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Tadpole 9h
We all need acknowledgement
We need air and food and sleep and
a sign that we are on someone's mind

You must fake care
We all must
Because a functioning relationship and a
a very low ******* tolerance cannot

I have the neediest of needs
But your head could not be farther
up your own ******* and you can't see
I'd like them met by you
Where are you
my one perfect muse
the shape of contours
conjured in dreams
held since bud was formed

Where do you rest
like me for that
of moments


Are you even
embraced in capsule
located in One

Or are you diverse
scattered like seed on
winds unknown
beyond my reach
as I wonder


Is it pointless to conceive
of your fullness
knowing deep down
you exist only in
poetry of disenchanted idealists

Newly formed realists
whose life work
lies smashed
pointless journey
reaching reality

Or will I glimpse you
in passing crowd
ephemeral but
sharply cut out
from all the rest?
(If not 'muse' then boss, friend, partner... )
Rick Warr Oct 7
i am gloriously indulgent
when left to my own devices
lashings of stylish fulfillment
in a mix of virtues and vices

i have my sense of order
though i am craven to desire
drunk with a sense of beauty
to torch blandness with fire

poor dear mediocrity
your time is not with me
you are my sworn enemy
you'll find others for company

i burn for what is art
and those, who do it for love
they are my choice of company
together, we'll rise above

This is just how I feel.
Andrew Jun 2017
Somewhere in the forest
There is a paradise
Hidden in a circus tent
Blocked by a bramble thicket

There are ways we want to live
And ways we must live
But a spectrum is discovered
When the way we must live
Diminishes the way we want to live
And the way we want to live
Dictates the way we must live

We eat and then ****
Life tastes adequate when we're dining
So we keep feeding
Our appetite becomes insatiable
We devour what opportunity grants us
Ignoring the rumbling in our stomachs
Until we must face the unpleasantness of our waste
Even when we're wise enough to know the effects of eating
We continue eating
Learning minor methods of mitigating damage to digestion
It becomes hard to swallow
That this is all it takes to be human
As humanity's power becomes planetary
Meals turn to feasts
And **** piles up
As the rancid fumes plague us with mental monsters
We yearn for a simpler time
When rations were the size of a sunflower seed
And excrement exited as ethereal gas
An age that never existed

The way I wanted to live became the way I had to live
But now that I'm living the way I have to
I can't tell the difference between what I want and what I need
I guess that could be a good thing
Because the space between what I want and what I got
Is where fulfillment is found
Krishnapriya Jul 3
Is life a journey
A seeking
A destination
Almost there, but always
Just a little far
In the near horizon


Is life a song?
Music with highs and lows
We dance fast or slow
With a smile or tears
But dance, nevertheless
Each moment is
What it is – a destination
Complete and fulfilled

Like each note of music
And each step of dance

Tell me beloved friend
What do you think of life?
A journey or a dance?
T'yana Thomas Jun 18
When you were just a  little person what did you want to be ?
We’re you motivated to strive for what you see?
Doctor Lawyer  Business owner or Actor ; take your pick
But as you gotten older you realize it’s not that easy to get
Ambitious you are you’ll do what it takes
You close your eyes and Dream cause you’ll be there one day
Knit Personality Jan 2015
Love, I demand you leave me here alone!
****** no more my eyes with fantasies!
Gather your tears and pins and sicknesses,
And fly, never to retrace the flight hence flown!
Donate to other dogs my every bone...
Blow them away, the busy birds and bees...
And wishes that I've whispered on the breeze...
And fly as Icarus flew—until you drown!
To burn to ashes daily by desire,—
To reach for flowers but somehow pluck but weeds,—
If ever somehow these appeared my needs
Nor do I any more these things require.
Release me from the sinf'lly bitter strife
Of vain yearning!  Grant me a happy life!
Dw1234 Jun 5
Safely behind a wall of glass
I can see the life outside
Existing beyond, but told
the grass is not always greener

Wood walls, remain safe
Desks, continue to produce
Results, the resources gained
Coffin, the inevitable result

To take the door, or continue preparing?
For what do I risk from remaining?
Gain to never use
Use to never gain

Living without smiling
Surrender to postponement
The itch to run, the fear to arrive
Opportunity versus Opportunity Cost

What are the profits of opposite?
Green bills or memories?
Do they exist only apart?
Execute for profit, execute for joy

Creating equilibrium
A life long journey of seeking
To grin often in the faces
of those who have most
rjh Jun 4
you deserve a lover that treats you like the hot sun on their skin. someone who will open themselves entirely just to let you in. a love like rain, soft and gentle; a love like hurricanes, violently passionate. a lover that never imitates the snow. all you want is that sunshine again.

you deserve a gentle lover. selfish enough to want you all to themselves, but not too selfish that they become self-centered. you deserve a lover with a tongue like honey to drip sweet words and sweet kisses on all of the things that you once feared to be too bitter. a lover that runs their fingers in circles at the nape of your neck so you can fall asleep at night. a lover that opens the door when you knock.

you deserve persistent love. not scattered messages and drunken phone calls at four in the morning. but rather, love letters and calls in the evening because your voice is the thing that soothes their soul best. love so fulfilling and reassuring you never have to worry. not even for a moment.
see also: all of the things i could not give you
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