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Aphasia Nov 17
The scientists
and pragmatists-
mathematical analysis-
can say it all won't come to pass-

The study in question:
("Exposing Worry’s Deceit: Percentage of Untrue Worries in Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment")
Ces Sep 25
The optimist's naivete
is his fuel for living
I dare say relinquish such notions
of fairylands and Peter Pans
For the negative has truth
in itself
and there is beauty still
in a world of cruelty.
Jammit Janet Jul 14
Virus times,
Corona sans the limes,
Isolating the world,
1 day at a time,

The world comes together,
Making changes for the better,
Uniting resources,
To change the odds,
And make it level,

Mother nature,
Heals from the hurt,
Her humans gave her,
And rejoices as we unite in solidarity,
Yet remain apart,

Social distancing becoming an art,
As we learn to have heart,

We as a people,
Are strong and worthy,
Let’s show this virus wrong,
And that we’re tough and sturdy,

Be honest,
But don’t be a ****,
Take at face value,
Trust without judgement,

In times that test us,
Please wash your hands,
Stay home,
Be safe holds up ******,

The future is ours!
Let’s bring it together,
It’s time to build a new world,
Stronger than ever.
Mitch Prax Mar 24
Hang onto your hope-
a sunflower in this gloomy world.
Remember the brightness
of past times.
Have a little faith,
that this too shall pass
as we plant the seeds
of more hope.
MA Mar 4
Tossing, and turning, and looking around
Life's but a cycle, you're up then you're down
Just like the seasons constantly change
But every year, it repeats, just the same

Sometimes it's harder to see brighter days
When lies and deceptions keep crawling your way
Would it be better to fight all the waves,
Or float like a leaf when it's fanned by the breeze?

Hayayay... I don't know
Hayayay... All I know
Things will be better in the end

Tossing, and turning, and looking around
Here in the crossroads confusions abound
Too many paths, don't know which one to take
Running, moving ends up— the same place

Maybe it's better to sit and be still
Perhaps all the worries just might disappear
Just like how flowers need sunlight and rain
We grow through the seasons, so endure the pain

Hayayay... I don't know
Hayayay... All I know
Things will be better in the end
This will turn into a song.
I am a noob writer so kindly send me your thoughts and ideas on how to make this poem better. 😊
Mitch Prax Jan 1
2019 began
in a shimmer of hope, of peace,
a little light at the end of the tunnel
that was this decade.
And now it is time to
bid farewell,
to not only 2019,
but welcome in another year
and decade with open hearts.
Even if life didn't go according to plan,
I do hang on to the hope of a future
so very far from my past.
Tony Tweedy Dec 2019
How fragile built a world,
where each thought and chosen attitude,
Lies safe, secure and constant,
on foundations built upon some platitude.

How to deal with life,
to face its tumultuous ride.
To see every obstructive hurdle,
as if from some brighter side.

To see not what life holds,
but some glass measure of its fill.
To somehow look beyond the quality,
to let quantity somehow shape your will.

To heed not the dark storm clouds,
when horizons fade to black.
To see only silver linings,
somewhere beyond fates latest attack.

How glorious it must be,
to hold onto some distant hope.
To blind yourself just enough,
to enable strength enough to cope.

My world seems no more stronger,
though on platitudes I cant rely.
For as life has shaped and taught me,
forever so, to be the pessimist am I.
We all deal with ****... pessimist or optimist... good luck.
Gale L Mccoy Oct 2019
i'm more of an optimist now
than i was as a child
i've seen past my own walls
and have decided i will walk
as far and for as long as i want
Tony Tweedy Oct 2019
If you want to see what becomes of optimists just look upon the faces of those people coming out of betting shops and casinos.

A pessimist will tell you that optimism is an addiction that will cost you as much as you are willing to wager and eventually the house will win.

You can only be as optimistic as you are lucky.
I bet you I am right....
Mitch Prax Apr 2019
It's when no one believes in you-
that's when you have to come through
but oh, it's such a hard thing to do.
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