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Constant over-stimulation,
no thoughts of what’s to be,
numbs us from the inside,
separates mind from body.

But why change for anything
and take all this away?
Every pixel, every wire,
everything that brings us

further from the nature of things,
further from me to you,
further away from what’s real,
further from the truth.

Stay awake, remember
let your body tell you,
let your own mind tell you.
Feel it from the inside.

Blend pleasure and pain.
Embrace each moment willingly.
Let intuition lead you.
Seek authenticity.
F A Pacelli Sep 6
what joy it brings
to step into yourself
to know what you stand for
to do away with nonsense
but this knowing takes time
and time is the cost 
of self-acceptance
F A Pacelli Sep 9
no matter how dark
    the abyss
no matter how weak
    the body
no matter how lost
    the mind
there is a way out
    to rebirth

you must believe
F A Pacelli Aug 19
when they insult you
smile back
when they hurt you
smile back
they don’t matter
you matter
so smile back
you will show them all
what you are made of
F A Pacelli Aug 20
the primal spirit
exists in all of us
our coding makes it so
the hunter of past
lives inside you
do not forget
your power
F A Pacelli Aug 21
to take sail
with no map or compass
to let the winds of fortune
carry you to distant shores
is more courageous than
he who plans and plots
his destination
F A Pacelli Aug 22
embark on activities
that build character
rather than prestige
for character will triumph
over any adversity
F A Pacelli Aug 23
if you don’t play
by their rules
you can’t lose
at their game
Her stained thoughts manifest
as reckless voice that
critiques and confines.

Her words jars authenticity
and snubs their narrative,
cooked from their perspective,
and experience.

Flames of disapproval,
burn brighter with every beat
as incompetency bites
and acceptance withers.

She captures snapshots,
and confines them into
stereotyped framed
of idiosyncratic value.

But steadily,
as she delayers,
scrubs the scrutiny of judgements
of her thoughts, and emotions —
she steps off the battleground
of others skin
and becomes the change of creating
a embracing society.
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