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M C Jul 28
When my sun is hidden, I must rely upon on my moon’s shine.
When my chakra is askew, I must realign.
Learning the things I already knew.
They flew over my head
cause I’m cuckoo.
Empire Jun 6
I was a lawful good
Boring, obsessive
But still good

I started leaning away
Let go of the rules
I became neutral good
I’d bend or break the order
But in the end
I’m still good

Maybe I’m even pushing
Into chaotic good
And maybe I’m okay with it
I like it
And overall
My heart is
Still good

So when you say
I’m not myself
You mean I’ve dropped the structure
Released my grip on order
And that’s what I needed
Maybe I’ll bend it a little far
Maybe create a bit of chaos
But that’s okay
I’m still me
I’m still good
Of course I’m different because of the meds
What did you expect?
All about
He has so much to tell

She was to him
With the bliss of clarity
He endowed her
And started the story
It's she
How it ends

We are story
It is all about
And Us
Living with, what is
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Alignment
Mili Vada Apr 10
The alignment of us, is better here.
Our freedom is welcome everywhere,
The engineer pulls us apart,
What then?
Our statement is clear,
Our body seeks healing,
Our mind sets it’s will,
The monument is too big.
It won’t ever be real.
Even I can't explain, what it is
But it was not just a coincidence

What is meant, will stay
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Unexplained
It all began when a gentle heart fell for a wild heart. And as their walls grew thinner it became more crystal clear that; them meeting was more of an alignment than a happenstance. They were indeed two sides of the same soul.
©Sonia Ettyang
....whichever direction they each chose to follow was their own decided fate.
Chicken Jan 30
I’ll wait,
I’ll wait,
til’ your teeth fall out,
til’ you’re back in the ground,
til’ this merry go round brings us back in alignment again.
A Simillacrum Jan 12
This a song for me.
It's a song for the others, too.

We know who we are.
And if we don't, we will,

It's only timing.
If you look into the eyes

And witness unveiling,
This is a song for you.

Broadcasting Now. . .

Your self is you.
(reject the ones at odds)
Self is your truth.
(the predators you choose)
Truth is self love.
(prey on your sense of self)
Love is within.
(you're not a monster)
(you're not a monster)

See hidden knives,

Broadcasting Now. . .

This is a song for me.
This is a song for you.
Colten Sorrells Dec 2018
in the now,
my feet are planted
so I don’t take my time for granted

I breathe new life
as my expression
and passions have been resurrected

so energized
restored, I sit
my inner fire has been lit

and in my heart,
the fires rage
expelling darkness in my way

now vibrations
in my throat
are of a much more pleasing tone

an open doorway
to my mind
now calmly rests between my eyes

and straight from source
a light shines down
it’s energies into my crown

all systems go
transfer complete
now I can take on anything
“Meditate. Let the light of the heart engulf you.”

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