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David Bojay Sep 2021
the realm of illusion
not much more illusory than in the physical world
extreme unreliability
impression by the unseen seer
changing forms
an object seen as it were from all sides at once
the inside as if the outside
inadequate language
frequent reversal
astral light
as 931 and so on
capable masters
great hurry and carelessness
all possible forms of illusion
how do i deal with phenomenons like this
few words are needed
death is easier to face than to try and wrap my head around (life)
it's not about seeing correctly, but translating what is being seen
trying to carry my consciousness without it breaking
from physical to astral... and back
possibility of recollections could partially be lost or distorted in the blank interval
experiencing between breaths
the root of this moment to the next
the inevitable now
spirits unfortunately dormant
we'll soon build up the courage
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
I'm a big fish in a small pond
I dream big
I see strong
I dig deep
To find what's wrong

Bring it to the surface
Where it belongs
To be processed
and addressed;

To bring me closer to success.
Man Feb 2021
if you spy an opportunity
to help someone change
for the better
urge them to take it on
and offer assistance where you can

be the positivity you wish to see

but at a certain point
you may have to accept them
for who they are

we are all of us, limited in this condition
Samara Nov 2020
with rain kissed plumage
cold in the moonlit expanse
over the evergreens i see below
- - -
i am free
as far as these shackles
will let me be
Amanda Hawk Oct 2020
As a little girl

The world was so large

Within my tiny hands

I spent my childhood

Under the table

Peeking out

From my fort of tablecloths and blankets

The world transformed

Into fantasy worlds and bustling cities

Within my eyes

So young and so innocent

That I wanted to grow up

Now, I am standing

In the middle of this vast world

It grows exponentially with your expectations

Now, I just want to make sure I make it to bed

Before the first alarm hits

Some days I want to crawl back

Under the table

Peek out from my fortress

See those fantasy worlds

Filled with so much possibility

Before reality consumed me

To feel so small, but so fearless

To no longer be limited by the sky
Nylee Aug 2020
Fall asleep forever is my night dream
I'll linger tonight in your dreamworld
In your mind creation of my creation
shared space, counting numbered days
in your mind space, making permanent place
My limited time running out
I hope I'll meet you in next dimension
Hope we'll see tonight, watch sunsets together
When you'll fall asleep, you'll be with me
Good Night!
Took a shallow breath
From a shallow depth

Narrowed eyes
From the narrow thought process

Living in a well
Limited space, imagination

Little significance
It held in a unfathomable world

A shallow breath, depth
Limited thought process
Some odd thoughts
little move
little get out

everything must be limited
be aware of your friend

do not visit your relative
only lift up your spirit

and show the smile and give
the hope to the new sight

will be shown on the morning
catch the hope and smile every morning. this bad thing will go and vanish. only be happy
Adam Kai Dunn Dec 2019
In times of plenty
  I grow fat, dumb and old.
In times of hardship
  I find my faults sold.
I sold, for peace,
  my heart and soul.
I traded, for war,
  my silver and gold.
Peace stole, to turn grey,
  my mind and my youth.
War declared their's
  the black & white truth.
Still I love, and I hate,
  while I win, draw and lose.
Still I'm impatient
  to broaden my views.
But when I gain knowledge
  the unknown is set loose.
It dawns without feeling
  to play a fool's ruse,
On those always patient,
  and those with no fuse.
Suns rise and nights fall
  in my ocean eye blues.

What limits a world,
  both free and unbound?
Where one can be two,
  both silence and sound?
Blinded lives without fact;
  percieved lives of no faith;
All shake hands in friendship,
  no fear for death's wraith.
With & without time
  they grasp a new day,
Without & with light,
  dark and dark chased away.
I'd give you peace then
  and you'd give me my war.
So content we could be,
  with less and with more,
With sound, with silence,
  with chaos, with law.

We are and aren't infinite,
  perfect and imperfect,
One, none and all,
  within a flaw.
Meadow Nov 2019
A dance of pull and push back
A fist encircling a heart
Clutching, Squeezing
Power on one side
Pleading on the other
Out of control
My stomach feels sick
My mind blank
Grasping toward where you were
Spirling into past comforts
Delusional daydreams
Days become memories as they happen
Irrefutable anger
Violence on the body
A mind of blame and contortion
You lay out boxes I can’t fit into
Telling me to get in
I can’t breathe, but you tell me to melt like water and flow.
All I ever wanted was some pull from you
Acceptance and patience of my becoming
But all you know how to do is push back.
I'm feeling better, but some days I can't do anything but sit in longing.
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