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Mose 2d
I’m writing love letters I’ll never send.
More like sticky notes of lust planted everywhere.
Blown up in big letters that says, “please proceed to eat me.”
I remember walking away from you.
I still hear your voice ringing my name.
A permanent case of the best tinnitus.
You pulled me closer.
My self-control falling as dominions.
Kissed me with a tenacity that said don’t forgot me.
& baby I never certainly ******* did.
Maybe should have clenched my jaw tighter.
Left a mark that said in some ways I never will.
A lust never spoke into fortition.
Mose 2d
Last night I couldn’t shed a tear even though my soul wept.
Your body pressed against mine.
Our skin touching.
It reminds me how often the soul is left to bare no affection.
My clothes have draped on my floor.
My mind ceases to be undressed.
A naked body that craves to be touched.
Though with every finger pressed the heart aches for more.
An empty bed with clean sheets is more company than a one-night stand.
I have only known true loneliness while my bed was full of bodies.
Kyle Sep 29
Life is not always rosy;
You have to walk on a flowery path,
Full of yellow carnations and black roses;
To see the beauty of dandelions and daisies.
Katelyn Jun 29
A soulmate
described as another person
whom is your other half
but what if
the true soulmate
is the other half of oneself
that makes you whole again
Do we ever find the other half of US that makes us whole again? Will I ever feel whole within myself.
Whether they go gently

or expedite with force

the rhythms of the night

are there to ravish us

in the miserable nature

of indomitable, incessant need

to gratify a neglected


fraught with dancing endorphins

and linger about

love's sea

as a salient reciprocal
Mahogany Ree May 29
your wants are your wants
never stop wanting . . .
. . . just stop focusing on them 
dwelling in your want
will make you miss what you need
fulfilled. . .
when they're supposed to be
and if they are never fulfilled
then so let it be . . . 
. . . you've lived all this time without them
maybe . . . 
. . .  that's fulfillment within itself

© Mahogany Ree
The night is filled with profound silence
All souls are wandering in the land of dreams
Snores and the rustling of leaves is all that i hear around
The world feels so peaceful
But here i am
A young soul trying to discover my true nature
Repeatedly i lose myself in this confusing world
Hoping to establish my true purpose without being misled
My sorrows and pains are my main driving forces of unrest
The elixir of this sickness they say is 'presence'
Oh yes I tasted the fruit
Fulfillment and essence can be found no where than this very moment
Be here NOW
We can only be fulfilled by doing away with our preoccupations and worries and focusing on the moment.
Utahi Kamu Apr 10
Love yourself like you are not watching.
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

You who are the final fulfillment of life,
Death, my Death, come and whisper to me!
Day after day I have kept watch for you;
for you I have borne the joys and the pangs of life.
All that I am, all that I have and hope, and all my love
have always flowed toward you in the depths of secrecy.
One final glance from your eyes and my life will be yours forever, your own.
The flowers have been woven and the garland prepared for the bridegroom.
After the wedding the bride must leave her home and meet her lord alone in the solitude of night.

Keywords/Tags: Tagore, translation, Hindi, death, final, fulfillment, life, come, whisper, joys, pangs, hope, love, secrets, secrecy, flowers, garland, bridegroom, wedding, bride, lord, night, mrburdu
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