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Sep 5 · 247
Jammit Janet Sep 5
Makin' moves
Creating grooves
Syncing to the synchronicities
The Universal mood.
Aug 31 · 319
Jammit Janet Aug 31
Stop rushing
Be present
In time
Hit that button
Indulge (in yourself)
Feel alive.
Aug 29 · 479
Jammit Janet Aug 29
Time traveling
The love
That's dug
Its way
Inside my memories.
Aug 28 · 340
Jammit Janet Aug 28
I see opportunity
Everywhere I look
So many ways
To play
Out the possibilities
Of every outlook
And enlighten
The present day
Bring about understanding
To lead the way.
Aug 26 · 344
Jammit Janet Aug 26
I am capable
Of anything and everything
And exceeding expectations

I will blow you
Out of the water
With my delivery and presentation

Wow people
Of every place
and Imagination

Open doors to galaxies
That will recalibrate
Your mental foundation

Fill you with love
5th dimensional
Aug 19 · 319
Jammit Janet Aug 19
Stirs inside
As I count the days
Until we entwine energies
And create memories
As a whole
Fueled by passion
Pure as gold
Divine as heaven
As the Universe
Watches our love unfold.
Aug 14 · 648
Jammit Janet Aug 14
Word play
Is my favorite type of play
I can do it anywhere
Any moment
Any way

Words are most flexible
I can bend them as I please
Even invent new ones
To fit my very wants and every need

Last but not least
Words are free
I don’t need any other currency
Other than language to set me free.
Aug 14 · 251
Jammit Janet Aug 14
I feel like I am everywhere
And everyone
For I am connected to the Universe
Channeling the Divine
Aries Sun
Mending the world back together
Unifying spirits
Defying none
Until love is the foundation
Which builds nations
And sustains the human soul.
Aug 13 · 299
Jammit Janet Aug 13
You're vivid in my head
I long to feel you here instead
Between my *******
Lacing your lips with a high
You'll unleash under my dress
Tongue in cheek
As we spar
For *******
Of each other's heart.
Aug 13 · 799
Jammit Janet Aug 13
I'm self actualizing
High fiving
As I cross the finish line
Thriving in success.
Aug 13 · 162
Jammit Janet Aug 13
There is truth
And there is honesty
For those who genuinely care to share
There is love
There is justice
Once you truly believe
And embrace
That it can be found
Then shall you find it there.
Aug 12 · 190
Jammit Janet Aug 12
A better future is right in front of you
If you dare to open your mind
Full of beauty and grace
If you dare to face
The mysteries you hold inside.
Aug 12 · 122
Jammit Janet Aug 12
Taking a leap of faith
To better my existence
Blast my own path
To the life I aspire
Feel confident in what I do
Because I am capable
and worthy
of blossoming
into a higher power.
Aug 12 · 134
Jammit Janet Aug 12
I am growing into my power
Each and every day
I am leveling up my psyche
Laying down a solid foundation
To withstand the depths of time.
Aug 9 · 598
Jammit Janet Aug 9
Love glows in my chest
Composes my very nature
Tests my every limit
Leaves me sleepless
Aug 9 · 180
Jammit Janet Aug 9
Love burns harder
Than any sunburn
It penetrates my skin
Seeps deep down in
To the cavernous lakes
Where my heart and ***** reside
It evaporates them at its peak
To materialize pleasure
And replenish the heat.
Aug 9 · 120
Jammit Janet Aug 9
I breathe true reality into life
I break the illusions
That keep you tied
To the false self
The ego that must die
Aug 7 · 237
Jammit Janet Aug 7
I wish I could heal your pain
With a touch of my verse
Melt in your mouth
As your substitute painkiller
Your naughty nurse
Aug 7 · 163
Jammit Janet Aug 7
Love is my lifestyle of choice
It's definitely not easy
But it is my fuel
Powers my voice
Of reason
To act out of care
Speak with kindness
Carry enough compassion to spare
Aug 7 · 317
Jammit Janet Aug 7
I am full of opportunity
Bubbling from my purpose
Which guides my every day
Keeps me virtuous
In touch with my happiness
and the joy I find
In living my own way
Aug 7 · 248
Jammit Janet Aug 7
I am full of disappointment
Existential dread
That every breath I take
Is corrosive to my mind
Gnawing away at my essence
Dulling its shine
Aug 3 · 500
Jammit Janet Aug 3
Dusting off cobwebs
From the corners of my mind
Giving them the proper love
To disintegrate the grime
That takes me off point
And wastes my time
Aug 3 · 847
Jammit Janet Aug 3
I am full of feelings
All the time
Sometimes they are so powerful
They consume me alive
Materialize Madness
Incite my moral decline
Aug 3 · 136
Jammit Janet Aug 3
I get quiet when I’m scared
Nervous, when I feel unprepared
I get anxious when I’m alone
Lonely, when I lose sight of myself;
Far from home....
Jul 22 · 581
Jammit Janet Jul 22
I'm a big fish in a small pond
I dream big
I see strong
I dig deep
To find what's wrong

Bring it to the surface
Where it belongs
To be processed
and addressed;

To bring me closer to success.
Jul 22 · 314
Jammit Janet Jul 22
I was forged from the fire of will
I burn bright
To signal a new hope
To instill
Jul 22 · 213
Jammit Janet Jul 22
Someone call a person who makes things happen
I’ve got an idea that will make you go splat
From the warmth it will emit in your heart
You’ll feel like you’re under attack
Accompanied by the love that you'll ooze
From your lustrous lap 🔥✨
Jul 22 · 361
Jammit Janet Jul 22
I create my own way
I am unique
I am a craze
Ready to sweep nations
Off their feet
And into my gaze
Where a hug
Full of warmth with care
Is waiting
To comfort
The inner workings
Of their internal maze 💖✨
Jul 22 · 212
Jammit Janet Jul 22
I stroke the heat of passion
With every touch
Every action
To bring you closer and closer to the brim
Of explicit
Jul 21 · 432
Jammit Janet Jul 21
Love is simple
Yet complex
Can cause wrecks
Of the emotional kind
Leave us confused
Wondering, why?
Make us so mad
We want to cry
Sometimes so hurt
We want to die
Yet in the midst
We search for it
Crave it
Because we know deep inside
It's what most makes us feel alive
What powers our essence
The Divine Spiritual vibe
Which connects us all
On this wild ride.
Jul 21 · 112
Jammit Janet Jul 21
In a sea
Of green grass
Bloom gardens
Full of flowers
Exuberant with joy
They laugh when the wind
Tickles them
It's favorite play toys.
Jul 21 · 174
Jammit Janet Jul 21
Juices flow
In new exciting ways
My body yearns in anticipation
Ready to play

To feel touched
To feel present
To evolve into one
Entity of pleasure
So intense
The only way to comprehend
Is using feeling to measure.
Jul 18 · 281
Jammit Janet Jul 18
My body roars
Through my veins
Straight fire
Passion incarnate
Primal desire.
Jul 18 · 443
Jammit Janet Jul 18
Pleasantly content
Full of love
Full of commitment

To go above and beyond
Make you feel the beauty of passion
Provide you with the warmth
From my love

That replenishes my being
Recharges me
When I’m done.
Jul 18 · 258
Jammit Janet Jul 18
I can do anything
I have unlimited potential
Just give me a chance
I’ll do more and then some
Jul 18 · 271
#89 (Inner Child)
Jammit Janet Jul 18
My laugh projects
And riles
The part in your soul
That feels free and wild

The one that is oblivious
To the chains of social construction
The wickedness of humanity
That taints mental function.
Jul 18 · 278
Jammit Janet Jul 18
I need to feel small to go big
I need to feel little to dig
And sprout roots
To keep me grounded and high
On universal knowledge
From the other side
Jul 18 · 178
Jammit Janet Jul 18
I write because I feel 🔥✨
I feel the Universe 🪐✨
And it feels oh so very real ⭐️✨
It courses through my veins 🩸
Composes every cell 🧬
Vibrates it’s symphony 🎶✨
In my body 💃🏼✨
Every tree 🌲✨
Every living being 🐶✨
The dead 🧟‍♀️❤️✨
As far as the “I” can see 🔭👀✨
Jul 15 · 257
Jammit Janet Jul 15
Invisible presence 🌬✨
Louder than silence 🔈✨
Comforting warmth 🔥✨
That disintegrates violence🔪✨
Jul 14 · 258
Jammit Janet Jul 14
Inhale through your nostrils 👃✨
Feel it fill your lungs 🫁✨
Feel it connect you 💆‍♀️✨
To your special place 💖✨
The place where you are love ❤️✨
Jul 14 · 455
Jammit Janet Jul 14
Bigger that Xucha 🚀✨
Jojo Siwa 👩‍🎤✨
Tatiana, and Mr. Rogers 🎶✨
She creates her own legend 📓✨

Building children up 👶✨
Educating 🍎✨
People of all kinds of genres 📚✨

Turning all their pages 📖✨
Until she finds the current plot ⏰✨
Ready with her pen ✍️✨
To help them connect the dots \/\/\|\🖊
To view the bigger and smaller picture 🖼
With lots of love 💖✨
And pleasant thoughts 🌈✨
Jul 12 · 258
Jammit Janet Jul 12
I planted wild
Flowers in the night
I shed tears
That embrace the seeds
That will blossom
Into my heart ❤️✨
Jul 12 · 233
Jammit Janet Jul 12
I shine a light on thee 💡✨
To protect you from your woes ☂️✨
Dispel your enemies 🌬✨
Enrich your soul ✨
Jul 12 · 288
Jammit Janet Jul 12
Poetry in motion
Hair in the wind
One with my emotions
Dedicated to the present
Full of presence
As I roll around
Words and wheels
Healing the world's essence.
Jul 12 · 293
Jammit Janet Jul 12
I shed tears for thee in moments of power
To heal your aching wounds
From the pain you devour
Through your eyes
That plague you
Because they’re just too much
Jul 12 · 706
Jammit Janet Jul 12
I never feel alone, I know
The Universe is with me
In every breathe
Every person
Every star
Every galaxy
Near and far

I never feel alone, I know
The Universe is with me
It fills the air
With warmth and care
Engulfs me in
An ethereal lair
Where I can grow

Words of hope
In times of despair.
Jul 12 · 184
Jammit Janet Jul 12
My name is Jammit Janet 🛼💖✨
I have my own educational planet 🪐✨
Where I can teach you about life and the Universe🌲✨
Rhymes, lines, poetry; verse 📝✨

How to align your time ⏰✨
To enjoy the you 🥳🎉💜✨
That you are right now ☝️💖✨
While we converse 💁‍♀️✨

For every moment is a chance to shine ✨
The bright light of hope 🔦✨
And destroy the wicked curse 🙅‍♀️✨
That lack of love 💔✨
Construes 🛠✨
Help restore 👩‍🔧✨
The faith in our own ability 💥✨
To heal and soothe our own souls ❤️‍🩹✨

Because in the end 🎬✨
We are all one ☝️✨
And as one ☝️✨
We all deserve to understand the feeling 💡✨
Of feeling whole 🌕✨
What it's like to truly be at peace 🧘‍♀️✨
Relax ☺️✨
Feel love 🥰❤️✨
Jul 9 · 183
Jammit Janet Jul 9
Fear is thoughts
And sadly
Thoughts are lots
Sometimes there’s so many
They could fill up all the vacant parking lots
That existed in the world
Sometimes I wish I could
Park them there
With all my cares
Take off
Tokyo drift it
Into the mindset of prime
Television time
With food for thought
To nurture your kind
Jul 9 · 226
Jammit Janet Jul 9
The power of words
Has the power to power any cure
Cancel any malady
With a kiss from my plume
Jul 9 · 264
Jammit Janet Jul 9
I am the light of hope
That love lost can truly be found
Rekindled with a spark
Of genuine kind vibes
The only kind strong enough
To melt the lock on your love
Where your childhood trauma resides
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