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for instance, I felt the yearn to feel love
an arm surrounds an unclear path of blue,
rejuvenating it is; Iโ€™m above,
yet unanswered questions linger; seek clue,
art thou afraid to love like juliet?
hands unclasped; bent knees and silent prayers.
Benita Dalby Oct 25
Your voice to deliver

It feels like forever

A night with whoever

Your sound gone wherever.
Onyx Oct 20
lying on the great expanse of pure white
shining bright as the unforeseen, speckless future
yonder desired and eagerly awaited
snow so thick yet so warm
a coalescence of innocence carpeting beneath the earnest lover
eagerly awaiting for slivers of bliss
flitting through the universe it transcends
,the vastitude of which may limit only if one conceives the boundaries of,
slipping into the fabric of mind and dreams of our lover
a wave of delight washes over
indescribable and overwhelming was the riot of love in the lonesome lover
lying on the snow garnering comfort
from the warmth of memories inked with permanence onto the waiting lover
Ellesora Rue Oct 12
i have loved
i have lost
to shining waters
i've been tossed

you will yearn
you will pine
but on shining waters
you'll be mine
just a random set of rhymes... not sure if it makes sense:)
Kerli Tulva Sep 15
Flowing water pours
its breath to flow
the wind hastily roars
against star glow.

Smell of rose garden
morning dew grass
silky-softened carpet
brittle-laced glass.

Lonely wooden boat
moon-kept blaze barn
eyes closed and afloat
presence is all I yearn.
lib Sep 4
i spend each night
tossing and turning
while you sleep peacefully beside her

you've never missed a minute of sleep
while i could log nights of sleep
lost to thoughts of you
Jade C Aug 27
I yearn for mountainous, rosy-cheeked, rugged romance
Weโ€™ll wear cowboy boots with sturdy stetsons rested on ruffled hair
Kiss tough โ€˜n tender when no one is looking

I yearn for a love that will break me down to dust at dusk

We will surrender to the holy sunrise after a night of swallowing stars and buckling our knees in laughter

When my rodeo lover is gone Iโ€™ll become sour whiskey

I want the coyotes to find my bones when I die
Theyโ€™ll know they were well used
For kickโ€™n dirt and loving hard
Terra Levez Aug 19
Put the Broken Things together
And see the bigger picture
Things that were once
Hoped to be a whole again
Something made together
But now I carry it alone
Or do u carry some of the Broken Pieces too?
Do you look down at your hands when the sharp edges cut?
Like glass it used to shine, tempered in fire, made on the sands of distant beaches
Now I look through those Broken Pieces
I see blood on my hands
For when people who you thought would never leave. And they left with your bond like broken glass in your palms
Mei Aug 16
I sometimes miss this girl
who enjoys sitting in cafรจs
with her emptied cup.
She who finds grace
in the presence of waiting
And believes in happy ending.

I sometimes miss this girl
who's so good at self consolation.
She who patronises self rule
more than any other,
Someone who's still whole.

Now cafรจs reminds me
not with coffee fragrant promises
But of bitter tanged memories
While sitting becomes restless waits
I have come to miss the girl
I was before you-

I still long of me a little.
Mei Aug 15
It's okay to cry alone
For some reasons why
It's okay to smile
You don't need to tell why
It's okay to miss someone
Because to miss someone
Doesn't happen once
It happens over and over
It's okay if it happens again.
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