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Nina Sep 23
you gave me bite marks
Bites on my body
That no one else sees
That consists of pain
And also pleasure
You're the same like those marks
Both gives off
A temporary feelings
And eventually
It fades
sidra Sep 7
a finger lingers on my lips
carefully touching pulsing heat
I wonder how this love will taste
First kiss
Nina Sep 2
I'll leave these mark
To show the other girls
That im yours
And you are mine
Even though we are nothing
But just friends

I'll make sure
Your other dates
Won't want you
As much as i want you
Not couples, but you are mine
Bhill May 5
It's yours to make....

In life, there are always choices to make
To turn events into wants and desires
To turn dreams into reality
To turn reality into your space
To make your space,
Your space....

Get your bite out of life
Take the biggest and baddest bite
Take a bite soooo big that people notice
People will want to join you with your bite
Your bite...
Not there bite,
Your bite...
Do you want to share
Your bite?

Open up your mind
Open up and decide
What space
What bite
What reality
Just What
You Want....!

Brian Hill - 2019#112
Inspired by choices to bite....
Choices are a gift to us all
Are we making them
Are we getting our bite out of life
Annie Aug 2018
I devote the nakedness
All to you
All for you

The longing of the dark nights
Thinking of you

Rattling leaves
So quiet
Yet impatient

Asking the silence
Are you for me?
Like I am for you
exist Jun 2018
i hope karma gets you
in the worst way
and the most surprising way
i hope it bites you in your *****
and puts you through hell
i hope you learn
that life isn’t as easy
in this small town bubble
the only place we’ve known
i hope you learn
that diving straight in the deep end
will have consequences
i guess karma
will be waiting
with snarling teeth
good riddance pt 2
Gabe Ouellette May 2018
I don't exactly know what it is,
I've forgotten my bug spray, but we keep walking.
Waking dreams and warnings a many
lead me forwards even with foreshadowing hell.

"Are you ---- ------?"
-  "I'm not sure" -
-         "No"       -

        ' ' N O ? ' '

What have I gotten myself into...
Cana Apr 2018
They whirl and swirl and dive
But do they?
The no see ‘ems, You can’t see ‘em
but you can feel them there
Cavorting and frolicking, invisible in the air
A dinner time dance, gluttonous splurge
You’ll know all about their evening soirée
When you discover the main course is
… You.
Stupid bugs. Biting my legs. I look like a ****** addict that can’t tell his legs from his arms.
nick armbrister Feb 2018
the mosquito lamok flying ******
kept biting me again and again
i venemously defended myself

doing my best to annihilate it
but kept missing and failing
till i had my chance and acted
a dead cert **** **** ****!

yet when i looked it wasn't there
where was it?
inside my pc keyboard

i inverted this and out fell the lamok
stunned vulnerable and soon to be dead
mosquito was upside down

i tortured the **** and enjoyed it!
i dropped the mouse on it
again and again and again
as it's legs wiggled and slowed

finally i squished it
with a granite paper weight
lamok was flat flat flat!

no more bites for me...
...then i saw its friend!
Nylee Jan 2018
What role do I play
In another's story?
A good sidekick,
Or someone plain negative
Or the annoying one
Or I even there worth mentioning
So caught up to sail my own story
To venture towards the dreamed glory
Pages after pages of my internal struggle
With so many people
Given an abrupt role
But the same monotone, so very dull
No sense of an ending,
no up time, no down time
My life mingled with others
Filled with their parts biased
With my less than real heroics
Just reaching to my emotional peaks
Making others less important
The atmosphere haunts
My life, the pen writes
The story full of bites.
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