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Nina Oct 3
I have always been the one that love too much
The only one that loves

One sided love

So i tried to change
Going for someone that loves me
And me not loving him back

with time,
I fell for him
And loved him back

But i guess i wasn't enough
Because he cheated and left

I guess im just bad at love
Because i can never make someone love me back

Or perhaps
They only want a piece of my heart
Moonchild Sep 1
Walking past through the memory lane
I will soar, high enough, to accumulate these past dreams that are solely made

Yet, as they say, love isn't just enough. Love with no freedom to keep isn't a love you should always keep.

Speak the truth, my man, don't trap me in your hourglass. I know time will come, and it'll hurt me somewhere, someday, as I shall accept this twisted fate.

Although, as I roam the dreamy skies, where we'd make a vow—there left the picture of you standing by the river of remnants. And every minute was your reflection fading away from my sight.

By then, I ask myself; Would your promises ever suffice my tremendous thirst for an eternal affection?

Let me go, o' hove. Let another woman lead you to a world where love is just enough.

— The End —