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i yearned so badly to be healed
that i let you into my heart
i crammed you into the small space left inside
and just hoped you had good intentions
i dont let just anyone in
The way your eyes looked at me,

like an astronomer lost in the galaxies;

yearning to be with each other,

like a pirate sailing through the seven seas
sheri Jan 31
who stands afar from me,
shines even brighter
than the rays at sea

far apart,
still, i adore you,
and i love you

you don't even
know me

but that's
because you're
out of my reach

i just long
to hold
your hand and say
"thank you for everything"
"You're the best thing that happened to me."
Cynthia Jan 29
I remember.

That deserted park,
I do, I do remember!
We used to run around,
Playing hide and seek,
The seven of us.

The hidden pond,
In that old forest,
Don't you remember?
We pushed each other into the water,
The six of us.

That little wooden house,
At the end of our road,
Ah, I would always remember,
We sneaked in,
And deemed it our hide out,
The five of us.

Oh, and our cramped up apartment,
How could I forget?
Watching late night movies,
Waking up tired as ever,
But never with a trace of regret,
The four of us.

And that abandoned theme park,
We always went on the Ferris Wheel,
When it reached the top,
We could see the whole land,
We swore we would travel it all one day,
The three of us.

That dusty old caravan,
Oh my,
Don't you remember?
We used to drive it to the end of the world,
Parked it in a field,
And talked about our future,
Gazing up at the stars,
The two of us.

And how I remember,
Laying down next to you guys,
In a pretty grass field,
Six stones surrounding me,
As I dozed off.

I remember...
Weary and wanting from the ache inside
No emotion at any depth I try to hide
A hollow pit waiting for something to burn
You can fill up the spaces but there’s always a way out
Down through the tunnel and out to be more
Th urge once again rises and the search continues
No absolute but a constant hope to be fulfilled
Something sufficient
Providing contentment
Would the pursuit transform into another
I beg for a new world
Or perhaps a new heart
No matter how hard I try
Trying is the opposite of actuality
A veil over reality by our thoughts and layers of excuses to manifest
In the end there is nothing and in the beginning there was nothing
The gap that leads into infinity
An understanding of a black hole empathically
Maybe it really does hold a universe
How natural is it to be empty and yet create boundaries of space and time
We perceive the outside but in essence is it truly empty
Or is it a hole even?
Perhaps we perceive a sphere but in higher dimensions we’d see it as what we understand to be a tunnel
Where would it take us
I think it will only take us to another land where we translate the hunger into a new form
The multiverse is just another reason to keep searching after we’ve only found half the answers in this one
It seems we never even finish what we start
Because we fear the end
We’ve made it fatal in our minds
When our soul knows nothing may be permanent here
There is a universe that came before all of this
where we truly exist
And know this is a game that we’ve played for eons
To entertain ourselves
To evolve as the divine always has
Transcending labels because it moves regardless of our insignificant judgements
Will the static stagnation into a dynamic situation
Simultaneous reaction
Awake while in a dream
Looking for an opening and the maze will always grow
Let it go
Euphie Jan 15
At night when things are quiet, I think of you...that is all I need.
solEmn oaSis Dec 2018
i just can't remember the exact date
but yes i can still recall when was the time
i saw you walking across that aisle
because from then on i found you sublime

what a sunny day on that very moment
and it so funny that i was born
as if my dark skin felt so dry
unto your look so wet

yet the significance of essence
was relevant when we get inside
hand in hand you and i
meet and greet so sigh

wala akong ibang inisip kundi
ang paano kita mapapangiti
nang mayroong kislap sa iyong mga mata
gayong sa mga hugot at banat hindi handa

yaong mga piraso at piyesa
nitong mabulaklak kong dila
nagkusang tumimo sa aking puso
dahilan para makasumpong ng sulo

sa sandaling matamang kong napagmasdan
malinaw kong imahe habang ako'y iyong tinitigan
wala pa akong sinasabi noong tayo'y nasa hapag-kainan
wala mang nakahain,sarap-sarap na ng ating mga tawanan

as a matter of fact
we don't care about clock
as we alter our talk
in the middle of flock

minamahal kong dalaga naa-alala mo na nga ba?
how much we had important fun
on that prominent fast food-chain
iyon yung mga panahon nawala ako sa talababa!
practical jokes
do create pokes
huwag maging pikon
i-tawa lang ang tugon
Eudora Dec 2018
They linger in the mind
like clouds floating by
in the azure sky.

They bring tears
like gushing waterfalls
streaming from the eyes.

They leave a yearning heart
with gentle prayers
and pleading sighs.
Fainche Siobhan Nov 2018
i yearn to be appreciated
like a flower
without its petals
and be appreciated
to its roots
because it is the reason
why it would bloomed
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