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Zak Feb 18
She is a picture of strength

Crumpled and frayed

At the edges

Her firm resolve

Held together by a single thread

Her glass heart safeguarded

By paper walls

Her feet secure

On unsteady ground

Teetering on the edge of a

Destructive Hope.

Quiet Whispers echo off paper walls

With renewed promises of an

Ethereal Hope.

She belongs to a moment now

Each moment she is shattered

Then put back together again

Lost then Found

Each moment a thread

In a garment of her destiny

Muddled voices hushed by quiet Whispers of

"Persevere in the moment

For the moment"
Gemma Dec 2020
These days, these moments, these fragments of time

They are all part of an endless climb

Over rivers, oceans, mountains, and seas

During the climb you’ll see marvelous things

You’ll see birds, bees, flowers, and trees

The climb will be difficult and you will feel pain

After the climb you will never feel the same
Mansi Oct 2020
We have to fight for
Our futures

No one is going to
Hand you your dreams
On a silver platter
Vii HunniD Sep 2020
We all see colors through different spectrums

We’ve all experienced life in different trances

They asked me “why I walked bumping” and I replied that I’ve grew to the agony so I bump to it
I lost my dad and I still can’t believe this is how life goes
Benjamin Aug 2020
Like Sisyphus,
And Atlas himself,
We endure and we struggle,
To maintain our health,
The weight of the world,
An impossible task,
A moment of respite,
Is all we could ask.
A short poem about the constant uphill battle we all fight everyday to do with our mental health, like sisyphus and atlas we can't give up, doesn't mean a moment of weakness is bad or that asking for help is a sign of weakness, if we all joined forces and pushed the boulder up the hill together, or held the world together on our shoulders as a union of people, life would be a lot easier.
Michael Stefan May 2020
you stole my heart with music
playing in the background
while you danced around
flicking paint upon the canvas
as I sat and ate my breakfast
on a warm morning in July
your artwork always made me cry
a beauty I had never seen
while you worked in faded jeans

     then one day you were gone
     no paint, nor sun, nor growing song
     I wondered if I had always been wrong
     or if you had ever been

          so I picked up pen and paper
          and I began to write a caper
          where a thief with rugged charm
          and a smile that would disarm
          robbed every single gallery
          from San Diego to D.C.
          and left a little rose
          which is how I learned my prose
          but soon the wonder faded
          as I grew way past jaded
          but I swear when you return
          my ink will lose its angry burn
          and I'll paint you a bouquet
          and hope this time you'll stay
          my heart won't lose its nerve
          from my mission, I won't swerve
          I'll write a symphony with my words
          ...the kind that you deserve
This is a piece dedicated to the ones that got away.  I'm sure that we have all had that person that we spent so much time with.  Every day our love for them grew and grew without us even recognizing it at first.  Finally, when it hits, it's usually too late or we say the wrong thing and ruin it.  So cheers!  To the ones that got away!
A test, another thing to best,
A new you for another day
Sometimes you can't survive the burden,
That lay on top of you.
Your shoulders were never weak,
Until you saw the path that lay ahead
The mystery of life brings you down,
How does someone stay content amid such chaos?

Building yourself up every day
Only to be broken down again,
Overcoming your shallow misdemeanours
One day at a time.
If there's no bliss at the end, is it even worth it?
How hard must one grovel?
Maybe you've never seen the real thing?
Or maybe this is that path you were too afraid to travel?
If overcoming is the result, why must I even bother?

Maybe all I want
Is to persevere,
But towards a tangential goal
The sight of which still seems near,
It is too much, I often lose myself
In trying to build houses,
Over the grounds of disdain and despair.

Maybe all I want
Is to be happy right now,
Not thinking too much
About the load that I have to carry.
On the road with my dusty soul
I often wonder about could have been
Had I been normal,
Not letting my mind into overdrive
Running wild with thoughts asynchronous,
Maybe then I could have finally put on a savoury smile.

Can't always be proving myself,
I should instead focus on growing myself
To deal with things I've never dealt with before,
Tackle all of the unknowns
Trying to hold on to my peace of mind,
Never letting go of the grind.
What if I lose myself in the process?
What has been the purpose of all this struggle?
Isn't it to find solace in all things uncertain?
Or just make peace with what you had always known,
Still not fit for the task, I have got to grow.

I have got to rise, be mature
Get real about the situation,
Can't escape anymore
Is it a stronger sense of urgency,
Or a deeper sense of complacency?
That keeps you dwelling
Upon how things will eventually turn out,
Maybe you've always known.
Even with the work, you'll probably still end up ashore
In a sea of ghosts,
Never once been able to set sail for the treasure island.

Don't let the result bother you, they say
Well, that's the novel approach,
You've always been told to stay awake.
Never resting, never sleeping
For you might miss your chance,
With your ever fading vision
It's getting rather harder to hang on,
To the thought of you ever climbing up the skies
Bringing upon a tear down your eye.

Regardless, the wheels of change are in motion
You have to play your part,
Even if you feel like a deserted hut on a mountain hill
Like a cactus plant on a long country road.
It feels like the strangest thing,
But now you have a deeper understanding
You have to put it all on the line again.
Let your purpose be all-consuming
For this time if you fall short,
You fail with a purpose
Of trying to never let go of it,
For now, you are closer than where you were before.

If I let my sins do the talking,
You'll only hear them say
Pleasure is all you were seeking,
Pain is what lead you to stay.
Knowing this story of right and wrong,
Of pleasure and pain, of black and white,
Has got no end
Things so often knock you off your spirit
Bring you down.
For it was never binary
But rather multifaceted,
It was all the colours that you had found.

Maybe that's the only lesson here
Altering your thought process,
To walk with different shoes at different times
Always staying on top of each phase.
Winning is rather inconsequential now
In the longer run,
You'd have enjoyed your date with destiny,
With all its ups and downs.
All the times you'd have previously frowned
Now you'll smile in the same place,
For now, you learnt how to let go
Of that two-faced coin,
Holding on to the idea that experiencing a multitude of emotions
Is still a better result than waiting for the ultimate win
Feeling all the colours of the rainbow after heavy rain.
Abi Apr 2020
This is for the students who are losing hope:
The seniors who feel as though their accomplishments are amounting to nothing in the midst of this chaos. Those juniors who were finally going to get to go to prom and already went out and bought their fancy dresses. The sophomores who only got out of bed to see their friends. And the freshmen, what a way to start your high school experience. But to all the students who feel as though their best years are being ripped away from you, I promise you that your success is still your own and your dreams are still within reach. Just because you do not walk across the stage does not mean you have not earned your diploma. Do not give up hope to dance around in a beautiful dress, you will have more opportunities and if not, make your own
Your friends are only a phone call, a text, a Skype away. But don't forget that your family is around as well, hold on to those you love right now.
I know things seem so rough right now but there are still reasons to smile and rejoice.
The sun is still coming up and, as much as it doesn't feel like it, the Earth is continuing to spin and life will go on.
This is for those still out, working to make sure that we can all survive during the pandemonium:
The doctors, nurses, caregivers, janitors, grocery store workers, truck drivers, fast food workers, the mail people, the garbage people, and any essential workers. We see and acknowledge your sacrifices. We thank you endlessly for your devotion and can never repay all that you are doing for us right now. I know that you are risking everything, your own life, the wellbeing of your families, and possibly even your sanity to continue providing the services that we simply cannot live without. Your hard work and all that you are giving up is not going unnoticed nor unappreciated. Please, take care of yourselves as much as you are taking care of us.
I know things seem so rough right now but there are still reasons to smile and rejoice.
The sun is still coming up and, as much as it doesn't feel like it, the Earth is continuing to spin and life will go on.
This is to those sorry few who cannot seem to follow orders:
You are risking so much more than you realize, the worst has not yet struck and you are only fanning the flames. Please, for the love of whatever you hold close, listen to advisories. Keep to yourself. Do not spread this more than it is spreading itself. Human beings are dying in unnatural ways. There are those susceptible who are doing what they can but it really does take an army to fight this war. Stay at home, entertain yourself like the rest of us. This illness of the Earth will not pass if we do not take the steps necessary to let it.
I know things seem so rough right now but there are still reasons to smile and rejoice.
The sun is still coming up and, as much as it doesn't feel like it, the Earth is continuing to spin and life will go on.
To the susceptible, those clinging to hope and safety:
We stand with you (of course 6 feet away masks)
Stay hopeful and stay safe, take your medicine and wash your hands. Let other's know what is going on and do not be afraid to ask for help. There are so many willing to lend a (gloved) hand. The world is so full of fear and the NEWS is overwhelmingly negative. But there is light at this end of this tunnel and you can persevere. Stay positive and laugh as much as you can.
I know things seem so rough right now but there are still reasons to smile and rejoice.
The sun is still coming up and, as much as it doesn't feel like it, the Earth is continuing to spin and life will go on.
The list could go on, there are so many to reach. But to all, do not let this disease be the end of your happiness. So much is being taken away from all of us right now, some more than others. Acknowledge that, but also grow from it. The world has never been a fairy tale, we have all seen that and faced that reality with age. But in these trying time, cling to faith, walk with hope, and take this time to learn. As cliché as it may be, remember that there has to be a little rain in order for seeds to sprout and sprouts to bloom.
I truly understand how bleak this era appears but recall that we are living history, we are changing patterns and habits, we are making new connections (albeit not face to face), the Earth is healing itself, streams are clearing up, pollution is disappearing, lives are changing for better or for worse. This is an event in our lifetime, good or bad, that is happening. We cannot stop what has already made such a huge impact, but we can take it in stride and come together (not literally, please guys) to deal with this as all of humanity faces it.
Go in grace and for god's sake
Stay the **** home.
Wrote this in the midst of having a mental breakdown because my senior year has been completely obliterated.
Solomon N Mar 2020
Everything he had anticipated
A life he invested in
He stands beneath the foot of the climb
All his courage is drowning in a pool of pain.

A deal he wishes he could take back
How he longs to resign from the path he chose.
He now walks alone, ahead of him no track
And into the darkness, he steps.

In a life that he traded his soul for,
Loneliness now accompanies him.
No man to call a friend.
The undertone of regret keeps him awake

this is a deal he wishes he hadn't made
A heart of gold now turned to waste
Hollow, empty and displeased
He is alone.
I once fooled myself with all my might and the words of this poem were the only way to relate how I was feeling at the time.
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