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Bullet Apr 4
Nobody nowhere
Nobody nowhere
Nobody nowhere
Nobody nowhere
Nobody nowhere wants the bullet holes

Walls break apart and pictures fall
A dot in line for a thought
But the void was popped

Sphere as placement for fear
A slot in the center in-between
Eyes glow yellow
Nobody nowhere
Wants to be that devil
mjad Jan 19
I put the keys into ignition and slide my hand over the wheel
I feel the leather under my fingers and rev the engines ready steel
I drive and park you where I know that you'll be safe

I know you go home with someone else
All I am is the valet
sometimes we care for people that are not ours, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't want the best for them
Nina Oct 2019
I got myself tattoed
On the places
You used to leave
Love bites on

The bitter sweet marks
I wish i could relive
But has already come to an end
Nina Jul 2019
You told me,
You can't love me because you've lost your commitment.
But that's a lie
Because you've always been committed
Not with me,
But to your past lover.
Nina Jul 2019
I've been smoking a lot lately
Trying to replace the taste of your lips
By having the taste of nicotine instead
James Heinrich May 2019
"Why are u so obsess with being the best?"
-Because I don't want to be replaced by someone better.
nsp Apr 2019
I bought a mannequin for $65
it was used, just like you.
it has a stain on its chest
where our matching birthmarks lie
two skin toned islands, both yours.
I carried it home on a rainy evening,
like that wine buzzed night we shared,
baked it your favorite cake,
chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry.
it was vegan, just for you.
I dressed it up in the clothes you left:
yoga pants, leopard print bralette, black scarf.
your parting gifts.
I'm sure it's cold,
I'll put the space heater on high,
like I always did for you.
it doesn't talk much, it just sits
eyes vacant, without breath,
like you were at the end.
a fine replacement.
it was used,
just like you.
empty seas Mar 2019
a ghost on the water
can you see her?
the pasts of people thrown overboard
cast aside
she is waste
second place
proxy for someone better

and she knows
there’s always someone other
than her

i’ve always tried so hard but i’ll always be a replacement or a rebound
i know in some cases that’s not true but i can’t convince myself otherwise
i don’t even know why i try with my friendships when it’s so obvious i’m annoying
i just wanna cry and give up
Souf Mar 2019
"What you did to me is unheard of. Unspeakable. You are repulsive. Goodbye."
I can't deal with you no more.
You were my best friend.
Called me a b** and h and so, so much more.
At this point,
if you don't know those two words,
then you haven't been in this sort of situation.
He was my best friend.
My best friend.
It's still burned in the back of my mind.

isn't it,
when the person you trust the most
doesn't just bail,
but hurts you.
The person you loved the most
makes you stay up crying in bed.
The person you loved the most
makes you feel afraid of going to school
or unlocking your phone.

At this point,
I have given up.
My real friends are my old friends,
the ones everyone thought I would dump forever.
But, they always lurked in the background
of my life.
They may have been shoved to the side,
but never did they fade.

These are the friends that were by your side
through the hardest times.
Before you meet the one friend you
get crazy close with in one night and
trust grows on trees,
think about your old friends.
The ones you might be mad at for a stupid,
stupid reason.
Give them a chance.

Don't let the others fade,
just because you found a new "them."

You've replaced them.
But, the replacement will fail to serve.
My bff bullied me and im just glad to have real friends to be surrounded with <3
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