Aisha 7d

My feet trudged along
the uneven gravel of the path home.
I siezed my bike from it’s
decript state on the rack,
And limply used
my strong leg to push forward. Onward,
I went, by choice
On a path that had thrown me down.
Time and time again.
I pedaled up,
this never ending path
Until I felt the burning sensation
travel to both legs.
With weary breaths,
up and forward.
Until my hands began their inevitable,
slippery descent,
off the handles.

and I fell to Earth.
Fell and let the shrill, venom-filled
sound emanate
past my dry, cracked lips.
And I screamed,
in agony,
in spite,
in resentment of this
god-awful machine, that


and makes us all bleed red.

For every time I fell, the Earth was there to remind me I'm only human.
kyle dionysus Sep 10

I told my friends that I feel like I forgot how to kiss. They laughed at me and one of them said: "it's like riding a bicycle, and aren't you suppose to be a professional mountain biker?"

Gavin Barnard Jun 30

I'm not strong physically,
I'm not well disciplined,
I'm awful at managing money,
And have underwhelming hygene habits.

I'm so lost in my imagination
Its hard to wake up sometimes,
And I speak like a baby mouse
Who's inflicted with Tourette Syndrome.

I'm nothing like the man you deserve,
Borderline beta male, part time NEET,
Would rather starve than socialize to eat,
So what is it that you see in me?

NEET stands for Not Employed, Educated, or Trained.
Sarah Jean Ashby May 2012

No age limit.

Don't care if it's a hipster fad.
I Loved you far before the world.
Simplicity of my legs.
Yet so much power behind these things.

You make me throw my OCD needing to rhyme and flow completely out the window.
Well... Sort of.
And yeah, it bugs me that I'm now writing in complete sentences, but I don't even care anymore.

I care about my bike.
And the beauty that it brings to the world.

As heat
will arrive
and snow
does melt
together with  
who shall
shadow my
wit in
a rain
drop with
retribution so
evidently me
singing Emerson
yet a
uniform makes
a hard
nosed pig.

"One thing I want to say before you all leave
And begin your lives as adults,
And you probably already know this,
But you aren't special, nobody is.

"Maybe in your posse of friends you are,
But in any other aspect of life
There are millions of others just like you
And you can be easily replaced with a few signitures.

"Even if you climb to corporate ladder
Up to CEO or President of big dick industries,
You can and will be replaced
To keep the world rolling.

"As a teacher, if I'm murdered
A substitute will replace me
Until a new, permanent teacher takes my place
And will do what I'm here to do.

"Now, just because you aren't special
Doesn't mean you aren't valuable.
We pay for candy bars and pops
And expect the same thing we bought yesterday,
Humans aren't any different.

"There are people who will kill
To be sitting in those chairs you are in,
People who want to be the next Stephen King
And the next President of America.

"Now what do you think is more valuable,
A single Mountain Dew or a truck of them?
Life isn't about making a name for yourself,
Its about living for something bigger.

"Its why governments work,
Many people die to establish and maintain them,
And its why feminism is so popular,
And how religion still exists in the world.

"My point is, even as a strong individual,
You are weak if you do not stand for something.
Its fine if you want to play World of Warcraft all day,
But those who get up and do
Are the ones that get all of the goodies."

Brain pls, you know I have to be up in three hours for a seven hour shift.
Star BG May 17

I glide into my life everyday,
as if I'm on a bicycle.  
A fun ride
to feel the wind gently caress face.
To experience the power inside the moment.

Yes, I ride a bike everyday
to pedal through all my dreams.

Inspired by Ana Papaya
Paul Cam May 9

You are riding into the sunset
on the Nine Streets
Going against traffic
but it’s all good 
says a sign ‘Uitgezonderd’ beneath

Out of nowhere
an exuberant Porsche Cayenne appears
enters your vision
stealing the peace
your space
damn businessman!

Just get your key out
Slash through the paint
Expose the metal
Teach them what it takes
to mess with a bicycle

Anivel Aidan Mar 19

remember your first bicycle?
i was so happy, so eager to learn,
i remember going through so much pain
falling on my face, picked up by my dad
as i cried and he kissed my feet saying
'there, it's all good now'
but then the bicycle ended up being my life
for a few short years
but then it is too small, and i was too big
i have grown, and it hadn't.
so i said goodbye and put it on the corner of the garage.
bought a brand new one.

i realize now, it's kind of like you and me.
you have grown, back then, and i hadn't.
you've made other friends, and i hadn't.
that's why when i'm not what you wanted,
not what you needed anymore, you left,
little by little.
you replaced me, just like the yellow bicycle
that leans onto the wall, unused and forgotten.

John Reilly Jan 28

Four months
Too long
Too cold
Too dark
Too busy
Held ransom
By reasons
No excuses
Idiopathic idiocy
Pathological apathy
Four months
Of pain
Eradicated by
four seconds
Of cycling
Cognitive breakthrough
A synaptic symphony
Endorphin re-indoctrination
Free flight
From myself
Four months
Fuck you

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