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Kennedy Jul 2021
i want you, anyway you want me. i want you to take me, slowly, quickly. do with me what you wish. i'm tired of pretending.
god. you get my mind. reeling. i feel absolutely insane with you. you make me so ******* angry. i wish i could put you in your place.

i'm kidding. i'm not the dominant one. but you? ****. you're built to be dominant. your hands are just the perfect size to fit around my throat. your fingers down my throat or you using them to tease me? drives me wild. i want you to degrade me. laugh at me. tease me. **** me until i cry and then some.

i want to be so thoroughly wrecked and ruined by you. i want to feel it for weeks. i want to be covered in your marks. bruises, hickies, bite marks, scratches. i want my skin turned red.

i want you.
my guts need some rearranging.
Paul Idiaghe Dec 2020
your heart unmasks
to a dagger, already deep into my atriums,
until my muse is replaced
with the bleeding, and each stanza
is your shadow

in shackles. a poem is just a poem
until you perceive it
out of paper—in the silence,
scratching against your skull—until

it begins to burn, your body
bright-blue beneath, your secrets
streaming out like incense—until
it is a grave, with you
more alive in it.

a poem is just a poem until it bites,
until it howls, until it makes
our memory its metaphor
for midnight.
Amanda Hawk Nov 2020
Tiny cheesecake
You are such a delight
A tiny morsel
Three bites all mine
Once I find that pesky fork of mine
Favorite poem for my favorite food.. cheesecake
jonas tate Jan 2020
All I want is one day
Where my veins don't itch below the skin
Where I don't crave the bites

All I want is one day
Where I don't have to think about it
If only so I could clear the hair from my skin without temptation

All I want is one day
Where I don't have to fight with myself through every moment
To indulge in life's simple pleasures with an undistracted mind

All I want is one day
Where the spiders don't crawl beneath my skin
And I cease searching for scars that have since faded

All I want is one day
But I would take an hour-
Or even a minute...

Simply to be free of the spiderwebs that splay across my skin.
350 days clean today and I still crave it.
January, 2020
Nina Sep 2019
you gave me bite marks
Bites on my body
That no one else sees
That consists of pain
And also pleasure
You're the same like those marks
Both gives off
A temporary feelings
And eventually
It fades
s Sep 2019
a finger lingers on my lips
carefully touching pulsing heat
I wonder how this love will taste
inspired by Sai and Ino
Nina Sep 2019
I'll leave these mark
To show the other girls
That im yours
And you are mine
Even though we are nothing
But just friends

I'll make sure
Your other dates
Won't want you
As much as i want you
Not couples, but you are mine
Bhill May 2019
It's yours to make....

In life, there are always choices to make
To turn events into wants and desires
To turn dreams into reality
To turn reality into your space
To make your space,
Your space....

Get your bite out of life
Take the biggest and baddest bite
Take a bite soooo big that people notice
People will want to join you with your bite
Your bite...
Not there bite,
Your bite...
Do you want to share
Your bite?

Open up your mind
Open up and decide
What space
What bite
What reality
Just What
You Want....!

Brian Hill - 2019#112
Inspired by choices to bite....
Choices are a gift to us all
Are we making them
Are we getting our bite out of life
Annie Aug 2018
I devote the nakedness
All to you
All for you

The longing of the dark nights
Thinking of you

Rattling leaves
So quiet
Yet impatient

Asking the silence
Are you for me?
Like I am for you
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