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Jammit Janet Sep 5
Makin' moves
Creating grooves
Syncing to the synchronicities
The Universal mood.
Jammit Janet Aug 31
Stop rushing
Be present
In time
Hit that button
Indulge (in yourself)
Feel alive.
Jammit Janet Aug 29
Time traveling
The love
That's dug
Its way
Inside my memories.
Jammit Janet Aug 28
I see opportunity
Everywhere I look
So many ways
To play
Out the possibilities
Of every outlook
And enlighten
The present day
Bring about understanding
To lead the way.
Jammit Janet Aug 26
I am capable
Of anything and everything
And exceeding expectations

I will blow you
Out of the water
With my delivery and presentation

Wow people
Of every place
and Imagination

Open doors to galaxies
That will recalibrate
Your mental foundation

Fill you with love
5th dimensional
Jammit Janet Aug 19
Stirs inside
As I count the days
Until we entwine energies
And create memories
As a whole
Fueled by passion
Pure as gold
Divine as heaven
As the Universe
Watches our love unfold.
Jammit Janet Aug 14
Word play
Is my favorite type of play
I can do it anywhere
Any moment
Any way

Words are most flexible
I can bend them as I please
Even invent new ones
To fit my very wants and every need

Last but not least
Words are free
I don’t need any other currency
Other than language to set me free.
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