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Akta Agarwal Apr 2021
Drugs can destroy life,
it's a bad vibes
but why the person get addicted with it,
because they were craving for love like this,
Why do we blame the person
who is addicted,
why don't we have taken care of its
from the beginning,
why she felt lonely?
why she have to find out something to share things
other then her family,
yes that's true drugs destroy many life
but not only the addicted person is responsible for this
her close one is also responsible for this,
but she can be free from this cage called drugs
which is eating her happiness,
if she will get love,
for which only she has taken support of drugs,
do love her so much
that's there is no needs of drugs,
yes it's hard
and it will also take a lot of time,
but only the drug called love can replace this harmful drug,
and the persons have to be patience also,
and then slowly everything will gonna be fine,
just assure her that you are here to give her positive vibes.
Love is the strongest power that is capable of replacing drugs
jǫrð Feb 2021
Hammered the last
Nail in my coffin
From the inside sticking out
For some unfortunate
Future soles' finding
The History: Have you ever trained your replacement?
Mercy Jul 2020
On the break
I asked..
Does he miss me?
Why has he never called?
Does he even have an idea why?
Why i left?
Why i try to be happy for him?
Why i hold back my tears?
Why i keep smiling in disguise?
Why he keeps me guessing?

Then in long solitude
I learnt you can't miss
What you replaced.
An ache is barely blown off by wind.
Bullet Apr 2020
Nobody nowhere
Nobody nowhere
Nobody nowhere
Nobody nowhere
Nobody nowhere wants the bullet holes

Walls break apart and pictures fall
A dot in line for a thought
But the void was popped

Sphere as placement for fear
A slot in the center in-between
Eyes glow yellow
Nobody nowhere
Wants to be that devil
mjad Jan 2020
I put the keys into ignition and slide my hand over the wheel
I feel the leather under my fingers and rev the engines ready steel
I drive and park you where I know that you'll be safe

I know you go home with someone else
All I am is the valet
sometimes we care for people that are not ours, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't want the best for them
Nina Oct 2019
I got myself tattoed
On the places
You used to leave
Love bites on

The bitter sweet marks
I wish i could relive
But has already come to an end
Nina Jul 2019
You told me,
You can't love me because you've lost your commitment.
But that's a lie
Because you've always been committed
Not with me,
But to your past lover.
Nina Jul 2019
I've been smoking a lot lately
Trying to replace the taste of your lips
By having the taste of nicotine instead
James Heinrich May 2019
"Why are u so obsess with being the best?"
-Because I don't want to be replaced by someone better.
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