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I've seen such beauty before
The sun shining into her hair
The breath froze in the air
As I looked into her eyes
For her soul was cold as ice

Blinded by the golden mane
But that wasn't your smile nor your name
She just wasn't you

I shall not see her like again
But then I saw you
Simple uniqueness of a rising flame
Above beauty and lust
It is just you

A hope, a promise of light
Drowned me into the delusion 
That the blaze will never fade
Yet here comes the night
Unable to see the mistakes I made
Bound to wonder in confusion

And maybe a new one shall blind my heart
But she won't have your smile nor your name
She won't be you

She just won't be you
Have been with so many girls right
Found them all quick no need to find
Think of you so much in my mind
I can't come to reason why you shine
Never said a word to you why
Am I tryin'
Only you
I tried to get over you
I tried to talk to you
I want you so bad I cry
Can't live without you why
So please hear me out
I need you I don't want you now
Have been with so many girls right
Found them all quick no need to find
Think of you so much in my mind
I can't come to reason why you shine
Never said a word to you why
Am I tryin'
Only you
Poetic T Aug 2019
In a room full of I's

        There was only one you.
Jenny Ochoa Aug 2019
those butterflies you get in your tummy, when you look up and they are already staring at you, with a smile so lovely...
that tingle you feel in your soul, when they pull you in for a kiss while they caress your face, desire is their goal...
the sensations you provoke to my body, one look one hug one smile and my emotions sky rocket out of my body...
Nina Aug 2019
i feel like
i'm cursed to love you
only you
and no one else
Charlie McMahon Aug 2019
Love do you know
You're the only one
I want to hold
The only one

I don't wanna stare
Into an others eyes
Don't wanna touch their hair
Don't wanna burn in a colder fire

I only want you
You and only you
Your eyes in perfect hues
You're my highs and my blues
You and only you

I don't wanna hold another girls hand
I don't wanna sit up the back in the cinema
With someone who can't understand

Because you make me feel like I'm flying
You wash away all my sorrow
When you turn to me smiling
In a moment you wash it all to tomorrow

So far away
That it doesn't matter
When I'm with you
Nothing else matters

It's just us two
It's all that matters
Just us
Far away
From the madness and the pain
In our own place
Where no one else can find us

Just us
love you so much
I can't have you can I
Anna Jan 2019
You left me broken.

I only hope that the next person to love me-
is able to push aside my broken pieces,
and see the beauty ,
in what is left.
Recently someone very close to me shattered my heart, but there is someone else now. He is perfect, and I hope to God that he see's through my brokenness.
He knows to play the songs
you wish to sing with him.
He smokes a pack of cigarettes,
he does it on a whim.

He has five tattoos,
does he look hot with that?
He did well in school, perhaps not a truant,
just love to smoke a lot.

A bottle of alcohol
for him is not enough,
he drinks with friends on Friday nights
maybe a little, maybe too much.

He's twenty-five, has vices, but he's not bad.
There's a lot of reasons why you should admire him, he'll be glad.
Estelle Dec 2018
I just want you to choose me first

I just ******* want you to pay attention

I know I'm needy, but it's me you chose

Or is it?

I don't want anyone else

I don't give a **** about what they all do

Just choose me and nothing else

And I'll do the same

Even amethyst knows how soft you can be when you love me

It makes me scream

But it's so good, the way you love me.

As long as it's only me

Because I'm not a piece of cake for you to destroy while you walk away with frosting in your grasp.
Sorry if this doesn't really make sense...well it does to me so :)
Estelle Dec 2018
Tummy in, shoulders back, makeup on, hair done, smile. Am I good enough? Straighten my hair, are they judging me? **** in. All the other girls are so effortlessly pretty and I want to look like them, more concealer, cover it all. Look at her, and her, shorter skirt, no, shorter, am I bloated? No i'm fat, they'll laugh at me, cheat out. I know- DIET. Dont' Intake Edibles, Torture yourself, DIET- So i do, barely eating, barely breathing, i'm drowning, please, someone save me. If I can just go one more day- collapse. I can't move, can't feel my heart beating, but water only keeps you going for so long. And after all of this, after all the torture, all the ruin, i'm still not enough. Every day is blurry, I can't see, I can't go one day without comparing girls, and not just me, everyone, every person who walks the halls I compare. Bleeding, crying out, please just give me one day where I want myself. But that day never came, so I kept on hurting. All because i couldn't look in the mirror and like what I saw. But it's fine...because it's nothing right?
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