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Let’s travel the world pick a place that’s exquisite.
Let’s enjoy the scenery, the food and the visit.
Take in the culture, like how I have interest in you.
Watch how you dance let’s see how you move.
The music is so beautiful my heart is amused.
I’m in the groove and cannot refused it.
The rhythm is a bomb I cannot defuse it.
Let’s just dance till the morning comes.
Till the night breaks and we see the sun.
One day
Seanathon Jun 6
When I am in the river
And the rocks are rolling with the storm beneath
I shine as stars
Stand as trees
And dig into the earth with my scarred limbs

When all around is changing pace
And ever shaken
As if grooved
I am awake and without worry

When I am greased and in the groove
greased and in the groove
if we're
a prat
that sat
alone together
here but
love was
our life
so dear
if she
made me
desire a
sweet tumble
we'd but
twice deeply
intuit but
cat and
mouse again
Less shootings,
more intimate body groovings.
keep dancing
to the rhythm of life
let your every step
be a beating fife

you'll feel well ensconced
in the groove
on partaking of its
tremendous move

never stop dancing
stay the round the clock tempo
don't break for a pause
cause the dance has a long way to go

tap dancing
is perfectly okay
and you can change it to
a waltzing sway
and you might like
to disco or jitterbug
on another day

the rhythm of life
is so good for the soul
and it's a dance
of peerless extol
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
y o u
vibrate to (the)
(Cosmic) Truth
a tune my soul
g r o o v e
a cosmic dance
Nichole Dec 2017
The shaking,
I can feel it in my whole body and soul,
Is it nervousness?
A twitch?

I think it's more feeling the vibration of life,
Everything is moving,

So I call it the shaking,
A movement,
A groove,

It helps when i'm feeling uncertain,
Or am just feeling in a mood,

I shake, I twitch, I let it all out,

I flick, I move, I shake it all about.
If you like it let me know :)
Groove, move, dance around
When I'm lost I am found
The rhythm is the only sound

So far in, I'm beyond
Take my hand, let's abscond
Heartbeat meter correspond
Unlike all the general stereotypes,
Unlike the degrading things people say,
There's an extraordinarily amazing continent
Filled with aesthetically pleasing beauty,
And music making the laziest of people dance.
Bright and bubbly, giving us energy.
People here use their bodies
To express themselves where words fail.
Incredibly fascinating movements for hours on end,
That interest people who would otherwise be endlessly bored.
[African Groove]
ThoughT Feb 2017
The heated metal from the kettle steams the rebel in me.  The panic planted will vanish after a mindful pouring of tea.  Lets replace our hazardous waste with a serene moment of peace.  Funny the way honey laced stardust grace tastes - bringing about a face to please.
..... And release.....
 All of the tension fear and grief.
Stop with the constant judging of self by day of week
Start seeing the Synchronicities in and out of dreams
Visualize&Recognize; how to be still like trees,
Mighty yet stay playing with the rain and the breeze
Understand there is growth in what has been deemed defeat.
So let's bloom with groovy tunes and ascend above the streets.
Zoom into the moon reflectIng light with ease
Thank you for all your time sharing the air to breathe.
Hearts connected to the rhythm where we are beautifully free~
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