind constructed for me.
Jammit Janet Aug 2020
Sweet like candy,
But not brittle,
I was born resilient,
Emotional intelligence brilliant,

My DNA is exotic,
I’m no ordinary plant,
I’m of the nuclear variety,

I’ll break out the beats,
And shift your plates,
As I burst into tecktoniks,
And make your earth quake,

With my deviant thoughts,
And perspective that’s radical,
To uproot the past,
And fill it with something magical.
Jammit Janet Aug 2020
It'll flow when it flows,
Like a babbling brook,
Giggling through meadows,
Of creativity,
And mental banks,
Full of books,

Free from frustration,

Full of life,
Full of love,

To nurture your being,
Cuddle your feelings,
Your sense of meaning.
Hear me read it to you here:
Jammit Janet Oct 2020
Bewildering silence,
Words without violence,
Rage on hold,
As I close my eyelids,

Let go of attachment,
Let go of the pain,
You are unbreakable,
Don’t listen to your brain,

You are the symphony of understanding,
The audience of your dreams,
That makes you feel heard,
Fulfills your every need,

You are the embrace you seek,
The match to light your fire,
Passionate comfort,
Available at every hour,

You are resilient,
You are strong,
Flowers bloom in your footsteps,
After every setback,
Every fall,

Delve into your Universe,
Shower in your love,
For you are more than enough,
You are divinely whole.
Working on improving my self talk and self comforting skills.
Jammit Janet Oct 2020
You bloom in adversity,
Feeling life at its fullest,
Solving problems left and right,
Mindset sharper than bullets,

Persistent at every task,
Unafraid to show fear or cover it with a mask,
Using brute honesty to prevail,
Conquering darkness,
Healing ails,

Planting seeds,
To a brighter future,
Dissipating gloom & despair,
Releasing the fragrance of hope,
To grace our air,

Shine with the sun,
Absorb its power,
Become one with the Universe,
Flow, you beautiful flower.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Taking a chance to roll the die,
Hoping to land a critical strike,
On your heart,

I’ll be by your side,
Singing you songs about the feelings I can’t hide,
I’ll be your bard,
In disguise,

My turns next,
And I can’t wait,
To see if the die brings us any closer to our first date,

You’re as wonderful as they come,
No DM can deny it,
The way you light up the room,
With your dancing lights,
That you cast from behind your eyelids,

Let’s get a pint,
And start to unwind,
As I tell you the tales,
Of how you stole this heart o’ mine.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Thoughts and feelings,
Fighting so hard amongst each other for my attention,
Feelings and thoughts,
Bouncing endlessly through my body lusting for my affection,

My thoughts combust,
And join the fray,
Spreading like wildfire,
Leaving me in haze.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Desperate for affection,
Wanting your connection,
Oh how strong I feel for thee,

Feeling gooey,
My insides defrost from the cold,
Wicked world,
That hurt it so,

Serotonin release,
A pulse,
A care,
Drowning in warmth,
Gasping for air,

Waves of emotion,
Pull me under,
A sea of love,
Life, commotion,

An entity of its own,
Above me,
I surrender to it's power,
Give into the unknown,
Watch the future flower.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Time is ticking,
Hearts expire,
As I mourn the loss of my desire,

I dread the pain,
As it consumes me,
Into this endless black hole of fury,

Feel the wrath,
Between my heart and wits,
As they clash like demons,
From the lack of passion,
In my firepit.

— The End —