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Jess B Nov 2023
I  did that for you
...didn't I?

yet now,
I feel empty

If I offered my gift
did I take it from me?

Tell me

What really is


Where does it reside?

Can it be captured?



will it always
at random
dry the well?

Who is this for?

and is it needed?

Some days like

but others feel
Filomena May 2023
I've recently been told
That music's for the bold
And performance represents
A simple flow of confidence

While I think that's good to know
I think there's more to music's glow
Cause when I put my pen to paper
I want me to be the shaper

I aspire to hone my craft
And not come off as over-daft
But my music is my art
Communication from the heart

And that calls consideration
Of musicians' motivation
Cause when you stand up on the stage
It's true the listener's the gauge

Of if your music is worthwhile
Or should be thrown into the pile
So overall it's just a balance
Of one's skill, but also talent

So at the ending of the day,
The final thing I'd like to say

A is for Adam
Atoms are for art
I'll write like a free radical
But on stage I'll play the part
Jammit Janet Sep 2022
I’m proud of myself
I was genuine and authentic
I felt myself grow
And become
The person I wish to be
In my soul.
Jammit Janet Jun 2022
Authentic City
One of the hardest destinations
To find
Once found hard to stay at
Unless you can find peace
Not always fitting in
Not always feeling liked
Not always being treated equally
Despite being aware of what’s not fair
Or right.
Filomena Apr 2022
My teacher says there are no Christian witches
My good friend says no lesbians go by he
My father says degenerates belong in ditches
I guess just be the way you want to be
J Jan 2022
Consumed by the fear of what others thought about me
Playing a game of charades in every social activity
Slowly loosing sight of my true authenticity
Rather than deal with an occasional adversity
I refused to play another games of charades anymore
As I throw my mask, on my face, down to the floor
I let out a deep sigh and look off to the side
I stand proud in a large crowd
Now that my natural stance is finally allowed
Jammit Janet Oct 2021
I'm not going anywhere
I'm going everywhere

Until I can be everywhere
All at once
All the time

Authentic and free
As me as I can be
While the Universe guides me.
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