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Janna B Dec 2020
When I called
I said I needed resolution
When we met
That’s what you gave me

I could see it cost you
When you wanted to hold me.
Your hands reached for me
but made do with air.

We were so short lived
innocent of body but
falling in love is not innocent
when married to others.

Your child needs to see you
And you need him
You will continue
wife of coercive control
and I will let you.

Today I’ve woken
With a calm about me
Tentative tranquility.
I’ll never forget you.
Tee Dossantos Nov 2020
Stuck on a single tab
With a hole dug into my chest
Lisa Hudak Sep 2020
There is no reason,
I can't know why.
When we try to comprehend, our dreams just pass us by
I'm just tired, I'm too old
Flip through pages to find clarity:

Nothings ever meant to be.

I know I lack conviction
I've got too much pride
To admit the way to win this game
is to never know your side

Hello old friend,

Do you see me?

I can't see me anymore
can't feel me anymore

I remember summer nights and drunken fights
with those who took their lives
and in my dreams we've talked again
like I'm talking here with you

I've heard the sound of death before,
its imprinted in my soul
though many a shrink has told me
moving forward makes us whole.
But I've seen death before
heard him knocking at my door
and I've lost both friends and enemies
to his voice that haunts my dreams.

Maybe this imprint is a reminder
An echo of a life.
The pain that I hold onto
to keep memories alive.
I pray on my final day
my mind can find its peace
and let go of this sound I know
before letting go of me.

I'll let go of the sound I know.
Before letting go of me.
Paras Sharma Jun 2020
What you just said
the way you said yes
that silent comma pontifically
the past suddenly nears again
your grief now bilaterally
I finished it off with "never mind,"
"it's not that important"
the turnips were really cooked then and I said don't you see I'm trying to be there for you
my shoulder is yours
for expressing all your pain
and i will always love you
no matter what you just said .
Sometimes what is not said drowns out,
the discussion that only serves as a support
of an unworded conversation.
victoria May 2020
Reading Vonnegut

I'm reading Vonnegut
I'm tired
Had to look up three words
In three pages
The app wanted more money
To view the words
In a sentence
I don't have the money

So the sentances remain
I long to be more like Kurt
I dream intense
Repetitive dreams
My pen in my hand
Thoughts profound
I reside inside his followers
I want to go to a party

And quote meaningful texts
I want to join that society
Now there's a word for me
The writer inside me
Is trapped

Behind failed education
Inside a broken mind
Desperate to find those words
To explain my thoughts
Which are deep and saturated of
Feeling..... No one will hear me
My emotions frozen

Those three words
In three pages
Already evaporated
I have another four words now
Four more to research
Four more to skim my brain
To mock my intelligence
The app wants more money

I'm reading vonnegut
And I'm tired
I try to learn a new word a day. But there are so many. And so many books I feel shut out of. It's too overwhelming. And I forget. My processing speed is 30... Which is extremely low. I know what I want to say but can't find the words...
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