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Bhill Sep 12
How do you know
Was it ever enough
What thundered feeling into your life
Did the accepted circumstances ****** you
You were always outside of the limited space
Limited by the imprisoning power of mindless perceptions

How did you know?

Brian Hill - # 228
Do you know if you know or how you know?
I am in the middle of an emotional sea,
Where I look up at the birds up high,
And wonder if I could be as free;
But again, freedom is just a lie.

There is a chasm between what I know and see,
Do we really need wings to fly?
So concerned about what to think, what to be;
Struggling in a limited sky.

- [ ]  I don’t trust the thoughts inside my head,
- [ ] I’m a prisoner of my own,
- [ ] I guess I’ll never see the land.
- [ ] When will this cell be gone?
Ilonka Apr 15
when poetry will die
the apocalypse of the soul will erupt in each of us
my being made of lyrics
will get lost in contemporary illiteracy,
our daily food will be missing from the shelves in the libraries
and virtual pages will replace the smile of the sweet girl from my favorite bookstore,
I will no longer cuddle the book covers made with good taste
and I will no longer breathe stories that hide behind them,
thinking will become limited by a collective sentence
which will swallow me
and devour my last remaining metaphor,
then amnesia will make a nest in me
and I'll beg it never to leave me!
A world without poetry, a world without books would look like this.
ms imperfect Feb 20
In the midst of the pain,
I whisper your name,
My prayer was all about you,
Life and Comfort feels anew.

Your hugs and kisses,
Were answers to my wishes.
But not every wish is true,
Everything we had, I threw.

The mistake I committed,
Is something I have never regretted.
Because I knew you would suffer,
For the burdens I carry, my lover.

Wishes and blessings to you,
I hope you feel the same way too.
Now, I see your new beginning,
You found a love never ending.
Xallan Jan 15
I have been halted
My potential has been dismissed.
Halfway through puberty, my thyroid stilled
Dependent on daily doses of artifice
Taking vitamins, supplements, medications
For all my unnatural natural disorders

Already bloated with self-hatred, I dream, yes-
I wish and hope for impossibilities
Denied me by my biological construction
Dreaming, wishing, hoping is futile.

I am forever limited.
My frame is weak and small and pathetic
I am swollen with disgrace, I work
I act and I cause with no effect
I cannot speak to my reflection in the mirror
Working, acting, causing is futile.

I will always be held back.
My body will release blood and tears instead
My flank makes my figure obvious
Hidden, buried,
I don't desire to resemble a perfect muse
I desire the average, out of reach
The mean. The median. The mode.

I deceive myself with mindless motivations
Persistence, Perseverance, and Patience
All lies, the real truth is time ends all.
All my hopes, all my joys, all my pains, and yet
I see in the tea leaves in the dredges of despair
I perceive the hopeless reality
Time will end my life.
Sutherland Dec 2018
I walk blindly through beauty.
I numbly touch its fur.
I exhale its fragrance.

To drift is to be sure.

My vision is cut short,
that of a pin,
cut down.
Brown is my vision,
defined by the words within.

between the two,
I am.

Stability in the binding,
the spine, I bend.

The cover, my beginning.
The back, my end.
I wrote this poem from my perspective of a person in a religion. How they limit their interaction with the world around them because their bible doesn't allow them to see it.
megacreative poetry crew personified by poetic devices (we the best exploring poetry industry) Words that doesn't sound strange to any ear, words that can be called one poem heals all.
Listen to these words made from punchlines and their cousins figure of speeches immaturity fall.
Blessed are the ones listening to the poem written by the hands that got the touch of the situation.
Megacreative Poetry Crew (Personified by poetic devices) Rocking back n fourth whining side to side into the bigger picture of literature as big as the important use of rhymes in a poem brews and cooks magic.
The magic that is the ear bud to your ears.
The magic that is infused with words that are born from soothing figure of speeches that's their mothers.
We heal with metaphors.
When the pain comes again it won't be like before.
The wise doesn't just spit but before that you got to be sure.
It's sad how they don't want to learn wisdom but when you do you are labelled as the biggest flop.
One's life is not like an influenza, you can't always have chest pains and cough.
As it will move you it doesn't hurt to dream of being on a cover page of Forbes.
Ofcourse, morden men doesn't shove wives with chores.
With words, the mind and soul resasitation.
Holding the mic to melt the written punchlines on the blessed pages, you got to love such situation.
Wisdom shows up just as we throw words on the white surface with red lines like a sangoma throwing bones on a mat created through tradition.
For us write words that unlocks wisdom to your mind that's as entertaining as theatre.
Poetry is alive in us.
Water it, ignoring such soothing words into your soul it will be as peace destroying as a witch.
Just as we play around the pages with a pen its the first stage to one's life changing, but as we spit words Personified by poetic devices Rocking back n fourth , whining side to side one is healed. Megacreative Poetry Crew  (personified by poetic devices)
Megacreative Poetry Crew  (Personified by Poetic devices) accentuating the roots of our forefathers. we the best exploring poetry industry. Ability is what we are capable of doing. Motivation determines what we do.  Attitude determines how well we do it.
i tried hard to write something
not about you
but my thoughts are limited
only up to you
My understanding of today
Is as limited as my life
Live today
As it comes
We have been told and practiced
With devotion
We do prepare for the mundane
But what’s one to do about the unknown
What it takes to be future ready?
Is it the happenings of today
Is it the mistakes of today
That will lessen the burden of tomorrow
As today the lesson was learned
Yet how to prepare for the unknown
Remains a question for tomorrow
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