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i'm more of an optimist now
than i was as a child
i've seen past my own walls
and have decided i will walk
as far and for as long as i want
If you want to see what becomes of optimists just look upon the faces of those people coming out of betting shops and casinos.

A pessimist will tell you that optimism is an addiction that will cost you as much as you are willing to wager and eventually the house will win.

You can only be as optimistic as you are lucky.
I bet you I am right....
Mitch Prax Apr 14
It's when no one believes in you-
that's when you have to come through
but oh, it's such a hard thing to do.
Tony Tweedy Mar 26
It may be a truism but optimists cant escape it....
No one is right all of the time.
The only difference there has ever been is the frequency between  being wrong and right.

When an optimist falls in the woods only the pessimists will notice.
Is there greater strength in optimism or greater height to fall from?
Is attitude enough or is it deceptive?
Tony Tweedy Mar 26
More often an optimist will see the goal, a pessimist the path.
If only we were both.
Perhaps that is why we seek not to journey alone?
Do opposites really attract? Is this what we really mean when we seek out our "other half"?
Tony Tweedy Mar 22
Life gives birth to optimists.
Then raises them to be pessimists.
Ronnie Feb 22
Today was a day.
Nothing more or less
just a touch of gin
poured over unbroken ice
a hint of vermouth
neither shaken or stirred
and a simple olive
for life did not think
I was ready for
a lemon twist

it seems to be true
that in a glass like this
the day is half empty.
Isabel Aghahowa Dec 2018
her rose-tinted glasses
went crashing into wilted reverie
and was found soaked in dissonant verity
her blood ceased to flow
and the evergreen streets
she walked on
began to float
above all reason
and beyond all desperate credence

hallowed ground
now buried ground
****** is her phantom
for the world is less see-
through than before
Tayler Dec 2018
I am told of one way to live
I must follow through with a plan
Yet it is not my own

You must complete this
While living like that
On, but you’re not grown

Your age is just a number
When you try to make your own choices
Unless they line up with theirs

Your plan is not yours
But it is for your life
I guess it’s something we share

I thought my future
Would be my choice
But I guess that’s too optimistic
Aghubbs Dec 2018
I don't understand optimists.
How can one look forward to the future?
How can one look at the best side of things?
How can one see the light in the darkness?
How can one wish to be alive?
These are all questions I ask daily,
Me being the depressed, introverted pessimist I am.
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