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nmo 6d
all the answers to
my questions can
be found in my
old old poems
(or by
applying common-
sense tbh…)

how f#cked up
do we really are
that we can’t
see the obvious,
plain, and simple
when it’s just
in front of us?!!?
I meant inside* of us.
Rone Selim Aug 21
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
That's only skin deep though,
what's a common rock to someone,
is another's treasure.

Beauty is the light that shines when you talk, when you walk,
when you do what you love.
Beauty is the way you express yourself,
beauty is loving and accepting yourself
for who you are
and making the best version out of yourself.

Beauty is self love,
self care,
self discipline,
beauty is self respect,
self worth,
self improvement,
beauty is good manners and behavior,
beauty is your hungry mind,
your loving energy,
beauty is the way you view the world,
beauty is knowing when you're wrong
and knowing when you're right,
beauty is honesty,
beauty is humbleness,
beauty is authenticity.

Beauty isn't just one certain type,
beauty is the diversity in mankind.
Beauty is so much more than
just a canvas to change colors and fabric on. Beauty is meaningless if it's just an empty shell. A shell found on the beach is beautiful;

because it holds something precious inside.
Jammit Janet Aug 7
I am full of opportunity
Bubbling from my purpose
Which guides my every day
Keeps me virtuous
In touch with my happiness
and the joy I find
In living my own way
You must have known.
That day I held your hand and you held my gaze
And the air was thick with smoke and unspoken words and tiresome clichés.
Your eyes crinkled softly like they always do.
Always, always in the pretentious books I would pour over for hours as I try to envision myself right there,
Comforting myself with the idea that someone, one day, will dance with me to the sound of nothing but two hearts beating in unison.
There is something desperately intimate about oxygenation.
Always in these silly, profound books, they describe their darling’s eyes with every hue known to man.
Deep, aquamarine, sparkling crystal orbs that you would be so happy to drown in.
Entrancing and stormy forests.
Pools of warm honey with gold flecks in them, sweet as dandelion wine.

I will not condescend to compare your eyes to saccharine.
Or bodies of water, for that matter, or trees.
I will not waste time equalizing them to shades of the rainbow.
What are eyes, really,
Other than a means to see?
All that is beautiful and all that is clean.
I hold my own eyes in higher esteem than yours, dear,
Because they allow me to revel in the way yours light up when you smile.
How the skin underneath creases and wrinkles in all the most endearing ways
Like the infinite pages of a book in some foreign language
That only I can understand.
The ability to do so is a prerogative of the infatuated.

I wonder if you’ll let me read this book more often now that we’re here, two forgotten souls grinning stupidly at each other in the dark.
You must have known, then, that I would spend every day of the rest of my life reading this book if you only allowed me to do so.
Embedded in my mind was the way the corners of your mouth shot up towards the heavens.
I did not have to trace it to know that it was there.
You must have known.
There was not a crumb of my being you did not hold in the callused palm of your hand.
All of the streetlights were doused by the blanket of the night and it was truly not a movie-worthy moment because there were no stars and the moon was out of sight and there were stray cats padding around in the neglected garbage dumpster and I could not even remember why we were laughing so hard and I loved you.
Daniel Cuzzo Jan 2
How can someone
say your faults
and then that they “love you?”

A million explanations in mind
just like a million expressions
of your heart, your soul and body.

You might not believe,
but SEERS like it best
when they see ALL of somebody.

You don’t have to strip.
Not talking about scars or bruises.
Talking about authenticity.

We’re all a collection
a MIXED BAG of light, darkness
and other quirky rocks.

treat this as the time
to hide the ugly stones.

We pretend everything
that sparkles is WHOLE
and there’s nothing missing.

It’s hard to say love
is not represented.

And each time
those “sub-par” stones
get thrown under carpets…

Each time I wish
I could give care and polish.
But we INSIST they don’t exist.

So YES, it’s my favorite time
with the weight of a full collection,
to TELL YOU I love you.

I’ve finally seen you
MORE COMPLETE than ever.
Ken Pepiton Oct 2020
I ask my self if this good, I say, good enough, is
better'n TV and her kids. TV's offspring,
not kids, like Wisdom is justifed t'behavein'

Som'en say Patience ain't no ****** neither.
That's Prudence,
I gotta aunt by the name.
We could know, prudently
if we could read, or if civilization relinquishes
its Napoleonic self mutilization in guilt
mutiny? mutate. No mutilization, mutilate -right

Wait. We were looking at the stars…
one was actually twinkling
and that song sounded serious, like consider
side realities, what is that one twinklin' for?

Then the entire cast looked up and the audience, too.
All the stars was atwinklin' like at that Isis Concert cool
- Taylor Swift, right, who could forget
LED bracelets on every fanarm…

slip a level lower in a given Penrose kites'n'stars
stack of possibilities,
ways to go.
The I, no, if we knew now
what we thought we knew

at any moment back then,
before the we of me and you knew it,
we become old, and realized as near as
could have been imagined with 2020 tech.
testing realization quanta filtered thru Penrosian planes of infinite patterning
lackin any intention of meaning more than "this can be done, and nothing dies"
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Social media's intent was to spread authentic information among people but a few motivated by their selfish motives used it to generate those flocks which easily form conjectures just on the basis of baseless accusations disseminated from unknown sources and keep on barking with profanities on others.
John McCafferty Sep 2020
Try to see that we're all on repeat
Improving techniques
Familiarity comes with a fee
Feel free to pull up a seat
but take this receipt
Déjà vu is approved

Repetition helps us relate too
A translation of trauma
Through authentic remnants
When fragments come loose
from sourced attributes

Filter your core beliefs
The further we seek
Higher levels of attainment
require persistent maintenance
No rehearsed alliteration
or forced informal acquaintances
Be true to you
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Cardboard-Jones May 2020
Life is never expected.
Experiences, I collected.
Spent a lot of time reflecting
On aspects of me I neglected.

A house in Beverly Hills?
I don’t need it, I don’t need it.
Ferrari with rims on the wheels?
I don’t need it, I don’t need it.
Victoria’s model, no secret.
I don’t need it, I don’t need it.
Superficial stuff, you can keep it.
I don’t need it, I don’t need it.

You’re synonymous with music.
It’s like you’re my favorite playlist.
Sweatpants Saturday with your hair in a twist.
I was yours before our first kiss.
You protect me from my demons.
Strengthen me when I’m weakened.
Wanna get high on the weekends.
Attracted to you like a beacon.

Stay as you are.
I need it, I need it.
Be my shooting star.
I need it, I need it.
Don’t feed into external stuff.
I need it, I need it.
‘Cause you’ll always be enough.
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