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An innocuous smile,
one that touched the hands of Time–slowed it down
like the graceful              of curtains
                             closure                    on an exhausted evening

My heart
                      ­         s
                                                        like a helpless leaf that died a tree,
descended into the Unknown of departing from being
a l o n e
to being Someone

(Love at first sight was such a  s t u p i d  thing, till I saw you)

An innocuous smile,
one that touched the abyss of Loneliness–sobered it up
like the scenic                       of the night's eyes
                         tranquilities                                 on a lethargic morning

You smiled at me
Such a benevolent smile that paid my debt of helplessness
More than just a subtle indicator of authenticity or a shadow of happiness
You smiled at me
Such a moment that you and I share, one that no one could ever take away

More than just a simple smile,
But one that bridges my heart with yours to cross this path of Loneliness
To discover what it means to be in Love
A smile is electric, despite its simplicity.
Ross Larson Mar 4
You say
please please
see me
see my soul
and see what I
can do
please see
me and say
that I am loveable
I won’t believe a word
but it will comfort me
I say please please
my doing
even though I know
no matter how much
I will get
it won’t help me
to believe
that any of it is true
I know this
but still
try to ignore it
a life long pattern
a pattern
that has shaped my life
it is difficult to change
the need for approval
is so great
it’s power so overwhelming
a force
that can not be stopped
and so I seek false recognition
by the many ways
our culture allows me to
for likes
like a billion
souls out there
trying to fill
a void
that seems
having found no cure
I am only left with
posting these
The internet says (so it must be true)—
“A smile takes twenty muscles to produce.”
But whoever wrote that never met you—
My heart is the only muscle I use.

The internet says (so it must be true)—
“Bill Gates is giving his money away.”
But whoever wrote that never met you—
Since I found you I’m richer by the day.

The internet says (so it must be true)—
“Chocolate will be extinct by end of year.”
But whoever wrote that never met you—
Yours is a sweetness forever, sincere.

The internet says (so it must be true)—
“Click ‘like’ and Ellen will give you a car!”
But whoever wrote that never met you—
You have been my gift and my shining star.

The internet, it seems, has little true—
It’s likes and follows and asinine memes.
Nothing compares to the authentic you—
You’re my one true love made real from my dreams.
Instagram @insightshurt
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Creating a scene
Won’t make you be seen.
Not in real way,
The way you can say,
“This is who I am.”

Creating a scene
Won’t make you be seen.
The outside you show,
Is not how you know,
“This is who I am.”

Creating a scene
Won’t make you be seen.
Others may flatter,
It does not matter,
“This is who I am.”

Creating a scene
Won’t make you be seen.
Not till we can see
“That is who you are.”
Instagram @insightshurt
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When all else is gone,
When I can’t hear the song,
And I must close my eyes,
Something inside cries
“It’s me! I’m here!
In a place without fear,
I’m the voice of love,
Sweet as heaven above.
Love is me, the real me.”
Me. Really.

Virginia Giglio
February 2019
Aaron Feb 21
So this is what inspiration feels like:
When it's come time to take a hike,
And every fork is a new road to take
Every choice is another path to make
Every word is another leaf to rake
Every thought is free -
What a wonderful gift for me.

The mind is strong, so
No thoughts are wrong
Or out of place;
Fear bites no grace.

To those who choose just love:
Your light outshines the dove;
'Cos for all that you may know,
You still make room for worlds to grow.
Aaron Feb 19
I could sit and stare,
And bide my time;
Thoughts rip and tear,
And try to rhyme.

Somehow it seems so strange
That though we poets,
Filled with strands of gold or gray,
Can rarely find a way to say
What's truly on our minds;
We're too caught up in the blinds.

Perfection is a savage curse,
But self-rejection's even worse.

Maybe it's okay to be afraid;
You can't pick and choose what to feel;
Know your soul's not being weighed, so
Put pen to page and just be real.
Aaron Feb 19
I wanna write in the bath
Just to prove I can,
So I am;
No clue what I'll say,
But that's okay;
I don't need an in to win;
I just gotta play.

Language conquers mind;
Maybe we're all too blind
From the search for a metaphor,
A greater meaning, a Something More;
I wonder what we might be
Without the concept of you vs me?
I give up on titles
Aaron Feb 18
This is just another perspective
given form by conscious centrality, or
Perhaps I’m too introspective.

From young we learn to seek directive, and
to live with a certain frugality,
But this is just another perspective.

An unmoved pen is too corrective;
The hand hesitates for fear of banality;
Or perhaps I’m too introspective.

Life, as poetry, is connective;
Embrace the paradox of each duality; but
This is just another perspective.

I dream to love the imperfective,
Because we’re all an abnormality;
Perhaps I’m too introspective.

What if we stop trying to be corrective,
And instead embrace individuality?
This is just another perspective,
Or perhaps I’m too introspective.
Aaron Feb 18
You're welcome to join,
This ride needs no coin;
If you really want to touch the sky,
If every song in your soul screams to fly,
Leave what you think and know at the door
To go somewhere you've never been before.

I know you're scared to take the chance;
Thus the game sets the stage,
But take the plunge and learn the dance;
You'll finally find that forgotten page.

There's something absent in your days;
And so we struggle through the maze,
Finding other ways to play,
Just to bite back at the gray.

Not *** nor drugs nor wealth
Can ever bring true health;
The only lasting way is to be yourself,
And let your life ring true.
Until you do,
There's something missing, and it's you.
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