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ryn Jul 2023
Do our minds align?
Just as our fingers once did….

The skins of our palms would kiss,
and hold true to words unsaid.
Clasped indefinite,
and they mirrored in gait.

Never unsure
and never faltering,
they danced in determined embrace;
leaving no room for the tendrils of doubt.

So tell me…

Do our hearts still align?
Just as our beats once did…
Clearly now I see,
That my soul had a plan.
Laid out perfectly for me,
To endure and withstand.

No I wouldn't do it over,
But Id never give it up.
I just keep moving forward,
Through the lessons I pick up.

I hear it in my soul,
When it's time to make a move.
A pull I can't control,
Brings me to another truth.

A lesson meets me there,
But at first I'm blind to see it.
Repeat repeat - til I'm aware,
And then she will reveal it.

Soul decoding old ways,
Uploading what is new.
These stories of your earthly days,
Are the building blocks of you.

The source collecting energy,
From all your transformation.
With every ancestor redeemed,
She is raising her vibration.

So tune into your highest self,
And don't you ever doubt,
That you come from a higher realm,
Made of stardust all throughout.

You bring this all within you,
So watch carefully for signs.
Youll know just what to do,
When the universe aligns.

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Jammit Janet Aug 2021
Dusting off cobwebs
From the corners of my mind
Giving them the proper love
To disintegrate the grime
That takes me off point
And wastes my time
Just Grace Mar 2021
We give a little bit
then before long
she hears your song
telling you place

to fare belonging
to wear those longings
on your shoulders

now you'll find (you'll find, you'll find harmony)
who shares your carry
pray that you embrace them
pray that you don't waste them

give that give that give that (harmony)
give that place love
give that all that you got
love it all
embrace your falls
you're not lonely because
I see you here
Scribbles found in notebook, remembering it as an impulsive mind-dump. Found myself impressed by this reflection, as it was found later during a hardship and now finding them comforting.
Orakhal Oct 2020
a truth in tune
knocks everything that isn't out
Orakhal Jul 2020
A Sweet milk

can sour easy

in surp
of second thinking
Orakhal Jul 2020
I feels unwell
as I am looking for a reason
bes well

I feels lost
as I am looking for a reason
bes found

I feels lonely
as I am looking for a reason
bes loved

I feels empty
as I am looking for a reason
bes full

I am
I bes
Orakhal Jul 2020
On empty stage perform thy play
no actors gathered in the way

no audience to hear I say
on empty stage perform thy play
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