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Pentanomical Mar 30
everybody wants to feel good
everybody says that they would
but sometimes life just doesn't play nice
and all they do is complain they don't get treated right
what happens when you run out of people to blame
what happens when you run out of hearts in this game
hate to be caught in a hall of mirrors
hate to be caught where your exterior is inferior
when you know your interior is superior
or to be more exact, you think that you're better than this
you think that you're worth it, you think you deserve it
but do you really if you don't work for it
not everyone understands what it is to feel like you can't
to feel like everything in the world is out of your hands
feeling like whatever you do won't amount to anything
when all you have to lose is everything
what's the goal? a wedding ring or a home?
or a six figure job? would that make you feel whole?
guess you'll never know. you'll never realize until you grow old.
Hunter Green Mar 19
Does my motivation lead my potential?
Is my fulfillment in the hands of my dreams?
I know there’s hope in God,
But do I believe the ends don’t justify the means?

I also know I have to share, share what I have to give, or what I’ve been given.
If I keep the doors closed to the worlds of who I am,
I would be just as treacherous as the man who buried his talents.
There must be meaning behind,
Something so great.
Fantasy is beautiful and has its own power,
But my character and past are revealed in truth that won’t cower.
winging from good fortune
the battered albatross
finds rest again


once strong-winged
the battered albatross
finds strength again
Recently I encountered beauty, and lingered longer than I should have. Wonder faded a little, and though still beautiful I wondered if I would ever again feel, as a boulder above the sea in storm, the tides of wonder and joy and love I felt rush over me, through me, when I found it for the first time. I lost my faith, and fell into despair. But then, when even this had waned, and a melancholy that was its echo lay over me, I stumbled in the dark, and once again found beauty. And once again, that same tide of impossible joy and wonder and near worshipful adoration crashed over me. And it was in almost inexpressible gratitude that I rejoiced for my foolishness.
Lance Jan 22
You deserve the stars my love.
When the world can only gives you street lights
You deserve all the glory
When the world only gives you praises

You deserve happiness
When the world gives **** on earth to you
You deserve love
When the world only knows hatred

Remember Love..
You deserve everything that is Good.
To the people, who have given up on life..
Ejike Pius Jan 13
Whatever ails you, aids you
Even though you are born in
The teeth of poverty;
Work and wait
Even though the world
Applaud or jeers,
Work and wait.

Neither heaven nor earth
Reserve a place for laziness
For in life door it is written,
Perhaps, don't feel helpless
Like an unhorsed knight without armour
Work and wait.

Get it right,
You cannot do everything,
But you can do something.
Work and wait:
That, differentiates the artist from artisan.
Falling on your face should not be a worry.
Work and wait.

Do this for opportunity comes
Dressed in work clothes
+234 8122245919
Assley Dec 2018
Sitting in front of TV screens at 5 years old.

Watching them dance. Watching them sing. Watching them act.

I just want to be famous.

Extra days at the bar only 10 years old.

Turn faster.

Jump higher.

Split bigger.

I just want to be famous.

Dances. Birthdays. Family dinners.

I can't I have practice. I can't I have practice. I can't I have practice.

I just want to be famous.

All nighters in the studio 15 years old.

Write faster.

Sing higher.

Perform bigger.

I just want to be famous.

Parties, tests, sports.

I can't I have to rehearse. I can't I have to rehearse. I can't I have to rehearse.

I just want to be famous.

Spending hours staring at myself in the mirror 18 years old.

Lose weight faster.

Cheekbones higher.

**** bigger.

I just want to be famous.

Dates, interviews, entry exams.

I can't I have an audition, I can't I have an audition, I can't I have an audition.

I just want to be famous.

Spend my weekends at competitions


Perform. Smile.

I just want to be famous.

Spend my nights doing shows.


Perform. Smile.

I just want to be famous.

Spend my breaks filming.


Perform. Smile.

I just want to be famous.

Tours at 20

Travelling the world.

Fans at 20

Inspiring people who are just like I was

Money at 20

Being paid to do what I loved

Alone at 20

No dances, no parties, no dates

Bored at 20

No birthdays, no tests, no interviews.

Finished at 20

No family dinners, no sports, no entrance exams.

Famous at 20

I just want to be happy.
this was a creative writing project but i'm still proud of it
Fọlá Dec 2018
The way you make me feel.
The way you make your love seem so real.
The way you make all my wounds heal.
You make my worries turn on their heels.

Being around you is always a thrill.
always bringing my heart to a standstill.
Sending sparks all over my body, like you were an eel.
All the layers of my defenses, you peel.

Through all my issues, you stuck with me. Still.
Thought you were phony, was waiting for the big reveal.
But you kept on and kept on, until/till.
All my doubts in you were nil.
Upon everything don’t you forget to laugh and have good times.
Be happy
emily Sarker Nov 2018
***** perfect.
I'm sick of perfection.
being the perfect girl,
the perfect lover,
hiding my flaws,
competing to be the best to get accepted.

***** perfect,
***** a perfect future.

cause an imperfect future with you,
is what fuels my heart and fills me with life.
all the silliness and love that will be present,
in our not so perfect apartment,
where we sometimes have not so perfect moments,
where my imperfections you don't judge rather you admire them.

cause in this not so perfect love story,
all the imperfections with you
is my version of perfect.
there is more to life than a perfect life. your soul and heart will never happy until you find the right person to spend your life with, where an imperfect life becomes a perfect life to you where hiding is another day you're excited about.
Tadpole Oct 2018
We all need acknowledgement
We need air and food and sleep and
a sign that we are on someone's mind

You must fake care
We all must
Because a functioning relationship and a
a very low ******* tolerance cannot

I have the neediest of needs
But your head could not be farther
up your own ******* and you can't see
I'd like them met by you
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