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I was forged from the fire of will
I burn bright
To signal a new hope
To instill
Jammit Janet Jul 21
Love is simple
Yet complex
Can cause wrecks
Of the emotional kind
Leave us confused
Wondering, why?
Make us so mad
We want to cry
Sometimes so hurt
We want to die
Yet in the midst
We search for it
Crave it
Because we know deep inside
It's what most makes us feel alive
What powers our essence
The Divine Spiritual vibe
Which connects us all
On this wild ride.
Jammit Janet Jul 21
In a sea
Of green grass
Bloom gardens
Full of flowers
Exuberant with joy
They laugh when the wind
Tickles them
It's favorite play toys.
Jammit Janet Jul 21
Juices flow
In new exciting ways
My body yearns in anticipation
Ready to play

To feel touched
To feel present
To evolve into one
Entity of pleasure
So intense
The only way to comprehend
Is using feeling to measure.
Jammit Janet Jul 18
My body roars
Through my veins
Straight fire
Passion incarnate
Primal desire.
Jammit Janet Jul 18
Pleasantly content
Full of love
Full of commitment

To go above and beyond
Make you feel the beauty of passion
Provide you with the warmth
From my love

That replenishes my being
Recharges me
When I’m done.
Jammit Janet Jul 18
My laugh projects
And riles
The part in your soul
That feels free and wild

The one that is oblivious
To the chains of social construction
The wickedness of humanity
That taints mental function.
Jammit Janet Jul 18
I need to feel small to go big
I need to feel little to dig
And sprout roots
To keep me grounded and high
On universal knowledge
From the other side
Jammit Janet Jul 18
I write because I feel 🔥✨
I feel the Universe 🪐✨
And it feels oh so very real ⭐️✨
It courses through my veins 🩸
Composes every cell 🧬
Vibrates it’s symphony 🎶✨
In my body 💃🏼✨
Every tree 🌲✨
Every living being 🐶✨
The dead 🧟‍♀️❤️✨
As far as the “I” can see 🔭👀✨
Jammit Janet Jul 15
Invisible presence 🌬✨
Louder than silence 🔈✨
Comforting warmth 🔥✨
That disintegrates violence🔪✨
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