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Nico Judd Oct 11
Numb as a dentist’s touch

Cheek that is no longer yours
But flesh
for its own sake

A bitter resignation of nerves
burrowing deeper within
Retreating so that the mind buzzes
in compensation for temporary death
of once-thriving
somatic calculations

How can a poet reach authenticity
without lodging themselves
into the sticky net
of modern day tropes?

Of countless expectations
that swirl and batter?
Leech and deprive?

How can we embrace this world,
caress and ******
and then turn to the paper
Having never asked (known)
her name?

Not every poem needs to be an eighth wonder
Each line bleed majestic

But if the songs we sing
bear no impression of her searing beauty
Then aren’t we as traitorous to the senses
as the bludgeoning deafness
of Novocain?
Written August 17, 2020
Laokos Oct 10
there is a price to
authenticity that
most people
are not prepared
to pay

the cost
(at least in part)
rejection, failure,
anxiety, madness,

it's vicious
strangers and
deadly lovers--
all of them
with spinning
flowers for
eyes as they
dig in: the
elbow, the
heel, the

becoming who
you are demands
that you sacrifice
every inch of
what you
thought you
were to the
eternal flames

it means you're
gonna be hard
on yourself--harder
than anybody else
has ever been
on you

it means you're
gonna think
about killing
may even come

make no
mistake, it
will be the
death of you
it will be
the best death
you could've
offered yourself

you will look
back upon
your life with
a cutting
smile and
piercing eyes
knowing that
you stayed

through every
cheap shot,
backstab, and
bad call

defeat, and

you kept
coming, no
matter what
life threw at

these things
mean nothing
in the face
of true

and what
is becoming
if not
and that
which remains
after its
Nathalie Aug 24
The climb to authenticity
Can be both beautiful  
And unsettling  
At the heart of being genuine
Shadows will be disturbed
It takes courage to
Walk through the forests
On a dark night and
Sometimes it’s easiest
To stay curled up
In the safety of one’s
Haven in fear of
Discovering new truths
The secrets that lie
Undisturbed is one of  
The greatest myths of all
As it is only when unearthing
What rests below the surface
That there is room to
Grow anything new
And it is only
In the light that one
Truly prospers in grace
And abundance  

She rattles her cage
deep inside
where I hid her
so you could not touch her

This outer part,
this shell, this facade
is all you have
but not the real me

She is mine
and I am hers
the door is shut but I forgot
to turn the lock

Only a matter of time
before she busts out
to tear your world apart
and burn it down
Kara Shirlene Aug 22
When I was young
I sat beneath
A Willow Tree,
Who with the wind
Carried this message
To me:

She said, "Little child,
Filled with light
And with love,
Many fears in your life,
You'll have to overcome."

With big hazel eyes,
I looked up and asked,
"Which rode do I take?
The short or the fast?"

She smiled at me then,
And with only a laugh
Said, "Your heart will know
Which path to take
For on it you see-
You will grow."

In the warm breeze
My blonde hair blew.
Confused and scared,
I started to flee
on a long road
For which I wasn't prepared.

Before I could leave
The old Willow Tree
Said, "Wait! Just one more advice:
Never let go of your dreams!
Even through pain, fear, and strife."

So here now I stand,
With all that I am;
Believing and dreaming in life.
Courageous and strong
I still carry on through
Pain, fears, and strife!
©KSS 7/2013
Kara Shirlene Aug 22
Dive in.
To the place of the unknown
To the spaces within
That, for far too long,
Have been left alone.

Breathe deep.
And give yourself permission
To move down, down, down.
Down, to the lost, forgotten
Child within, screaming for remission.

Set free.
The emotions of abandon and resentment;
Casting out and calling forth your ShadowSelf.
The atramentous Friend within,
For reconciliation.

This so called place of "Darkness"
It is within to make you whole.
Explore this space of deep emotion,
Waiting for it's story to be told.

Scream out!
Shed tears, do all that needs be done.
Feel the oppression, anger, heartache, despair.
Feel it until the place within-
The atramentous Friend, is no longer caged there.

Come forth
Now, with sweet release; ragged, yet-
Reborn, Renewed, Set free, Complete.
Move back into the Luminescent space;
The fear of ShadowSelf now obsolete.

Through Love
And honoring the Self as whole;
The atramentous Friend balances
The Luminescence within.
For through all things: As Above, So Below.
©KSS 7/2018
Tenant Aug 12
Ten thousand flowers
Laminated, cold pressed on my window door
Plastered- blue white and yellow

Sing me a song, I like the way your voice bellows.
Ten thousand flowers
Falling, as her dress hits the floor

None of them are real
Im just sitting here, passing the hours.
Ten thousand flowers
Kelly Mistry Aug 6
Emotions are hard
Hard to feel
Hard to share

It’s so much easier to offer a mirror
And let others
              See what they want to see
              Hear what they want to hear

Offering authenticity is complicated
Full of light
              and dark
                       and confusion

Sometimes I don’t want to look
I don’t want to see
I don’t want to know

                   I don’t want to feel

But a shallow existence only works for so long
To grow, we must grow roots
To connect, we must reach out

Will you be worthy of my truth?
Will you face it with me?
Will you meet my vulnerability with your own?

I can only wish
And hope
And believe

That you will
I fell in love
in the in-between moments.

When you weren't trying
to convince me
When you weren't trying
to convince yourself

In fell in love
in those fleeting moments
when I got to see

But even the tiniest glimpse
of your bare naked soul
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