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Nina Jul 8
You told me,
You can't love me because you've lost your commitment.
But that's a lie
Because you've always been committed
Not with me,
But to your past lover.
Nina Jul 7
I've been smoking a lot lately
Trying to replace the taste of your lips
By having the taste of nicotine instead
"Why are u so obsess with being the best?"
-Because I don't want to be replaced by someone better.
nsp Apr 12
I bought a mannequin for $65
it was used, just like you.
it has a stain on its chest
where our matching birthmarks lie
two skin toned islands, both yours.
I carried it home on a rainy evening,
like that wine buzzed night we shared,
baked it your favorite cake,
chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry.
it was vegan, just for you.
I dressed it up in the clothes you left:
yoga pants, leopard print bralette, black scarf.
your parting gifts.
I'm sure it's cold,
I'll put the space heater on high,
like I always did for you.
it doesn't talk much, it just sits
eyes vacant, without breath,
like you were at the end.
a fine replacement.
it was used,
just like you.
empty seas Mar 28
a ghost on the water
can you see her?
the pasts of people thrown overboard
cast aside
she is waste
second place
proxy for someone better

and she knows
there’s always someone other
than her

i’ve always tried so hard but i’ll always be a replacement or a rebound
i know in some cases that’s not true but i can’t convince myself otherwise
i don’t even know why i try with my friendships when it’s so obvious i’m annoying
i just wanna cry and give up
Souf Mar 22
"What you did to me is unheard of. Unspeakable. You are repulsive. Goodbye."
I can't deal with you no more.
You were my best friend.
Called me a b** and h and so, so much more.
At this point,
if you don't know those two words,
then you haven't been in this sort of situation.
He was my best friend.
My best friend.
It's still burned in the back of my mind.

isn't it,
when the person you trust the most
doesn't just bail,
but hurts you.
The person you loved the most
makes you stay up crying in bed.
The person you loved the most
makes you feel afraid of going to school
or unlocking your phone.

At this point,
I have given up.
My real friends are my old friends,
the ones everyone thought I would dump forever.
But, they always lurked in the background
of my life.
They may have been shoved to the side,
but never did they fade.

These are the friends that were by your side
through the hardest times.
Before you meet the one friend you
get crazy close with in one night and
trust grows on trees,
think about your old friends.
The ones you might be mad at for a stupid,
stupid reason.
Give them a chance.

Don't let the others fade,
just because you found a new "them."

You've replaced them.
But, the replacement will fail to serve.
My bff bullied me and im just glad to have real friends to be surrounded with <3
Popleocan Dec 2018
I'm a broken car.
It's too expensive to fix me.
Buy another.
CautiousRain Nov 2018
Why would you pretend
that you weren't in love with me;
continuing to play so dangerously
against others' skins,
trying to tempt something
from within yourself to not be
so **** obsessed,
so obsessed, I see,
that as soon as I was let go,
you looked inward
and started to project parts of me
onto every other girl.
If you want a girl to have the exact same behavior and ideals as me and you QUOTE ME to them even though these aren't your opinions, they're mine, you're hoping you can mold them INTO me
that's scary and NOT how it works at all
BlindClandestine Oct 2018
Your hurt
Your Anger
Your sadness
Your pain

Cry it all out
Show them you're in agony
Say you want to die
Scream that you don't want to live

Show them that you can't take it in
Say you've been through so much

Cry it all out
Scream it all out
They're always there to listen

Feel their embrace
Feel their pity
They'll surround you
With care and understanding

Talk with them

Let them see your melancholy
They'll care for you more

You're the victim?
That's what you want

Feeling really *?
Tired of being here?
Cause you have them

You have friends
Those people who I cherished
Those people who you stole from me

Those friends of mine
Are no longer mine

I took pity on you
I cared for you
I didn't mind while you're having Fun
Fun with them, without me

I don't care if you're laughing with them
But you stole them
You stole them without hesitation

Going through some
You and I are the same
* up?
Well so am I

I sit at the corner
You're being caressed
I cry, waiting
While you're embraced

You laugh at their jokes
While I walk away
You smile with them
I won't stay

You keep quiet
Well I'll stay in the silence
You have the light
While I'll live in the dark

I really do hope that you're happy
Happy with them
Happy without me

I'm jealous
I really am
I was the first

I was there for them
I lowered pride for them
I laughed for them
I smiled with them

We are family
We were a family

Now it’s you
You with them
Now, it's just me
Me in the Silence
Another long poem, but I do look forward for your feedbacks.. :) :) :) Heheheh..
unnamed Nov 2018
she gives you everything i couldn’t give
she understands your pain & anger
she comforts you
that's all you ever needed
my problem was that i needed someone to understand ME and comfort ME
i wasn’t in the mental state of caring for someone else when i couldn’t take care of myself
i sound selfish but its the truth
when we were together i gave you a burden thinking you could help me out
and i expected you to understand my problems when i didn’t understand it myself
don’t put the blame on me
if you knew i was broken
if you knew you couldn’t fix me
then why’d you come into my mess
and leaving saying i didn’t give enough
i gave what i could and what i couldn’t give, i didn’t
i'm not perfect but maybe she is
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