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Nina May 23
I ignored all other messages
Because none of them mattered
I didn't need the other guys in my life
When the only important one was you
But now with you gone
All I'm left with a silent phone
With no notifications with your name on it
Nina Jun 11
It's been 20 days since we fall apart
and it has been 20days since i started to lose sleep
since i began crying every night
since ive been regretting my actions
20 days felt so long
but it felt just like yesterday
when everything went downhill
Nina Jun 2
It's 3 in the morning
And i cant seem to fall asleep
Without having you right beside me
Nina May 28
I've known you for 70 days
Within those 70 days
I've grown interest in you
I've fallen in love with you
I've become happier when I'm with you
I've started to miss you
I wanted us to be more than friends
But it took us 70 days
To fall apart

70days is such a short period of time
But the bond we had
The countless meetup and calls we shared
Was worth more than 70days
But i guess we weren't faithed to be together
Those 70days i had with you
Was the greatest moment I've ever had
And I'll never forget a single day

It took me 70days to fall in love
And 70days to fall out of love
Nina May 24
Our relationship was confusing
We act like couples
But we are just friends
I was tired of thinking
Thinking of us
Of what we are

So I asked you a question
A question that will determine our future
But you were too scared of me
Afraid that you are not able to handle my mental state
So you said we were better of as friends
And I can never be friends with you
Not with someone I love so much
So I decided to leave
To end us
Our friendship
To no longer talk to you anymore
It was at 9.45pm
When I sent you the goodbye text
You didn't reply to me
You just left be on seen

It's the next day
And it's 9.45pm
A full day without you
Is a sad day alone
And I'm sure
I will have to go through this everyday
Until I'm able to let you go

I'll remember
Is the time I said goodbye
Nina Jun 11
90 Days ago,
i met a charming guy at a carnival
90 Days ago,
i didnt know i'd be attracted to a workmate
in those 90 days,
i felt so many emotions
from falling in love
to breaking down
from being jealous
to being proud
it only took me 90days
to fall in love with him
to get my heart broken
to miss his presence
it was only 90days
but it felt like ive known him for ages.
Nina Jun 11
will you give me another chance?
if i asked for it.
will you let me try again
to fix all my mistakes
will you pick up my calls ?
if i were to call you late at night
will you reply to my texts
if i were to text you again?
it makes me wonder
do i have a second chance of getting you back
or is it a little too late
to fix what we had
Nina Jul 2
You're a poison to my heart
That's slowly killing me
But it's a pain
I wouldn't mind having
If it means that I could be with you
Nina May 25
I gave you my heart
Hoping you'd give me yours in return
But all i receive was
Nina Jul 1
You said your life would be lonelier without me.
So tell me,
Are you lonely now?
Or have you replaced me with someone else
Nina Jun 30
I made him think I've moved on
So that he wouldn't have to worry
About me loving him anymore
Nina Jun 26
I tried to keep myself busy
Occupied myself with work
Went out with friends
I will always end up thinking of you.
Nina May 27
Because of you
I was less empty than i originally was
Because of you
I knew what it left like to fall asleep into the hands of someone that wouldn't take advantage of you
Because of you
I experienced a form of happiness i never had before
Because of you
I've fallen inlove too deeply that it hurts
Because of you
I keep missing you whenever you're not around
Because of you
I keep thinking about you every hour

It is all because of you
That I'm feeling so many emotions
Nina Jul 3
I was a broken girl
And he too was a broken boy

The only difference is
I was in love with him
But he was in love with someone else
Nina Feb 18
A year ago,
You ruined my life.
Like a mirror when dropped,
It shattered into millions of pieces.
It can never be fixed.
It will never be the same again.
But thanks to you,
I've become stronger
In ways that I have never been.
I'm prepared
To not repeat the same mistakes again.
Nina May 24
Give me a chance
To prove to you that I'm worth it
I'll show you that we can work it out
That we can be together
But you have to trust me
Because if you cant trust me at all
Then theres no way for you to see it
So please
Give me another chance
That's all I need
Nina Sep 2018
My book stayed empty
As my pen starts to dry
Not sure where to begin
Nor how to start
The thoughts in her head
keeps accumulating inside
Not wanting to be written
But wanting to be heard.
Nina Jun 26
The longer I've lived without you
The colder ive become
I don't mean cold hearted
But i feel myself freezing up
Turning into cold ice
With no one to melt me warm
Nina Jul 8
You told me,
You can't love me because you've lost your commitment.
But that's a lie
Because you've always been committed
Not with me,
But to your past lover.
Nina Oct 2018
Whenever you didn't text me, i wonder...

Have you eaten?
Did you have enough sleep?
How is your day treating you?
Are you back home safely?

I love you and i miss you
It worries me when you're away.
Nina May 24
We were connected by strings
Tied around ourselves
Making us inseparable
But when you left
Those threads were cut off

I thought you'd be gone forever
But there's a string still holding onto you
Impossible to be cut off
Making me hang on to you
Making it impossible for me to move on
Nina Jun 17
I hope that one day,
you will fall for me.
because right now ,
i'm so deeply in love with you.
Nina Jun 26
Did you know?
When you left, i lost a part of myself
Did you know,
I've been crying myself to sleep everday,
I've been regretting every moment i couldn't control my feelings,
I've been thinking about you everyday,
I've been wanting to know how you are and what you're doing
I've been losing myself a little
I've been looking at your pictures
I've been trying to let you go but its impossible
I've been trying to hate you but i only fall deeper for you.

Did you know?
A month without you
Has made me lose myself.
Nina May 29
I love you so much
I miss you all the time
I want to be with you every second

But it *****
Because we are nothing now

I don't want to be just friends with you
I want you to be mine

So if i can't have you
I dont want you at all

Being friends will just hurt me
Too much
It's better off being nothing at all
Nina Jun 29
Its 5am
I've been drinking
And I'm drunk
I miss you
But I don't dare to call you
I'm drunk
And there's so many things I want to tell you
But I'll just drink my feelings away
Nina Jun 2
I was called egoistic
For wanting you
I was called egoistic
For putting my feelings first
But am i really egoistic?
When it's hurting me
Instead of pleasing me
Nina Jun 13
with you gone
my bed's a feels a little bigger now
my phone's really silent now
and my heart
is empty
Nina May 21
I didn't like him at first
But something about him made me love him
Something about him made me want him
We got so close
And I thought I could finally call him mine
But as the time past by
The closer we got,
The more distant I feel we have become
And that's when I fear,
Him leaving me,
When I thought I could fall in love
But end up falling in isolation
Nina Jul 8
I will keep on falling
Falling in love with you
Despite knowing how painful the fall will be
I will still fall
If it's for you
Nina May 23
I was a risk,
He didnt dare to take
Nina Oct 2018
Whenever you feel like giving up,
Stop what you're doing and think.
Think carefully and look for a reason.
A reason to move forward
To keep on going

It's not the end
If you look hard enough,
You'll find the reason and will to stay.
Even if it's for a short while,
It's still a reason
Nina Sep 2018
I thought you cared
Thought you loved me
But you never did

You made me smile
You made me laugh
You made me feel important
For a while

You tried your hardest
And i fell for you
Yet you left me hanging
Without a clue

I'm such a fool
To fall for you
Nina May 28
We were both broken
And afraid to love again
But we were a perfect fit
A perfect match
To make our hearts whole again

But we forced ourselves too soon
Colliding our hearts together too fast
That it shattered into pieces

Instead of taking it slow
We only broke it further
Nina Jun 15
Like a shining star
He glowed brightly in the dark
Outshining the rest

Such a small being
Having big dreams that one day
He will shine brighter

Brighter than the moon
For he had wanted to be
The one she notices
Nina Jul 1
My heart is broken,
Yet all the shattered pieces,
Love you endlessly.
Nina Jul 2
Someone asked me why I chose a job that ends late at night
And all I could say was,
It's alright.
It's not like i could sleep early lately.
So i don't mind working late at night.

What i did not mention was that
I was too busy crying every night before I head to bed
The reason why sleeping is so hard
I wouldnt want them to know
That the reason I was lacking sleep
Was because of a guy
Of a memory
Not because of work
Nina Jun 11
Have you ever look back at old pictures,
old conversations
and just smile at it
remembering all the little details
but at the same time
you cry
at how painful it is
to be living without it

to smile while you're crying
to be happy but hurting
Nina Sep 2018
What a pity
She had a pretty smile
so pure
that it enlightens others
But she's been hurt far too many times that she fakes a smile
A hidden smile
Covered by layers of paint
Unable to be scraped off

Shes Drowning in the sea
Hoping to emerge from it
However she's chained up
Unable to proceed
Unable to safe herself
Nina Sep 2018
During her darkest day
He appeared before her eyes
Glowing so brightly
Overcoming the darkness
And that moment She knew
he's the one
That will make her life
Bright once again
Nina Jul 5
I finally knew why
His feelings for me has faded
The reason why
He wouldn't want me back
He no longer wants me

It was because
He was able to get the one he wanted
The one he has been waiting for all this while
When I thought I could replace her,
I guess I was wrong
And now I knew why
There is no more us
But only him and her.
Nina May 24
I miss you
Every hour
Every minute
Every second
I miss you so much
That it hurts
There's nothing I can do
Other than missing you
Nina Jun 26
I told myself to let go
Because i know you're happier with her

I told myself to forget you
But i can't seem to bring myself to put you in the past

I told myself to stop loving you
But despite us no longer talking,
It is you that still fills up my heart.

I told myself that I'd be happier without you,
But that was a lie.
I was happier with you around.
Nina Sep 2018
I'm sorry im not pretty enough to be the one you admire
I'm sorry for not being feminine enough to be called cute
I'm sorry for not being the one you look forward to texting
I'm sorry for being annoying when i kept asking you how your day went
I'm sorry for not being the one you like
Im sorry for loving you
Nina May 26
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for loving you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for missing you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for needing you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for wanting you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for clinging onto you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for wishing you were mine
I'm sorry
I guess all i can say is I'm sorry
Because all i ever was,
Was a nuisance to you.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for everything
For being alive
Nina Sep 2018
Do you ever just sit there and realize that you mean nothing to anyone
you start feeling lost,
and truly unwanted.
But there's nothing you can do about it.
So you just bury it inside of yourself
Nina Jul 3
Do you miss me ?
Maybe, he said.

Do you miss us?

Do we miss what we had?

Will you give me another chance?
Nina May 16
We are just friends
Friends with a special bond
We kiss
We hug
We meet almost everyday
We can't go a day without talking to each other
We miss each other the moment we part ways.
We only behave this way towards each other.
We are "just friends"
Weird how everything we do,
Are what couples do,
and yet,
We are only friends.

So one day, i might fall for someone new.
Someone who will love me and call me his girlfriend.
So do not blame me when i leave,
Because you just wanted to keep me as a friend despite loving me the same way as i have loved you .
Nina Jun 28
If he knows you love him
But needs time to think about it
Let him go
If he's unable to let go of his ex
You shouldn't wait on him
Because regardless of what happens
You will only be a second option to him
So let him go
Before you let yourself go
Nina Jul 5
I was holding onto you
And I didn't want to let go
But you were holding onto someone else
And I know you didnt want to let go
So I let go of my hands
So that you could be free
With the one you wish to be with
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