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TD Jul 6
How perfectly delightful
to be the vision of naïveté
in a fickle world.

I yearn.

becomes my
hxzin May 14
i fell for you in autumn, saw your gold soaked hair and presence everywhere,
the leaves turned crimson and honey,
the sun cascading through the woven branches,
i loved you in winter, cold days spent wrapped up in wool and cloth, bundles of scarves and shared umbrellas, icy winds nipping at our laced fingers,
i waited for you and spring, short eternities going by just so that i could see you again, breathe you in, hold you and feel home.
february?? ‘21
Payton Feb 24
I lay here before you,
              u n d o n e.
And it is my greatest fear.
        And it is my greatest desire.
Oh, my darling, set my
      on fire.
How I have waited for this moment, how I have yearned to be so close to you.
For you to be so close to me,
for you to see
in nothing
but the      pale light of the
This poem was written in 2016.
Gerald Feb 17
Where do all those unexpressed emotions go?

Do they die, or maybe they just wander around inside?

Is my heart a grave yard...Or a town full of words yearning to be heard?
sasha Feb 3
for what sweet maiden
and what soft lamb
would dare accept
my crooked heart?

cursed words of mine
twisted mercilessly into
wretched ballads
that no one will ever sing.

there’s no salvation for me now
nowhere for me to heal
destruction runs in these veins
beating in my heart of steel

have mercy on my dark heart
be still, these wild thoughts
a pen dipped in jet-black ink
scratched across tormented soul.
this page is just gonna consist of my own personal sad blabs
ashw Jan 19
Do others feel like this every time?
As if it’s something of actual substance,
A real reason to yearn,
A real reason to hunger,
As if for another form of sustenance.
Do others feel like this with a passing glance?
As if you’ve known them from the start,
A true sense of familiarity,
A true sense of belonging,
As if they’ve always weighed on your heart.
Do others feel like this every time?

I never had.
Victoria Dec 2020
I saw your shadowed twin last night
Under the open moon
And as I walked I heard your voice
So hushed with an echoed tune
Your scent dragged along the wind
All things I’ve missed the most
Your gentlest touch on my sleeping skin
My dear, my love, my ghost
for instance, I felt the yearn to feel love
an arm surrounds an unclear path of blue,
rejuvenating it is; I’m above,
yet unanswered questions linger; seek clue,
art thou afraid to love like juliet?
hands unclasped; bent knees and silent prayers.
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Your voice to deliver

It feels like forever

A night with whoever

Your sound gone wherever.
Onyx Oct 2020
lying on the great expanse of pure white
shining bright as the unforeseen, speckless future
yonder desired and eagerly awaited
snow so thick yet so warm
a coalescence of innocence carpeting beneath the earnest lover
eagerly awaiting for slivers of bliss
flitting through the universe it transcends
,the vastitude of which may limit only if one conceives the boundaries of,
slipping into the fabric of mind and dreams of our lover
a wave of delight washes over
indescribable and overwhelming was the riot of love in the lonesome lover
lying on the snow garnering comfort
from the warmth of memories inked with permanence onto the waiting lover
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