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Ken Pepiton Oct 7
I ask my self if this good, I say, good enough, is
better'n TV and her kids. TV's offspring,
not kids, like Wisdom is justifed t'behavein'

Som'en say Patience ain't no ****** neither.
That's Prudence,
I gotta aunt by the name.
We could know, prudently
if we could read, or if civilization relinquishes
its Napoleonic self mutilization in guilt
mutiny? mutate. No mutilization, mutilate -right

Wait. We were looking at the stars…
one was actually twinkling
and that song sounded serious, like consider
side realities, what is that one twinklin' for?

Then the entire cast looked up and the audience, too.
All the stars was atwinklin' like at that Isis Concert cool
- Taylor Swift, right, who could forget
LED bracelets on every fanarm…

slip a level lower in a given Penrose kites'n'stars
stack of possibilities,
ways to go.
The I, no, if we knew now
what we thought we knew

at any moment back then,
before the we of me and you knew it,
we become old, and realized as near as
could have been imagined with 2020 tech.
testing realization quanta filtered thru Penrosian planes of infinite patterning
lackin any intention of meaning more than "this can be done, and nothing dies"
Spriha Kant Sep 30
Social media's intent was to spread authentic information among people but a few motivated by their selfish motives used it to generate those flocks which easily form conjectures just on the basis of baseless accusations disseminated from unknown sources and keep on barking with profanities on others.
Try to see that we're all on repeat
Improving techniques
Familiarity comes with a fee
Feel free to pull up a seat
but take this receipt
Déjà vu is approved

Repetition helps us relate too
A translation of trauma
Through authentic remnants
When fragments come loose
from sourced attributes

Filter your core beliefs
The further we seek
Higher levels of attainment
require persistent maintenance
No rehearsed alliteration
or forced informal acquaintances
Be true to you
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Life is never expected.
Experiences, I collected.
Spent a lot of time reflecting
On aspects of me I neglected.

A house in Beverly Hills?
I don’t need it, I don’t need it.
Ferrari with rims on the wheels?
I don’t need it, I don’t need it.
Victoria’s model, no secret.
I don’t need it, I don’t need it.
Superficial stuff, you can keep it.
I don’t need it, I don’t need it.

You’re synonymous with music.
It’s like you’re my favorite playlist.
Sweatpants Saturday with your hair in a twist.
I was yours before our first kiss.
You protect me from my demons.
Strengthen me when I’m weakened.
Wanna get high on the weekends.
Attracted to you like a beacon.

Stay as you are.
I need it, I need it.
Be my shooting star.
I need it, I need it.
Don’t feed into external stuff.
I need it, I need it.
‘Cause you’ll always be enough.
Zainab Apr 13
I didn’t know that when I made this decision, it would mean saying hello to me and bye to you;
I held on so tightly when I hugged you, in case you were too delicate to piece yourself back together.

I started thinking about all of the memories we made together and the times I needed you most.
Now to think of it, you were always there for me even if it wasn’t in person.

You’d always be that voice from a distance which is funny because I always thought I was that voice and I was calling you.
All I ever wanted was for you to return my call and follow my voice through the tunnel; I would have promised that as long as I’m around, you’d never get lost again; but I get it.

We both are young and lead different paths and that is why I had to leave; because in order to find you, I have to find myself so that I can be steady enough to piece you back together.
Utahi Kamu Apr 10
A day a while ago
I sat down by a tree
I asked him 
if he ever gets bored
I really wanted to know
has he ever wondered
how it feels to run

He looked at me
not in my eyes
for a long time
long enough at one point
I knew at once

There was no room
for questioning
wondering was
a waste of time
when you are so fully
being yourself.
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