Jack S May 4
How come one can pass through a day believing that he has at least seen and achieved mediocre happiness to arrive home and realize his sadness?
A sadness of sorts. Not really sad. More lonely
Though he is self-driven (something his parents and piano teacher are quite proud of)
And yet?
Yet he cannot find fulfillment.
He brinks on the edge of smart individual to scaling the wall of genius
He attempts all things at his disposal and excels to the top of his pond only to look over the edge and see the vast ocean of bigger and better fish
His self-motivation pushes him to yearn for the ocean, the means for his fruition
Even if he was to reach the ocean, gain some weight and eventually become the biggest fish of his kind his satisfaction would not be present
The self-motivational man is plagued by eternal shortcomings in the fields of self-satisfaction and self-love
He holds no value for the compliments and praises that he receives from his loving parents
The love displayed toward him do not present an argument valid enough to convince his deductive mind that he is worthy of self-love
His scars become trophies and his trophies a pile of garbage.
His greatest sadness is that he sees a way to fulfillment
Just before him
He could reach-out-and-touch-it should he try
He wants nothing more than to stretch his hand forward and accept the path to love: the path to happiness: the path to satisfaction
And yet?
He cannot bring himself to grab it.
He reaches his hand forward again and again. The ethereal means within his grasp. And yet he cannot take hold.
He cannot hold it because this power before him is greater than him
Everything he has done so far has been done by him and now he must sit back and receive the ethereal grace?
He must surrender
He must not be driven by himself but instead a higher power and although he recognizes the authority of the higher power he does not submit to it
He yearns to be in its presence
And yet?
He cannot surrender for to surrender to it is to deny everything he has ever known.
To accept its grace he must be made new
He must be born again
Until he surrenders entirely (most likely in a long time for the self-driven man is stubborn) he shall experience the lonely dissatisfaction which already plagues him
Until he surrenders entirely his happiness will only be mediocre and fleeting
Disappearing as he walks through his front door and even more intense during the minutes of isolation that he showers each night
And so he passes through life master of nothing, poisoned, for he cannot deny who he is to accept an antidote which he knows is supreme.
my yellow
basket went
mash and
my tissue
twinges thee
there on
ring but
bard in
mine 'twas
graft that
mud came
a peace
fulfillment that
didn't regret
intake of
grizzly and
movable feast
She was like the wind.
A chaotic storm
in perfect harmony
with her inner mother Earth.
She was the soil
and everyone that knew her
grew to love the way
she influenced their roots
to reach beyond their stem's end.
She was the fire in the sun
and the warmth
that fueled passion and rage;
lust and yearning.
Her hands were the petals of roses.
Soft and sweet
but guarded by the thorns
of a much darker truth.
For she was so beautiful
that no one could look past it
and see the ugly
that consumed her thoughts.
The depression
and moments of weakness
flaring in the womb;
giving birth to the pain
that crippled the smile
of even a goddess.
I saw beyond the beauty
that was her existence
and peered into her
mangled soul in awe.
How majestic
were the pieces
as they fell like words from her lips
and landed at my feet.
For you.
I have found her
within the chaos
within the dense, saturated cover of the human malady
she fell to me
when I had feared that the connection was lost
emotion that fires straight to what is left of our souls

funny how truth can be so clear in love
yet so distant, so muddled in life

I have found her
and she has found my heart
still beating,
my dreams
to be awakened
my hopes to be fulfilled
when carried
into the fray
oldie - revised
There’s no point sitting at home with a long face,
Trying to work out why,
Life’s dealt you the bum deal,
For now you’ve got this second time.

Step on up with a smile on your face,
Try and work out why,
The worlds began to shine on you,
For now you’ve got this second time.

You’ve got to love yourself !
Before anyone else can do !
Before anyone else should do !

There’s no point sitting at home with a long face
Trying to work out why,
Life’s dealt you the short straw,
For now you’ve got this second time,

Step on up with a smile on your face,
Try and work out why,
The worlds began to shine on you,
For now you’ve got this second time.

You’ve got to love yourself !
Before anyone else can do !
Before anyone else should do !
Love yourself!

Song at:
Sitting in the audience
And watching life pass you by
Like a film on a screen
You're in scene after scene
Yet somehow, you're not the spotlight

Better at drifting than chasing
Tending to settle, not strive
Better at leaving than trying
Empty, yet unconcerned why

If you only take what you’re given,
You’ll have some smiles I’m sure,
But peace, pride and fulfillment
Won’t come if you don’t make them yours

Walking, drifting, watching, seeing
Are you living or only being?
Want, look, find, chase
Run from the audience and jump on stage
Book Thief Nov 2017
She rises and falls like a reposed breath
before an entire world's visage
in her encircled arms.
The incandescent glow of the stage
has an intoxicating quality to it,
the music being
something liquid, viscous.

As notes thrum in tender and soothing caresses,
her legs supple, twirl like petals
cascading under the weight of raindrops,
giving way to a lush surrender
steeped in a language of love and need.
Her very fire
and impassioned soulfulness
lifts her up above the crowd itself,
burning for all to see.

In this moment now
her timelessness enraptures me.
Another part of myself awakens to her grace
and renders me
gratefully whole.
A sense of euphoria slow dances its way
from her being to mine,
consuming every piece of my body
in a fiery bloom—
charging me with
a crackling, electrifying force
unlike my mere own.

I can see now
that this is what she was born to do—
to be on pointe, seeing everything.
Any instances of worldly fear
is left to the dying.
The rhythms of her old pains,
tribulations of past destructions,
are now buried beneath her feet.
And her radiant smile while she dances
still speaks to me gently—
that to be free
is to be wonderfully lost
in her waltz with destiny.

© BT
I'm finally back!! :) The past two months have been crazy hectic with a lot of work, so I apologise for the long hiatus. Here's a longer piece for you to enjoy. As always, thank you for reading dear friends! BT x
Odious Wench Oct 2017
I know that I am worthy
To live a life full score
Life is thirst and I am thirsty

I have been invited cordially
I Have opened up the door
I know that I am worthy

I am not meant to hurry
There is much to feel and explore.
Life is thirst and I am thirsty

I embrace the topsy-turvy
Every sunset an encore
I know that I am worthy

The taste of life is pleasing
I know that I want more
Life is thirst and I am thirsty

Are you meant to be
the choice is yours
I know that I am worthy
Life is thirst and I am thirsty
Christine Aug 2017
Why do I love you?
My mind jumps in a million directions
Because my mind
is full of you.

Because nothing makes sense without you
You make me see the sun
where I once
saw only clouds.

You've changed the way my heart beats
I now dance in the rhythm of you
How I long to continue to dance with you
on every corner of this earth.

I want to give you everything I have, and
you've already given me the best gift--
Permission to feel safe in my own skin.
To feel enough. To be loved
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