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Jammit Janet Jun 2022
You can control
The quality of your time
With your mood
Nothing has to truly ****
If you can open your mind
See past the 3D
And enter the present groove.
Akira Jan 2021
The sun giggles when she laugh.
The clouds dance every time she smiles.
The air touches her when she move.
She likes jazz that makes her groove.

Her eyes looked like mirrors,
her heart is a pure gold.
She has a great a sense of humor.
She takes risks, I know! She's bold.

People criticize her and says she's unclean,
but deep down we knew she is pristine.
Its sad  because she have to leave.
A powerful women that has a lot to give.
Its your turn to shine honey :)
Colm Jun 2019
When I am in the river
And the rocks are rolling with the storm beneath
I shine as stars
Stand as trees
And dig into the earth with my scarred limbs

When all around is changing pace
And ever shaken
As if grooved
I am awake and without worry

When I am greased and in the groove
greased and in the groove
if we're
a prat
that sat
alone together
here but
love was
our life
so dear
if she
made me
desire a
sweet tumble
we'd but
twice deeply
intuit but
cat and
mouse again
Less shootings,
more intimate body groovings.
keep dancing
to the rhythm of life
let your every step
be a beating fife

you'll feel well ensconced
in the groove
on partaking of its
tremendous move

never stop dancing
stay the round the clock tempo
don't break for a pause
cause the dance has a long way to go

tap dancing
is perfectly okay
and you can change it to
a waltzing sway
and you might like
to disco or jitterbug
on another day

the rhythm of life
is so good for the soul
and it's a dance
of peerless extol
mel Feb 2018
y o u
vibrate to (the)
(Cosmic) Truth
a tune my soul
g r o o v e
a cosmic dance
Nichole Dec 2017
The shaking,
I can feel it in my whole body and soul,
Is it nervousness?
A twitch?

I think it's more feeling the vibration of life,
Everything is moving,

So I call it the shaking,
A movement,
A groove,

It helps when i'm feeling uncertain,
Or am just feeling in a mood,

I shake, I twitch, I let it all out,

I flick, I move, I shake it all about.
If you like it let me know :)
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