The Lonely Bard Oct 2016

Unluckily, I am an offspring of two different genotypes,
For it, I so often face the reverse apartheid by a faction,
That faction particular is omnipresent in this nation.

Unseemingly, extremely patriotic I do feel except during cricket,
They look, at my face and deduce that I am not one of them,
That I speak their tongue more eloquently doesn't count..

Up North, they think that my nose is a bit like a Dravidian,
But down South, they often think that I am an Aryan,
That boycotts me in this land of the Indian nation...

I often get another kind of Apartheid, the diehtrapA.

HP Poem #1181
©Atul Kaushal
Sumit Ganguly Sep 2016

glows all day
sustains some life
cannot penetrate ant hill
has not seen sea bed
our star

Phim Aug 2016

I'm angry
I'm angry that this is the world we live in
I'm angry that I can't walk down the street without being harassed
I'm angry that I constantly have to think about how people will react to what I wear
I'm angry about the everyday inconveniences this world has made for me
But more than anything I'm angry that I have to think twice about helping an elderly man into his car
I'm angry that today there was a disabled man slowly pushing his wheelchair across the parking lot and I didn't help him
Because that's the world we have created
A world where we are consistently aware that even by being good we can be punished
I am so angry that I sat there and watched that man for ten minutes
And didn't move because how could I know that he wasn't another Ted Bundy
How could I know
We have created a world with such a deep chasm of distrust that I can't even believe that this poor man was truly disabled
As a woman I have to be afraid of a man in a wheelchair
A man who seemingly cannot walk still has the ability to terrify me
I am so angry
That I am limited
Not only by the things that I wear and the places in which I can go alone
But I am limited in my ability to make the world a better place
I am limited
And I am angry

LJDC May 2016

I am finite.
I get tired and exhausted.

I can be pillars,
Strong as marble and steel.
But may be stars,
Living a life to be dead.

I can be a friend,
Who'll lend you a hand.
But may be listened,
When the wheels turn.

You may use me.
You may not.

But this I plea.
My head aches.
I do cry.
I do get weak.
I do get tired.
And I do get exhausted.

But be unfazed.
I am finite.

It's hard to be strong when you're weak. It's harder when you realize that the person you hold on is. Gone.
PurpleOrchidSpirit Dec 2015

Making people do what we believe is best for us.
In a state of wanting what we think we need.
How is it possible to know what we need while so blinded by our egos hunger?

Control takes away from the will of a higher power
Sydney Alexandrea Nov 2015

There has been 108 billion people on this planet,
And none of them made it.
A total of 7.1 billion people are on earth right now,
And none of them will make it either.

It terrifies me.
Everything in this world is limited .
You and I will will only have a little time together.
There's gonna people who will get more time with you,
I'll forever be envious of them.

I guess they're just the lucky ones.
I continue to wonder why we even try anymore,
When we're born to die.

Shannon Perry Oct 2015

I cannot help but think of the time,
of the hours ticking by with every chime.
I can't help but notice all that I haven't achieved,
the minutes and hours always have me deceived.

I often ponder all the books I have not read,
of all the things I have not said.
I contemplate all the songs I have not sung,
and of all the slips of my tongue.

I muse over all the people I want to be,
over all the places I want to see.
I realise I'll never acquire all the skills that I'd like
because time is always ready to strike.

I think of all the time I've spent surviving
instead of living; all the times I said my dead soul wasn't worth reviving.
I feel that I have wasted precious years
simply drowning in my own tears.

Time is a mystery and must be well spent,
we should all remain focused on the present.
Take our dreams and make them happen,
otherwise our lives will become meaningless and misshapen.

Don't expect too much from me

'cause my days are numbered

'cause my lights are limited

In the end

You' ll gonna throw me



Marshie The Mellow Apr 2015

Our days are limited
Our lives can't be edited
Live it wisely
Live precisely
Never amount to much
Never become a nasty bunch
Remember these tips
And spread them using those lips
Teach them with your voice
Always with poise

Sure do wish you wont remorse
Cause life has such a puzzling course

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