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Jammit Janet Jul 8
The power of play 🧸✨
Is more than just a mechanism to keep the blues away 😔✨
It is the catalyst 🔥✨
To self exploration 🌈✨
Learning what I like and don’t like 👍✨
Coming to terms with feelings 💧✨
Minimizing future frustrations 👹✨
Acquiring knowledge with meaning 📚✨
Jammit Janet Jul 8
Attacking life in my own way
Embracing new ideas
Sculpting words out of clay
Removing the needle from the hay
Trusting the universe
To listen to what I have to say
Jammit Janet Jul 8
I am Aries
Bold, Strong, Free
Like the wind
Constantly dreaming
Scheming up a plan
To nurture a better nature
All across the land
With the warmth of my heart
And passion on the rise
That burns
To make you feel alive
Angela Rose Jul 1
You were a pessimist who sought out the negative parts of everything
I was a realist with a dash of a grand optimist
I wanted to make you see not everything in the world was out to ruin you
You were sad so you did things sad people do, like look for errors everywhere
I was full of light so I tried to shine some of that onto you in any way
I wanted to brighten every part of your life in ways you were not accustomed to
You were depressed so you tried to push me away as a defense mechanism
I was resilient so I tried to push myself further into your life of darkness
I wanted to inch my way in until you had no choice but to see my smile and feel grounded
You grew to let people in and let people love you and your baggage
I was growing too so I tried to make sure we could grow together and not apart
I wanted to give you everything that the other me couldn't give to you

And I will.
abs Jun 30
ever since i was young, i've had this pretense of positivity brought onto me. oh, how sweet and personable she is, they'd say. i didn't understand the significance of their words at the time nor did i realize they influenced my whole life.
but y'know
life's full of mysterious things and reasons why and no one completely understands how it can simply ******* over
i have never pretended to be outwardly pessimistic. i believe that hope and love and life will surely have a happy ending, right? i'd say that i have always been the optimist; the hoper; the lover; the dreamer.
but you should know
life's full of mysterious things and reasons why and no one can ******* understand how the pain can simply end you
don't you think,
at this point, people should just give up? less pain, less heartbreak, less ache.
they would think
life's full of mysterious things and reasons why and they simply can't understand why it has to hurt like this
i'm sitting here thinking "what happened to being the dreamer of impossible dreams? the hoper of hopes flung so far that you're terrified you won't survive the fall down if you fail?
and well
i know
life's full of mysterious things and reasons why and i'm sitting here screaming "why does no one ******* understand?"
at the top of my lungs.
don't you dream impossible things?- taylor
i am and always will be the optimist; the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.
Aphasia Nov 2020
The scientists
and pragmatists-
mathematical analysis-
can say it all won't come to pass-

The study in question:
("Exposing Worry’s Deceit: Percentage of Untrue Worries in Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment")
Ces Sep 2020
The optimist's naivete
is his fuel for living
I dare say relinquish such notions
of fairylands and Peter Pans
For the negative has truth
in itself
and there is beauty still
in a world of cruelty.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Virus times,
Corona sans the limes,
Isolating the world,
1 day at a time,

The world comes together,
Making changes for the better,
Uniting resources,
To change the odds,
And make it level,

Mother nature,
Heals from the hurt,
Her humans gave her,
And rejoices as we unite in solidarity,
Yet remain apart,

Social distancing becoming an art,
As we learn to have heart,

We as a people,
Are strong and worthy,
Let’s show this virus wrong,
And that we’re tough and sturdy,

Be honest,
But don’t be a ****,
Take at face value,
Trust without judgement,

In times that test us,
Please wash your hands,
Stay home,
Be safe holds up ******,

The future is ours!
Let’s bring it together,
It’s time to build a new world,
Stronger than ever.
Mitch Prax Mar 2020
Hang onto your hope-
a sunflower in this gloomy world.
Remember the brightness
of past times.
Have a little faith,
that this too shall pass
as we plant the seeds
of more hope.
MA Mar 2020
Tossing, and turning, and looking around
Life's just a cycle, you're up then you're down
Just like the seasons constantly change
But every year, it repeats, just the same

Sometimes it's harder to see brighter days
When lies and deceptions keep crawling your way
Would it be better to fight all the waves,
Or float like a leaf when it's fanned by the breeze?

Hayayay... I don't know
Hayayay... All I know
Things will be better in the end

Tossing, and turning, and looking around
Here in the crossroads confusions abound
Too many paths, don't know which one to take
Running, moving ends up— the same place

Maybe it's better to sit and be still
Perhaps all the worries just might disappear
Just like how flowers need sunlight and rain
We grow through the seasons, so endure the pain

Hayayay... I don't know
Hayayay... All I know
Things will be better in the end
This will turn into a song.
I am a noob writer so kindly send me your thoughts and ideas on how to make this poem better. 😊
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