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Tony Feb 2022
Every Action
A reaction
Sick of settling
An aversion to average
Always meddling
Being below average
Full potential
At arms reach
All mental
No day at the beach
What's stopping me
But me?
Getting older
I think.
I hope
All my knowledge
What for?
If I don't act
Even rats act-
Anything for the cheese
Dreams do come true
Can I be rich please?
Can I get a blues clue?
Life's a risk
Don't know when or how
Your day will come.
In the meantime time
Jammit Janet Dec 2021
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
I miss you so much
It makes me feel as fragile as a tissue

That would tear from the weight of my tears
That shed the pain of my love
And release my deepest fears

That allow the ability
To persevere.
To my younger self.                                      
You will struggle.
You will fail.
You will fall.
But don't you ever give up.

In years to come, you will struggle with less.
Be loved more.
And get up faster.

If you knew then what you know now.
This stage you're going through wouldn't be so hard.
When you feel lost in the world and hopeless.
Remember these words I tell you now.

You will be where you are meant to be.
You will be with who you are meant to be with.
And *******, you will succeed.
Because: You. Never. Gave. Up.
Zak Feb 2021
She is a picture of strength

Crumpled and frayed

At the edges

Her firm resolve

Held together by a single thread

Her glass heart safeguarded

By paper walls

Her feet secure

On unsteady ground

Teetering on the edge of a

Destructive Hope.

Quiet Whispers echo off paper walls

With renewed promises of an

Ethereal Hope.

She belongs to a moment now

Each moment she is shattered

Then put back together again

Lost then Found

Each moment a thread

In a garment of her destiny

Muddled voices hushed by quiet Whispers of

"Persevere in the moment

For the moment"
Gemma Dec 2020
These days, these moments, these fragments of time

They are all part of an endless climb

Over rivers, oceans, mountains, and seas

During the climb you’ll see marvelous things

You’ll see birds, bees, flowers, and trees

The climb will be difficult and you will feel pain

After the climb you will never feel the same
Mansi Oct 2020
We have to fight for
Our futures

No one is going to
Hand you your dreams
On a silver platter
Vii HunniD Sep 2020
We all see colors through different spectrums

We’ve all experienced life in different trances

They asked me “why I walked bumping” and I replied that I’ve grew to the agony so I bump to it
I lost my dad and I still can’t believe this is how life goes
Benjamin Aug 2020
Like Sisyphus,
And Atlas himself,
We endure and we struggle,
To maintain our health,
The weight of the world,
An impossible task,
A moment of respite,
Is all we could ask.
A short poem about the constant uphill battle we all fight everyday to do with our mental health, like sisyphus and atlas we can't give up, doesn't mean a moment of weakness is bad or that asking for help is a sign of weakness, if we all joined forces and pushed the boulder up the hill together, or held the world together on our shoulders as a union of people, life would be a lot easier.
Michael Stefan May 2020
you stole my heart with music
playing in the background
while you danced around
flicking paint upon the canvas
as I sat and ate my breakfast
on a warm morning in July
your artwork always made me cry
a beauty I had never seen
while you worked in faded jeans

     then one day you were gone
     no paint, nor sun, nor growing song
     I wondered if I had always been wrong
     or if you had ever been

          so I picked up pen and paper
          and I began to write a caper
          where a thief with rugged charm
          and a smile that would disarm
          robbed every single gallery
          from San Diego to D.C.
          and left a little rose
          which is how I learned my prose
          but soon the wonder faded
          as I grew way past jaded
          but I swear when you return
          my ink will lose its angry burn
          and I'll paint you a bouquet
          and hope this time you'll stay
          my heart won't lose its nerve
          from my mission, I won't swerve
          I'll write a symphony with my words
          ...the kind that you deserve
This is a piece dedicated to the ones that got away.  I'm sure that we have all had that person that we spent so much time with.  Every day our love for them grew and grew without us even recognizing it at first.  Finally, when it hits, it's usually too late or we say the wrong thing and ruin it.  So cheers!  To the ones that got away!
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