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Jammit Janet Nov 2021
The wind beneath my wings
That rings the chimes
That make my heart sing

The air that fans my fire
That burns in my being
The source of my desire

The smoke which fills my lungs
And makes me high

Stoked on your love
By your side
There’s no place I’d rather be
Until the end of time.
Jammit Janet Oct 2021
When people ask me who you are
I tell them
You’re the love of my life
You aren’t my boyfriend or brother
Husband or father
Just a boy in my life
Who fills me with love
Unlike any other.
Jammit Janet Oct 2021
I'm not going anywhere
I'm going everywhere

Until I can be everywhere
All at once
All the time

Authentic and free
As me as I can be
While the Universe guides me.
Jammit Janet Sep 2021
Makin' moves
Creating grooves
Syncing to the synchronicities
The Universal mood.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
Stop rushing
Be present
In time
Hit that button
Indulge (in yourself)
Feel alive.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
Time traveling
The love
That's dug
Its way
Inside my memories.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
I am capable
Of anything and everything
And exceeding expectations

I will blow you
Out of the water
With my delivery and presentation

Wow people
Of every place
and Imagination

Open doors to galaxies
That will recalibrate
Your mental foundation

Fill you with love
5th dimensional
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
I’m thinking in paintings & graphic novels,
Ink flowing through my veins,
Brimming to the top with genres,

Spitting words,
With devilish curves,

As I twirl,
My wrists through arcs,
And sagas,
Open the pages with,
Full of romance and science,

Weave you through webs of emotion,
That make you feel, see, and hear,
Reality erosion,
As you weep, grieve, and cheer,

Then lull you to sleep,
In my cradle of feeling,
Secure and heard,

Feel my magic,
Through my art,
Warm your insides,
With my heart.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
A better future is right in front of you
If you dare to open your mind
Full of beauty and grace
If you dare to face
The mysteries you hold inside.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
Taking a leap of faith
To better my existence
Blast my own path
To the life I aspire
Feel confident in what I do
Because I am capable
and worthy
of blossoming
into a higher power.
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