Chris Neilson Dec 2017
On any given day of discordance
an epiphany occurs to someone somewhere
a freakish fateful meeting with a piece of the past
can open the sliding door to an emollient journey
of discovery to depths of your soul
you never even knew existed
where lies the key to a box of fulfillment
enrichment and a resonant reason to be

When all hope is drained from a broken brain
this day can be a future beacon of brilliant light
so far away yet so near if time is given due respect
to work its supernatural power from the ether
belief, belief and more belief provides relief
in the moments stuck in active depressions
altruism's call to our fellow human spirits
can draw that day a breath's distance away
Some enlightened thoughts
Book Thief Nov 2017
She rises and falls like a reposed breath
before an entire world's visage
in her encircled arms.
The incandescent glow of the stage
has an intoxicating quality to it,
the music being
something liquid, viscous.

As notes thrum in tender and soothing caresses,
her legs supple, twirl like petals
cascading under the weight of raindrops,
giving way to a lush surrender
steeped in a language of love and need.
Her very fire
and impassioned soulfulness
lifts her up above the crowd itself,
burning for all to see.

In this moment now
her timelessness enraptures me.
Another part of myself awakens to her grace
and renders me
gratefully whole.
A sense of euphoria slow dances its way
from her being to mine,
consuming every piece of my body
in a fiery bloom—
charging me with
a crackling, electrifying force
unlike my mere own.

I can see now
that this is what she was born to do—
to be on pointe, seeing everything.
Any instances of worldly fear
is left to the dying.
The rhythms of her old pains,
tribulations of past destructions,
are now buried beneath her feet.
And her radiant smile while she dances
still speaks to me gently—
that to be free
is to be wonderfully lost
in her waltz with destiny.

© BT
I'm finally back!! :) The past two months have been crazy hectic with a lot of work, so I apologise for the long hiatus. Here's a longer piece for you to enjoy. As always, thank you for reading dear friends! BT x
Odious Wench Oct 2017
I know that I am worthy
To live a life full score
Life is thirst and I am thirsty

I have been invited cordially
I Have opened up the door
I know that I am worthy

I am not meant to hurry
There is much to feel and explore.
Life is thirst and I am thirsty

I embrace the topsy-turvy
Every sunset an encore
I know that I am worthy

The taste of life is pleasing
I know that I want more
Life is thirst and I am thirsty

Are you meant to be
the choice is yours
I know that I am worthy
Life is thirst and I am thirsty
Christine Aug 2017
Why do I love you?
My mind jumps in a million directions
Because my mind
is full of you.

Because nothing makes sense without you
You make me see the sun
where I once
saw only clouds.

You've changed the way my heart beats
I now dance in the rhythm of you
How I long to continue to dance with you
on every corner of this earth.

I want to give you everything I have, and
you've already given me the best gift--
Permission to feel safe in my own skin.
To feel enough. To be loved
Is the way
You fill me
In ways
I didn't know
I was
Miriam Marcus Jul 2017
After a day spent
knee deep in debt,
I retire to morning,
to bed, to basement

It's there, cotton warmth,
jersey in Summer, Summer's here
sitting with me tonight,
cross legged, near nude.

Summer is a dude, I swear to God,
I know his scent. It's like
at the store at 10 PM, it's
the putrid musk infiltrating me

through my eyes, my nose,
my tongue, my tender throat.

After a day spent
knee deep in debt,
I retire to morning,
to bed, to basement

to wait for morning
and her gentle rays
so I may rise from
my concrete tomb,

a revenant, for you,
dripping my dreams,
eaten nearly to death,
to fulfill this debt.
I spend too much time thinking about my boss. Wishing he'd notice some of the bullshit I do. Some of the mess I clean. And this heat drives me insane. Last year was hotter, though. Too many people are out for me to take a vacation. Maybe soon, though. So yeah.
At the beginning
Was an open sea
Knowing nothing
But its own
Owning every
Beach it met
Not knowing enough to feel alone

After many
Long years it finds
There is much
More for to see
Inlets and outlets
On every shore
A sense of greater freedom to be free

The sea joined
To many rivers
Seeing land
On either side
Freedom then became
Just a memory
The river's end was not in sight

But along the way
An Ocean Watershed
Joining rivers to the sea
It had to sleep
In many river beds
To see what it was meant to be

Down in the river
Flowing headlong
To the sea
Joining the
River's rage
That is where
I long to go
That is where I am meant to be

--Daniel Irwin Tucker
An old poem.

An Ocean Watershed is a large basin, such as the Mississippi Basin & the St. Lawrence Great Lakes Basin, where rivers and streams end up in the ocean.
Isaac Middleton Jun 2017
your desire since you were a child was to be a singer,
The world gave you cigarettes.
You also wanted to be an astronaut,
The world gave you gravity,

Eventually you grew content enough to lay down on the grass, smoke your mind away, and stare at the stars.
It's never too late to quit.
She was my Tropical Fantasy
My Amazonian Dream.
I just wanted to make love with her
Just once
To feel greater fulfillment
In my life.
A Japanese Guy was willing to pay oodles of money to have sex with a Brazilian Virgin, but they didn't actually do it.
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