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Oily dark beans
savor each bitter sip
brewed to perfection
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 81
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
It is liberating indeed,

to be accepted inside and out for who you trully are;

being able to love who you want to love,

to choose whom you want to spend the rest of your life with,

and to live freely under your skin with comfort;

not needing to hide under layers of masks—

for life is not a masquerade.
You’re living your life to the most, if you can live your life to the fullest by being authentic.
I don’t know who
I’m supposed to be
Who I am
or who they want me to be
The answer’s not
so easy to see
Not well known
There's an uncertainty
Knee-**** answer
is to be
wholly free
I'll explain
in detail
Paint a picture clearly
A tutor's not needed
No need to study
No higher degree
With candor
I’ll speak

Let me tell you about
so-called “un-pleasantries"
The list is quite lengthy
A few;
maybe three
Gonna rattle them off
What's been mentioned to me
Not the worst of mistakes
but a category
May irritate some
To others
‘let be’
Saying that’s who I am
and as such
accept me
A minority group
not the majority
and by far
and by few
They are lost in between

Some say I’m intense
and can be
quite chatty
a talker
‘Verbose’ tendency
Don’t deny what is true
But not always guilty
The day in
and day out
doesn't constantly stream
Not sustained
They can change
Just like who
we will be
Not robots
Not copies
or placed on CD
Live a life
of routine
but not one
on repeat
Even still
I must say
there are worse things to be

Empathetic and kind
I give generously
All I have
My last dime
Will donate
each penny
I'm not searching for credit
Approval don't seek
Like to make others happy
Inside, I’m complete
When I focus on others
No discrepancy
I’m not dwelling
or thinking
of my tendencies
Please don't offer
your pity
or give charity
Try to bend; compromise
don’t perceive me
as weak
I'm the chivalrous type
Will get down
on one knee
Not walled off or closed up
Bare my soul
Give freely
But there's more
locked inside
So when time comes to speak
It’s a flood
a deluge
There's an intensity
Give too much
Give too quick
Try to stop
inside keep
I can bottle
it up
but sometimes
it still peaks
Little may trickle out
it will seep
If an access is given
in a heap
When I love
I dive in
You may think I’m a freak
The emotional type
Tug heart strings
and I’ll weep
Not a blubbering fool
my emotions
run deep
A calm hand
I can sooth
In a crisis
I’m strong
This unfortunately
is something
that I know
But don’t wish on
to speak
Life presents me
two roads
With both closed off
to me
Feel locked up
in a cage
while I look
to be free

A locked door
Here I stand
desperately for the key
Wanting answers
A new found decree
Need a mantra
A mission
That systemically
affecting systems
The true stem
of what’s me
My core
Sprouting roots from a tree
Happiness from the Sun
or beneath canopy
Not about
getting answers
Away goes the fee
Hamlet asked long ago
If 'to be or not be'
I know that it's different
Just work with me please
My point
is the question
In life, what to seek?
A life
that’s authentic
or society
We conform
and adapt
What they want us to be
If like me
you're unsure
It can drive you crazy
Take a chance?
And be pure
Live a life that's taint free
In return
you'll endure
Side remarks
and critiques
Is the juice worth the squeeze?
Be like them
or unique
Written: September 22, 2108

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Hexameter Format]
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
Your knowledge is infinite.
Unless you think and anticipate.
Your power incomprehensible.
Until you aim to wield it.

So don't use your capacity.
Until you know who you are.
Until you know who you really are!
Not your disposition or goals,
nor accomplishments, roles or proclivities.

These things are not you.
Those are but masks.
You're really something beyond that.
You're something extramural to the space.

You're a truth that doesn't
even need time.
These things that you use in what is called
It's not you.

The attachment it strong because you feel.
Once again those emotions,
you perceive them.
If you just encounter them face to face.
Then you'll see the love.

And then you'll see.
You will see beyond those masks of emotions.
See there's an entire set beyond the box of the usual ones.

This other set are feelings
that can live with you
You accept yourself for who you are.
Then you see who you really are.
And you are not those other things.
You are infinite in nature.

No one can really haul it away. Not infinity.
But sometimes you become beguiled in and by the masks.
In  the roles you and others fabricate.

They say you're evil, they say you're mean
they call you needy, clingy, they call you free.
They say you're amazing.
They say you're one of a kind.

In reality, you are you.
Not these varying masks of perception.
When you move past these notions,
You see your verity.

Then you're not happy nor sad, elated, or full of fear.
But you also have no lack of emotion
Instead you are finally here.

You are finally here.
Here and nowhere else.
And one you get here.
Use your power for anything, because
you are blessed.
I feel that we can truly live when we release ourselves accept love and see it all. But that's not all that's to this poem there's much more.
Waffles Jul 2018
you don't quite fit
slightly askew
yet, relatable.

I see You.
A person revealing herself to a soceity of weak wolves
You are curious; a truth-seeker
asking questions that make others squirm
You have a deep desire to connect through expression
a need to be seen
You wish for transparcy paired with acceptance
You want to tear yourself open and scream "Look!"
"This is Me! Please, see Me!"
"In all my beauty and in all my ugliness. This, is, Me. Unfiltered. *****"
"Please, please accept me."
I know this because it is

Relatable. The only way you would know this
is if I told you.
For I have found a way to blend in with the wolves.
I hide behind a careful wall built of cloth and filth.
You can only see Me when and where I allow it.

My face is usually in plain view, for society has told me this is OK.
(Ironic that is my only bit of skin that can change expression, unwillingly)

My other skin is hidden by clothe that I willingly bear.
A winter coat and gloves for the environment unknown.
(possibly hostile. it's better not to risk exposure)
A T-shirt and jeans for the familar
(stragically covering vunerabilities)
A bathing suite only for the most trusted

And *****? Rarely do I allow this, even around myself.
Because when I am ***** all I see is the bruises from past abuses.
When I opened myself up and was rejected
Rejected by society and myself.

All the bruises bring me to bear cloth
But I will sincrely root for those who walk around
Waffles Jun 2018
If I were to draw me
If I were to paint me
If I were to create a physical representation of me me

I would draw a dancer
One who seems in control
Like she has it together
Like she has full command of her movements, of the floor, of her partner, of the music
She knows what she is doing and she is doing it well
Her partner trusts her
The floor trusts her
She does not trust her
She is making it up as she goes
But she knows she is making it up wrong
But they can't know that.

I would draw a child
full of insecurities
Full of rebellion
Full of doubt - in herself; in the world
A black hole for love
A vessel of fear
But they can't know that either

I would draw me as a kind warrior. A commander
as I step into an imaginative reality that is aided by games, by friends.
I am confident there.
My mistakes are large, but there is nothing real to lose - we can always try again.
My compassion is a rare gem, noticed by any who get close enough to look
(mainly jagged rocks are seen in these seas)
The friendships are Real. And I am too.

I would draw myself as a child.
At least, that is how it would look at first
I would be standing next to a man, my dad.
Upon looking closely, one would realize the man is the child.
And the child is the adult.

I would draw myself as a mom
Picked by her kids. Chosen. Looked up to.
Seen as cool, wise, infallible. A great mom. One full of love.
They would only be right about that last part
And they would only be right about that last part sometimes
Azlynn Jun 2018
Darkness encampeth the soul
Light so scant that can't be found
Drowned into the depths
So deep that self is entangled
Masked up whole in the black
Left blindfolded to the time frozen
Not a chance for escape
For the soul was imprisoned
Lost the thrive to exist
But along came a message
A voice that led back
Back to the foundation ,so authentic
Yes, you've been called by higher..
The ones above
Don't crawl back to the trash
Before banishment consider warning
Lest you fall into the darkness ever
A life to be lived by not turning back to those you shouldn't.
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